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Look, I spent eight years mocking liberals for worshipping the president. Then, a lot of the people who loved me for it suddenly hated me because I wouldn't kneel before THEIR sacred cow.

Now I get to luxuriate in the cries of anguish from both sides. I'm not sorry. Cry more.
I'm not some lunatic #NeverTrumper who thinks he's Hitler and everything I believed in before he was elected is wrong. That's a good grift, but it's not for me. I recognize his accomplishments. His Supreme Court picks alone are praiseworthy. If he loses, that legacy will endure.
And if America decides to replace him with an even older guy who's obviously in mental decline, that's how it goes. Let him try to get anything done without the Senate or the courts. Let Kamala cackle and dance her way through the next four years. I've got plenty of spitballs.
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1. Why are #NeverTrumper so frustrating? Turns out GOP politics mirrors Dems politics almost exactly. In the 1990s/2000s, Clinton and Bush reacted to the end of the Cold War with a fascinating experiment. They sought to break business and finance from control of the state.
2. They placed authority in the Fed, deregulated banks, enacted NAFTA/the WTO, and regulated banks via bailouts of Mexico and East Asia. Locking it in was the opening to China. A perfect libertarian machine, global utopia. No rules on capital flows, no party to complain to.
3. Here's James Carville: "I used to think that if there was reincarnation, I wanted to come back as the president or the pope or as a .400 baseball hitter. But now I would like to come back as the bond market. You can intimidate everybody."

That's it right there.
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Among the many English words and phrases Trump is intentionally destroying to make the American public more supple in his tiny, deceitful hands is #NeverTrumper, which literally and *only* means a person who categorically and publicly opposed Trump's election

Vindman is not one
PS/ Indeed by definition a person who *only* developed opposition to Trump *after* his election—when America saw Trump's incompetence as president—is *not* a #NeverTrumper, as they didn't oppose him during the primaries

IAC, pretty sure we have *no* idea what Vindman's views are
PS2/ I know it seems like a small point, but media keeps doing this: letting Trump put words/phrases into the jetstream that are nonsensical or false or both but that he nevertheless is put on air saying repeatedly on a loop for weeks on end by the very media not questioning it
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This #ThrowbackThurday let’s take a moment and remember some of the instances where both Cheneys came out against @RealDonaldTrump and his America First policies. #WarmongerCheneys #NeverTrumpCheneys
.@Liz_Cheney didn’t agree with @RealDonaldTrump on having allies pay for American protection. Why should the US taxpayer always be stuck with the bill? She blasted the president! #WarmongerCheneys #NeverTrumpCheneys…
When @realdonaldtrump questioned NATO, once again @Liz_Cheney came out swinging, calling the president Wrong. #WarmongerCheneys #NeverTrumpCheneys…
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Yesterday, I took the day off to work on my book.

Today, I will be dunking on politicians and journos for the Russiagate hoax.

You’re welcome, America.
FLASHBACK: Hillary Clinton Invented Russiagate Conspiracy Theory…
Ahh. I see the bitter bloggers over @thedailybeast have received my inquiries!

Cry more, dork.

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@SheridanLuanna @perlmutations @QuancyClayborne Ahhh, late arrivals crimes. How very concerning.

Like when Obama arrived late for the Mandela memorial service, and then acted the 7th grader getting selfies with other rulers?…
@SheridanLuanna @perlmutations @QuancyClayborne And of course, he arrived late for the moment of silence following the Paris massacre:…
@SheridanLuanna @perlmutations @QuancyClayborne And late for his last address on the behalf of the USA at the UN General Assembly:…
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@JonahNRO @TheRickWilson @RadioFreeTom @NoahCRothman
Read this article:…
Note this:
"The woman shudders as she imagines what kind of problems she would encounter if she gave her name, so she declines."

Your concerns about Trump are bankrupt and void.
While you were concerned about Trump's tone, or his character, or his purported incompetence, you failed to notice or care the US Left made conservative US Citizens *afraid* to share their thoughts publicly.

You care about the wrong things. You are fiddling while the US burns.
You have a voice with a national audience. If you care about liberty in the US, you should use that voice to protect liberty. The least among us should feel safe to express their views. You should champion them, not ignore or disdain them.
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1: #RebrandTrumpRapistPedophileHumanTraffickerInvestigateImpeach
A LOT of are things reaching critical mass very soon in U.S. politics. This thread will show many of the more horrible things that Donald Trump @POTUS has been accused of and I never have or never will ignore them.
2: #RebrandTrumpRAPISTPedophileHumanTraffickerInvestigateImpeach
27 Women Who Have Accused Donald Trump of Sexual Misconduct @alternet…
If this isn't a big deal to you, you may be a miserable human being!
3: #RebrandTrumpRapistPEDOPHILEHumanTraffickerInvestigateImpeach
I'm am ANGRY about this & don't know which is worse, public apathy or media apathy.
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1. Watch this latest interview between ⁦@maddow⁩ and #JohnBrennan. If you listen very carefully you will surmise a few things.…
2. He walks back his bold statement that @Potus meeting with Russian President was #Treason
3. Former #CIA director, John Brennan has ALL of the intelligence regarding the Russian meddling in the 2016 Election. ALL OF IT, make no mistake!
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1. This 👇 is actually more important than a quick twitter review presents.
2. The most important shift in political awareness comes when a person admits they have been a victim of "battered conservative syndrome".
3. Just because the cat had her kittens in the oven, well, that don't make 'em biscuits.
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