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@TaniaAMarshall es experta en autismo y escritora. En este hilo recoge testimonios anónimos de profesionales de la medicina de diferentes países.
El denominador común es el culto queer, el daño a la infancia y/o el miedo a perder el trabajo si se quejan

Voy a publicar las preocupaciones anónimas de profesionales de la salud de todo el mundo RE: protección de los niños, medicalización, ética, terapia, dilemas éticos y morales, acoso en el lugar de trabajo, acoso de la junta ejecutiva y otro asuntos relacionados con el tema.
Hablo con #HealthCareWorkers en Australia, Nueva Zelanda, Canadá, Estados Unidos, Reino Unido, Suecia, Finlandia, entre otros. Sus historias, puntos de vista y voces merecen ser escuchadas y este es su espacio. Solo tuitearé el comentario, el campo de trabajo y el país.
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Pres of the Council of Ministers Italy "The advances we have made are at risk b/c of #COVID19 - #Italy is committed thru @g20org to "rekindle the spirit" that led to the creation of the @GlobalFund" "Sufficient, sustainable and predictable funding needed." HEAR HEAR
@oumajoyce2 speaking now: "I am humbled that Global Fund continues to engage and put us as civil society at the centre of the response - as we celebrate #GlobalFund20 I celebrate the 44 mn lives saved - amazing progress."
To learn more about @oumajoyce2 and her story and why she supports the @GlobalFund…
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In the pandemic era, how has Modi govt treated India's #HealthcareWorkers?

I wanted to find out.

1st stop - in UP’s Bareilly with deceased ASHA worker Shanti Gangwar’s family.

#Thread 🧶
Shanti took govt’s fight against COVID to the grassroots – till she could not, due to the virus.

Over 4 months but her family has not received ANY of the promised support from govt – despite asking.

Are there more like Shanti? What has been done? What has been ignored?
Let’s start by remembering that this was a govt that, with a lot of fanfare, told us – they would stand with #HealthcareWorkers

Modi’s exhortation to bang plates and light lamps? Military helicopters over hospitals – to shower our medical personnel with petals? Remember?
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I went to the #RoyalAlexandriaHospital today to support the hospital staff being #harassed by #AntiVaxxers. I stayed until shortly after 3 pm but the time I was there was... Eventful.

#AbLeg #RAH #Antimaskers #PPC
First, we met THIS "gentleman," who I will call Mr. PPC because he showed up in a grey convertible with a #PPC sign on the dashboard, and a decal at the top of the windshield saying Wildrose. He parked on the grass and came out with a megaphone straight for us. Image
Mr. PPC here gave us three different sob stories about a cousin who relapsed into opioids, a brother-in-law who shot himself, and a third person I don't remember, who died.

Mr. PPC was very adamant (yet completely unclear) that all three deaths were a result of "the lockdown."
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"Unfortunately, current numbers & trends indicate that “long-haul Covid” is our next public health disaster in the making. To understand the landscape, we can... apply the lessons of past failures in approaching postinfection chronic disease syndromes."…
#MedTwitter if you want to understand the landscape & better understand the next public health disaster, we can help you.

Want to learn more about ME/CFS mentioned in the @NEJM?

We have curated info for healthcare providers here:…

We know this is a rough time to be a healthcare provider with so much being asked of you. How about learning through a Sundance award winning documentary? @unrestfilm is on @netflix & medical education credits are available here:

#MedEd #MedTwitter
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For the trolls who insist us #MDs, #scientists, #academics and #healthcareworkers are fascists/communists/nazis/ etc.

We absolutely DONT want more lockdowns (who does?)

We want to protect kids w #publichealth (isolation, testing, masks) until they can be #vaccinated

Schools had to be closed twice because cases exploded out of control. Far more disruptive for every parent, employer & society. Far more damaging for our kids mental health, education, & lives.

how have we gotten to the point where we can’t agree to protect our own CHILDREN??
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I’ve been told to make a new poll to include everyone and I can happily oblige🙂 I love making polls!

💥👉🏼Do you work in healthcare and have you taken a covid vaccine? 👈🏽💥

Everyone must VOTE AND RETWEET!
Don’t forget to retweet! 🇺🇸🙂
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👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 Posting the confidential anonymous safeguarding concerns from health professionals around the world RE: safeguarding children, medicalisation, ethics, therapy, ethical & moral dilemmas, workplace harassment, board/licensing harassment & any other related matters #donoharm
I speak with #HealthCareWorkers #professionals in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the United States, Europe, the UK, Sweden, Finland, amongst others. Their stories, POV & voices deserve to be heard and this is their space. I will tweet comment, field of work and country only.
“I am a board member of ***** , a clinical psychologist and supervisor. I have raised my concern several times with the board and each time falls on deaf ears. Nearing retirement and may speak publicly at that time”, Clinical Consultant Psychologist, Supervisor, USA
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देशातील #COVID19 परिस्थितीविषयक तयारी आणि अद्ययावत माहितीसंदर्भात @MoHFW_INDIA ची पत्रकारपरिषद.

