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Another month has passed so we’re back with the most watched #Angular #meetups from June.

Dive right into internationalization, inject services, smart apps, libraries, providers and much more. Extend your knowledge with the highest-rated #techtalks.…
Introduction to Internationalization in Angular via @marktechson

Mark Thompson covers in 15 minutes how to internationalize and localize an #application in #Angular to do exactly what you wish for!…
New Way to Inject Services in #Angular 14 via @DecodedFrontend
Let’s have a look at some base use cases.…
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Finally, the #GoldacreReview is published! (During Parliamentary Easter holidays, mid-ping-pong on the #HealthAndCareBill...)

It's 221 pages - each PDF page is a double page spread - so this could be a lo-o-o-ong [Thread].

Here goes...
First point to note, in the Terms of Reference (p5), is that this is about "access to #NHSdata by #researchers, #commissioners, and #innovators" - i.e. #Planning and #CommercialReUse - so it is directly relevant to the operation of millions of people's #NationalDataOptOuts... Terms of reference for the review  1. How do we facilitate a
"185 wide-ranging recommendations for us to explore", says @sajidjavid (p6). Gulp! Time for some coffee...

"systems that ensure #underrepresented groups are well represented" may (partly) refer to this "landmark review", which got off to a slow start:… The far-reaching independent review into potential ethnic bi
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💡 Top 6 Python Libraries for Machine Learning:…

#MachineLearning #Python #Libraries Image
1. Numpy is a library that handles data, particularly one that helps us to manage large multidimensional arrays along with a huge collection of mathematical operations.
2. TensorFlow is an end-to-end python machine learning library to run numerical high-end computations.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 12/07/2021…
Book checked out for 110 years returned to Boise Public Library…

#StrangerThanFiction #libraries
1431-1449: The Final Ecumenical Council - Two Churches, One Tradition…

#WesternTheology #pluralism #scholasticism #traditions
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'The 2017 select committee inquiry into #parks got a staggering response from the public', says Clive Betts MP, opening #ParksAndGreenSpacesAPPG meeting reviewing what has happened since its report was published...
Betts points out that the funding of councils is a big element in the success of #parks - as the cost of social care (a statutory service) goes up, there is less ££ for green spaces (which are not statutory)...
Betts: 'We didn't think making #parks a statutory service would help - after all, #libraries are a statutory service, but that didn't protect them from closure...' #ParksAndGreenSpacesAPPG
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10 good reasons to digitize every #book in our #libraries:

1/ 2021 - Cape Town Library: Today's tragic fire at the @UCTLibrary has destroyed its Special Collections in African Studies, including some of the oldest & rarest materials about Africa.
2/ 2018 - Nat'l Museum of Brazil in #Rio: fire destroyed much of this 200-year-old institution's collections, including its scientific library.…
3/ 1992 - National Library of Bosnia & Herzegovina was completely destroyed by bombing during the Siege of Sarajevo…
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A thread of book awards 1/?
Book awards are great. They help bring attention to less mainstream titles, provide useful starting points for finding new books to read, give recognition to quality work of #authors and #illustrators, bring together great books on thematically, ...
... help us discover wonderful materials to recommend to readers, fill libraries with, use in lessons. Here are a bunch of UK-based (I've avoided local and intenational) awards that are worth a look, with the list featuring awards from the genral to the specific, & covering ...
... fiction; non-fiction; graphic novels; poetry; funny and more, across all the age ranges from EYFS all the way to post-16. Again, not comprehensive or intentionally exclusive, but ones that I think are useful to be aware of if you are in the business of teaching, working ...
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Mega-thread 1/?
Here is a list of publishers of books, including fiction and non-fiction, relevant for Librarians and teachers across primary and secondary. I'm including the publisher name, along with their website so that you can take a look at/download their catalogues ...
... and sign up for newsletters, along with the twitter handles where available so that you can follow them too. I've included as many of the major publishers as I can think of, along with a pretty good list of smaller and diverse presses. While mainly ...
... focussing on the UK market, there are some international publishers too. It will be by no means comprehensive, but may be a good place to begin discovering new texts and resources for your classroom, your library, and to inspire young people. Feel free to add any ...
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Miss yesterday's How-To Session about the @OpenLibrary Explorer?

