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All day today I'll be taking the #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge ... "spend a day avoiding anywhere that is not accessible" and detail the day on Twitter as I go. So today some tweets will not be transit related.
My current home is only suitable for a person who can climb stairs. Like thousands living in a townhouse, I would have to move if mobility changed. A stair lift is not an option. No ground floor bathing or possible bedroom. #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge
When my elderly friends visit the steps m are an issue, the condo does not have stair rails at front or rear doors. I'm in process of asking for permission to add them. Not clear if this will be easy or a hassle to get boards approval. #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge Picture of my front door with it's two steps and no railings.
My next challenge is the shared garbage pads. Short adults and kids can't lift lid to bin. Plus its heavy. Totally impossible from wheelchair. Maybe paper recycling would be possible in summer. Winter area is slippery too. #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge 3 large bins stand up on curb. Only yellow paper bin might be usable if I was in a wheelchair.
The one block from my house to city street involves crossing street twice plus a parking lot. There is only a side walk on one side. Many cars are tall enough that seeing a wheelchair when you back out is tricky. #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge
I have several curb cuts to discuss with condo board. Several are 3-5 cm above roadway or curb is above sidewalk. #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge This curb cut is older. Road and sidewalk repaving have made for some bumps up and down.
I never use this sidewalk. I always walk on roadway as a mostly able bodied person. My issue is how trees crowd walkway and block light makes me feel unsafe at night. (Anywhere not just here.) I've pruned this tree myself some years. #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge Evergreen tree crowds sidewalk. Cedar tree blocks street light from reaching sidewalk in one direction.
Here is the worst curb cut. The speed bump was added 3 years ago or so. It blocks narrow curb cut. The speed bump goes from sidewalk to sidewalk so roadway is also challenging for those without powered wheelchairs. #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge This speed bump is very close to curb cut. It might block access.
So I'm now on city street. The first curb cut is damaged do to work in middle of intersection. Probably still okay. City did work to improve it last summer while working in intersection. #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge Good but not excellent curb cut. A bit of height difference.
A good news bit. 3 years ago a massive cedar hedge was blocking the right third of sidewalk. In winter, it meant sidewalk plow was mostly across the grass. A new home owner ripped out hedge to put in fence. Not required by city AFAIK. #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge View of sidewalk after hedge removed and fence installed away from sidewalk edge. Clear path for all.
Fortunately my bus stop has seating for those who can't stand for long. Unfortunately all 4 routes serving the stop arrive within 3 minutes. The next local is 40 minutes later in practice. 30 minutes according to posted schedule.#StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge Outdoor advertising seats are rarely used because water pools on them.This standard shelter has 2 seats.
LRT service delay announces are unclear / in one format only. "Service hold delay working to resume shortly" needs to be on internal signage which needs to be on both sides of car joins. @OC_Transpo #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge No written service delay message on train. Sign gives time and next stop
Back to my journey. As my 30 is not on schedule, wait time is 30 minutes. Normally I would walk 6 min to Transitway. Not an option for all or in all weather (its uphill to bridge) #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge
First bus to pass is a 138. I can take it but then I must cross Jeanne d'Arc at 174 on ramps. The light timing is tight for me as a slow able bodied person. The island is not accessible to do this in stages (also no mid street beg button).#StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge
Instead I will take the 138 to Place d'Orleans for a safer transfer. 30 / 39 are often packed during and for hour after. If you have invisible disability and require seat you will be out of luck. My 30 looks like this at 9 pm at night. #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge Image of crowded bus shelter. All these folks need to fit on same short local bus which runs every 30 minutes.
Hey @OC_Transpo you have no plan for notifying onboard passengers about #LRT delays or where R1 service will start? #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge
At Place d'Orleans, lots of seats near bus stops. But no platform tactical guidance features yet. #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge
My driver stops too far from curb at Place d'Orleans. When I take a picture and say it is for accessibility project, he does better at other end. He does give me "attitude". His training may not have covered invisible disabilities. #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge My bus stop a good 30 cm from curb.
So this train has been impacted by LRT issue at #UOttawa. There is no updates for deaf or hard of hearing passengers. You have to get to platform to see train delay signs. #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge
I have not used #Hurdman station before so I wasn't sure where elevators are. Tactical guides are a clue but they only cover centre of stations. #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge Tactical guides on LRT station cover only central part. Seating is beyond that section.
