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#STEPN TownHall Recap [June] 🏛️

🔸Apple Pay
🔸Previous Collab
🔸Seoul Meta Week
🔸Rainbow Plus
🔸New Badge
🔸Dynamic Mint Adjustments
🔸NFT PFP integration into STEPN
🔸Security Upgrade
🔸Apple Music Integration
🔸GNT update: v3

👇1/17 Image
Apple Pay 🍏

🔹Significant milestone
🔹Regular users can buy a sneaker with a few clicks
🔹Marketplace is now directly back in the app for iOS

GHOST IN THE SHELL: SAC_2045 Collab ㊙️

🔹Great Success
🔹100 Genesis + 1900 OG Sneakers raffled on MOOAR
🔹33M $GMT locked
🔹Positive feedback from users and GITS fans alike

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1/ Quick thoughts on #ETH Realm in #STEPN as of June 14, before the Townhall:
- eGST artificial buys appear to have concluded

👁️ The main whale has not made a Tx in 60 hours

Main 1:…
👁️ The 2nd main account was doing strange things... buying ~15000 USD worth daily, then selling it within 24h and repeating this daily. Usually at a slight loss with no timing.

This account has finally sent their USDC to Huobi.

Main 2:…
3/ This could be worrisome, but I am not worried.

Looking deeper into the Tx on the realm, I am not seeing any sell pressure whatsoever. Perhaps the high fees are keeping users money in... or the expectation of gains of the realm itself are keeping the cashouts from happening.
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1/ "Are you the same guy who sold all his assets and then came back within few weeks again?"

I've had this question multiple times on Discord now - might be time to tell the full story👇🏻

A long #STEPN thread, but a good read - I promise 😆
And some bonus tips at the end Image
2/ I started StepN back in May 2022. Like many of us, I found out through a Youtuber, and quickly loaded my bags (well... I bought one shoe on BSC valued at $3000 USD) in the hopes of returning MAD RETURNS. Ha!
3/ About 2 weeks later, the unthinkable happened:

I won a contest draw for a BSC Genesis sneaker. These things were barely released yet and the value: $30,000 USD at the time. No doubt, I was completely hooked.

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STEPN Integrates Apple Pay 🍎

We are thrilled to announce that #STEPN is the first blockchain gaming app to secure a landmark integration with Apple Pay, breaking down the barrier to entry for Web3 💫

How it works ⤵️ [1/6] Image
Sneakers Just a Tap Away 👟

Users will not need a crypto wallet to purchase #STEPN Sneaker NFTs. They can simply use Apple Pay to buy in a quick, private, and secure way.

How it works: Purchase SPARK credits with Apple Pay, 10 spark credits = 1 USDC.

In-App Marketplace 📲

This integration will also enable a long awaited update to the STEPN Marketplace on iOS, which will be available from within the STEPN app improving user experience for our community.

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Exciting news! 🚀

We're collaborating with @gitssac2045 for an exclusive Solana co-branded STEPN Sneaker Raffle on #MOOAR 🐱

Get your hands on 1900 OGs + 100 Genesis co-branded sneakers!

Read on for the full details 👇🏼
@gitssac2045 Raffle 1️⃣: Co-branded Genesis Sneaker

🗓️ May 18, 5:30 am UTC - May 30, 5:30 am UTC
🏆 100 Genesis Sneakers up for grabs
🎟️ 3500 $GMT/Sneaker
👟 4 unique designs: Motoko, Batou, Togusa, and Tachikoma
⚙️ Each design will consecutively be raffled 3 days at a time

Raffle 2️⃣: Co-branded OG Sneaker

🗓️ May 18, 5:30 am UTC - May 30, 5:30 am UTC
🏆 1900 OG Sneakers up for grabs
🎟️ 300 $GMT/Sneaker
👟 12 amazing designs, from Motoko to Stan
⚙️ Each design will consecutively be raffled daily

[3/5] Image
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🔊 #Move2Earn fam! After over a year using #Stepn, I'm checking out @HibikiRunTeam. Our M2E experiences give us a head start in new games. Just a note: I'm not an ambassador, just sharing my perspective. Psst...there's a giveaway at the end! (1/17) 🎵🎮 #hibikirun
So, what's #HibikiRun? It's like your personal concert on the go, blending physical activity with music discovery. It's a new take on the 'move to earn' concept. Let's break down the key features. (2/17) 🏃🎧 #M2E @HibikiRunTeam
First off, you need an invite code to join. Then, crack open your free Gachapon (a type of capsule-toy vending machine game popular in Japan) in the collection to get your first pair of headphones NFT. (3/17) 📩🎧 #NFT #hibikirun
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STEPN May Town Hall Recap 🧢

