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1/7 How America's military aid to Ukraine changed:
In the first months, Ukraine mostly received short-range weapons: anti-tank systems, small arms, body armor, and helmets.
#RussianUkrainianWar #RussiaUkraineWar @McFaul @FeWoessner @general_ben @SpencerGuard Image
2/7 But at the end of April, the war entered the second phase - an artillery battle.
Ukraine is experiencing a shortage of shells for Soviet artillery systems.
Because of this, the number and intensity of Soviet artillery in Ukraine are constantly deteriorating.
3/7 In April-June, Ukraine received quite a lot of artillery systems from the Allies. But since July, this process has slowed down.
Most likely, the US is betting on weapons of deterrence, not weapons of attack.
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1) In this video, IMF touched on two topics. Inflation and expected slowdown in global growth. In our view, the presentation is missing on key factors that we will cover in below critique.
2) Inflation: According to IMF Rising Energy and Food Prices along with supply chain disruptions is causing inflation. However, they missed the other and more important factors of record high fiscal deficit and record volume of currency in circulation.
3) The graph below shows parabolic increase in M1 money supply since COVID hit. Money supply has increased nearly five folds since.
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What is the current situation on the frontlines of the #RussiaUkraineWar? UkraineWorld spoke to Oleksandr Musiienko, Director of the Center for Military and Legal Research. Key points – in our brief, #UkraineWorldAnalysis 1/20
The current strategy of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in Kherson Oblast is to weaken the logistical potential of the Russian military and limit its ammunition supply. 2/20
Ukrainian artillery already has every bridge across the Dnipro River in Kherson Oblast within range and locked in. In addition, Ukrainian forces have been striking the approaches leading from Crimea to Kherson Oblast 3/20
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Audience! Audience matters and often something you hear or read will have multiple audiences in mind in the way it is presented, framed or the story it tries to tell. So, a case study to illustrate what I am talking about. Recently the pro-orc side is claiming there is a leaked
document claiming that President Zelensky and his generals are on the out over strategy, that the Ukrainian Army has lost 191K casualties, and is down to 43-48% strength. Sounds really bad for Ukraine right? I mean, it sounds like Ukraine is about to fold like a sack....
Hog wash, that claim from a supposedly leaked document doesn't pass the smell test. Firstly, Russia has been over claiming since day one. I mean how many times do they need to destroy the Ukrainian air force before it stops flying? How many times do they need to report the
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"Biden administration's next security assistance package for Ukraine is expected to be $1 billion, one of the largest so far, and include munitions for long-range weapons and armored medical transport vehicles, three sources briefed on the matter" #Ukraine…
"The package is expected to be announced as early as Monday and would add to about $8.8 billion in aid the United States has given Ukraine since Russia's invasion on Feb. 24."
"Pentagon announces $1 billion in new military aid for Ukraine, in the largest-yet delivery of arms from US stockpiles." #UkraineRussiaWar #UkraineWar #Russia #RussiaUkraineWar…
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Forgein legion in action in Donbass recently part one

Heavy gun battles with Russian forces.

Spanish, Czech, UK, USA and Ukrainian languages noted in this video

#Ukraine #RussiaUkraineWar
Foreign Legion in action in Donbass recently part two

#Ukraine #Donbass #donetsk
Part three from Donbass #Ukraine #RussiaUkraineWar
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The attack on Olenivka should be regarded as an act of public execution.
"Russia has done this because it feels its impunity. They are used to the fact that no one will hold them accountable, even for open violation of the laws and customs of war.
Therefore, we, "Azov", Ukraine as a state and the entire civilized world will give them a painful rebuff so that Russia will remember it once and for all.
This was stated by acting commander of the Azov regiment, Major Mykyta Nadtochii, in his official statement regarding the mass murder of Ukrainian prisoners of war on July 29, 2022, in Olenivka in the temporarily occupied territory of Donetsk region.
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So has anyone noticed the whataboutisms coming from the pro-genocide side of this war? This is a deliberate tactic that plays on your empathy. Kudos to @TomMostlyZen for twigging me onto the why for behind it. Forewarned is forearmed and that is todays essay. So, take notes
this will be on the test. Often you will see some pro-Z troll say what about what the US did in Central America, or what about Iraq etc. These are not honest questions but are intended to either make you feel guilty or change the subject and are not intended to be apple to apples
comparisons of mutual sins. Here is what is important. Yes, what the US did in X place was wrong, so was just about every move made by a former colonial power in Europe. We all know about Germany's past etc. Thing is none of those matters, it literally has no relevance.
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EXCLUSIVE UPDATE - 251501Z - 261500Z JULY 22
Following thread will be a breakdown of all Russian Naval Combatants in the following seas


#OSINT #RussiaUkraineWar #RussiaUkraine #russiannavy
#ViceAdmiralZecharin908 and #ValentinPikul770 alongside the port

Single #PJ23040G class AGCR and #RFNYunarmeetsKryma remain in the port

#RFNKasimov remains in the Kerch strait.
#RFNTsikolon missing from IMINT

#AdmiralMakarov494 operating to the west of Crimea. Has line of sight on Odessa from her position.
#RFNGrayvoron operating south of Sevastopol.
#Bykov class vessel operating off Sevastopol.
#SB45 class seagoing tug at anchor off Sevastopol
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Yday, #Lavrov’s confirmation in #Cairo that #Russia seeks to “help the Ukrainian people to free themselves” from their regime gained - understandably -considerable attention in Western capitals.