वेळ: 4:00 वाजता

पाहा #PIB च्या



@PIBMumbai @OfficeOf_MM
#COVID19 च्या दुसऱ्या लाटेत देशातील दैनंदिन रुग्णसंख्येत घट होत आहे.

7 मे रोजीच्या आठवड्यात 4,14,188 रुग्णांची नोंद झालेली होती.

गेल्या 24 तासांत रुग्णांची नोंद-43,393

- सह सचिव, @MoHFW_INDIA

#COVID19 रुग्णसंख्येत सातत्याने घट.

1-7 मे या आठवड्यातील रुग्णसंख्या = 3,89,803

3-9 जुलै या आठवड्यातील रुग्णसंख्या= 42,100

🔶रुग्णसंख्येत गेल्या आठवड्यात सरासरी 8% नी घट झाली.
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When you hear #healthcareworkers say they will need therapy after this, here's why. A thread.
I work community which means I am traveling between clients to keep them in their homes. Iask work cluster sites (care homes) on occasion as part of the same job.
Last night while on the road I took my 30 minute dinner break at a Japanese fast food place. Where I live, distanced seating is permitted but masks are required while entering ordering or moving away from your table. 2 bikers entered. No masks. Intimidated young workers
Both were wearing "fuck covid it's a hoax shirts." A table of 50ish women started cheering and applauding their shirts. Then they saw me. In my scrubs. And proceeded to let loose a diatribe of untruths to the place in general while staring me down. Basically challenging me..
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On #InternationalNursesDay, 25-yr-old @Dulichandyadav1, a nursing officer at #AIIMS, shared this poem with me. Posting with permission:)

"Naa rukenge naa thakenge, khud se yeh vaada hai/chaahe saans ke iss yudh mein ho daav par saanse humaari"

Thank you for your service :) Image
A thank you is not enough. Last yr, I reported on the plight of nurses in #Delhi hospitals -- bad quality #PPE, extreme working hours, less pay, and many fell sick. Sharing some stories here:…
Anursing officer at a private hospital, said, “Health workers have been put in the line of fire without adequate gear”.

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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 05/04/2021…
‘We are witnessing a crime against humanity’: Arundhati Roy on India’s Covid catastrophe…

#COVID19 #PandemicResponse #india #consequences
India’s massive COVID surge puzzles scientists…

#COVID19 #surge #india #research
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Press briefing on the actions taken, preparedness and updates on #COVID19 to start shortly


@airnews_mumbai @airnews_arngbad @airnews_nagpur @airnews_pune
7 out of top 10 districts with Active #COVID19 cases are from #Maharashtra, while one each are from #Karnataka, #Chhattisgarh and #Delhi

Bengaluru Urban

: Secretary, @MoHFW_INDIA
India still among the lowest in terms cases or deaths per million population globally. Among the larger population countries, we still remain among the lowest in terms of cases per million population: Secretary, @MoHFW_INDIA
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Collaboration with @Dolores_McKeen
"Supporting Vulnerable Physicians during COVID19"
@CJA_Journal @CASUpdate

@CMA_Docs endorsed @CASUpdate Statement accompanies :

A Thread
Risk estimates for infection, hospitalization and mortality during #COVID19.
#HealthCareWorkers with or caring-for someone with these conditions at higher risk are #shielding
Picture courtesy: @EricTopol | @TheEconomist

(2/6) Image
@JillianHortonMD shares this eloquently. 🙏🏽
[heroism] vs. [martyrdom]
"I never expected that COVID would help me understand the line between those two things. It was hard to define, but when I drew it, I knew it."

(3/6) Image
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WATCH LIVE: Pascaline Muhindura, RN brings her experience as a frontline nurse to the @EdLaborCmte Workforce Protections Subcommittee hearing "Clearing the Air: Science-Based Strategies to Protect Workers from #Covid19 Infections."

NNU member Pascaline Muhindura, RN to the subcommittee:

1️⃣ My employer has failed to #ProtectNurses.
2️⃣ @CDCgov and @OSHA_DOL have also failed to protect us.
3️⃣ The CDC and OSHA must take 💥immediate💥 steps to ensure that nurses and other workers get the protections we need.
Muhindura continued:

For more than a year, I have been caring for patients in a #Covid unit in my hospital.

EVERY SINGLE NURSE & #HealthCareWorker in my unit contracted Covid because we were not given the protections we need.

My colleague Celia, lost her life.🕯️❤️
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If you're a healthcare provider, whether you're a nurse, therapist, doctor, counselor, etc... If you laugh at your patients, then with all due respect, you can go fuck yourself.
I don't care how ridiculous you think your patient's hypothesis is, or how important you think you are.

You don't get to laugh at the people for whom you're providing healthcare. Have some fucking respect for your patients.
Imagine dealing with a problem until it becomes unbearable, looking for solutions on your own, then finally asking for help (and possibly paying 100s of dollars to do so).

