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In #Crypto, everything happens at lightning speed, and sometimes we miss very important news that could affect our portfolio.
So, here is a list of all the important news of the past week, which I have compiled 📰🗞️

#CryptoNews #cryptocrash Image
🚨Nigeria regulator says local Binance operations 'illegal'.

🔔 #TUSD temporarily stopped issuing TUSD through Prime Trust.

🔔 #Robinhood will no longer support #Solana, #Polygon and #Cardano after June 27, 2023.
💥 #OKX burns 5.5 million #OKB exchange tokens — worth roughly $244 million.

🔔 Binance_US suspends all USD deposits following SEC lawsuit.

💥 #Kraken launches its NFT marketplace on #Polygon.
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In my 10+ years of Crypto experience, I have never seen that kind of market condition where #BTC is down only 3%, and major #altcoins are down 20-30% 😱😳

Let's take a deep dive to know what's going on in the #Crypto market 👇
🔻In the past few hours, the #altcoin market has crashed like there is no support.

🔻So let's take a look at the factors crashing the market, which also include some #FUD.
1. #Binance is selling its holdings.

🔻An account started the rumour that @binance sold mass amounts of coins over the last few months, which caused the market crash.

🔻He also claimed that Binance moved a large chunk of its reserves. Image
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The SEC's recent lawsuit against #binance and #Coinbase has sent shockwaves through the Web3 community

But the Spotlight shifts to the SEC's classification of tokens as securities in the lawsuit 🪙

Here's a rundown of the top 8 tokens in the spotlight 👇 Image
👉 The SEC says digital tokens are securities, following standards from the 1933 Securities Act & landmark court decisions.

👉 And Cryptocurrencies pass the Howey Test” criteria to determine whether a transaction qualifies as an investment contract, a type of security
What is a SECURITY? 🤔

👉 Generally, if an investment is made in a business, expecting profits through the efforts of someone else, it is considered a security.

👉 The SEC applies these criteria to crypto, highlighting that several tokens meet the definition of securities Image
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Why Is Bitcoin Down Today?

- (long 🧵 ) Image
This post will explore the main events that appear to explain why #BTC is down today.

All eyes are turning to the U.S. Congress as the government continues to stumble toward its self-imposed debt ceiling.
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Are you looking for a Maestro but for NFTs & Shitcoins ?

Alpha Gardeners has got you covered!

• Alpha Gardeners is an all-in-one discord bot for SOL/ETH that gives you an edge on NFT insights, liquidations, arbitrage & shitcoins.🧵 Image
The Alpha Garden is Headed by experienced developers @0xBotello & @D0gTo they lead a community that provides insights into operations and offers bots for purchase.
It is also a collection of exclusive NFTs that offer access to a plethora of alpha tools and bots when you hold one. These include alpha bots, harvesting bots, team alpha, WL collabs, REKT Labs bots, honeypot checker, trading alpha, and shit/memecoins utility, all available for……
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Exposición de 7:00 - 10:00 de la mañana 

Luz azul natural. Ayuda a sintetizar melatonina por la noche y a regular los ciclos circadianos Image
Exposición de 10:00 - 13:00 del mediodía

Alta exposición ultravioleta. Ayuda a sintetizar vitamina D y otros fotoproductos
Exposición de 13:00 - 17:00 del mediodía

Máxima exposición ultravioleta. Evitar o no abusar de la exposición
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Will #altcoins perform in the coming period?
What can we expect from the BTC dominance?
How can we potentially time markets and what is next?

🧵Below a thread 🧵

(based on wyckoff re-distribution)
1/ Since our highs in 2021, Bitcoin has clearly gained more market share and altcoins have lost much of the performance gains that they enjoyed in 2021.

After a sharp dominance drop from 70% to 39%, the BTC.D chart is ranging ever since. What's next?
/2 Consider the picture I share below. Most people by now know that money flows from BTC to ETH to big alts and further down. But when do altcoins outperform and when can we see bitcoins dominance potentially dropping as we have seen in 2021? Image
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1/ 🚀 $SOL: Trendline broken to the upside, gaining bullish momentum.

Follow the thread👇🧵

#SOL #Crypto #TechnicalAnalysis #Solana #altcoins Image
2/ 🎯 Next Target: $SOL is aiming for the gray $26.80 resistance level. Given its strength, entering a long trade now would require a stop loss below $19.50 (with a bad risk reward ratio) #SOL #Crypto #Trading
3/ 🚫 No Trade: With the current setup, I don't see a trade offering a favorable risk-reward ratio. In trading, it's crucial to wait for the right opportunity that aligns with your strategy. #SOL #Crypto #TRADINGTIPS
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1/ Nearly every non-native #ERC token including ALL #NFTs are FLAWED! 🚨

Yes, that includes most on #EVM compatible ⛓️

#ETH tokens FLAWED
#SOL tokens FLAWED
#BSC tokens FLAWED
#XRP tokens FLAWED
#AVAX, #FTM, #MATIC, #HBAR, #TRON all flawed!