Here's quick recap if you missed the #STEPN Town Hall:

🔸Last Month Highlights
🔸Upcoming Events
🔸Transfer Fee ⬆️
🔸GNT's Edge
🔸Strategic Investments
🔸Community Questions
🔹Badges & Achievements
🔹Future Outlook

[1/20] Image
1️⃣ Highlights from last month at FSL 🔆

▫️ First AMA on MOOAR discord
▫️ Launch of the #FairMint collections with drops every 12 hours
▫️ Announcement of strategic seed round of HypeSaints
▫️ Activations during NFT NYC - Lost Worlds treasure hunts and DeGods Sneakers

2️⃣ Events + Alpha 🎉

▫️ TEAMZ conferences in Tokyo, Japan [Yawn will host an IRL AMA]
▫️ Announcing a new collaboration with Genesis and OG Sneakers in the next few days - a reflection of our continued efforts to bridge the real world IP with our digital collection

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STEPN April TownHall Recap 🧢

Here's quick recap if you missed our #STEPN TownHall:
🔸NFT NYC Collabs
🔸Easter Event
🔸Website Update
🔸Badges and Achievements
🔸Community Question

Keep on reading for some juicy alpha 👇👀

[1/13] Image
1️⃣ #NFTNYC2023 Collabs 🤝

🔷@lostworldsnft 🌐

➡️Head to
➡️Go to the 2 geoNFT locations: Javits Center & Columbus Circle entrance of Central Park
➡️500 Badges to collect
➡️May have future utility

Take part & stand to win GMT! Full Details soon 👀

🔷NYC Party🎉

➡️13th April 5pm [NYC Time]
➡️Party Bus (#STEPN & #MOOAR Logo) will drive around NYC and end at the party venue

You may buy a ticket to board, or head to the venue on your own!

Win $GMT by taking a selfie with the bus👇

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Here's quick recap for those who missed the #STEPN Town Hall:

🔸HypeSaints x STEPN
🔸STEPN Marketplace
🔸Panda Skin
🔸Badge and Achievement System
🔸FSL’s Goal
🔸Generative NFT Tool (GNT)
🔸STEPN Development
🔸Referral System

1️⃣ HypeSaints x STEPN Event 🤖

➡️Positive feedback from users
➡️3.3x increase in daily mints, peaking at 7.3x compared to 1-week prior to the event
➡️Expect more IP-collaboration events in the future

2️⃣ STEPN Marketplace []

➡️Accessible without logging in now (for desktop/mobile-based browsers)

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#Stepn 是我亏损最多的,其次就亏在叫 #welnance 的项目,这项目没啥背景,也没啥热度,我为啥看到了呢?

因为我在逛 #Defilama 的时候看到了这项目排在 BSC 链前十,好巧不巧我那天晚上贼努力,在找BSC链上DeFi项目,挨个点开看,就看到了这个。

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1、翻了下在 #STEPN 的转账记录,大概亏一万多美元,总要被割的,算是吃的第一个比较大的教训。写写自己的当时想法及学到的教训。
2、18年有了解过加密货币,不过基本只知道 BTC、ETH,其他的啥都不懂,中间还把自己买的一点币存到了 FCOIN,后来 FCOIN 跑路了,喜提第一坑,不过没多少钱,对我来说也没涨什么教训。
3、21年初 Web3 概念炒的正火热,国内的很多大佬也在推 Web3,讲个人主权,做社畜久了,总会被这些宏大的叙事吸引,不过21年的行情真的是不行。
再次关注进来,发现已经有这么多新玩意了,DeFi、NFT、GameFi、各种 Fi 层出不穷,过了一把好奇心的瘾。
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1/ Are #GMT tokens on #BSC really burned?

Even though on chain transactions on #BSC show the daily #GMT burns, the total #GMT supply, after burns, might in fact not decrease.