Then, the person you ask for help laughs at you and/or tells you that you're exaggerating.
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Two weeks ago I lost a patient. I don’t know why we say “lost”. She died. She died from a rapid and severe #COVID19 infection. She was 78 and was the “mayor” of her block. Loved by her neighbors, by her family of 5 children and 10 grandchildren.

Mrs. H. was independent, lived alone, healthy except for well-treated high blood pressure and “the sugar”- diet-controlled diabetes. She was Hispanic and spoke mainly Spanish during my brief interview with her, she was too short of breath to answer too many questions.

She didn’t have an appointment to get her #COVIDvaccine yet, but shamefully the 22 yo that #Philadelphia hired to manage our life-saving vaccine program already had his #vaccine, instead of Mrs. H. Diverting #vaccines to the young, white well off and healthy has consequences.
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Just finished another >90h week on hospital #GIM service in a #COVID19 pandemic. A few thoughts:
1. Hospitals are still full, but there’s a sense of reprieve, less chaos, anxiety/stress not quite so bad.


2. Front line #healthcareworkers getting vaccinated

3. Less primary COVID infections = good, but x2 parallel #pandemics now
a. Like in Summer, the collective #Mentalhealth burden is fierce. Intentional overdoses, alcohol, stress, isolation, anxiety/depression, unemployment

b. #COVID related complications: affecting every organ...
5. #publichealth measures are working, but come w sig costs to population health in other forms. #vaccines are coming, but slower than we’d all like so we must double-down on what we have for now

6. We all agree that #COVID is hard, but it’s clearly harder for some in society
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#CovishieldVaccine Dose 1 done. At Salem, Kumarasamipatti Urban PHC.

All #healthcareworkers in #TamilNadu are eligible to get vaccinated in this phase. Go to the nearest vaccination centre with a hospital ID & a govt ID: DL/PAN/Voter ID. Aadhaar not encouraged.
Got a follow-up call from Salem corporation asking if I was fine and had any side-effects after yesterday's vaccination.
I'm more than a little troubled by news of low attendance at vaccination centres all over the country. There are news reports of big hospitals in Delhi where only a handful of #healthcareworkers have turned up for vaccination.
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While the #UCP were on vacation, we #HealthcareWorkers were getting crushed in hospitals short-staffed, exhausted and frustrated b/c of staff exposures & infections.

NOT seeing family, parents, friends or enjoying our “traditions”

WITHOUT our #vaccines!!
I had to return to hospital today, because in my delirium yesterday I forgot to sign 2 more death certificates

Fams can’t visit pts., no time to call every fam, palliating pts. alone, through a tablet or limited to only 3 ppl. Traumatizing 4 all

But I’m glad they got their rest
On behalf of all of #COVIDAB physicians, nurses, RTs, OTs, PTs, porters, lab/DI/pathology, unit clerks, cafeteria staff, cleaners, and paramedics and their families

@Albertadoctors @AB_MD_WarRoom @JillianRatti
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🚨⭐️ By popular demand 👉The Top 10 clinical publications in Oncology in 2020 (In no particular order). Some important papers bundled + Additional 5 more papers representing major advances in the field @OncoAlert
1. Pembrolizumab led to significantly longer progression-free survival vs chemotherapy as first-line therapy for MSI-H–dMMR metastatic colorectal cancer 👉Pembrolizumab in Microsatellite-Instability–High Advanced Colorectal Cancer @NEJM @agrothey…
2. Most children with neurofibromatosis type 1 and inoperable plexiform neurofibromas had durable tumor shrinkage and clinical benefit from selumetinib 👉Selumetinib in Children with Inoperable Plexiform Neurofibromas @NEJM…
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Vaccine received! I almost cried. As I was receiving the vaccine, I felt profound hope, joy and relief.
#shot #vaccine #covidvacccine #pfizer #mrna #spikeprotein #frontlineworkers #healthcareworkers #doctor #navajo #immunology #microbiology #virology #publichealth
I have been working on the front lines of COVID-19 on the Navajo Nation since March. Once, we were #1 in the WORLD per capita.
#vaccine #covidvacccine #pfizer #spikeprotein #frontlineworkers #healthcareworkers #doctor #navajo #immunology #microbiology #virology #publichealth
Today marks a new path towards having a world without COVID. Bless the tireless researchers and brave vaccine trail participates who made this possible.
#vaccine #covidvacccine #pfizer #frontlineworkers #healthcareworkers #doctor #navajo #immunology #microbiology #virology
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"It’s the human resources we are running low on. ... it’s the human cost of caring for these patients that has been keeping me up at night the past couple of weeks and really making me nauseous every day."

"I’ve taken care of a lot of husband-wife patients, unfortunately. ...

She ended up passing. A few days after, he went home, and I didn’t see him, so I don’t know how he took it. He wasn’t able to see her before she passed."

#COVID19 #USA… Image
"I started noticing that I was emotionally tired. I was physically completely exhausted. And I was beginning to question whether or not I could continue forward being a nurse at all. I was past my physical capacity."

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