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To the person who attacked me from behind in front of my daughter and tried to put me in a choke hold...

To the person who tried to rip my EU flag from my hands...

To the group singing Tommy Robinson chants while disrupting the #DefendDemocracy rally...
...You bring shame on Brexit supporters - most of whom are good people.

You are helping persuade even more of them to become #RemainerNow. For that I thank you.

Who would want to be on the same side as you?

@BestForBritain #DefendOurDemocracy #MarchForChange @march_change
@BestForBritain @march_change + we're both fine. Thank you everyone for your kind replies.

Great rally!

These people are a vanishingly tiny group that in no way represents the United Kingdom. Hope the tourists in Westminster today realise that. Our international reputation is battered enough.
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I was just searching for something to do with #MarchForChange and stumbled over this tweet and photograph. Beautiful. Let's do it. Together we can. For her. For all children. For a better future for us all. We must #StopBrexit.
PS1/3: It was bound to happen, wasn't it: someone making a comment about a political message and children. I accept tht one can have different views about this. But let's be clear on one thing generally: it's their future and many children (though I appreciate not such small ...
PS2/3 ... ones presumably) know much more than many people think about what is going on around them. To give you just one example: as I was flying back home on Saturday a little boy, I think around 4-5 years old, sat behind me and constantly mentioned the word Brexit.
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You awesome people did it 🥂
Thank you so much!
As someone who made a pledge said, 'Democracy dies if there is no vote'.
This sends one very clear message to the government already: EU citizens - we are not to be messed with! We are prepared to take a stand for our democracy!
Personally, I would like to thank @nickynoo007 and @FinalSayForAll for all the support. Amazing grassroots help. And @GuitarMoog who recorded a video for me for this while on holiday - simply fab. And everyone who helped pus this. Finally: I'm so, so sorry, Nicky 😉
But so, so happy for @the3million to know that this is secured now. Incredibly lifting in the light and behind the scenes from @antoni_UK, @maikebohn and many more. I am especially in awe of everyone who distributed leaflets and talked to people at the #MarchforChange.
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From each of my followers.
That's all it takes.
With Boris Johnson taking over, democracy has never been in a more precarious place. Holding the Govt to account for #DeniedMyVote is vital. It's not just about EU citizens, it's about democracy itself.
Not sure why to support this legal challenge? Here's a great article by @IanDunt that shows why this is so important:…
Not convinced yet? Here's a very brief explainer from last weekend's #MarchForChange where @the3million spent the day talking to fellow marchers about the scandal and handing out information leaflets to ask for your help.
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Thread for yesterday:
4am wake up.
5.45 On the coach orgainsed by @Liverpool4EU I get handed a bag full of a dozen yellow roses, lovingly trimmed and wrapped in wet tissues to keep them fresh...many thanks to Barbara!
#MarchForChange #InLimbo #InLimboToo #YellowRose

I hand them out to EU27 citizens resident in the UK for over a decade and marching for the first time.....

#MarchForChange #InLimbo #InLimboToo #YellowRose

Sharing a yellow rose with Brenda who organised the coach for @Liverpool4EU and always shows so much friendship and #solidarity

#MarchForChange #InLimbo #InLimboToo #YellowRose

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Here’s my full speech from the #NoToBoris // #MarchForChange rally today.
Over the last few years many of us have shed blood, sweat, tears (& milkshakes) to unravel the intricacies and nuances of a corrupt British political class. From the coordinated disinformation campaigns…
…being run by lobby groups that back Boris Johnson, millionaire donor interests... all the way to white supremacists whose ethos is entirely based on fear & a final race war between Muslims and white men guiding Johnson’s ministerial speeches.

Whether it be myself, Carole…
…Cadwalladr, Open Democracy, the Byline Times, The Observer DeSmog, Doc Society, Christopher Wylie, Caroline Lucas, FairVote and the hundreds of freelance journalists and activists involved who have tried our very best to show the British people that Britain can no longer be…
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@BBCNews formula for covering #Peoplesvotemarch Mass Rallies.
Step 1 Take the police estimates divide by ten
Step 2 Don't headline it on the news unlike other mass protests
Step 3 Put it on the website as London news item only
So next to nobody on #MarchForChange #YestoEurope
Oh Look @BBCNews just caught you tweaking your fake news reporting, hundreds become thousands - keep going
Compare the volumes of time to every fart that comes from Farage, the tiny protests of Yaxley Lennon Robs where video streams are taken from protestors but every single Remain/PV Vote Mass march over the last year has been under-reported by @BBCNews @bbcnickrobinson @bbclaurak
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Typical Orwellian Doublespeak title for the "March For No Change" to keep the UK in the Fascist Dictatorship, Anti Democracy, Anti Europe, 4th Reich EU.

People attending #MarchForChange are delusional, brainwashed, ignorant morons carrying water for Globalist Oligarchy & Bankers
The EU is part of the Neoliberal Project for Globalism.

Neoliberal Globalism is Corporatism.
The aim of the Neoliberal Globalists is to transfer all wealth & power to a cabal of unelected & unaccountable Oligarchs & CEOs…

The purpose of #MarchForChange is to pursue the agenda of the Neoliberal Globalists.

The agenda of the Neoliberal Globalists is to transfer ALL wealth & power to a small cabal of anti democracy Ruling Elites…
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This morning at 5.30 in Cyprus all the municipalities sounded an air raid siren to mark 45 years since Turkey launched their invasion of the island. I didn’t know until after what it was. But my automatic reaction was one of fight or flight and it was a scary moment.
My heart was pounding and I jumped out of bed in complete confusion. We quickly established what it was but it was an anxious few moments.
It got me thinking, this is a tiny tiny taste of how people across Europe must have felt in conflicts across our beautiful continent and it makes me reflect how and why the European project came about.
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A survey of 1,703 people showed 39% branded Boris Johnson a buffoon, 31% untrustworthy, 29% self-serving and 26% irresponsible.

YouGov Survey.

Yet he is the Tory favourite. That tells you what you need to know about the majority of Tory members…
2/. Only 2% of those quizzed by YouGov for the Hope Not Hate campaign and the anti-Brexit Best for Britain group chose “statesman-like”, 2% opted for “diplomatic”.

9% chose “racist” and 8% “womaniser”. Surprised it is that low.

But we need to keep the pressure up.
There is just 5% between No Deal and remain, so time for a deep breath. Back to writing to our MPs to support the Grieve and intended HofL amendments.

And to attend the #MarchForChange on Saturday 20th July.
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Time for a catch-up on our weekend campaign activities so here is a thread to bring you all up to date and share the observations and stories of the day. This week our main stall was in Ellesmere Port to talk to the people there. The local MP is @justinmadders. /thread
The planned decision to visit Ellesmere Port turned out particularly prescient given the recent news of Vauxhall’s warnings about the consequences of the “Do or Die” no-deal being touted around by Johnson and Hunt…
Here is a photo of our Remain Angels for the Day. Aren’t they gorgeous? 😉
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