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#HurricaneIan is a really bad one. #Katrina bad. #Andrew bad #Michael bad.

I've been away from Twitter for a couple weeks; back in #HWStormWatch mode now. My top tips below.

The very best website for #Ian info:
Tips for surviving #HurricaneIan:


You can drown in just 6" of flood water, if it's moving fast enough. The danger threshold for vehicles is 12".
Flood waters are extremely unhygienic & can hide obstacles & sinkholes. Don't walk in them.

Evacuate BEFORE the storm. If you don't, then stay put until it's gone.

Never go out during the short window of time when the eye of the storm passes. You don't know when it will end.
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Please, Twitter, hire me to edit your draft headlines so you stop embarrassing yourselves concerning hurricanes.

It's not "another" storm. It's the same storm #Ida, after it's been a hurricane but is still a hazard until it is well clear of land.

#HWStormWatch #WxTwitter
There's 3 problems with Twitter's headline.

1. It's absent of punctuation. They use it in other headlines.

2. This causes confusion bc many people don't know how a post-TC is named.

3. Maybe it was deliberate, to generate clicks.
Imma assume it was an innocent mistake on the part of Twitter. Occam's Razor.

If it was deliberate, then it's one of many examples I've seen over the years where potentially saving lives is less important to them than Twitter marketing.
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(1) Thread 3: Storm #Elsa

Forecast has swung back & forth between Tropical Storm (TS) & Cat 1 Hurricane this week.

Currently 65mph max sustained winds, with a chance of re-intensification. So, the H warnings remain.


(2) By the way, the next names on the Atlantic storms list are #Fred and #Grace. This season is forecast to be above-average in number and intensity of storms.

For now, #Elsa is the only hurricane-ish storm near the USA.

It has not yet made landfall but that's expected today.
(3) As always, excellent coverage on the Weather Channel:…
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(1) Thread #1: #HurricaneElsa

Last night I almost started this thread as TS #Elsa and I'm glad I didn't.

Now a Cat 1 hurricane, and it's too early to predict much else for FL and surrounding states.

(2) It would be a mistake to treat Hurricane Elsa as if she's a sweet little princess and you can safely #LetItGo.

Even a tropical storm can be deadly like a hurricane.
(3) I've been watching the developing Elsa for about 10 days. Current forecast has the system at hurricane strength through the Caribbean. Fortunately for the USVI and Puerto Rico, passing well to the South of them.

Forecast to become a TS before reaching Florida mid-week.
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Important🧵with flooding & safety tips for Wayne County residents affected by the flooding.

(Note: ICYMI, the Governor has declared a state of emergency for Wayne County.)

Tips below:👇🏾 1/
1️⃣ If you have flooding/flood damage, make an inventory (even if you’re discarding) and take photos (cell phone photos are okay). Most cities/townships should have damage assessment public claim forms available for residents to use & complete. Document, document, document! 2/
2️⃣ Air circulation is key to help dry areas & keep mold & mildew at bay. Open windows while it’s currently not raining. Use fans/blowers to help circulate the air. 3/
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(1) And so it begins. #HWStormWatch🇺🇸🌀

Hurricane #Bill got a name but he's of no concern to me.

It's the future Hurricane #Claudette⚜️, (lovely Cajun name) that means y'all in her path must get #prepping today.

#Danny #Elsa #Fred #Grace next…
(2) Why on earth would a Kiwi fan of Margaret Thatcher be interested in US Gulf and Atlantic coast hurricanes?

Several reasons, but we'll start with being an earthquake survivor. (2011, NZ, 185 deaths in my city.)

It changed my life.
(3) Earthquakes can't be predicted. Anyone who claims they can is trying to scam you.

Hurricanes CAN be predicted.

So instead of despairing at the death toll each time, I promote #readiness and I fight #disinformation too.
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We are going to be in this weather pattern for the next 24 hours. #Beta is moving very slowly at 2mph. The rain bands are producing 2-3 inches of rain.
You can help us out by just staying home. We've had several high water rescues already. Please don't drive into high water. #TurnAroundDontDrown
We do expect these rain bands to intensify tonight, so please stay off the roads.

We are monitoring freeways like 288 and shutting them down as needed. #Beta
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After thinking long and hard about crossing Joe Tanner Lane at McCarty Lane (near 290), this driver made the right decision to #TurnAroundDontDrown. This rain has brought a lot of water to these smaller creeks. @KVUE @ErikaLopezKVUE @Hunt_Wx @marielruizwx
Just down the road, @HeikkiMikael captured this guy walking his bike across the flooded roadway. “Did you have to cross for work or something?” “Nah I just wanted to. 🤙” @KVUE The rain has slowed for now but not enough to slow down the waterways.
There’s a reason these signs are an obnoxious yellow, block the road, and flash. #TurnAroundDontDrown
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(1) HW's running thread of info/updates about #Florence and any other Atlantic storms developing at the moment.

My two previous threads:

Landfall at 7.15am 9/14/18 near Wrightsville Beach, NC:

(2) I'm following updates on these Twitter lists:

16 key national info sources for hurricanes & other emergencies:…

EM agency accounts in 11 Atlantic states from GA to NY and inland:…
(3) Also finding the Weather Channel coverage valuable. Watching it here:…
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(1) HW's running thread of information and updates about Hurricane #Florence and other less severe storms affecting the US this week. #Olivia #Isaac and potential #Joyce aka #95L in the #Gulf.

Thread #1 was:
(2) Official FEMA PSA on Hurricane Prep, please RT:

(3) The first clouds of #Florence arriving now. Please evacuate this afternoon, it's the last chance to do so safely. Eventually even first responders will stay put until she passes.

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(1) Atlantic Hurricane Season 2018 was slow to start but is in full swing now.

#Florence is expected to become a #hurricane today, & gain strength before landfall in ?NC ?VA

#Isaac, #Helene & two depressions also present.

Time to get ⛈️🌪️🌀
(2) At the start, #Florence looked like she would swing around past the Eastern USA, then she changed direction. 😦
(3) Both #Helene and #Isaac are expected to become hurricanes. 😒

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