You get the idea…

But why? 🧵
2/ Well first, unless you are brand new to #crypto then you’ve heard of a wallet being drained from interacting with a token/#NFT

Someone sends you an #NFT. You try to sell it or even burn it. Poof all your #crypto is gone! 🤯

WTH just happened?!? Read on…📖
3/ #ERC tokens are specialized smart contracts NOT actual tokens

This includes ERC-20 and ERC-721 tokens

So every token action be it fungible or non-fungible requires interaction with a smart contract
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Jak Wasza niedziela?
Podsumowanie wykresów jutro rano, dzisiaj nie mam siły jakieś choróbsko mnie bierze.
Niżej wrzucam Wam ciekawe tematy z tego tygodnia jeśli ktoś ominął. Jest trochę #GEM, trochę o #SCAM, rozegranie #SOL. Ogólnie #Crypto


#defillama czyli jak być przed naganiaczem. Znajdź swojego #Gem'a

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💎@BanklessHQ’s podcast with @cburniske is a gem.

I’ve summarized the key points and added a suggestion for Chris at the end.


🧵From a 22k word transcript → 1.6k word thread
🎙️Chris Burniske talks about his conviction in #Ethereum during 2018-2019 bear market. Despite negativity & loss of faith, he & @placeholdervc continued investing in $ETH & its ecosystem.

#Crypto #Investing
🚀Projects backed by Placeholder include zkSync, Balancer, and Uma. Chris highlights that they found amazing valuations and top-notch teams in the #Ethereum space, with less competition from VCs during that time.

#DeFi #CryptoProjects
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On March 16th, 2020, the world of #crypto changed forever

@aeyakovenko and @rajgokal launched @solana, ushering in the era of high-performance blockchains

I've spent over 100 hours researching the protocol

Here’s why I think $SOL could become a core layer of #web3



Solana is one of the largest #Layer1 s by market cap, TVL in #DeFi and #NFT sales (we will explain all these concepts in a bit)

It has a MC of $7.0BM, FDV of $9.8B, and its $SOL coin trades at $18.19

In 2021, the coin price hit $260.06

This thread will cover the following:

• What is a Layer1?

• What problem does #Solana solve?

• How does it work?

• Who are the key players in the ecosystem?

• What are its #tokenomics?

• What’s the potential value of #SOL?
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Radiotelescopio Eovsa, USA.
Detectan en el #Sol una señal de #radio que "proviene de 5000 km de la superficie" de la #estrella.
La #Tierra recibió un patrón de señal repetitivo cada 10-20 seg “similar a un latido”...

¿Qué le ocurre?

Nature Communications
#cosmos #nasa
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Looks like @coinbase just partnered up with @optimismFND in the L2 arms race! Let's take a glance at the current most important person in the room: @buildonbase!

2/🧵 Why is it a big deal? Some bullet points:

→ Coinbase is the biggest American exchange, and they'll onboard their 110m+ users into #DeFi

→ It'll be their on-chain base of operations
→ They'll build a bridge from Base to most L1s, L2s, and non-EVMs like #BTC and #SOL
3/🧵 @coinbase and @optimismFND first worked together helping develop #EIP4844, an update that will rise #ETH's TPS to 1,000, as a way to allow L2s to achieve exponential cost savings, making crypto affordable for mainstream users.
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As a investor and researcher, You need to look beyond the #hype

Even if you are invested in a project, you need to always keep digging and do not let the flashy partnerships distort your thinking.

Nothing is for sure and not everything is as it seems.
Here is an example -

Please provide a community update to prove I am wrong @WadzPay / @Anish_tweeets.

Please prove that your #IDRP stablecoin is actually being used and redeemable at banks in Indonesia. Partner of $WTK… Image
But let's take a look at this #IDRP website.

Using a tool that costs me 300$ a month, told me this website only has 13 visitors a month. #WTK

With only 9 backlinks... This means it is non existent in the real world. For a token redeemable at banks?.. ImageImage
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1/ The #1 marketplace on @MultiversX by a LARGE margin has MASSIVE plans for 2023

Doing nearly 90% of the #NFT volume @xoxnoNFTs has quickly become a juggernaut 🔥

Building faster than any MP in #crypto 🛠️

Here is what they have coming for 2023…🧵

#XOXNOToken #NFTs ⚡️
2/ But first let’s look at who/what @xoxnoNFTs is and what they have accomplished so far

Having been around for just over 1 year the team is building at an insane pace 🤯

So much accomplished in 2022 with such a small but mighty community…

@xoxnoNFTs has…

⚡️Send/Receive offers
⚡️Global offers w/trait filtering
⚡️P2P and community chat
⚡️FIAT payment integration
⚡️Marketplace aggregator
⚡️NFT Launchpad
⚡️NFT Staking
⚡️Browser/Email notifications