Never fear, the webinar video is now available:…
Try the Open Library Explorer at & share your feedback.
#Libraries, want to see your books in the Explorer? Email us:
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All right, all right, let’s learn about adapting prek curriculum virtually! I’ve been trying to use AAC in my supported literacy videos this year. Can’t wait to get video and program ideas! #ATIA2021
Okay, the presentation name doesn’t match the published one, but it still sounds like it’ll be helpful. Just differently so, maybe. #atia2021
This is an ambitious list of content for today and I am here for it!! Exciting. #atia2021
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Tuning in to hear the thoughts of @PrinSciAdvGoI on #scholcomm in India. Thread below. India has a huge role in shaping the future of English-language scientific publishing. Everyone working in #libraries #stmpublishing #openaccess should be paying attention to its priorities.
Prof Raghavan: Fundamentally in a situation where information is becoming the source of polarised power. Knowledge and power have always gone together, and access to information means access to power. Today, those with access to the analysis of data wield disproportionate power.
Much of what we see in scientific publishing today is a relic of the printing press. Those who could print could collate knowledge and make it available, at great effort. The net result was that the printed copy was expensive.
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A #copyright #Halloween Story: I was reading about @internetarchive's project to digitize the Marygrove College #Library collection. About halfway through the article I was horrified to see a copyright myth brought back from the dead!🧛On Halloween!🎃… /1
The myth from the article is that somehow #fairuse can’t “extend to creating and distributing complete copies of a copyrighted work.” From the #SupremeCourt to the #fairuse statute itself, the fair use doctrine does not have a ban on copying or distributing “the whole thing.” /2
This is a myth that I, and my #copyright colleagues around the country, have been trying to “mythbust” for decades! So let's take shake down this #fairuse skeleton like #VanHelsing! /3
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This morning I'm attending "Using Digital Humanities to Tell Stories" @AsalhConvention. Panelists include @cheylonkwoods @kenvi_phillips, @drpezster and @bookworme7787. #asalh2020 #libraries #archives #librarytwitter
Haykal: DH is an intesection of humanities and arts disciplines and technology. Involves examining how digital tools can be applied to humanities and how these subjects can influence knowledge of computing (Kirschenbaum 2010). DH brings the academy to the community.
Haykal: Digital exhibits are an example of DH at work. Mimic a physical exhibit but can be broader, using lots of media. Convey a particular narrative. You are content curator and digital manager. Some tools include Omeka, CurateScape, or website builder (Wix, WordPress, etc.)
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Do you follow @ReadersFirst, a coalition of 300 libraries representing 200M readers? Here's what they have to say about the Big 5 #publishers business practices vis-a-vis #libraries:
@ReadersFirst From @ReadersFirst: "Big 5’s treatment of literature as a commodity create an intolerable burden on libraries. We seemed doomed to a carousel of only what the Big 5 publishers think is commercially viable now."
3/ "We again call upon The Big 5 to come to the table to negotiate better license terms, encourage libraries to explore mid- and smaller publishers offerings that have better terms and prices—let’s MAKE a market rather than relying on the big publishers alone..."
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Excited to attend "Confronting Hard History: Using Primary Sources to Teach Slavery, Civil Rights, and Black Lives Matter" with @ProfJeffries. #libraries #archives
Jeffries: Hard history = the parts of history that are uncomfortable to discuss in the present. We must confront these parts of history but it makes us uncomfortable to do so.
Jeffries: Instead of confronting hard history, we practice "purposeful historical amnesia." Too hard? Just pretend it didn't happen. Example: Slavery in the north.
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The next #asalh2020 session I'll be tweeting is one close to my heart: "We Were There: Increasing Access to Black Women's Suffrage Histories" will include Shanee Y. Murain (@dpla), Sarah Tanner (Atlanta Univ Library), and Dana Chandler (Tuskegee Univ Archives).
Here we go! Aaisha Haykal from the College of Charleston is moderating. First up is Shanee Yvette Murrain from DPLA. #libraries #archives #critlib #librarylife #librarytwitter #asalh2020
Murrain: Describing work of @dpla - check out their website Their new strategy includes an increased focus on historically underincluded communities. #ASALH2020
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Video of @KyleKCourtney @HarvardLibrary Copyright Advisor on the legal rights of #libraries to buy & lend books through #ControlledDigitalLending.

