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DERIPASKA is Lord Barker’s colleague in EN+ and how HARD Lord Barker worked to have sanctions lifted from Deripaska’s EN.

Sufficiently hard to earn Barker $ multi millions.

McGonigal :Snr FBI agent
Look how far back his Russian “counter intelligence” goes until arrest
Old Rudi Giuliani bragged about his FBI ties in 2016…..makes you wonder who……
H/t Chris Marsden for the summary
“Deripaska, the founder of Russian aluminium company Rusal, was among two dozen Russian oligarchs and government officials blacklisted by Washington in 2018 in reaction to Russia's alleged meddling in the 2016 US election.' Not so in #Londongrad
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🚨 EXCLUSIVE INVESTIGATION - A vast cache of hacked material from Russia has shed new light on how the UK govt helped warlord Prigozhin mount a targeted legal attack on a journalist in London. This is #londongrad writ large.…
If you’re interested, there’s much more on other aspects of the case here in this brilliant piece by @alicesperi in @theintercept…
And don’t stop there. Read the original investigation by @bellingcat which caused Prigozhin to target @EliotHiggins (at this stage Prigozhin denied not only his control but also Wagner’s very existence)…
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WOW @margarethodge🔥
#ConfidenceMotion 18/7/22
"It is not just about #partygate, dreadful though that was, nor the failed attempt to defend the indefensible behaviour of Owen #Paterson, nor the abhorrent culture of tolerating bullying & sexual harassment from political allies;
..these contribute to a loss of confidence, but they do not stand alone. There is also the endless list of incompetence & waste—taxpayers’ money being tossed around like confetti, with £16 billion fraudulently squandered on #COVID business support.
There are the shameful failures in ambulance waiting times, 6 million citizens waiting for hospital treatment, people unable to travel because of the crippling delays at the Passport Office, and a stream of rail strikes and chaos at the airports.
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Israel gonna have to choose: join the West or Putin's kleptocracy

Not Both…
"At least 14 rented private planes have departed from Moscow and landed at Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport in the past 12 days, Channel 12 News reported Saturday."
Going to ground 😏

“Some of them have arrived, not with their own planes, & are staying at the houses of their spouses, their friends,” Elise Brezis, director of Azrieli Center for Economic Policy at Bar-Ilan U. in central Israel, said of Russian oligarchs landing in the country
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#Londongrad oligarchs starting to give up their properties in response to massive sanctions and public outcry

PM Boris not going to be able to save their precious Western assets?

Thanks to @dkaleniuk, @RhonddaBryant and many others!

@ChelseaFC up for sale - any non-Russian oligarch buyers?…
@Everton cutting ties with well-connected Putin crony Alisher Usmanov (who was an early Silicon Valley investor thru Yuri Milner and DST Global)…
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Russia has fomented the rise of the far right across central and eastern Europe. Like a virus attacking its host, malign Russian influence seeks out and attacks democracies.
Eroding the foundations of democracies takes years to fully achieve the desired destabilizing and disabling effects, as the western model of democracy becomes more discredited and undermined so the Kremlin’s model rises up.
Russia’s networks of influence are complex, rendering a countries ability to conduct oversight through transparency, accountability and the rule of law extremely vulnerable to exploitation and manipulation.
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#Russia has invaded Sovereign #Ukraine.
Russia along with the big 5 gave Ukraine, #Belarus and #Kazakhstan explicit guarantee to respect their Sovereignty and territories as part of #Budapest memorandum in return for giving up their #nukes.
#Putin claimed that "promises" were made and broken regarding #NATO expansion?
Yet #Gorbachev has said many times that no such promise was given
Who should we believe?
The Ethno-nationalist?
Or the Nobel prize winner?
Russia breached this accord with its original 2014 invasion.
The actions of Russia in its pursuit of Crimea and making #Azov a russian lake have led to creating and supporting continued insurgency in eastern Ukraine.
The claim of Putin to be entering Ukraine as a #peacekeeper?
As a guardian of Russian speakers?
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🚨NEW 🚨Welcome to Eaton Square - the oligarchs' favourite address in the money laundering capital of the world

Watch @OliverBullough explain how Russian money & the #LondonLaundromat threaten our security, our democracy and our power to intervene in global affairs 🇷🇺🇬🇧👇👇
When Boris Johnson threatens Russia with sanctions, Putin laughs at us.

Why? Because he knows 🇬🇧 & the Tories are knee-deep in Russian money.

And you can't sanction something if you don't know where it is, says journalist and author @OliverBullough 👇👇
Big thanks to @OliverBullough whose book Moneyland shone a light into the murky world of money laundering. More to come soon with 'Butler to the World', an eye-opening analysis of Britain's role as servant to kleptocrats, criminals, tax dodgers & tycoons…
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Russian MONEY LAUNDERING still flowing through #London

This is destabilizing #Ukraine, senior MP warns

The best way to tackle Russian aggression was to stop the Kremlin from illegally laundering money through the UK and its overseas terrorities.

"Turning a blind eye to London's role in hiding the proceeds of Kremlin-connected corruption risks signaling that the UK is not serious about confronting the full spectrum of President Putin's offensive measures”

A report this week by the American Center for Progress, a think tank with close links to the Biden administration, this week said the UK had become a "MAJOR HUB for Russian OLIGARCHS and their wealth, with #London gaining the moniker 'Londongrad.'"


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