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Continuing #LeBronWatch. The @Lakers have now played 7 games. How has #LeBronJames' performance changed our initial forecasts -…
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The possibility of LeBron getting to Kareem's mark by game 49 has gone up. Currently, the most likely range is game 48 to 52, with 80% of the results falling in that range. We are 94% sure that LeBron gets there by game 52.
There are very small chances that LeBron's quest extends into games 55, 56, or 57. Similarly, a small set of simulations (<2 percent) point to games 44 and 45.
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This dude is 6'9" 250 lbs and afraid of letters.
Remember the time @KingJames tried to get @glennconsor fired for making a mistake?

Remember when @KingJames tweeted "You're Next... ACCOUNTABILITY" after a police officer saved one "black" girl's life?

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Ok peeps! #courtsidekaren is trending bc #LeBronJames got into a verbal altercation with her 60 yr old husband and she (who’s 25 😉) decided to #defendherMAN and got kicked out. #LakersvsHawks Monday night game. #NBATwitter is off the hook! quick break from politics/COVID lol
So we have a few issues:
1) she removed her mask and refused to put it back on
2) she was close to the players and officials (safety)
3) the altercation itself was a hot mess
4) some folks think that this was a man disrespected a woman
5) some feels that she got what was coming
6) There was alcohol
7) why are fans courtside during a pandemic
8)Racism & white privilege on the scene
9) ageism was brought up
10) The “Karen” title was it warranted or not
These are just issues being discussed all over Twitter #NBATwitter #BlackTwitter and #BlackHistoryMonth
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And what Adam Silver means when he says “culture” is “money”. The NBA isn’t righteous, its simple goal is to maximize its profits and to be woke when it’s convenient for them. The formula is plain, simple, and transparent. Why else would they take money from a genocidal regime?
Maybe the @NBA can bring more profit to their bottom line if they work closer with the Chinese government? They could ask for some forced labor from Tibet, Xinjiang, or Mongolia. #NBA #AdamSilver #LeBronJames #DeepLaborPool
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A thread on LeBron James (@KingJames)

The story behind how he became one of the greatest athletes (and BRANDS) that the world has ever witnessed.

Networth : $480 M
NBA Championships : 3
NBA MVP Trophies : 4
NBA All Star Appearances : 16

@NBA @NBAIndia
Born Dec 30th 1984, to 16 y.o. Gloria James.

His father abandoned the family before his birth.

Gloria lived off of public welfare and Lebron had to endure a tough childhood. Constantly moving between dangerous, impoverished neighbourhoods Image
His athletic capabilities were soon discovered by local scouts in his hometown of Akron, Ohio.

Gloria allowed LeBron to move in with one Frank Walker, a youth football coach.

Frank introduced Lebron to the game of basketball at age 9. Image
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1/ THREAD: Body Language Analysis No. 4418: LeBron James, Giannis Antetokounmpo, and the 'Bro Hug' — #Nonverbal #EmotionalIntelligence #BodyLanguage #BodyLanguageExpert #Giannis #LeBron #LeBronJames #BroHug #Hug
2/ On Thursday night, the Milwaukee Bucks beat the LA Lakers, 111-104. Giannis Antetokounmpo outscored LeBron James, 34 to 21.
3/ Many have said this game represented a passing/changing of the guard moment between a current/declining superstar and an upcoming/crescendoing superstar.
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I wonder if #LeBronJames had a more difficult week the 21st Century slaves whom he ignores by giving China a pass for dollars?
What he fails to see is that today's plantations make sneakers, gear, phones, electronics & things besides raw cotton and tobacco.
@KingJames is like a northern cotton fabric maker of the 19th Century, thinking it is never a polite time to speak ill of the slave owners in the south. But always knowing his supply of cheap materials relies upon slave labor, even if he doesn't own them himself.
In the 21st Century, Nike & the other manufacturers are the slave holders. The people in China running their plants are the overseers. The Chinese Communist Party & government are the Confederacy, Democrats & state governments that protected the 'right' to own slaves.
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#Trump ajoute la controverse en fin d'1 déjà bien mauvaise soirée pour lui par ce tweet où il utilise 1 dog whistle (message suggéré)clair. Traiter de"dumb" (crétins) le présentateur de CNN Don Lemon et la star du #basket #LeBronJames, tous 2 Afro-Américains"parlera"à sa base. RT
2) En 2017, le General Social Survey de l'université de Chicago établissait que les 2 principaux clichés racistes sur les Afro-Américains- idiots et paresseux- avaient la vie dure chez les républicains. #Trump n'insulte pas #LeBronJames et #Lemon au hasard…
3) Quant au "#IlikeMike" cryptique de #Trump à la fin de son tweet, il indique sans nul doute la préférence du président pour Michael Jordan, l'ex-star du basket #NBA dont le rang de plus grand joueur de l'histoire est aujourd'hui contesté par #LeBronJames...
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