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@ameliagentleman Can I say a word or two about #theforgetten @BritishInEurope especially people in France? Like the UK, since 2003, France doesn't require #EUcitizens to register, unlike other countries. We do, however, have the right to a residency permit, called a carte de séjour, as long as...
@ameliagentleman @BritishInEurope We fulfill certain criteria. These include income, whether we are working, students, or retired, how long we have been here, etc. Many thousands of us started to apply to stay in our own homes (sound familiar?) and keep our jobs after the referendum - many of us couldn't vote.. 3
@ameliagentleman @BritishInEurope Either because we had been out of the UK for 15yrs + (cf Tory manifesto) or our ballots didn't arrive or our proxies didn't get the papers. (This also happened for the recent EU elections). So, to get our cartes, we have to get an appointment at the local prefecture/police... 4
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@the3million Something that I have not seen mentioned anywhere & that I think is *extremely* important on *why* people should NOT SETTLE for #PreSettledStatus, if they believe they're entitled to #SettledStatus instead, is that, apart from the principle of it, NO ONE knows whether or how /1
@the3million the requirements/criteria to "convert" it to #SettledStatus in the future, might change. Again, apart from the fact that people will have to *apply* AGAIN, there's NO GUARANTEE *anywhere* that in a few years or even a few months, the process won't become more strict/demanding! /2
@the3million When it comes to the #Tories & @ukhomeoffice in general, rules/laws change *all the time* &, esp because of the secondary legislation's ease to amend them without Parliamentary scrutiny, chances are that, as the new general #immigration policy is developed & re-structured, /3
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It's 3am. I am awake at my family house I left many years ago exercising my right to travel freely across 28 countries. I am just visiting for few days but 2000 miles away from UK the reality of what we are doing to our country by inflicting Br**it madness hits.

How can any sane person even contemplate that it will be beneficial for anyone who isn't rich with vested interests in the chaos ensuing from "No Deal"

I am genuinely worried about the damage it will cause to everyone's lives. And I mean everyone: #the5million , British citizens who voted remain,those who didn't vote for various reasons, even those who voted leave whether they understood the consequences or not.

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So, this is happening right now. Medicine & treatment shortages already. How will making things even worse make life better? ⬇️

How much more will it take to make enough people see Brexit is a bad decision?
#FaceTheFacts #DyingForBrexit
12a) Since 3Million🇪🇺🇬🇧family, friends, neighbours, colleagues who live among us were left #InLimbo - some made to pay to stay in their homes or split apart, been unwelcomed here
Then more rights were taken #EUElections2019 #DeniedMyVote #ReasonsToRevoke
12b) This is a national scandal. While our government are flailing about saving themselves, the rights of @the3million have been trampled on and now they need our help to challenge this injustice
#EUrofam #DeniedMyVote Please help if you can 🙏🏽#MyUK 🇬🇧
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Thread for yesterday:
4am wake up.
5.45 On the coach orgainsed by @Liverpool4EU I get handed a bag full of a dozen yellow roses, lovingly trimmed and wrapped in wet tissues to keep them fresh...many thanks to Barbara!
#MarchForChange #InLimbo #InLimboToo #YellowRose

I hand them out to EU27 citizens resident in the UK for over a decade and marching for the first time.....

#MarchForChange #InLimbo #InLimboToo #YellowRose

Sharing a yellow rose with Brenda who organised the coach for @Liverpool4EU and always shows so much friendship and #solidarity

#MarchForChange #InLimbo #InLimboToo #YellowRose

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Today marks a 1000 days living #inlimbo. To remind everyone what Europe means to our group, today we are posting open letters written by some of our members titled "Dear Europe'. We hope you find them moving and meaningful @eucopresident @guyverhofstadt @JunckerEU @EP_President
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"As a German migrant and a scientist, freedom of movement has shaped my professional and personal life over the past 20 years, it defines who I am and what I stand for. Brexit is the exact opposite of this."

#Brexit #inLimbo #RescueOurRights
Here is the full statement I provided for the above article.

@the3million @BritishInEurope

"The Leave campaigns assured the 3million EU citizens in the UK and the more than 1 million Britons in Europe that Brexit would not affect them, and both UK government and EU stressed on numerous occasions that guaranteeing our rights would be one of their top priorities.

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"Sunlit uplands."

"It's not going to be a Mad Max dystopia."

"Actually, it's going to be a Mad Max dystopia but it's the fault of businesses and individuals."

