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Last night, DOJ released 169 pgs of FBI intv summaries (known as 302s) from the Mueller investigation in response to my/@BuzzFeedNews & CNN #FOIA lawsuits. It was the 2nd release this month, part of 33 intv summaries House Judiciary sought

We asked the judge presiding over our case to prioritize these #MuellerMemos because there was overwhelming public interest in the documents. Judiciary Committee had argued in court last year they needed this as part of their impeachment inquiry

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I’m reading through KT McFarland’s FBI interview summaries (302s) from today’s batch of #MuellerMemos.

According to a Dec. 2017 summary, McFarland was providing information under a proffer agreement.…
Background: McFarland was deputy national security adviser under Michael Flynn. Last year, WaPo reported that McFarland had "revised her statement to investigators...after her initial claim was contradicted” by Flynn’s guilty plea.…
Much of what these docs say about what McFarland told the FBI about Flynn’s call with the Russian ambassador in Dec. 2016 re: new sanctions was in the Mueller report.

But not this line: “Trump said [redacted] since Trump had leverage to use with the Russians."
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#FOIAFriday 2019 wrap up: I want to highlight the aggressive #FOIA work @BuzzFeedNews has done this year and stories based on docs I obtained.

It's been a long, hard slog but the payoff was worth it.

This year, @BuzzFeedNews filed 20 federal FOIA lawsuits against the govt

@BuzzFeedNews Over the past decade, I have filed 66 #FOIA lawsuits against federal government agencies and have forced the release of more than 100K previously undisclosed and secret documents.

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This got lost a few weeks ago when @BuzzFeedNews & I and CNN obtained #MuellerMemos (FBI 302s) via #FOIA

FBI reprocessed Michael Flynn's 302 in accordance with #FOIA & unredacted much interview summary

Here you can see 1st page had the classification SECRET/NOFORN
Here is the second page of Flynn's FBI interview summary that was completely unredacted in response to my/@BuzzFeedNews and CNN #FOIA lawsuit

Much of this may be known but the unredacted portions pertain to Flynn's speech in Russia prior to the 2016 election & his convos

The 3rd page of Flynn's FBI interview summary also was completely unredacted in response to our #MuellerMemos #FOIA lawsuits. It relates, in part, to his discussions with Kislyak and meeting at Trump Tower with Kushner and Kislyak and other meetings Trump team had

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From the new installment of #MuellerMemos @BuzzFeedNews : Rick Gates told the FBI that Manafort urged him not to accept a plea deal…
@BuzzFeedNews Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie told investigators that Trump wanted him to talk to then-FBI Director James Comey in February 2017 and tell him "I really like him. Tell him he's part of the team. I really like him."
On the night Comey was fired, DOJ spox Sarah Flores (who now works for @thedispatch) relayed a message from the WH to Rod Rosenstein. Though the memos do not make clear what that message was, Rosenstein said he told her that DOJ “cannot participate in putting out a false story.”
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#MuellerMemos: Hope Hicks told the FBI about an incident where she received a 3am phone call from a "foreign person" with a 202 (DC) area code —

"Hicks had a hard time understanding the person but she could make out the words 'Putin call'" (pg 203)
The person on the other end of the line was Sergey Kuznetsov, an official at the Russian embassy.

After the call, he sent Hope Hicks this email with the subject line "Extremely urgent message from president putin"

The email was sent at 4:06am on 11/9/2016
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Hope Hicks told the FBI that Trump was "angry, surprised, and frustrated" the day Mueller was appointed special counsel, and that she had only seen him like this on one other occasion — when the Access Hollywood tape came out during the campaign:
#MuellerMemos (221)
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NEW: The Justice Department has just released the next batch of Mueller documents to @BuzzFeedNews & @JasonLeopold. I’ll be using this thread to highlight our findings.…
@BuzzFeedNews @JasonLeopold On June 7, 2017 — just less than a month after his firing — former FBI Director James Comey got a visit from FBI agents at his home. During an interview, Comey provided the agents four memos he had written about his interactions with the president.

@BuzzFeedNews @JasonLeopold Here are short descriptions of those memos:
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BREAKING: Govt just produced to me/@BuzzFeedNews 295 pages of #MuellerMemos (FBI 302s) from Mueller's investigation.…
@BuzzFeedNews We just obtained the FBI 302s for Comey, Michael Cohen, Chris Christie, Hope Hicks and Corey Lewandowski and MORE #MuellerMemos…
@BuzzFeedNews NEW from #MuellerMemos: Michael Cohen told FBI he told Trump in 2016 he spoke with a "woman from the Kremlin" about plans to build a Trump Tower in Moscow

