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16 July 2022 - #Muster2Election #M2E

@SandhillsKen @SpecOpsSpeaks @Jesusestveritas

Muster To Election – Video Snippet Analysis

If you haven't yet, please watch the entire video here. It's just less than 17 minutes, and worth every second.…
2) It is now about 17 minutes later. And here's your next step. At least, please consider...

Click on the link here. Sign up. And, and we'll talk about this more in a moment...please contribute even the smallest amount...…
3) Let's talk about why this important. We always send promising conservatives to DC. DC laughs and welcomes them. DC corrupts them. We, the voters, get nothing. And they, the elected, face nothing. No consequence and then we send them back. Alas.
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Testing: a mini-thread for getting started. Here is a 2-minute segment already posted. What follows are smaller snippets from it, along with a tiny bit if comment.

#Muster2Election #M2E
2) Our intro is the beginning 29 seconds where @SandhillsKen’s basic idea is laid out.
3) We turn now to the idea of stepping up and speaking with the voice of leadership in your own community, as well as recruiting others to the mission as well.
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1/ Here are 8 projects I'm playing, watching, or trying to get into besides #STEPN. 🧵

Let me know if I'm missing any big projects in #P2E and #M2E.
2/ 1. @sleepagotchi

SlepN was an April Fools joke that @Stepnofficial tweeted about. Remember that @ktrainUSA_STEPN?

Well, #sleepagotchi is the real version of sleep-to-earn.

It was founded at Harvard and has a unique earning mechanic (NFTs vs. tokens).
3/ Sleepagotchi Links

𝐉𝐨𝐢𝐧 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐃𝐢𝐬𝐜𝐨𝐫𝐝:
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28 June 2022 - #MusterToElection #M2E

@SandhillsKen @SpecOpsSpeaks

What The Hell Do We Do With Our Vets?

Follow them. Listen to them. Serve and support them as they have served and supported us. We need them in ways we have not yet understood.
2) Your first step is to go, right now, and follow @SandhillsKen right here at Twitter. Ken is a LtCol Ret. Army, right Ken? He led his warriors on the field as Special Operations commands. I can’t get him to tell me any more than that. I’ve tried.
3) @SandhillsKen does both lead a local movement and has an outstanding website. When you go there, and I’ll give you some screenshots below, you want to subscribe and donate. Here’s his site:
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下面搬运一下文章里的介绍(顺便加点补充 )…



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Project Deep Dive: @StepApp_

🚶#MoveToEarn is the current hype in crypto, following the popular #PlayToEarn model that most Metaverse and NFT coins adopted.
🔺On #Avalanche we have our first #M2E application @StepApp_

So what is Step App?

@StepApp_ 1/ Overview

In 2021, we see an explosion of gamefi, play-to-earn genres, a trend led by @AxieInfinity and then gradually cooled down.
Currently, gamification involves the incorporation of traditional gaming elements into non-gaming activities.
@StepApp_ @AxieInfinity Move-to-earn is the current hype in crypto, following the popular play-to-earn model that most Metaverse and NFT coins adopted. As the name suggests, move-to-earn projects enable users to earn rewards for walking, running, dancing, or simply moving around.
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بررسی پروژه #استپن #STEPN با موضوع #MoveToEarn #M2E
این #رشتو فقط جهت آموزش می باشد و جنبه تایید یا پیشنهاد #سرمایه‌گذاری نیست. Image
تمامی اطلاعات بر اساس استفاده شخصی من بوده و اعداد و ارقام بر اساس واقعیت با مشخصات اسنیکرز (کفش) من می باشد که این ارقام با توجه به مشخصات کفش شما متفاوت است.
توکن پاداش پروژه $GST می باشد و نرخ لحظه‌ای آن اکنون حدود ۶.۵ دلار است
توکن اصلی پروژه $GMT می باشد و نرخ آن اکنون ۳.۳ دلار است
پروژه بر بستر بلاکچین #سولانا و #بایننس اجرا می شود.
توکن‌ها در صرافی‌های معتبر مثل #بایننس، #کوین‌بیس، #هوبی لیست شده است.
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