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Syria should understand the notion of cutting the cancer & consider some partition East/West (currently taboo). You cannot spend the next decades taking then retaking Jihadi areas.
ما حدا قسم و ندم!
@EHSANI22 Ireland, Czeck Rep., Slovakia, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, Cyprus... People get along better as neighbors than as roommates.
Time for Syrians to understand the large Nation-State with "grandeur" & prestige has failed them, destroyed minorities. Small is beautiful.
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THREAD: What is complexity? Concepts as introduced by @EcoLabs + @Ecocene / @cecanexus, with notes especially from the perspective of behavioural medicine. Full poster here:…
1. Feedback

Note: There are many different terms for two types of feedback loops, e.g.
- Positive vs. negative
- Amplifying vs. stabilizing
- Reinforcing vs. balancing

Take a moment to consider how these play out in your theory of change.
2. Emergence

Note: You can't understand a complex system by merely looking at one part.

According to Doyne Farmer, non-linearity is necessary for emergence. I've been trying to look for a piece that explains this simply, let me know if you have one in mind!
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(1) Society depends on a process of pattern formation whereby collective behavior is able to achieve, maintain, and adjust coordinative states.
(2) Pattern formation in turn depends on interactions occurring on a *low-dimensional* manifold -- that is, there is in a sense a "local" environment around any point. High dimensional manifold has many many neighbors, loc fails to resolve its state in harmony with all neighbors.
(3) Thus we can see there is a too-much-connectivity pathology that destroys structure if the "local" is destroyed.

#Localism is a means of achieving low-dimensional mainfolds for societal pattern forming.
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We need to make pple aware that discontent related to inequality is mainly discontent about rent seeking and rent seekers.

Prevent rent seekers from exploiting this discontent by making it look like society need more IYIs like them to solve it.

The problem isn't inequality, it's RENT SEEKERS without skin in the game.…
3) Easy to deconvert someone from State worship via Martin Luther's argument that "God & clergy are different "tings"". Show them that bureaucrats-cronies-nudgeboys-virtue merchants & "State" aren't the same "ting" & "the State is among us".
Keep the State distributed!
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The opposite of fascism isn’t a democratic form of socialism; it’s localism.
2) People not trained in modern science are programmed to thing in terms of "left" & "right", still trapped in a stone-age discourse.

They miss on the property of scaling: effect is not invariant to size of autonomous unit.

3) The naive political "scientists" (& other BS vendors) think superficially, in labels. They want the U.S. to not be a colony of Britain, but want Britain to be a colony of Brussels, & Nebraska to be a colony of Washington, D.C.

They don't get centralization .
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