"Libraries are special creatures of copyright law."…
@KyleKCourtney @HarvardLibrary From @KyleCourtney of @HarvardLibrary:
"This may be about the fear of technology, certainly, but technology should be used to enhance access to materials, and do what libraries have always done: increasing access to knowledge by loaning the materials to the public."
@KyleKCourtney @HarvardLibrary @KyleCourtney 3/ "So imagine the potentially enormous high social and scholarly value and relatively low risk if we make these works available to the public for reading, quoting, citing, adaption, using Wikipedia articles."
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In this week's @BeyondTheBook, @PublishersWkly's top #Copyright reporter @AndrewRichard Albanese in an honest exchange on the publishers lawsuit against the @InternetArchive:…

Some key points by Andrew Albanese:
@BeyondTheBook @PublishersWkly @AndrewRichard 2/ @InternetArchive & #libraries...would say they'd pay for the scan but that option isn't available...The only option...for most trade books is a temp expensive ebook license. I actually think that’s a pretty critical Q that could arise in this lawsuit: the library ebook market.
@BeyondTheBook @PublishersWkly @AndrewRichard 3/ @InternetArchive makes what to me is a huge point & is going to be a huge point in the suit. I quote: “The public derives tremendous benefit from the program, while rights holders will gain nothing if the public is deprived of this resource."
...I think it sounds about right.
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PM statement

Very disappointing news that with rise in infection rates we cannot press ahead with sports pilots with fans this weekend

I know the huge efforts cricket, snooker & horseracing have made to welcome fans back

We’ll keep working together on their safe return asap
PM has confirmed we cannot go ahead with some easings planned for 1st August - we are hoping for a postponement of a fortnight

This means bowling alleys, ice rinks, casinos cannot yet reopen and indoor performances cannot now go ahead from tomorrow
From 8th Aug we will also require face coverings to be worn in #museums, #galleries #cinemas and #libraries

Please mask up & support the arts safely


@ace_national @Tate @royalacademy @NHM_London Image
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#ControlledDigitalLending is a method by which #libraries loan books. Publishers are suing to get rid of CDL for good. This is not just an @internetarchive lawsuit, it is an attack on all libraries rights to loan, preserve, & provide access to books.… /1
Ultimately, this suit about how libraries can continue do what they have always done: lend books. #ControlledDigitalLending is not a brand-new concept. Libraries have loaned books to patrons for centuries. And #libraries DO NOT NEED permission or a license to loan these books /2
Libraries can legally loan books they have purchased or acquired. #Copyright law covers these exact uses. So why are publishers suing over #ControlledDigitalLending? /3
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If you want to borrow a book, go to the library. But if you’ve been recently (even digitally), you know libraries are so much more than that.

They're a catch-all public resource, filling gaps in services and serving as a vital community and social infrastructure. 1/ Image
In its history, the library has gone from exclusive to democratic. The first libraries in the U.S. were created so that rich, white, male colonists could exchange books.

Boy, have they changed. 2/…
Now, libraries are truly democratic spaces, designed to serve every segment of society in the same physical space. 3/ Image
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There’s been a lot of attention given to some of our student athletes’ responses to UT’s fight song, “The Eyes of Texas” 1/
But many of us don’t know the full context, so I thought I would post a little thread about the legacy of minstrelsy, in general and re: EOT 2/
This isn’t my orig research…built on many others’ work, so there’s plenty more detail than I give here if you want it #libraries 3/
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1/ Please don't report your new anti-racist activities to your BIPOC colleagues for their approval. It is an additional emotional labor for us. You're going to make a mistake, so let it happen and be open to consequences and correction. Anti-racist work = vulnerability = courage.
2/ BIPOC colleagues have been doing anti-racist work for far longer, and that work has likely been (in)formally discounted for years. You already know what needs to be done. Go read what your colleagues have published and said. Do it.
3/Look at how long we've been talking about it (I know, because I went and gathered them, at least through 2009). GO SEE: You know what to do. Do it.
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March 17 2020: "#Gates has proved there is a far easier path to political power, one that allows unelected billionaires to shape public policy in ways that almost always generate favorable headlines: #charity."
"Describing his approach by turns as "creative capitalism" and “catalytic philanthropy," Gates oversaw a shift at his foundation to leverage "all the tools of #capitalism" to "connect the promise of #philanthropy with the power of private enterprise."

#Microsoft #Pharma
The #Gates Foundation has made over the last two decades, ...close to $2 billion in tax-deductible charitable donations to private companies—including some of the largest businesses in the world, such as #GlaxoSmithKline, #Unilever, #IBM, & #NBC Universal #Media."
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