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Internetnutzer: "#CDU, wollt ihr wirklich #Uploadfilter für alles?"
#CDU: "Uploadfilter stehen doch nicht in #Artikel13 drin!"
Internetnutzer: "Aber am Ende braucht er defacto Uploadfilter zur Durchsetz..."
#CDU: "Nein braucht er nicht!"
Internetnutzer: "Wie wollt ihr sonst sichergehen, dass keine urheberrechtlich geschützten Inhalte hochgeladen werden?"
#CDU: "Ihr seid doch alle nur #Google's Bots!"
Internetnutzer: "Welches Interesse sollte Google daran haben? Mit ihrem #ContentID-Filter, den sie weiterlizensieren könenn, würden sie auch mit #Artikel13 noch Profit..."
#CDU: "LALALALA Ihr seid Bots und keine Menschen LALALALA #Google, wozu diese #Fake-Aktion LALALALA!"
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This is the wife of Trump’s WH Communication Director. She thinks every Baby Boomer got measles as a kid.

And oh, she thinks measles is something everyone should get because — and I can’t believe I’m typing these words — of its health benefits.
She says it’s #fake. Let’s see. Globally, measles kills ~0.2% of people who contract it, but that can get up to 10% if the victim is malnourished. Ten. Percent. So impoverished countries are far harder hit.
Measles was eliminated in the US in 2000. The only cases are when it’s brought from other countries. Unvaxxed people are susceptible (& even vaxxed people, though at far lower rates). So when you hear about outbreaks in the US, that’s due to anti-vaxxers.…
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President Trump’s tweets/retweets 01.17.2019!!
1. 9:04:35 EST
2. 10:04:29 EST [60] min Delta
3. 10:29:19 EST [25] min Delta
#WRWY #WWG1WGA #KAG @realDonaldTrump
Delta’s between POTUS tweets today are [60] and [25]!! I’m adding Q drops #60 and #25 here!!
#QAnon #QTeam @realDonaldTrump
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Keep praying for #POTUS!
In No other name BUT #JESUSCHRIST!!

Get #FREEMASONIC #FAKE preachers out of the

Keep WH filled w/"ZERO #SecretSociety,
#HolySpirit filled #Godly men & women,
who KNOW how to do #SpiritualWarfare #Prayers
binding Satan & all demonic forces!
Dont have to be n WHouse to drive out/bind demons-Satan/can do from rt where we stand!

Binding Satan & all forces of evil, from influencing/hurting Trump!

Strengthening #Trump daily, empowering him w/YOUR #HOLYSPIRIT n #Jesus MIGHTY & Precious name! "Get Behind Me, Satan!"
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1. @realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse @POTUS
#QAnon post No. 2630...
Repost #Q 436 ==> Early #DataSets on #Dossier.
Repost 1828 ==> Massive dataset updating the #Conspirators involved in #Election2016 #Sedition.
#FOXNews w/more confirmation of #NoName's involvement......
2. ......@realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse @POTUS
#QAnon post No. 2630...
in the #SteeleDossier.…
48 year old #PaulRyan retirement was announced in April '18. ==> #Panic
No less than 5 #DOJ & #FBI officials have been fired.
#Q continues to clarify &......
3. ......@realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse @POTUS
#QAnon post No. 2630...
expose the actual #Conspiracy......
The #DECLAs will still come, the #StageSet (think #EO in Jan '19) & work to unseat (or...) the #DemCollaborators will continue. ......
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With news of a Scottish "Charity" which was funded by the Forign Office, to push Right Wing / Anti-Labour propaganda to the Masses, I have decided to have a look back at something SCARILY simmilar, to the point it may be related.#FakeNats (THREAD)
I have been researching and Investigating a lot of @twitter accounts, who were appearing to be very proud, and vocal supporters of Scottish Independence, but when you really drilled into the discourses of their content, it was clearly Anti-@UKLabour #FakeNats
Props to @johncferguson for using resources i can only dream of, to look into this nasty use of Propaganda to trick Scotland (and the UK) into allowing the Tories to remain in control of the UK! #FakeNats
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Let’s start with structure...The 2nd leg down out a major high is usually more impulsive (trendy) than the 1st leg. The minimum structure for price travel is a zig-zag or 3 waves. The 3rd wave is almost always stronger than the 1st of a zig zag. $SPX

This chart has significant timing implications as expectation is to have similar proportions in time BUT STRONGER TRAVEL in price - using this basis its possible to estimate a drop into the 12th which is a Geometrics timing +/- 1.5 days for us for a long time as u know.