After Cohen's office was raided by FBI he spoke to Jay Sekulow about pardons & said, "he had been a loyal lawyer & servant"
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Yikes. Missed this from the #MuellerMemos: Erik Prince called for the US military killing "everything in every grid square" and "flattening Dresden style" the city of Raqqa, Syria.
"As gruesome as that may sound, they think with medieval perspective and you must give them a pounding they will understand."
This is from a foreign policy memo Prince shared with Stephen Bannon. In the same document, Prince wrote: "For every loser seeking meaning in their life that's dabbled in Koranic studies, they find all the prophecy they need to support an ISIS Caliphate."
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(THREAD) FIVE things #MuellerMemos. It's clear the campaign was actively pursuing foreign help to find the e-mails. What's striking there are no sources, methods, nor secrets. Nothing harmful except truth for the guilty. Bill Barr is actively covering up for Trump. @narativlive.
2: Israeli involvement. The campaign was pitching populist domestic policies outwardly while obsessing over the Middle East inwardly. Interesting how involved/devious Jared is. His friend, Rick Gerson, sounds like an Israeli asset from this. @NarativLive #MondayMorning
3. We knew this but its absence from the Mueller Report is striking. Bannon and Prince were partners united in their hatred for Islamic militants. #mondaythoughts @Narativlive
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From Michael Cohen's FBI 302 regarding Trump Tower Moscow negotiations ending in Jan 2016 via our #MuellerMemos cache.

"COHEN previously talked about this script with TRUMP. COHEN did not tell TRUMP he thought the script was untrue because TRUMP already
knew it was untrue"
Michael Cohen and Trump discussing Trump Tower Moscow in July 2016? From Cohen's FBI 302 #MuellerMemos #FOIA

On July 27, 2016 at a news conference Trump made the now infamous call to Russia to find HRC's missing emails and said he had no deals in Russia…
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Another Steve Bannon email from our #MuellerMemos cache: A month before he was fired from the WH in 2017 he exchanged emails with someone (name redacted) about Kushner. Attached to the email was this story and some interesting commentary about Kushner

Bannon used scare quotes when saying Kushner was vacationing off the coast of Croatia with a Russian billionaire. Says he heard he had a meeting with wikileaks in Europe in 2016 and that he learned it from a "progressive activist with ties to Pelosi."

Bannon says he could not verify the claims about the wikileaks mtg but that he heard it happened "from a fairly reliable source," the progressive activist with ties to Pelosi

The Breitbart person who sent Bannon the email is asking how to prove Bannon's claims about Kushner

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From our #MuellerMemos (FBI 302s): 2016 Trump Jr. email to Bannon, Kushner and others whose names are redacted:

"I got a weird Twitter DM from Wikileaks. I tried the password and it works and the about section they reference contains the next pic in terms of who is behind it."
Material from this Steve Bannon email that was included in the #Muellermemos cache turned over to @BuzzFeedNews and me was withheld because it relates to an ongoing investigation (b7a) and other info withheld b/c "disclosure would deprive a person of the right to a fair trial"
The b7b exemption is the info that was withheld because disclosure of information would deprive a person of the right to a fair trial
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BREAKING NEWS‼️Rick Gates told Mueller that Trump's comment "Russia, if you're listening" at a rally on 7/2716 was ad-lib. LIE 🤥 Twitter account @yuri_bezmenov instructed "@realDonaldTrump In your next rally tell the media you're going to ask Putin for all of Hillary's emails."
#MuellerMemos outlines how #TeamTreason looked for ways to manage the release of the emails with their own messaging. The @yuri_bezmenov Twitter account was directing them. Hey 👋 @DanScavino ... care to explain⁉️Was Kilimnik running the Bezmenov account to cover tracks⁉️@FBI
🔥Trump was instructed to ASK PUTIN AT A PUBLIC RALLY for help with election‼️This was Putin's KOMPROMAT - recorded over and over by our own media‼️The Bezmenov account will track back to Russian intelligence🔥@RepAdamSchiff @SpeakerPelosi @IdeaGov
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Earlier this year, right after AG Barr released his memo characterizing Mueller's report, I started filing #FOIA requests for primary source documents that were used to draft the report as well as other underlying documents amassed by Mueller's probe

Then after Mueller's report was released, I filed dozens more #FOIA requests for additional documents. The footnotes in the report made clear that these primary source documents could further flesh out the narrative about 2016/obstruction.

I also wanted to gain access to the documents that would shed light on how Mueller came to issue the unprecedented statement about the story @a_cormier_ and I published about Cohen being directed to lie to Congress by Trump. So I filed another #FOIA request.

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💥NEW >> First Batch of #Mueller Memos, just published by @Buzzfeed:

(1) Manafort pushed the conspiracy theory that Ukraine—NOT Russia—hacked the DNC back in 2016

Trump camp's been pushing it since, figuring prominently in #impeachment inquiry.…
#Mueller Memos:

(2) Trump campaign kept secret that #Manafort continued to advise the Trump campaign up until days before the election

Bannon wrote Kushner Nov 5, 2016: "We have to avoid this guy like the plague…we can't let word get out that he is advising us"

Why would Bannon keep "plague" adviser #Manafort a secret? B/c of Manafort's deep ties to Russia. And he was a rotten liar about Trump's. Recall Paul's bumbling lie denying any financial relationship between Trump and Russian oligarchs.😅🥵#MuellerMemos
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