A comment about LRT station elevators. I find buttons confusing because call button is not consistent. It also isn't always clear which door will open. Many elevators have front and back doors. #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge 2 3 buttons.  Big red button like thing is for fire fighters. Middle non button is for not in service light. Small invisible button at bottom is to call elevator.
I have no idea where emergency evacuation point is for folks who can't use stair. I don't think I've seen a muster point in any station @OttFire #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge Sign: in case of fire, elevator is not is use. No sign saying what to do or where nearest myster point is.
Since I've got a wait and my office washroom is not accessible, I'm checking out washroom at #Hurdman. In today's sunlight, I can't tell if occupied sign is lit but it should be. Door button works. #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge Door open button on right. Green light on left is supposed to be lit up with occupied / occupe if washroom is in use. It is unreadable.
LRT elevator direction indicator is beside top of door. At stations with 3 levels, like Blair, many people don't see them which causes crowding when people arrive at wrong floor. Better design is placement just above waist height. #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge Picture of elevator going up indicator.
R1 stop placement is either unsigned or moving target. It keeps moves down platform as more people gather. (Not enough ambassadors here.) I'm not sure if there is any support for those who can't stand in line. #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge
As this is a seniors ride-free day, there are numerous seniors impacted. Some have joined me in watching R1 bus loading process. #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge
And as I am about to board R1 (after crowd cleared), train service west resumes. So back I go. #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge
Another elevator variant. #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge Big red button is not a button. It is fire fighter key access. Small lower silver button which blends into silver wall is elevator call button.
Since I am pretending I am both mobility and visually impaired, I should mention, that with #Hurdman stopover, I lost track of my stop count and missed my station. Loud conversation drowned out announcements. So up over and back I go. #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge
Several stations need better signage about where elevators are as placement varies. Signage on walls would help. I am 5 feet from an elevator which is behind me. Can you stop sign to either elevator? #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge Pic of LRT platform showing minimal directional signage to elevators.
Parliament elevators was confusing for sighted person. It has doors on left & front. So button placement is odd. Why buttons inside at all? Elevator will move but doesn't open doors at its destination if no button pushed. #badUX #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge
Omg. Yet another elevator call button design. This is inconsistency within the same LRT station.
Oh, my, this was not the elevator exit I expected. I find Rideau's two unconnected mezzanine levels confusing. I'd have to go down, though fare gate, down to track, over, up to different mezzanine & up. I'll try to cross Rideau instead. #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge
So main Rideau entrance has door opener on far side only. Many wheelchair people come to @CFRideauCentre so it's odd both sides aren't powered in case of outage. #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge
Rideau is better than it was a few weeks back as many cracks and bumps got asphalt filling. #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge
Access is doable but today is garbage day so bins to go around. There are two signs and people to navigate. #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge Garbage rolley bins are out for pickup. Both bus systems havesign post on sidewalk. Plus people block passage.
STO needs bus stop sign post since OCTranspo can't / won't share signage. I don't know why @OC_Transpo has place post exactly there. It was worse before platform was widened. I hope @MathieuFleury has issue for upcoming street makeover. #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge
So my trip continues on @STOGatineau bus (es). I love their front door design. They have an extra 3 inch door the driver can open when wider door is required. #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge
I hate how @STOGatineau basic bus seat plan puts accessible wheelchair seating mid bus. It is not... ideal. (Sorry, no pic) Also STO still has a very few 3 steps up buses. I hit one on my route from time to time. They are being phased out. #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge
The first contraversy in my #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge is the @STOGatineau bus stop at my office is not designated as an accessible bus stop. I work on the campus of @UQO. So I consider this appalling. Both shelters rebuilt in last 2 years. Screenshot of bus service to Ottawa lists stop as not accessible.
Here is a picture of @STOGatineau stop at Tache and Cooperation. The terrible pavement is less than 3 years old. #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge
I was worried my office building was going to fail. But after a 20 sec wait, the door opener worked. Same odd timing delay on inner door. #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge
Here is the second contraversy of my #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge. This building has no women's or men's washroom with a door opener. Oddly alternate floors do have accessible stalls. #FAIL I don't believe there is a ungendered or accessible washroom in building. 1st floor is university administration offices. But no washroom door opener (has a stall in Women's).2nd floor: university pyscholoy services and admin offices. But no washroom door opener (no accessible stall in Women's).
