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Interesting/thought-provoking conversation recently with a retired professional who had spent 30-35 years as national policy lead for several Government departments incl. Home Office & DWP. Short #Thread 1/n
Naturally, our conversation fell to where #libraries stand in the world of policymaking. My first observation was that as soon as you say "library", 2 things happen: 1) people instantly default to *public* libraries and 2) the fog of nostalgia descends. 2/n
It took a good 5 minutes to explain the scope of the library and information sector - people are aware of school libraries and possibly University libraries if they went, but after that it always becomes hazy. That there were LKS in Health came as a surprise to this person. 3/n
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It’s pretty clear that our elites (or rather, parasites) are trying to hoover up our assets and freedoms under the smokescreen of virtue. Don’t be fooled by them. Instead, find ways to be self-autonomous and self-reliant to avoid their control.

Create parallel economies. Run local circular economies. Support local businesses and buy directly from them whilst massively reducing our spending with corporations that take money out of local communities.

Use cash wherever possible.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 12/07/2021…
Book checked out for 110 years returned to Boise Public Library…

#StrangerThanFiction #libraries
1431-1449: The Final Ecumenical Council - Two Churches, One Tradition…

#WesternTheology #pluralism #scholasticism #traditions
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Do you guys know the meaning of the term "ketman"?
It's a Persian word for the practice of maintaining an outward appearance of Islamic orthodoxy while inwardly dissenting.
2/ In the former Soviet Union, ketman was the strategy everyone who wasn’t a true believer in communism adopted to stay out of trouble from the state authorities. You lived by lies to survive because you thought you had no other choice.
3/ I don't blame my ancestors for doing it - I wouldn't be alive today if they didn't practice ketman. The problem with ketman is that when you live a lie long enough, it corrupts your character and ultimately - society.
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Thinking about the idea that when the environment is easy, algae and fungus go it alone.

But when times get tough, they form interspecies alliances (and become lichen).

Times have been easy, so we've forgotten, but we CAN team up with other organisms and become stronger.

That's the idea behind locally-centered small-scale regenerative farming.

Reduce our energy requirements and begin to find new old ways of living within the ecosystem instead of sand-blasting it into straight rows of inedible corn.

Modernity is fragile because humans act like we're above the world.

But everything we eat has grown - taken energy from the sun and nutrients from the soil. No amount of corporate obfuscation can change this.

Despite our pretensions we are 100% reliant on the ecosystem.

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What is your hometown famous for? What is your regional speciality? Any particular food, season, flower, color, shape, product, slang, that you could develop into a small, lightweight relatively cheap foodstuff and start making at home to sell as a local souvenir? Do it! ImageImageImageImage
Mayors think that a town is all about business parks and tax breaks and commuting opportunities and regulations. What it is really about is local people and their local culture. Developers somehow ALWAYS miss this. Mayors MOSTLY miss this. #Localism might save your life. ImageImage
In fact most of them do their best to destroy local culture. The Whitechapel Bell Foundry for example, est. 1570 is destined to be turned into a hotel. The correct action is to turn a parking lot next door into a hotel, and get tourism from the foundry.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 04/02/2021…
Linguistic tricks to grab your online audience’s attention…

#linguistics #AudienceAttention #engagement
Mistrust of the CBO is unfortunately a growing bipartisan avocation…

#CongressionalBudgetOffice #data #trust #reports #politics
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CINTAILAH. Ajakan Pak @jokowi untuk benci produk asing sebagai bentuk dukungan #produk #lokal tentu memiliki motif baik. Ini juga seiringan dengan tren #konsumen #dunia selama #pandemi. Namun, kebangkitan "#lokalisme" ini justru didasari #cinta bukan #benci. Kita bahas👇
#Lokalisme, menjadi suatu tren yang ditimbulkan akibat #pandemi #COVID19. Riset dari @Kantar, menyebutkan bahwa ada gejala #konsumen di #dunia cenderung lebih memilih #brand dan #produk dari dalam #negeri-nya sendiri. Mengapa?

#local #lokal #jokowi #umkm #perdagangan #asing
Kini, #konsumen di #dunia ikut melibatkan faktor #emosi dalam membeli #produk. Kehadiran #brand lokal yang masih mungil tapi mudah direach memberi peluang konsumen untuk diapproach lebih #personal oleh si #brand. Ada #intimacy dari relasi keduanya.

#lokalisme #local #jokowi #ukm
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i unironically support federal- and state-level legalization.

with a big caveat, of course :-)

before you crucify, hear me out…
the war on drugs has failed; claiming more lives and effort lost than gained

and yet we need to have *a* handle on the drug use. how?

#localism, though the principle of freedom of association. let small communities choose whom they let in, and whom not.

if a small community wants to ban - or allow! - alcohol, let them.
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Most of the discussion on Atmanirbhar Bharat has tended to focus on trade & industrial policy. This is not suprizing. However, there is an component that is less understood or discussed - #localism and decentralization. 1/n
The emphasis on decentralised systems is directly related to complex system theory. A key insight of complexity framework is that the world is non-deterministic. Hence, all top-down management is about creating simple "rules-of-the-game" that broadly work most of the time. 2/n
In complex systems, the behaviour of a component is only loosely linked to the whole. So specific outcomes should rarely be attempted top down. Instead, targeted outcomes should be attempted at the local level. 3/n
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@cosmos is not a single thing or single network. It's a philosophy of blockchain design that has materialized in major advances, including some of the most useful software artifacts available today to blockchain developers. Let's take a look at what Cosmos has created:
1) Tendermint. Undisputed world champion production consensus engine. No other system comes close (yet!). Lots of production non-BFT systems out there (@etcdio , @hashicorp #consul, etc.) but no BFT system has been battle tested as much as Tendermint.
If you believe there will be more than a couple blockchains out there (see later), then production grade BFT matters. Besides, Tendermint BFT has been massively inspirational and influential in practically every other emerging blockchain consensus, including ETH 2.0 Casper.
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THREAD: What is complexity? Concepts as introduced by @EcoLabs + @Ecocene / @cecanexus, with notes especially from the perspective of behavioural medicine. Full poster here:…
1. Feedback

Note: There are many different terms for two types of feedback loops, e.g.
- Positive vs. negative
- Amplifying vs. stabilizing
- Reinforcing vs. balancing

Take a moment to consider how these play out in your theory of change.
2. Emergence

Note: You can't understand a complex system by merely looking at one part.

According to Doyne Farmer, non-linearity is necessary for emergence. I've been trying to look for a piece that explains this simply, let me know if you have one in mind!
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#Localism/Curated Arguments (Thread):
1/ "You understand what is going on in your neighbourhood better than what is going on in your city; which you understand better than what is going on in your state; better than what is going on in your country; better than what is going on across the globe." ~ @normonics
2/ "Politics is not scale-free. One can be Libertarian at the federal level; Republican at the state level; Democrat at the county level; Socialist within the commune; Communist at the family level." ~ @nntaleb
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