But it might obscure other important aspects of #Lavrov’s visit to #Egypt. A 🧵1/14
There was much hype around #Putin meeting #Iranian & #Turkish leaders last week

But #Lavrov's engaged the Arabs extensively since Feb, visiting Algeria, Oman, Bahrain, Saudi. He also hosted other Arab FMs in Moscow

Now Egypt, where he also engaged the League of Arab States 2/14
This effort to engage evenly – Iran, Turkey, Israel, Arabs – is a long-standing feature of #Russia’s MENA policy, but will become more important in light of Western #sanctions.

Losing further friends would be costly, even in a region that’s of 2ndary importance to #Russia. 3/14
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So todays question for the audience; which is the bigger nihilistic force in the universe is it A: Russian perfidy or B: Russian stupidity? Why do I ask? Yesterday, Russia shelled Donetsk with thermite charges from grad rockets. The residents in that town are
(according to Russia) either Russians or almost Russians. So why shell your own people? False flag op? maybe, but then why use grads. Those falling thermite chunks indicate a general direction of the launcher because they maintain some of the forward momentum of the rocket that
fired them. So is Russia going to claim Ukrainian artillery is behind Donetsk? Or does Russia think the rest of the world is as stupid as she is? So, is it perfidy or stupidity? Given that it can only be one, the other or both but not something else that brings up the next
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This speculative movement, far from the reported fronts seems to finally be in good swing. First discussed it in the quoted tweet (itself quoting a thread about the elusive & unreported forest battles), the last few day of VIIRS data show us a serious #Russian advance to secure
the western forest flank of the #Izium supply line. It is done not as an advance westward from the city, but as a pincer movement from the north & south to advance along the high ground & surround any UA forces still operating within the forest belt. More recently we discussed
these #Ukrainian operations in the forest belt including a river crossing (here ). Also noted that in other threads (such as this one ) that UA would be wise to invest more resources in holding this forest & continuing operations from
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++++#Draghi , comunicazioni al Senato: MIE DIMISSIONI DECISIONE SOFFERTA E DOVUTA. Un presidente Consiglio che non è il risultato di elezioni deve avere più la ampia maggioranza in Parlamento. Orgoglioso di essere italiano ++++
#crisidigoverno #governoDraghi #20luglio
1/Crisi di governo, #Draghi: non è possibile parlare di sicurezza energetica italiani e poi protestare contro rigassificatori e impianti essenziali per nostro fabbisogno energetico. Dobbiamo ultimare installazione rigassificatore Piombino entro prossima primavera
2/Presidente del Consiglio, #Draghi : "come ha detto #Zelensky, armare l'Ucraina è il solo modo per permettere all'Ucraina di difendersi". Necessario rispondere alla #Russia "con la forza dei valori europei. UE è la nostra casa"+++++#Ukraine️ #RussiaUkraineWar #Senato
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EXCLUSIVE UPDATE - 181501Z - 191500Z JULY 22
Following thread will be a breakdown of all Russian Naval Combatants in the following seas


#OSINT #RussiaUkraineWar #RussiaUkraine #russiannavy
0 units operating

Sole MCM - #ValentinPikul770 alongside the port

Single #PJ23040G class hydrographic vessel and #RFNYunarmeetsKryma836 remain in the port

#RFNSuzdalets remains operating in the Kerch strait.
#RFNTsikolon south of strait
#RopuchaLST's #Korolov130,#Yamal156 and #TsezarKunikov158 conduct logistic support missions from #Sevastopol, to #Feodosia and to #Novorossiysk