And finally I am at my office. It's accessible and has no grip required handle. (There are too many chairs because my team has quick meetings here.) #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge Miranda's office is spacious but full with 5 rolling office chairs.
I wish I didn't need to go to the bathroom. I am sure there is one accessible washroom in adjoining buildings but I can't think where. The other washroom I use near cafeteria is not accessible either. @UQO where your washrooms at? #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge
So I just freaked out a grandma and toddler in an elevator who were facing wrong way and waiting for wall blocked door to open. This elevator at #Rideau has floor buttons only at one door. This is the other door. #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge Picture of one of two doors inside an elevator. No lift buttons at this door.
Last #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge washroom comment for the moment. The Hurdman washroom looks good to me for accessibility. But finding the flush button defeated previous user. It is also so stiff my arthritic finger was unhappy. It did not auto flush @OC_Transpo #uX Picture of chrome toilet fixture. The chrome flush button is awkwardly placed and very hard to tell from rest of chrome.
So I still have to find an accessible washroom and then I'm off to city hall for @fca_fac board meeting. #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge
I feel I should note that while this 4 storey building has an elevator. It has only one. We've had a two week outage in the past year. #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge
There is a ramp to next building but I admit I wonder about the grade. It feels steep. The older ramp in next building is steep and without handrails. Modern ramp with rails but so wide you can use only one rail at a time. Height is less than 2 m over 4 m.Old ramp. No hand rail but narrow. Ramp is one storey high over 9 m.
@uqo You spent so much money making Tache amphitheatre better. But no door opener to get to ramp, seats or lecture space. #fail #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge Beautiful amphitheater is not accessible because you can't get through doors.
So more than 3,000! steps from my office building to first probably accessible washroom. But no guard rail or emergency call button. And you likely can't wash your hands. @uqo you need to do better. #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge Four standard sinks. Middle two have decorated design making wheelchair unable to fit under. Maybe outside two are accessible. Maybe not.
That washroom is 4 interconnected buildings, one elevator and a ramp from my office on campus of @uqo. #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge
One other washroom was marked as accessible and has wide stall and low sink. Again no door opener. This serves bar, cafeteria and main student group work area. @UQO #fail Sign to washrooms has a wheelchair icon too.But the washroom door has no button to open. Nor does the men's room. There is a door to next corridor but no button so...If I could access this washroom, it has a sink you may be able to get wheelchair under.
Other washrooms I passed on my journey. #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge Another washroom door I can't open.And another inaccessible bathroom.
Other barriers I noticed on my journey. Doors, recycling, abandoned furniture and drinking fountain. All are problems if you don't see them before hitting them or can't move them yourself. @uqo #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge Door opening into hall is opposite recycling centre creating a narrow passage in wide hall.Flexible seating for group work blocks access because it moves and isn't moved back.This drinking fountain sticks way out in a modest narrow hallway.
I'm going to point out this branch. It was across the sidewalk to my office a week ago. I moved it out of way then. It hasn't moved again. #itTakesAVillage #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge Big tree limb lies in pile of fall coloured leaves.
A major frustration was the lack of accessible exits for @uqo on Tache. Only 1 push button. Most are one step down to sidewalk. I can see a bus I will miss because no door. I will see another before I complete trip to stop. 3000 steps. #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge Beautiful main entrance 1 near bus stop. No door button.Less beautiful 1960s doors to outside. Again no push to open door button.This is an exit only door. No button to open it.
In case you missed my morning tweets, @STOGatineau stop for @uqo Tache at Cooperation is not designated as accessible. It's not clear to me why not.
Cc @ville_gatineau #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge This modern spacious bus stop with the include autistic people ad is officially not accessible.
5 doors to building at @uqo are visible from bus stop. One (not in frame) has button to open door. There is no signage to say which door is barrier free or blocked. #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge Multiple dark doors and no signage to accessible door.
My @STOGatineau bus takes me to Rideau to LRT to UOttawa and then a hike to city hall. @OC_Transpo your drivers could learn from @STOGatineau. They rarely pull forward unless they can get front door parallel to curb. #SeeTheDifference #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge
Only 5 street lights out between Corktown and city hall. This is down from 10 2 weeks. Why part of #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge? Because wheeliechicks are at increased risk of personal assault. Very dark pathway along back of Lisgar Institute playing field.
