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Why is CONgress, it's Media Minons and their Fake Hindus IT Celliyas so worried about #Manipur and spreading fake news?

If #Hindus are the victims do you think CONgress will be bothered? Think!

“Those who forget their history are condemned to…… Image
Manipur’s demography:

Manipur has a population of 2,855,794 as per the 2011 census. Of this total, 57.2% live in the valley districts and the remaining 42.8% in the hill districts.

The hills are inhabited mainly by the Nagas, and Kukis, and smaller tribal communities and the…… Image
Strategic Importance of Northeast:

Northeast India has an extraordinarily important international strategic dimension and is a vital part of the nation’s defence architecture. Its importance is enumerated below:

International Border:

These states share their borders with other…… Image
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Someone with 11 K followers posting fake news. This happened in Myanmar 6 months ago. The youtube channel is a well known Amerikan funded propaganda media. Ravinder, why are you falsely claiming that she’s a Kuki Christian girl being killed in Manipur? See ImageImageImageImage
#Manipur👇User with 11K followers has left her propaganda up for over 7.5hrs during which it’s been viewed ~20K times & likely shared on other platforms. Is she trying to instigate violence against #Meitei Hindus by peddling a lie that a Kuki Christian girl was tortured to death?
In the 10 minutes it took me to post the tweet after taking screenshots, her propaganda video on #Manipur has been viewed for an additional 2000 times. This should not be a partisan issue.
@AmitShahOffice @AmitShah @RahulGandhi @MahuaMoitra @narendramodi @DrSJaishankar @MEAIndia
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“Lightly armed Kuki Terrorist” with an 🇺🇸 Military M4 Assault Rifle & Grenade Launcher killing the Meitis in Manipur

It’s like how the west whitewashed the crimes of AlNusra Terrorists as “Moderate Rebels”

There’s also the news about Israel 🇮🇱 weaponsing them.

Why is 🇮🇳 quiet?
Is there 🇮🇱🇺🇸 involvement in slaughtering Hindus in Manipur🇮🇳?👇

Eastern India—perfect location for 🇺🇸🇮🇱 & NATO to rein in 🇮🇳🇨🇳 🇷🇺 West Asia.

The silence on this angle is stunning.
Meiti Hindus in Manipur 🇮🇳are being slaughtered by well-armed Kukis who are from 🇮🇱 . But Times of Israel frames Meitei Hindus as “non-tribals” to delegitimise their request to be considered as “Scheduled Tribe” so that they too benefit from…
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JUST IN | #Manipur on June 16 night: Mob tried to vandalise state #BJP president A. Sharda Devi’s house near Porompat in #Imphal, #Army column dispersed another mob that gheraoed #BJP office at Singjamei; #RAF tackled mob that tried to loot Iringbam police station . @rahconteur
@rahconteur #Manipur on June 16 night: Intermittent firing of 400-500 rounds from automatic weapons since 9:15 pm in Kwatka area of #Imphal Valley & Kangvai in #Churachandpur; Multiple incidents of mob build-up, attempted vandalism & arson of govt. officials’ houses & property reported.
@rahconteur Joint column of #Army, #AssamRifles, #RAF & police conduct flag marches in Imphal East district; 2 injured as RAF fired rubber bullets & tear gas on mob of 1,000 that attempted arson in Imphal’s Palace Compound area, reports @rahconteur regarding incidents on June 16 night.
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[Thread] #BharatKeMeiteiHindu This is the story of #RajaKhagemba the Pride of #Bharat and #Dharma The story begins in 1606 A.D in the Kingdom of Kangleipak State [Manipur & Burma] Having put down a rebellion led by his younger brother Sanogba the embers of war still shouldered.
2. The Antagonist of this episode was the Kings younger brother who after his first failed attempt sought the help of Muslims of Taraff - famed for their prowess with Muskets. The Royal Chronicle Cheitharol Kumbab remains illusive on the spark but there are clues.
3. Enter Muhammed Sani a 17th Century Noble man and ally of the renegade prince. Who also happened to be the Younger brother Muhammed Nazir the Ruler of Taraff located in modern day Sylhet. This rag tag coalition assembled their troops MS bringing a 1000 of his own crack troops.
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#Manipur saw an intense gunbattle between the Sanatani #Meitei volunteers & the Christian #KukiTerrorists near Torbung (See Images 1 & 2) which lasted from the evening of 15th of June till dawn.