"The UK economy would be 6.3-9% smaller in the long term in a no deal scenario (after around 15 years) than it otherwise would have been when compared with today’s arrangements, assuming no action is taken."
"HMRC has estimated that the administrative burden on businesses from customs declarations alone, on current (2016) UK-EU trade in goods could be around £13bn p.a. (not accounting for any behavioural change)."
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Welsh Government funding support for non-UK citizens before Brexit

#inLimbo #Wales
@the3million @eucitizenschamp @1daywithoutus

"With the continued and growing uncertainty those from European Union countries living in Wales are facing, it is imperative the correct information and support about rights and the Settled Status system are shared." @JaneHutt


"We recognise that, in preparation for the EU Withdrawal, communities need additional and tailored support – that’s why our excellent third party organisations and services are best placed to assist."


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No way.

Just for context.

"Vital immigration papers lost by UK Home Office - Immigration status of hundreds left in limbo after personal papers go missing"…
And then there is always this thread here.
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1/ The flack we are getting since the articles in today's @ScotNational about EU nationals considering leaving Scotland is coming from both sides of debate: This is exactly what we feared when we saw sensationalist headline last night.
2/ While some unionists say we shouldn't even have a vote, many indy supporters attack our "impatience" or accuse EU nationals of being reason 2014 ref was lost- let's be clear, we never said we need a vote now - we stated we hoped for clarity
3/ Clarity is needed because Brexit, whether "deal" or "no deal" impacts our rights hugely. Right to apply for Settled Status does not mean guaranteed right to stay. & still so many unanswered questions around SS:
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A snapshot of what research in the UK looks like.

Skilled and motivated scientists and clinicians who have dedicated their careers to understanding how our body works and how we can use this knowledge to develop new treatments and tests.

Noone has jumped any queue.


More than 2000 likes for each tweet.

Looks like there are many people out there who feel strongly about freedom of movement and the unclear status of @The3Million and @BritishInEurope.

#Brexit #inLimbo
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1/ Let's talk EU citizens, #citizensrights uncertainty, Home Office, Settled Status outreach & money (and Govt profits from it). It's been 866 of EU citizens being left #inLimbo and the Home Office are already profiteering from this massively...
2/ Latest Home Office numbers show that the number of EU citizens taking British nationality has soared by almost 200% since the referendum. In the year ending June 2016 just over 15k EU citizens took British citizenship compared with over 44k in in the year ending June 2018.
3/ Taking British citizenship is not cheap. Currently £1,330 per adult & £1,012 per child. In 2017 the cost of processing the application to the Home Office was only £386. Blended this is generating a whopping profit margin of 68% to the Home Office.
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1/ At Urgent Question at House Of Commons @carolinenokes as elusive as she was during her evidence session last week. Free movement will end but there will not be any changes in how EU citizens will be treated in case of no-deal Brexit - whether they arrive pre or post Brexit day
2/ @carolinenokes was asked several times how it will be possible to have two separate classes of EU citizens with separate sets of rights without this leading to discrimination by employers. Her standard answer: "details will be provided in due course"
3/ "In due course" is not an acceptable answer by @carolinenokes on the uncertainty the lack of Home Office policy is causing after 864 days #inLimbo for the 3.6m EU citizens in the UK. We need certainty now /end
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I have asked my MP @AnnaMcMorrin to take the pledge and support the right of #The5Million to retain their current #citizensrights after Brexit.

Have you?

#EUcitizensChampion #bargainingChip #theLastMile #inLimbo

Ask your own MP here:
Do you think I am the only one?

If each member of #The5Million who have been #inLimbo for 858 days now donated a single grain of rice, at 1 second for each grain.

We would be a large pile of 100 kg of rice.

After two months.


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With 3 days to go until the #PeoplesVoteMarch, I just want to thank everyone for their strength, solidarity, inspiration, courage and warmth in all they do every day x

For me, a #PeoplesVote has become more than that. It's a way to show our bonds, unity and hearts x
There are millions of people & many places my vote to leave has put in limbo - I never wanted that. Brexit is personal & people come 1st.

