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An #ELXN43 and #PPC related thread:

A lot is currently being said about #Canada "rejecting" populism, particularly by the @globeandmail & other left-leaning outlets; they want to call it a dead party.

How is a 2% party "dead" in its first election?
Let's take a look at the closest analog that we have to the #PPC in #Canada; The #GreenPartyOfCanada.

They were founded in 1983, taking 0.21% in their first federal election; 1984. On that alone the #PPC2019 result was significantly ahead of the first showing of the Greens.
Now, let's take a look at the progression of the #GreenPartyOfCanada to its first #HouseOfCommons seat.

It took them until 2008 to get their first MP in #ElizabethMay; it took them 25 years to get a seat.

Now, the #PPC didn't win a seat, so we can't compare that, however...
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So much fuss made over a political cartoon. A cartoon that depicted:
-@AndrewScheer with a particularly deformed face
-@JustinTrudeau in a skirt and heels
-@MaximeBernier as a broad-chested lumberjack

...and, yes, @theJagmeetSingh with an ACME-style bomb in his turban.
For some reason, despite #AndrewScheer looking almost nothing like the bulbous monstrosity in the cartoon, #MaximeBernier not being a burly caricature of a lumberjack, and #JustinTrudeau not parading around in ladies wear, it's the depiction of #JagmeetSingh that hit a nerve.
Why would that be? Has Singh not participated in Sikh Separatist rallies and been criticized, even by the typically Left-biased #CBC for doing so? ()

How far have we fallen regarding #FreedomOfExpression in Canada that satire is now unacceptable?
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Thread: SOROS FUNDS...
1. Soros funds the Climate Hoax...…
2. Soros funds Journalists...…
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Antifa is trying to shut down #MaximeBernier and #DaveRubin's event in Hamilton, Ontario Canada this weekend. Ironically, the event is called "Uncensored: The State of Free Speech in Canada".
Here's Dave on @TuckerCarlson talking about it.

Max's event will be held on Sunday, September 29th at 7pm at Mohawk College. Here's the link for more info and ticket sales.…
What are the chances Greta's mom, dad, and herself wear a Soros-created terrorist-thug-group tee-shirt saying ANTIFA-SCIST and the same Soros-created terrorist-thug-group is trying to shut down free speech.
Is there really such a thing as coincidences like this?
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Hey... Look who I ran into today!
Amazing meeting #MaximeBernier in Napanee and meeting #PPC Suporters from across Ontario.
#PPC2019 #Peoplespca #LetMaxDebate
Max was on fire today. He's not only passionate about his platform & about Canada, he truly speaks from the heart. Super approachable. Even took a moment with me to recognize & thank us for the work we're doing here on Twitter. So nice!
It was Fantastic meeting Adam Gray @AdamLEGray1, #PPC Candidate for Hastings-lennox and Addington. What a great guy. I'm definitely keeping in touch with you mister! You are a blessing to humanity.

What a great day!
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I'm so excited!!! This Sunday I will be in Napanee, Ontario to meet #MaximeBernier & the #PPC Candidates and Supporters!
If you're going and see me come say hello! I'll be there! Really looking forward to it!…
See you this Sunday in Napanee Max @MaximeBernier. I'll be there!!!
Hi Adam @AdamLEGray1. Looking forward to meeting you on Sunday!
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Thread: (17 total)
CANADA's SAFETY is in Your Hands.
Does the Liberal Gov. care about our safety?
Serious Question.
If they did why would they pass a bill to REDUCE punishments for serious indictable offences?

This thread is a reminder of the deliberate choices the Liberals have made to endanger Us, Our Families & Our Nation.
The following three pics are all crimes affected by the signing of Bill C-75.
Take the time to read them folks.
Some are not just shocking but disturbing to think that some of these are even being contemplated.
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Please share!
Who are you thinking of voting for in the upcoming federal election?…
Lookin' good Patriots!
For #Canada 🇨🇦🍁❤😊
#MaximeBernier #PPC2019
One more... 😊
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Billy Joyce podcast.
#MaximeBernier not allowed in Canadian #LeadershipDebates - Death of #FreeSpeech
Thought you'd enjoy. 😉
@TomTSEC @QuigginReport
Watch the first 5 mins.
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The UN - Death & Destruction
Did you know...
After Haitians lost 220k citizens due to a major earthquake in 2010, the UN moved in & played a role in the worst cholera outbreak of modern times that killed almost 10,000 people.…
In typical UN-Style, they denied responsibility for years. In 2016, they were forced to admit it due to a non-UN investigation. Not a single person was charged. Not a soul. For nearly 10k deaths & well over 800k people becoming gravely ill.
Even today.…
U.N. Brought Cholera to Haiti. Now It Is Fumbling Its Effort to Atone.…
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Just watched a very interesting video on an article I previously posted. Well worth the watch. There was a person who ACTUALLY FOLLOWED the links in that article and found it credible. (thread)👇🏼
I also followed the links provided in this video and lo and behold, #MaximeBernier is funded and closely allied to a globalist organisation called the Montreal Institute!👇🏼…
I can't help but be amazed that Max has been involved in so many globalist undertakings like the UN climate change plan (thanks Gramma) along with his background in the Montreal Institute. 👇🏼
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Maxime Bernier is against "extreme multiculturalism," wants to decrease immigration levels, eliminate foreign aid, and protect "free speech". This is a platform aligned with today's white supremacists at Rebel Media and identical to what white supremacists were saying in 1980s
What was notorious neo-Nazi Paul Fromm up to in the 1980s? Oh, just running his two organizations, the Canadian Association for Free Expression and Citizens for Foreign Aid Reform, ranting about non-white immigrants with different values. 💁‍♂️ #MaximeBernier
What even are "Canadian values"? If they include Bernier's example (support for gay rights), then our Canadian values are things that had to be fought for over decades against the reactionary forces like Bernier himself. What a hypocritical joke. #MaximeBernier
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