On the 12th of June, more than 300 #KukiTerrorists were spotted in the Indian Army…… ImageImageImageImage
The villages of #Serou and #Sugnu (See Image 1) have been repeatedly and relentlessly attacked by the #KukiTerrorists. They are strategically located on the foothills of Manipur along the road from #ChuraChandpur to #Moreh. The main goals here are :
1) To get a control over the…… ImageImageImageImage
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Causes of Manipur Violence

The immediate provocation for the ethnic unrest appears to have been the demand for the Meitei community, which accounts for 53% of #Manipur's population and primarily inhabits the Manipur Valley, to be included in the ST list.

#ManipurOnFire Image
But that is only a proximate cause. The underlying anger, simmering for a long time, has other reasons.
These are linked not just to the Govt's clampdown on reserved and protected forests in the State's hill areas but also to the Kukis' feeling of being persecuted.

(2/3) Image
Despite Haokip’s and other tribal people’s protests, Biren Singh remained unfazed, and has stridently pushed back against the tribal people’s protests against expanding reserved forests.

If you have more reasons, you can add them..


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This is a heart wrenching statement from Bemtre, a daughther of ChuraChandpur
Her home was burnt down & her relative was shot . She & her 2 year old daughter were attacked by a bloodthirsty Kuki Christian mob…
#ManipurViolence #Manipur
#SaveManipur… Image
Synopsis :
1) The discrimination against the #Meiteis started right from their school days. Their culture and customs were ridiculed constantly. Regularly they were urged or pressurized to convert.
2) She also observed Kuki students threatening their teachers at gunpoint. (2/18)… Image
3) She got the first indications of #illegalimmigrations during her high school days in the 2000s. Special classes had to be arranged for many of her classmates who could not speak #Manipuri, Hindi or proper English.
4) The Meitei customs were already under attack by 2006 (3/18) ImageRepresentational image of o...
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The Kuki Nation/ Zalengam Files

1/n 🧵

Mobilize Resources: Activation

Build an “intellectual” class that will write artefacts, documents that will justify the need. Concoct history as required.

Enter public administration services. Build a resource pool.

Send delegation to…… Image

Total Area Domination:

Spread and dominate: capture territory & other sub-tribes, under the Kuki Umbrella.

Demographic Engineering based on Indian constitutional framework to lay ground for capturing political power. Churachandpur, Chandel, Kangpokpi etc.

Total area…… Image

Millenial & Gen-Z Grooming

Use the ambitions of these groups and groom them to hate the Meeteis. Reinforce resource disparity thoughts. Ensure these groups hate the idea of Manipur.

Identity Politics: start constructing events and artefacts to create a Chin-Kuki-Zo…… Image
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An irate mob of Christian Kukis attacked the residence of two Committee of Tribal Union(COTU) leaders.
The KNF had decided to relax the blockade of the NH2, a lifeline of the Imphal valley for a week. (1/4)
#manipurisburning #ManipurViolence #ManipurRiots #SaveManipur #Manipur ImageImage
The Kukis had been taking advantage of their location in the hills & blocking critical supplies from reaching the #Meiteis in the Imphal Valley ever since the #ManipurViolence started.

This has led to severe lack of essential items like fuel, food & life saving medicines. (2/4) Image
Shortage of supplies & blackmarketing have led to skyrocketing prices. 1 kg. Rice costs about 150 Rs., a litre of Diesel costs upto 250 Rs.
The humane measures taken to reduce the suffering of innocent civilians have been severely opposed by do called Kuki Students' Union. (3/4) Image
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Let's see who's the vulture who preys over the dead.
Let's put aside that he was busy shooting. The main opposition declared "no politics over tragedy".
And the vulture swooped in, asking for votes in the name of martyrs.
+ Image
Not for the first time. He was there, right in front of the Taj, addressing the press, as #MumbaiAttack was unfolding behind him. There's more.
+ ImageImage
Flyover collapses in Calcutta. The vulture is there. Seems the tragedy was a message from God, to vote for his party.
+ Image
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Long Thread:

Life is limping back to #Manipur but not yet completely normal. Intellects are busy giving all kind of futile advices to Govt because they fail to understand that MEITEIS TOO HAVE RIGHTS.