The Corktown bridge has a fine ramp but.. cyclists whip through here. Lanes are defined at one end of bridge and at cross walk but not alone the way. #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge Pavement lines imply lanes on Corktown bridge but not sure if it divides direction of traffic or types of traffic.
Oh looky, here's a hydrant in a sidewalk. I am not sure on clearance for wheelchairs especially in winter. FYI, this is half a block from @ottawacity hall. #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge Hydrant in a sidewalk reduces space for mobility.
I think @ottawacity needs to do walkability audit of pathway from transit to city hall in light of Elgin construction and launch of LRT. I chose #UOttawa and walk because 5 and 14 bus route is .... challenging. Ask me another time. #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge
This new door opener system at Lisgar entrance is about a week old. I like the fact we have an call for help option (which I did not test). #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge New door open button post oddly has a parking spot icon. It also has a call for assistance button and speaker.
Sadly, I have a @ottawacity
city hall door floor. The inner door open button at Lisgar entrance did not open door. #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge City hall Lisgar Entrance.
I'm sorry #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge peeps. I did not walk around to Nepean entrance. The ramp and door openers were working on Saturday when I used them.
Tonight, the Lisgar elevator was working. It has been out a few times in past 6 months. On those occasions, the signage to alternate elevator was missing. #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge
Finally my meeting room at city hall. I don't think all meeting rooms have door openers. Side note, Richmond Room is difficult for those with hearing issues when the @ottawacity city hall piano is in use or event is on in Jean Pigott Hall #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge
This ramp is likely up to code. But no idea what is down that corridor and no useful signage. Bathroom search continues. #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge Probably a good ramp. Narrow enough you can reach both hand rails and not very steep.
So my journey home was out Elgin door. @ottawacity signage is good when it is correct. You have a wheelchair access detour, in front of wide open double door. They were locked open at 21:30 (#ClimateEmergency fail perhaps) #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge Sign directing people in wheelchairs to use Nepean entrance. It is in front of Elgin doors.
The @ottawacity secondary signage has a tiny font. Also info is incorrect for this phase of project. Sign says this door is out of service and folks should use Elgin door. The sign was moved from Lisgar to Elgin without getting updated. #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge Detour signage at Elgin door says please use Elgin door. Red circle highlight the problem.
The same sign (I assume) is posted on Festival Plaza. As it was unlit, 2 seniors were struggling to figure detour sign. I pointed out the doors just out of their line of sight were WIDE open. #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge
My former preferred route was across park to Albert Transitway stop. It feels safe most of non-snow months and has well-lit wide pathways. But mostly I take that route because it is flat. #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge Photo of fountain in Confederation Park
When I got to Elgin, I ran into a bus stop I am fairly sure is not in service. In fact, I believe I reported it as a problem during summer tourism season. But it has updated @OC_Transpo signage. Cc @cmckenney #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge Sign of bus stop 7560 which is new format.
Now I am home. 3 issues. 14 route map still implies Elgin St is open. Stop 7560 is shown as having no service in next 4 hours. But if I search entire @OC_Transpo site, this stop is listed as close. #FAIL #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge Screenshot from OCTranspo of route 14. Route appears to run down Elgin.OCTranspo website screenshot. Left column is stops not in use. Right column is alternate stop. Red circle is problem.
People with limited mobility use @OC_Transpo tools to plan how to minimize the distance they need to walk. This is a multi-year detour. This is not a problem related to #reallyBigServiceChange. Stop has not been in service for months. #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge
My trip continued up Elgin to LRT. General observations: those granite curb stones along ceremonial drive are problems at almost every curb cut. Beg buttons are randomly located. #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge Beautiful colorful granite curb is a bump in every intersection.
We have multiple styles of beg buttons from Albert to Rideau Street. I could not trigger sounds even with long presses on some. I'm curious if @ottawacity label on how to use is missing from new models. #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge New style big square beg button.Older small round beg button.
Personally I don't love the new crosswalk request button (beg button). In particular, it lacks haptic feedback when pressed. It doesn't feel like a button. It feels like a button label. It is very different from elevator buttons. #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge Is this a button or a sign to feel to know where to line up? It has a tiny light when pressed. But not always. Maybe lights on long press.This elevator button is big, moves when you press it, is big and lights up.