#Large contingent of surface ships south of Sevastopol. 2 x #KalibrShooters

#RFNIngushetia630 operating off Crimea (#Kalibr)
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Ukrainian military shot down a russian Su-35 aircraft in the area of #NovaKakhovka.
They say that russian helicopters have already taken off to look for the pilot.
#Ukraine #NovayaKakhovka #RussiaUkraineWar #UkraineRussiaWar
russian Su-35 burns after being shot down by the Ukrainian military in the #NovaKakhovka area.
#Ukraine #NovayaKakhovka #RussiaUkraineWar #UkraineRussiaWar
Video of the fall of the russian Su-35 after the shooting down of the #NovaKakhovka area by the Ukrainian military.
#Ukraine #NovayaKakhovka #RussiaUkraineWar #UkraineRussiaWar
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"L'#euro sta diventando la lira, la #Bce una bad bank. Italia tra i famosi peccatori del debito, #BCE smetta di acquistare spazzatura"! Il quot tedesco Die Welt sbotta. Volete Draghi a casa? Vedrete che festa faranno i populisti europei @heimbergecon Image
1/La notizia è stata riportata dall'economista @heimbergecon che si dissocia. Il Die Welt contro l'Italia VIA @welt I populisti stranieri si stanno già sfregando le mani (come ha fatto la #Russia di #Putin) all'idea che l'Italia rimanga senza #Draghi #19luglio2022 Image
2/E non è finita qui perchè sia l'@FT che @Reuters riportano l'indiscrezione secondo cui la #BCE di #Lagarde starebbe discutendo l'eventualità di alzare i tassi di #50pb subito, già dopodomani. Motivo? I falchi tedeschi e dei baltici terrorizzati dall'#inflation
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We often discuss the all important supply lines, & in the case of #Russia, the railways. RU is one of the few countries in the world & the only major power to still field Railway Troops (In NATO, only Italy has a small regiment w 2 railway engineer companies). Given Russia's vast
geography, heavy use of artillery, especially rocket artillery (very supply intensive), limited number of military trucks, and relatively sparse road system the army depends on the railways. From their Imperial Tsarist beginnings, through the Soviet era & up until today, the
Railway Troops have undergone many changes & been part of various ministries. Their modern iteration begins in 1995 when they are established as an independent Federal Service & strengthened. By 1999 they include 4 railway corps, with 28 railway brigades (+ other elements).
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🇺🇦Mariupol Port🇺🇦
Under 🇷🇺 Control

New video released by zvezdanews shows divers inspecting ships hulls in port

Video also shows 🇷🇺 BSF units
1 x #sb45ATA
1 x #GrachonokPTB
1 x #PJ23040GAGSC

But importantly, a large Balk carrier

#OSINT #RussiaUkraineWar
Video 1
Video 2
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Writing ab #young people in #Ukraine based on focus group discussions before #RussiaUkraineWar has been an agonising travel in time. But w/ @FESonline we thought it is important to convey the hopes and frustrations expressed in Dnipro and Lviv.…
Protecting the distinct Ukrainian national identity is seen as a priority in both cities. Participants underline the departure from Soviet values, the importance of the Ukrainian language & culture as well as opposition to Russia.
Ukraine belongs to #Europe for the young as part of the nation’s emancipation. Nevertheless, many articulate that there remains a profound gap between Europe and Ukraine, referring to social attitudes but also economic conditions.
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Anyone still interested to know what #young #Russia|ns think ab their country? Focus groups conducted in St. Petersburg & Samara w/ @FESonline illustrate the internal migration by the alleged “generation Putin” already before #RussiaUkraineWar.…
Seen from the eyes of young Russians, Europe represents a horizon that symbolises a better life in many ways. But this horizon has retreated ever further over the last decade. Many also state that they feel excluded from Europe.
Political disillusion dominates, leading to a general withdrawal from the public sphere. While criticism is expressed in focus groups, young people see hardly a way how these might be addressed in the dysfunctional political system surrounding them.
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1. One line that seems to divide expert advice on how the West should behave in the #RussiaUkraineWar is that most area students recommend more military support for #Ukraine while many #IR & #politicalscience professors propose accommodation of #Russia.…
2. Many generalists' underlying argument, whether im- or explicitly indicated, is that #EasternEurope specialists suffer from professional distortion. An emotions overload weakens their political judgement. Thus the generalists' texts are often educational rather than analytical.
3. #Areaexperts, in contrast, suspect the #generalists of suffering from a lack of empirical and contextual information. They are afraid that the generalists neither properly know nor fully understand (or are even not interested in) key peculiarities of the #RussianUkrainianWar.
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I have often been showing some of the pre-war fortifications from the air in satellite images. Specifically also been talking about the good use of forests by UA forces in very stubborn defense. Near Lyman, by the village of Szczurowe and the (beautiful) blue lakes, we can take a
closer look of some of these forest defenses and fortification networks. These have been fully captured by Russia as they secured their control from #Lyman, a key railway hub, towards the Siverskyi donets river. From here they have moved in one direction across to Pryshyb
& Sydorove (which threatened the defense lines against the Izium front around Dolyna / Krasnopilya from the rear) and in the other towards Raihorodok against Slovyansk from the NE.
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"Ukraine is massing a million-strong fighting force equipped with western weapons to recover its southern territory from Russia, the nation’s defence minister has revealed to The Times." #Ukrainewar 1/…
"In his first interview with a British newspaper since the invasion began, Oleksii Reznikov said President Zelensky had ordered Ukraine’s military to retake occupied coastal areas which are vital to the country’s economy." #UkraineRussiaWar #RussiaUkraineWar #Ukraine #war 2/
Defense minister of #Ukraine: "I am sure that in the next few years we will see a number of calls for sovereignty on the territory of Russia. The Russian Federation will end its existence as different countries - Tatarstan, Bashkortostan, etc." #Russia #RussiaUkraineWar 3/
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Boris Johnson, Biden and EU leaders were hoping for a civil unrest and subsequent regime change in Russia when they announced sanctions.

But now, seems like it wont be surprise if political crisis and regime changes happen in UK, EU, USA by the time #RussiaUkraineWar is over.
Just few days back French President Emmanuel Macron lost its absolute parliamentary majority of five years following a second round of legislative elections.…
Biden’s approval rating sits at 38 percent, hovering close to the lowest levels of his entire presidency.…
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