Please allow me to explain 👇
2/ Binance Bridge

@binance has their own bridge to bring tokens from other chains to #BSC

They do so by holding collateral in a 1:1 ratio in certain wallets (102% ratio atm)

Today 1.3M #GMT was minted on #BSC and an equivalent 1.3M #GMT were sent & held in a wallet on #Solana.
3/ Why?

This is done to ensure that tokens can move both ways.

Theoretically: When #StepN decides to bring liquidity back from #BSC to #Solana, they could burn the tokens on #BSC and release an equivalent amount of #GMT from their wallet back into #Solana.
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Today, our co-founder @Jerry10240 hosted an AMA in the #STEPN Discord 🌿

Join our amazing community here:

Read until the end for some juicy alpha 👀

On to the recap now! 👇 1/14
Following the Genesis airdrop, do you plan to do one for OG Sneakers? 👟

OG Sneakers are a gift given to Genesis sneakers holders. We might consider perks for OG but they’re not in our plans currently. OG sneakers are also unlimited, STEPN might issue more in the future.

What is your vision for the roadmap? 🗺️

A lot of things change quickly in crypto. In the future, the roadmap will be used in a different way. To give a global perspective rather than details. It may be released next month

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@Barndog_Solana left his Global Ambassador role yesterday.
And now, we are sharing Countries & ASICS sneakers.
🎆 But everything is fine! 🎆

A long thread for the #STEPN Community, Ambassadors and Team members.

🧵 1/69 (sorry)
2/ I never complained about #STEPN. About the product, about the updates, about the team, or about losing money with it.
I always believed in #STEPN for the long run, the "big picture", trusting the team to do their best, working background.
3/ Basically, I am a no one, I never gave any advice to the team, because I don't have all the elements to allow me to do this. This is the first time I will ever give an advice to the Team, because I can smell that things are really not going well, down there.
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1/ Yesterday I've posted my thread regarding the #StepN treasury analysis.

Since then I've received many comments, DMs and information from various sources.

It's a lot to take in, buckle up.

[Thread 🧵]
2/ I'd like to start with the answer from @tyson_schubert (#StepN head of community).

"Those are influencers",

"And advertisers are not free. So we... yep, you guessed it... pay them"

So in short. Individuals or companies paid by #StepN to advertise the product?
3/ Next, I've got some DMs stressing that the vesting schedule (by investors) is still followed and very active meaning that none of the vested tokens have been paid out.

But let's recap.

What does that mean, vested tokens?
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1/ #StepN treasury analysis

3.6M #GMT being sent out monthly to 50 unique wallets.

So who are they if they aren't VCs and why has the majority of them most likely sold as soon as they've received funds?

I've been able to identify some of them. Let's take a look 👇

[Thread 🧵]
2/ I've been able to identify 3 wallets from which I'm quite certain of the holder.


This wallet has received 186,669 #GMT over 7 months. It has a registered domain "tehmoonwalker.sol". There's a Twitter account with an equivalent name @tehMoonwalkeR
3/ The account is followed by @Stepnofficial and has been posting very actively until early June. Then it got more silent.

Given his huge following base, I'm guessing this could be an influencer paid by #StepN to promote the project.

Still well paid for the few tweets recently.
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1/ #StepN Townhall AMA 09/11/2022 hosted by @tyson_schubert & @bnBeth_solvax

* Background of hosts
* Apple marketplace
* Roadmap
* Badges & Achievements
* Updates
* When rainbow+?
* Remove rainbows?
* Token burns from spending wallet?
* Marketplace filters?
* Dark mode?
2/ Background of hosts

* @bnBeth_solvax joined @Stepnofficial in January. She became an ambassador in May, recently promoted to lead ambassador

* @tyson_schubert joined #StepN in December. Has known @yawn_rong > 4 years. Started hosting fitness show. Now head of community
3/ Apple marketplace

* Apple changed their fair rules
* In-app marketplace will be removed
* Android devices won't have any changes
* #StepN marketplace can still be reached through
* Update will be tomorrow morning
* Not an immediate forced update
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It's never fun to lose your valuable NFTs, and it's all too easy to click on stupid links when you're not feeling 100%, tired, baked, or whatever. It literally only takes one bad decision to drain your assets.

2/ Ledger! Ledger! Ledger!

You should get a @Ledger. It will add extra steps, so you know exactly what is leaving your wallet and where it is going. Image
3/ But how to stay safe with a Web3 wallet like @MetaMask ?