I need to take you back to history to make understand better.


Today #Manipur is MADE to sit on Volcano. Who is responsible? Has it happened in last few years or decades?

NO!! It is a grievous outcome of Nehruvian folly of outsourcing North-east to Missionaries!

A beautiful State is brought on verge of collapse by historical sins!!

Not only #Manipur, but entire North-east has been a victim of Verrier Elwin’s conspiracy to keep region into “ISOLATION”, to allow Missionaries harvest their souls with Rice-bags. Those who didn't relent....were forcibly uprooted and pushed away from National Mainstream.

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How NOT to do Journalism 101

In my earnest attempts to decipher the tweets shared by @IndiaTodayNE and the accompanying articles on their websites regarding the ongoing Meetei-Kuki conflict, penned by @afridahussai, I find myself grappling with confusion.

After numerous…… Image
Let's begin with the initial piece titled "Gunfight erupts between Arambai Tenggol militants and 37 Assam Rifles in Manipur," which was published on 30-May (later retracted and then appeared again 😉)…

Upon its initial publication on their website, the article lacked specific details such as locations and timing, rendering it excessively vague. Despite its lack of clarity, it contained all the necessary elements that could potentially evoke a euphoric response from certain……
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“Cut down the forest, dry up the rivers, finish them off”

Pramot Singh of extremist Meitei Leepun in #Manipur on 28 April. @KimiColney on how state govt ignored/aided tensions between tribal Kukis & majority Meitei, spiralling into anarchy


“I never said this, but I love you mummy.”

Terrified 11-yr-old to his mother Mangalleima, a Meitei from Australia, trapped in their home village in Churachandpur, #Manipur, as it was attacked by Kukis on 3 May.

>80 are dead, 35,000 homeless

2/14 Image
“This is not just our story,” said Mangalleima, who said warning signs were evident for months. “As much as the Meitei are affected, the Kuki are also affected. What are we gaining from this fight?  It is a failure of law enforcement.”

3/14 Image
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Ethnic cleansing of the Hindu Majority Meiteis by Christian Kuki terrorists continue at the foothills of #Manipur.
13 Meitei villages have been burned down today, till now
The response from Assam Rifles under #AmitShah was non-existent (1/5)
These violent attacks by the KPA, KNO and KRA cadres occured within 24 hours of the declaration of #civilwar by Mr. Hangshing chairman of KPA
The strategic village Tronglaobi was attacked again & the state security personnel there were removed by Assam Rifles beforehand. (2/5)…
According to eyewitness accounts the Assam Rifles in Tronglaobi were actually aiding the Kuki militants to burn houses
A large number of houses were burnt down.
Tronglaobi in Bishnupur controls the access along NH2 towards the key town of Moirang from Kuki controlled CCpur. (3/5) ImageImage
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After the violence, Kuki representatives met Amit Shah to complain about the Biten Singh admin and seek a separate administration. They probably are unaware that Biren Singh is merely following text book BJP strategy, similar to HBS in Assam & Yogi in UP. He has Delhi's blessings
Which is majoritarian extremism, demonise a certain minority & consolidate votes in that pretext. It's just that it blew up in Manipur this tine. Like Assam, Biren Singh even encouraged Meiteis to demand an NRC, his regine targeted Kuki properties claiming they were foreigners
This is pretty much how the BJP operates under Modi-Shah, and has fetched them electoral rewards everywhere (but for the defeat in Karnataka). To think that Biren Singh isn't doing this with Delhi's blessings, is to not understand how this regime operates #Manipur
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The words of a Meitei victim from MorehBazaar in #Manipur, who lost both their family businesses and a family member in the ethnic cleansing initiated by the Kuki Christians with illegal immigrants. (1/9)…
1) The victim is a commerce student, he was never interested in politics
2) The Meiteis in Moreh had previously faced violence, loot and arson by the Kukis during the ILP protests in 2015. That time they were able to fight back with their limited licensed weapons. (2/9)… Image
3) Since 2015 a huge number of illegal burmese immigrants have settled in & around Moreh forming villages like Haolenphai, Minou, Molcham & Joldam. Many of them have sophisticated weapons and prior combat experience Outnumbered and outgunned this time they were defenceless. (3/9)… Image
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After our thread about how immigrant Kuki fueling #ManipurViolence numerous Kuki bots are countering without a proper game plan. This is a very amature attempt to safeguard Kuki militants. But it is time to debunk the entire #Fake Kuki bot account ecosystem. (1/7)
A Thread- Image
All accounts are new, created in May 2023, have a very low tweet count and no other interactions on the timeline, and maximum accounts have 0 or few followers. All of these bot accounts spreading fake propaganda to defend #Kuki militants. (2/7) ImageImageImageImage
Similar fake bot acc, doing WhatsApp group forward retweets, each such fake video or news tweet gets the same set of retweets within 10 minutes. Those propaganda videos or news don't have any other engagements from an organic audience. (3/7) ImageImageImageImage
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A letter signed by 10 MLAs from #Manipur expressing their loss of faith in BJP