A bounce would be likely from the 12th +/- 1.5 days into christmas (the infamous Santa rally people fail to properly understand) and then a drop to 2100s to 2300s into January 2 or so
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CBS News FALSELY - states caravan is organized by "People without borders"........... (I doubt the translation error was misguided).... Pueblo is HOME in spanish.

Correct group is Pueblo Sin Fronteras
Organized in Tijuana - San Diego, LA, San Fran
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Let’s vet it!!!

Is Christine Blasely (FORD) actually CIA?
This appears to be the original (unsure) source on this little tidbit...

If true, it doesn’t get much more #DeepState #NWO than this!!!

It means they are trotting out the offspring of ex-Nazi OSS officers, turned CIA big wigs (#ProjectPaperclip)!!!

Take a gander at GRAMPS!…
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Newsday ---- August 16th, 2018 -- Thursday

26 idiots show for up #UniteTheRight2
Literally costs DC 2.6$ Million
It Literally cost 100k per idiot.

Can't wait until #UniteTheRight3 in 2019
Newsday ---- August 16th, 2018 -- Thursday

26 idiots show for up #UniteTheRight2
Literally costs DC 2.6$ Million
It Literally cost 100k per idiot.

Can't wait until #UniteTheRight3 in 2019
Laughter takes down Power.
Every Time.
It exposes the absurd positions, pokes fun of authority, and creates real dialogue.

Laughing at hypocrisy and stupidity make Liberals lose control.

Liberals must kill comedy.

@KurtSchlichter 👇#FreePress…
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>>About Frank Parlato of Some people have asked me if I am a friend of Frank Parlato, a newspaper owner and blogger who first first broke the story of women being forcibly branded as part of the #NXIVM cult. In response, I must clarify details about this.
In fact, I am not an established "friend" of Frank Parlato, who is the publisher of, and The Niagara Reporter weekly newspaper. Frank is someone who I spoke with by telephone, about three weeks ago, who I respect very much. I will explain why. #NXIVM
Frank Parlato, as far as I was able to ascertain, is a well known publicist and journalist who has worked on political campaigns. I read that Frank spent years fighting to expose Keith Raniere, who is accused of branding and enslaving female followers of his organization, #NXIVM.
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1. #WhiteHelmets basics! 1. 'NGO' #Fake financed by majority of regime change govts UK/US-led. 2. 'Impartial' #Fake Muslim Brotherhood, sectarian group as admitted by James Le Mesurier himself. 3. 'Paramedics' #Fake procedures hve been severely criticised by experts
2. #WhiteHelmets basics! 4. 'Humanitarians' #Fake participated in & mopped up terrorist executions of #Syrian civilians & #SAA POWs in violation of all Geneva Convention rules of war. 5. 'Unarmed' #Fake see dozens of images of WH carrying arms recently (not in past as claimed)
3. #WhiteHelmets basics! 6. 'No terrorist connections' #Fake over 65 WH identitified having ties to hardcore extremist & terrorist groups, hundreds more to "moderate" extremists. Leadership demonstrate allegiance to Nusra Front etc. WH praised 3 times by Nusra Front #AlQaeda.
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@JustinTrudeau Watch:
Nearly 1/3 of all RT's on this tweet are #Bots.
Go ahead - Look.
Nearly 1/3 of all positive comments regarding PMJT are #Fake accounts.
Click on them - Look.
#SocialEngineering is happening right in front of you. You are being manipulated.
@JustinTrudeau Wattch. A simple screenshot and then click on the supporters. You'll see that most are fake. #SocialEngineering
You are being #Manipulated
Let me demonstrate: 1. ➡
@JustinTrudeau Wattch. A simple screenshot and then click on the supporters. You'll see that most are fake. #SocialEngineering
You are being #Manipulated
Let me demonstrate: 2. ➡
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#Qanon @POTUS #SetTheSTAGE #TheGreatAwakening

We have tremendous WW support.
SATAN has left the WH. 👇👇
Day of days.