This app will simulate transactions before Metamask is launched. The app's name is @PocketUniverseZ. It is a browser extension that keeps your assets safe when you sign #Web3 transactions. Image
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1/12 #StepN Rainbow sneakers

@Stepnofficial won't share exact numbers but wants us (the community) to gather data and make estimations.

This is my attempt at making an estimation based on on-chain data.

How many do I think are out there and how did I come to this number?👇 Dune dashboard regarding rainbow sneaker holders
2/12 Rainbow sneakers were introduced on 12/10/2022.

We've seen individuals post amazing earnings on socials. But that doesn't paint a good picture of what's really out there.

But because earnings are so high, I believe that most rainbow holders will (partially) cash out daily.
3/12 The reasoning I've applied is the following:

* Grab all wallets that withdrew 1,000 or more #GMT on a daily basis from their spending account.
* Sort that list based on the amount of days they've been doing so.
* Show the total #GMT withdrawn.
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从清仓 #STEPN 跌了四个月整。跌麻后,最近只有2%的波动率,又把我们横盘横麻了

阿祖,是时候该回来了 Image
三角收敛出方向后 #BTC 跌了50%,市场血流成河。明星币 #EOS 从更是5.7跌到1.5
那一个月每天醒来,就是看看自己的币今天是跌了10%还是20% ImageImage
结果4月2号选择向上,#btc 一天爆拉18%。开始了19年的IEO小牛市
而各路机构纷纷加码做空 Image
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1/ How much did #StepN earn from marketplace fees in Q3?

Let's take a look at the data and compare the numbers throughout the three different realms (#SOL, #BSC & #ETH).

The earned fees should give us some good insights into the health of the different realms.

[Thread 🧵] Image
2/ Daily earnings (#USD)

* On #SOL they've been decreasing on a daily basis.
* On #BSC slightly increasing until 10/08 with a sudden drop off afterwards.
* On #ETH they're reduced to $1,400.

#SOL & #BSC had a sudden spike in the last 2 days of Q3 (#GMT earnings release) ImageImageImage
3/ Key points Daily earnings (#USD)

* #SOL realm remains the biggest earner of fees with 85% daily fees on average last week.
* #ETH realm had +/- 24 days of > $100,000 daily earnings (60% of daily total). Only 1,3% now.
* #BSC realm between 10% - 14% of total since 12/08/22. ImageImage
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🚨 STEPN GMT Earning 🚨

The #STEPN team are proud to announce that after months of planning and testing, $GMT earning for Level 30 Sneakers will be deployed to the STEPN App in the next 24 hours.

Read on for a few important notes ⬇️ [1/7] Image
How to play ⚡️

To begin, you will need a Level 30 Sneaker. Next, toggle from GST to GMT earning mode within the STEPN App, which can be done on any realm.

GMT earnings are cumulatively calculated across all realms, so no realm has an inherent advantage. [2/7] Image
Please note 📝

Similar to the working concept of hash rates in a blockchain network, the GMT earning rate dynamically changes every 1 minute based on the number of users earning GMT at that moment. [3/7]
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Community: The 💚 of STEPN

We've reached the final week of #STEPNEMBER and we're once again so grateful for all the submissions from our users. This brings us the theme of our final challenge - Community.

Let's explore this concept 🧵 [1/7] Image
The Spirit of Web3 is Community

The mission of onboarding the next generation of users into Web3 whilst promoting a healthy, active lifestyle lies at STEPN’s core. While gamified elements and earnings may incentivise that, community is ultimately the key to the equation [2/7]
Fighting the Good Fight 💪

Web3 in its current state struggles to fight constant stereotypes of scams and malicious actors. And it would be a lot worse if not for the communities backing real projects, constantly putting their voice on blast to spread the good word [3/7]
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#Berachain 解读-——Ponzi主要的L1,结合 #luna#stpen 的精妙之处
内容来自于Kek Labs 研究员 #George老师
Berachain是建立于 #Cosmos 中的L1,目前正在开发中,利用独特的“流动性证明(Dpos)”共识,既用户将蓝筹Token放入验证者合约,形成公链AMM池子,既解决了L1的Tvl同时也将资本利用率提升了新层级,通过3个不同作用的Token保持投机者粘性.
团队匿名,创始人信息只有特:@SmokeyTheBera @berachain @0xSerJaMad
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