All in 1 year! 🤯
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- 2ND POST - 26/37 -
#BESUMMIT #Altcoin #Crypto #100xgem #1000xgem #Blockchain #ETH #BTC Image
#blockchain will become a dominant sector of our economy and most of the revolution won’t even be noticeable in our everyday lives, but it’ll be there, everywhere. By offering quality and innovative solutions, #Saitama is simply exposed to a thriving and accelerating sector
(one day the 12th sector of the S&P) and that will bring strong tailwinds to the company…and the whole industry as a matter of fact

So, the race is on, many projects in #DeFi are playing catch-up to what #Saitama is doing (or claiming to do it – always easier to...
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- 1ST POST - 1/37 -
#SaitaPro #BESUMMIT #Altcoin #Crypto #BTC #ETH #1000xgem #ADA #SOL Image
In the crypto world, we often (“always”) hear bold claims about a crypto reaching a given price, SOMETIMES even with a given timeframe, and very often for projects with very little real accomplishments, let alone real-world utilities
The truth is that when investing, nobody can tell you with certainty if an asset will reach a certain price in the future, but like everything else in life, one can determine the probability of an event (pretty much all our decisions in life are based on probabilities)
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🔴Resumen OBJETIVO de lo q ha pasado en 2022 para TODO el ecosistema crypto.

Como siempre, los tontitos tacharán este hilo en sus comunidades privadas como algo tóxico, pero es imposible negar lo q voy a decir incluso aunque te caiga mal, y eso jode más.

Quédate hasta el final.
1⃣ Casi todos los creadores d contenido crypto os han vendido subidas estratosféricas de #BTC y os lo habéis creído.

De forma objetiva yo y pocos más no estábamos alcistas desde hace mucho tiempo, y estoy hablando d cifras como 50k, mientras randoms os daban esperanzas (cont➡️).
2⃣ Todo esto empezó antes del conflicto Rusia - Ucrania, no os traguéis lo que el tonto de turno se invente ahora.

Todos y cada uno de ellos (sin excepción) ahora mismo dicen que vieron venir la caída.

Es falso, y ha quedado registrado en muchos sitios. (cont➡️).
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The lessons of legendary investor Seth Klarman from the Global Financial Crisis in 2009 remain relevant today.

Here are 15 bite-sized musings to away from 2022 in #Crypto.

Enjoy 👇 🧵

#Web3 #DeFi #NFT #Investing #Markets Image
1. Things that have never happened before are bound to occur with some regularity. Always prepare for the unexpected.

That includes stress-testing your portfolio for the worst possible outcome. 🦢
2. Correlations between asset classes may be surprisingly high especially when leverage rapidly unwinds.

This applies to asset classes that have historically exhibited a negative correlation to risk assets.
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😤We do a little writing🤓

Layer 2 chains provide a solution for enhancing the scalability, security, and privacy of blockchain networks. As a relatively new technology, the potential of #L2 chains is vast and largely untapped.

Here's why I'm bullish🧵👇
1(a)/ An L2 chain is a layer built on top of a blockchain network (like #Ethereum), helping address the limitations of traditional, or "Layer 1," chains.
1(b)/ L2 chains work by allowing some transactions to be processed outside of the main blockchain, reducing the burden on the network and enabling faster transaction speeds.
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Just in 🔥

@NewsGagarin 🇷🇺 article about @Theta_Network !

Gagarin show on @YouTube has 86.6k subs.

Ребята, пришло время поговорить о $theta!

#theta #Crypto #cryptocurrencies
#CryptoNews #binance #bnb #eth #btc #matic #ada #sol @mitchliu @w3Andrea @wes_levitt Image
You can find the article here…

#theta $theta @Theta_Network #crypto
The "Most Idiot" award of the day goes to me. @NewsGagarin is Ukrainian channel , not Russian. Bfore i delete the post I want to apologize.
Sometimes this sht happen when you look for articles in all over the wrld ( no Jim knowing 200 russian words doesn't mean you understand it)
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🔴 Want to know how much money you can make from NFT royalties including @ElrondNetwork NFTs?

The average royalties on 10 different blockchains revealed.

🧵 👇

#ETH #AVAX #SOL #ADA #MATIC #NEAR #EGLD #ALGO #XTZ #BNB @egld_initiative Image
Top 10 projects by total volume on 10 different blockchains and their royalties have been used for this analysis.

In no particular order:

1️⃣ @ethereum NFT Royalties

1. @cryptopunksnfts 0%
2. @BoredApeYC BAYC 2.5%
3. @BoredApeYC MAYC 2.5%
4. @BoredApeYC Otherdeed 5%
5. @AzukiOfficial 5%
6. @CloneXAlpha 5%
7. @moonbirds 5%
8. @TheSandboxGame 5%
9. @doodles 5%
10. @MeebitsNFTs 5% Image
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