#Qanon @POTUS #SetTheSTAGE #TheGreatAwakening

Does Satan exist? 👆👇
Does the ‘thought’ of Satan exist?
Who worships Satan?
What is a cult?

“Vladimir Putin: The New World Order Worships Satan”

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End Fed. Prohibition on Marijuana..

Reschedule & Legalize

Stop putting people in prison for Pot! In 40+ years, I have NEVER known anyone to have hallucinations from Pot alone!

This burden is on the tax payers.

Stop the drag on our Economy…
DEA forced to remove #Fake information from their website in the dangers of Marijuana

Imagine that!

DEA has ignored to reschedule regardless of losing a court battle to remove #Fake Information.

How many young adults are liked up over THC based oil or wax? Look at the numbers.
Enough of the UN making our decisions.
Even they are now 4 decriminalization!
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El otro día este hilo generó cierta polémica porque algunas personas no quisieron o no supieron adivinar que se trataba de una historia de ficción.

Por eso he hecho este otro #HILO, que consiste en UN TUTORIAL SOBRE CÓMO AVERIGUAR SI UNA NOTICIA ES FAKE:
Para ello usaré como ejemplo esta noticia que encontré el otro día en la red y que, al menos a mí, me dio muy mala espina.

La primera de las cien cosas que me rechinan en ese artículo es la propia foto que lo ilustra.

Da la impresión de estar sacada en circunstancias poco espontáneas, ¿verdad? La luz es rara, la chica da la impresión de "estar posando"... si hasta podría ser un selfie.
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Adınıza sahte hesap mı açıldı? Fotoğraflarınızı izinsiz mi kullanıyorlar? E-posta adresiniz mi çalındı? Fidye virüsü mü bulaştı? Şifre güvenliğini nasıl mı sağlarsınız? Özel hayatın, haberleşmenin gizliliği ve kişisel verilerin korunması. Neler yapacaksınız? Anlatıyorum. #Flood
1- Adınıza sahte sosyal medya hesabı mı açıldı? Bu hesaplardan fotoğraflarınız mı yayımlanıyor? Yapmanız gerekenler ek resimdedir. #YasalHaklar
2- Bilgisayarıma virüs bulaştı. Ekranda benden para talep eden bir dosya açıldı ve kapanmıyor. Ne yapmalıyım? #Ransomware #YasalHaklar
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1) Ready for a new #FalseFlag event? Here goes.

In about a week, approx. 1,500 (and growing) #CentralAmericans, most from #Honduras are ignoring #immigration checkpoints, military bases, and #police in an organized march toward the #USA #border.

#QAnon @POTUS #BorderWall
2) Despite their being in #Mexico without authorization, no one has made any effort to stop them. Organized by "a group of volunteers called Pueblos Sin Fronteras" (People Without Borders). Yeah right. #Fake and #staged.

#NWO #openborders #Soros #FalseFlag #QAnon #BuildTheWall
3) They're calling it a caravan, intended to help migrants safely reach the United States, bypassing not only authorities who would seek to deport them, but #gangs and #cartels who are known to assault vulnerable migrants. This is the lie being fed. What's the #truth?
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A freind came across this last night. Who is this anonymous account asking for donations to support the resistance and get Trump impeached? We started looking into it. 1 #warning #ScamAlert #con #SCAM #fraud #fake #scheme #TuesdayThoughts
If you click on the link in that tweet () this is what comes up - a PayPal donation page to Maday Media. 2 #conman #DonTheCon #swindler #scams
A Google search for Maday Media brings up a Facebook page for a German media company. Maday Media is a media company in Germany. 3 #suspicious
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