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appears jane halton head of #covid19💉cepi, which was founded in switzerland's davos by people & groups incl jewish & freemasons & incl grp helped in the genocides of wwi & wwii & who are now calling for the #covid19 great reset, is adviser to australia gov & is para-military
appears gov of switzerland organized the swiss banking secrecy act come into effect on 1 3 (1935)

13 is the🔼alpha &🔽omega✡️

13 is same as the esoteric masonic royal arch freemason's alchemical emblem 🔼 &🔽✡️

leader? duke of kent-🔼alpha variant
appears 1935 was a leap year with adar I & adar II on jewish calendar

1 3 1935 was 26th of adar I

1933 on the 2nd of adar (28 2) adolf hitler declared 'state of emergency'

the month of adar is when the jewish purim genocide was carried out & its celebration held #covid19vic
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like Melbourne's figurative, emphatic lungs, a half-formed gephi visualisation of this weekend's hashtags #melbourneprotest #qanoncult and #dontcryprguy
visualisation of 41,781 tweets, replies, quote-tweets and retweets using the hashtags #melbourneprotest #qanoncult or #dontcryprguy from 15,677 accounts over roughly a week - partly honing a map type that shows both tweets and accounts as nodes, with tweet text as labels.
the faction-based map of 41,781 tweets/rts/replies/quote-tweets over the past week concerning protests in Melbourne against a parliamentary bill on special powers in the event of a pandemic. tweets incoroporated the hashtags #qanoncult or #melbourneprotest or #dontcryprguy
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"SATANIC RITUAL ABUSE": The #MelbourneProtest speaker bizarrely instructs the crowd they're here today to bless survivors of "satanic ritual abuse" before asking the crowd to recite I Am Australian. #auspol
The speaker then chants "hang Dan Andrews" in what can only be described as a violent and anti-democratic call. Most of the crowd refuses to repeat the chant.
In the crowd are a mix of Trump flags, American flags, Australian ensign flags, conspiracy and anti-vaxxer signs.
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So are Australians just fine with the normalization of police using rubber bullets and other projectile weapons to get rid of protesters now? That the sort of country we all agree we want to live in from now on?
#auspol #Melbourneprotest
Because we all know this is the norm now, right? That they'll be using these weapons to drive peaceful protesters out of any area they're not wanted, including peaceful protesters whose positions we happen to support? We all understand this isn't a one-off thing, right? #auspol
Is that what we want? It's important for us all to come up with a concrete collective yes or no answer to this question that will stick for the foreseeable future, because that call is currently being made for us.…
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For a brief moment, protesters thought police were laying down their arms and joining them. Lots of cheering, a few in the crowd running to embrace. Turns out they were just taking off equipment to sub in other officers. Police have now beaten back crowd. #MelbourneProtest
Police now closing in on protesters, who had been sitting and chanting peacefully on the steps of the Shrine of Remembrance. #MelbourneProtest
Crowd still sitting on the steps of the shrine. Police inching closer. Protesters chant: "We are peaceful! We are peaceful!" #MelbourneProtest
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#MelbourneProtest against #lockdown. Happening now in Elizabeth St. Cops lined up to confront these brave citizens of Melb.
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Boy oh boy are there a lot of cops out on the roads leading in to Melbourne CBD this morning. Saw two big roadblocks on a short bike around the outskirts this morning #Melbourne #melbourneprotest. Livestreams from #sydneylockdown #sydneyprotest also showing heavy police presence.
Some protesters have suggested using Waze to mark police presence for each other.
The plan in Melbourne seems to be to walk in from nearby places like Richmond or South Yarra.
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1/ ***Thread - Freie Burger Kassel - the organisation behind #Melbourneprotest & #sydneyprotest ***
This is a very strange tale about the German organisation 'Freie Burger Kassel' and how from humble beginnings, this tiny outfit has spurred large scale protests around the world.
2/ The following is an absolute ride and I promise you the ending is worth hanging around for.
The protests that took place in Australia yesterday, were apart of a global day of "covid restrictions?" protests that occurred around the globe - "World wide demonstration 3.0" Image
3/ Each city has a uniform poster style, giving the appearance this is a centrally organised global effort. Notice the hashtag. Remind you of any other dangerous US psy op? So who is the group organising these mass protests simultaneously around the globe? Image
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#Australia🇦🇺: Thousands of lockdown protesters break police line in Melbourne.
#Australia🇦🇺: Thousands of lockdown protesters break police line in Melbourne.

#Australia🇦🇺: Thousands of lockdown protesters break police line in Melbourne.

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1) Agree that #MelbourneProtest prolly a trap, infiltrated with people to get violent, be dealt with harshly. That way, #DictatorDan has excuse for continuing lockdown: "Don't wanna, but tinfoil-hat wearing anti-mask #conspiracytheorists wrecked it for ya."
2) #DictatorDan knows that #MSM robodolts esp
@7NewsMelbourne, @9NewsMelb will dutifully promote his propaganda. Not remotely interested in truth. There to "program" masses with #fakenews, keep them distracted from what globalist elite who control them and DA truly up to.
3) There will still be many #Victorians who watch those primping, preening #fakenews flogs, think they have some kinda authority coz they totes "look the part". So, they'll remain easily controlled which is what this is ultimately *all* about for the sinister little ghoul.
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