Here at Elgin and Albert is a picture of what's missing. Tactile path guidance, TWSI to warn of intersection, or signage to LRT. This is opposite @NACOrchCNA who should ask for pathfinding support for their patrons. #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge Picture of plain flat pavement.
Signage you don't see is missing signage. #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge Elgin and Queen intersection at night.
Did you spot it?

Look up. Look way up. It's a bird, it's a plane. Nope, it's signage to LRT.
So Queen has lots of parking close to street. (Years ago, two idiots pulled me into a parked car and drove me around for maybe 10 minutes. Then the strangers apologized and let me out.) So I would not choose that path.#StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge
So @fairmontlaurier I was not impressed with your valet who blocked intersection and sidewalk . Please do better. #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge White range rover blocks crosswalk and sidewalk outside Chateau Laurier.
The next major issue was unexpected. LRT elevator access at @CFRideauCentre Is very poorly marked. #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge
The sign ABOVE door says "Left to Rideau St entrance". I would consider this to be a Rideau entrance. There are 4 mall entrances on Rideau. I'd like signage on door too. The top sign is invisible if you're at the door. #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge Doors to short escalator to landing above very long escalator.
At the bottom of big escalator, I believe the sign says exit to Rideau. So the use Rideau entrance sign here is ... confusing. #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge
Here is next entrance along Rideau. It is clearly LRT related. It has ramp inside and buttons to open the door. But no signage about elevator. Is this the door I am seeking?
Narrator: No, it is not. #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge Entrance to CF Rideau Centre by Farmboy / Shoppers Drug Mart.
So in I go and down ramp. This pillar is clear the escalator or stairs is the way to LRT. There is no pointer here to elevator access. #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge LRT signage pointing to stairs and escalators. (Pillar side 1)LRT signage pointing to stairs only. (Pillar side 2) Yet escalators are in site.
Now I'm not a rookie. I do know the elevator access is not at this entrance. BUT first 3 signs don't hint at my problem. First ceiling has no elevator sign. Not on pillar.
There is a tiny sign up high way down the hallway where it forks. #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge First LRT signage at Farmboy entrance.First LRT elevator sign is way way down the hall.
The missing Rideau LRT elevator is at entrance opposite Freiman mall. I don't believe there is signage which sticks out along Rideau. I suspect Simon's entrance has no pointer to this elevator or the one across the street. #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge
Now I'm off on train to Blair. I'm curious about some tactile guidance stuff. Here at Rideau, path ends a good 10 m from nearest elevator. It directs you to other elevator. I'm standing on end of path. #puzzling #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge Standing on square at end of tactile path, my closest elevator is 10 m away. Path does not go there.This tactile square normally is in front of an elevator door. Other stations would have no square here. I think.
Here is tactile path at Blair. Again a square in middle of platform. Note it did not at all align with a door for this train. I'll be curious if it is a door stop when new boarding traffic signage is added. #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge Follow the path ... to middle of platform?This square is not in front of an elevator. It also is not in front of a train door.
At Blair, even as a sighted person, I got on wrong elevator. At least at 10 pm, the crowd isn't upset when I ride up to go down. Direction indicator is at height of top of door. #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge
Down as bus level, I don't know how a low vision person knows to turn left not right for the night stop. (I shouted at 4 seniors walking wrong way. No ambassadors at 10 pm.) I have ideas but they are not relevant to #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge
For the record, my 39 was not square or close to curb at Blair or Jeanne d'Arc. @OC_Transpo please consider general info alert to all drivers. #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge
At train platform, I checked @OC_Transpo schedule. I have no idea why at 22:10 on a Wednesday, the 39 would have such a service gap. When it was 95, it was 15 min service. #puzzling #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge @transitapp screenshot. Bus 39 is shown as 47 minutes away.
I don't trust @OC_Transpo data (at the moment). For reasons. The bus shown as 47 minutes away was loading when I got to platform. Maybe a late bus. Maybe a trip not in database. So I jumped on. The extra walk is short and downhill. #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge
If I had mobility issue, I would have to wait for my local bus. But I know the path is smooth. I reported the problems on this sidewalk, and in time, they were fixed. #weAreTheVillage #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge
Finally. I am back at my door and I am allowed to do steps again. Whew. Thanks for following along. #StopGapOttawa24hrAccessibilityChallenge
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