A few weeks back we saw the grand celebration at BJP HQ on electoral "success" in North East.

Dear Home Minister, the responsibility begins after winning. That's where #BJP fails. Image
#AmitShah , if you are done with moaning the shattering defeat in #KarnatakaElections , then kindly arise to address this very sensitive situation in #Manipur

It would be awesome if @amitmalviya tweets about what your party is doing about it Image
Obviously, you will not be able to do that alone for multiple reasons that include loss of your party's credibility and people's trust.
And then of course your towering incompetence.

Carry a joint party committee to #Manipur. Together we as a Nation can resolve this problem. Image
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#Thread India's eyes have moved off #Manipur. But the fires that the powerful lit in the state will burn for more than a generation. A twitter note reflecting on us who watch it from afar.
1. It is understandable that many average citizens from the respective communities have been outraged at the mayhem and in anger blamed the other side entirely for it. This is what the violence was supposed to deliver for the powerful - hate and anger.
Some of them, angrily share the plight of only their community members on social media to highlight how the other is the only oppressor in this episode
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Why does a "wannabe" fact-checker who is an "almost" Nobel winner, support immigrants. Maybe 1 night under the Eiffel Tower made him an immigrant Sympathizer.
FAKE: Kuki militants from Myanmar are not illegal & have no connections in #Manipur
Claimed by:Alt News (1/13)
A Thread - Image
A propaganda website alt News which describes itself as an alternative News and Views in the Post-Truth World selected a particular video from our thread and published a fact-check about the video. They did so without proper research that Bnei Menashe are Kuki immigrants. (2/13) ImageImageImage
As per them, we have mistakenly shared a video of Bnei Menashe soldiers of Israel as immigrant Kuki militants, does the fact checker knows who the Bnei Menashe community actually are? The Bnei Menashe community are nothing but part of the Kuki tribal umbrella. (3/13) Image
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Long Thread:

Was #ManipurViolence vi0lece by Christians against Hindus? Was it only a targeted religion based Vi0£ence or there is more to it? What was the real cause?

Let me give you Full Details. Only Facts. No Narratives. No Propoganda.


Manipur is a beautiful State with rich ethnic culture and suddenly it was MADE to burn.

What was the reason?

It all started After #Manipur High Court's order to State Govt on including Meitei community in the ST category.

Now you will say what is Meitei Community! Right?

So, to proceed 1st on Demographic Composition of #Manipur

Manipur is home to Meiteis who're Original Residents of State. They form 53% of State population (including Meitei Mu$lims).They are mainly concentrated in Imphal Valley.
They present REAL Ethnic Culture of Manipur.

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मणिपुर में हिंदुओं पर ईसाइयों द्वारा अत्याचार अपनी चरम सीमा तक पहुंच गया है , घर मंदिर सब जला कर ख़ाक कर दिए गए है
Houses and Temples of Hindus burned by Christian Kukis at Manipur and also burn Indian National #manipurisburning #Manipur Image
Flag...Unconstitutional incident!! We United Manipuri Association Assam [UMAA] strongly Condemned them. Image
53 फीसदी मैतेई हिन्दुओं को सिर्फ 10 फीसदी जमीन क्यों ?

मैतेई हिन्दुओं ने मांगा हक तो कुकी ईसाइयों ने अपना रंग दिखा दिया
जला दिए गए मैतेई हिन्दुओं के मकान, दुकान और संस्थान पलायन को मजबूर हो गए हिन्दू

मणिपुरी हिंदुओं को बचाओ और ईसाई आतंकवादियों पर कार्रवाई जल्द से जल्द चाहिए Image
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