I am so moved by all we know & want to march for them & with them now & always. Its not too late & I wont give up. #PeoplesVoteMarch
The amazing @operabinoculars taught me that we all give each other strength x Thank you, Erika x #PeoplesVoteMarch
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1/ Dear @eucopresident,
With #Brexit divorce talks stalling it is now high time to look after #The5Million children of the EU - the 3.6m EU citizens in the UK & 1.2m @BritishInEurope…
2/ "[...] the report on the state of the negotiations that I got from Michel Barnier today, as well as yesterday's debate in the House of Commons, give me no grounds for optimism before tomorrow's European Council on Brexit." you said today. After 844 days #inLimbo we are scared
3/ The no-deal preparedness notes published by the @EU_Commission on July 19th effectively told us that there will be no agreement in place, that we should prepare for no deal and that we will have to fend for ourselves aided by information provided by our embassies
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1/ Really? Do we need a video game playing with the worst fears of the 3.6m EU citizens in the UK? This is just tasteless and disgusting. @BBCClick should be ashamed to even give this a platform.
2/ EU citizens have been #inLimbo over their #citizensrights for the last 2 years. Confronted with dehumanising language on the front of newspapers, on social media & on the streets. Do we really need a game that is set around rounding them up in Ghettos & used as slave labour?
3/ The game is meant to be satirical. Satirical? Being left #inLimbo over #citizensrights is definitely not a laughing matter to the 3.6m EU citizens in the UK.
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1/ UK Govt has released 24 preparedness notes in case of no deal Brexit. Despite 2 years of telling EU citizens & @BritishInEurope that #citizensrights are highest priority there is nothing on rights. 791 days #inLimbo & again nothing to reassure us.…
2/ here are the areas the UK Govt apparently cares about:
- EU-funded programmes if there’s no Brexit deal
- Horizon 2020 funding if there's no Brexit deal
- Delivering humanitarian aid programmes if there’s no Brexit deal
- Nuclear research if there’s no Brexit deal
- Civil nuclear regulation if there’s no Brexit deal
- Farm payments if there’s no Brexit deal
- Receiving rural development funding if there’s no Brexit deal
- Trade remedies if there's no Brexit deal
- Trading with the EU if there's no Brexit deal
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Was: "You will automatically be granted indefinite leave to remain and treated no less favourably than at present."

Now: "You will not be turfed out."

We need a law that guarantees our #citizensrights, not verbal reassurances.

@The3Million #inLimbo
Many @The3Million are fully integrated in British society, often with British spouses, parents and/or children.

They have jobs, mortgages, businesses, families.
They are at home here.
They have lives.

They can't just be 'turfed out'.

Nick Clegg's wife is Spanish.
Nigel Farage's children have German passports.

Which other UK politicians have parents, spouses and/or children that belong to @The3Million?

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Sadiq Khan: London planners must prepare for no-deal Brexit
London mayor said the government was dragging its feet and leaving businesses and EU citizens #inLimbo by refusing to guarantee their #citizensrights in the event of a no-deal Brexit…
"The Gvt's offer of settled status relies on a successful outcome of the Brexit negotiations,” Khan said. “If talks were to break down, the 3 million EU citizens living in the UK [..] would have no guarantee that their rights to stay and work would be protected.
"Businesses regularly report the difficulty they face in getting the talented workers they need, and to now threaten the Europeans they currently employ is completely and utterly reckless." London mayor @SadiqKhan continues /end
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1/ @ukcen_admin are right. Settled Status has become law and will be with us whether there is a deal or no deal with the EU. This is good news as their is now a provision for a legal status post Brexit whatever happens. But...…
2/ it will be not settled status as promised. Without a deal you might also call it Settled Status light. Or Settled Status in name only (SSINO). Yes, EU citizens can apply for a status that will allow them to stay, work and access social security (eg. NHS) as before but...
3/ all bilateral elements of Settled Status will fall away without a deal. This includes coordination of pensions, disability allowances and other benefits that are currently coordinated & paid cross border. And...
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The disregard of the British government for the wellbeing and the #citizensrights of people lawfully residing in UK and EU27 has reached breathtaking proportions.


- EU nationals in UK
- UK nationals in EU
- #Windrush generation

Plus their families and partners.
Statement by Immigration Minister @carolinenokes:

"These are people who have built a life here, and who in turn have made a massive contribution to the life of this country."…

"I want to give them some reassurance, because we have absolutely no intention of asking anyone to leave who has the right to remain here."

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All medias, when they talk about @The3Million EU citizens living in the UK and #Brexit, they talk about families and how they can become very vulnerable.
But my story is not covered by this situation and is not unique.
We're vulnerable without a family to support us. Thread 1/20
I came in the UK in Oct 2013 to follow a boyfriend that I had by that time and because I wanted to leave France.
I thought that would be a great opportunity as lots of french young professionals want to go to the UK. That was my chance. 2/20
I was an Electrical Engineer in France with an equivalent of a Bachelor of Science in Electrical engineering. I did not know the English language very well and most important, the British Standards. But I did my 50% of my Bachelor in Germany so I thought I'll be alright. 3/20
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