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1 - A lot of #MAGA #Patriots are rightly upset about the @FoxNews poll about impeachment.

But the changes in Fox and the @GOP just show that @realDonaldTrump is winning.

Follow along as I explain the #ImpeachmentHoax
2 - To understand zoom out to the 100,000+ foot level and travel back in time to 2016

@realDonaldTrump becomes the nominee for the @GOP

He wants to Make America Great Again

But to implement his policies and #MAGA means that he also has to #DrainTheSwamp
3 - All polls show @HillaryClinton winning the Presidency in a landslide. Great job @FiveThirtyEight

Liberal Conclusion: See there was no motive or reason for @BarackObama administration to create #FISAGate or set up @GeorgePapa19 etc.

All of that is a #ConspiracyTheory
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"Say anything you want about this president, he can be vulgar, he can be crude, he can be undignified at times. I don’t care. I can’t spare this man. He fights for America!"…
"Trump’s ‘lack of decorum, dignity, and statesmanship’ By Marshall Kamena, Mayor of Livermore, CA"

"My Leftist friends & #NeverTrumpers ask me if I’m not bothered by Donald Trump’s lack of decorum. They ask if I don’t think his tweets are “beneath the dignity of the office.”
"Here’s my answer:

We Right-thinking people have tried dignity.

There could not have been a man of more quiet dignity than George W. Bush as he suffered the outrageous lies and politically motivated hatreds that undermined his presidency."
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Thread: Dot-Connecting on Some Recent Important News Stories

1. There are a lot of seemingly random events happening lately. Are they truly random, or might there be nefarious purposes behind at least a few of them? Let’s take a look.
2. Here’s a list of some “breaking news” items over the past week or so; are they all they seem to be on the surface, or is the reality being purposely obfuscated?
2A. The Left via a NY Times hit piece are going after USSC Brett Kavanaugh yet again.
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President @realDonaldTrump makes a trip to the wall been put up. Yes that’s the exact same one that the democrats tried so hard to stop. Yes that’s the same one all of the #NeverTrumpers said wasn’t going up. #Winning
The General goes into detail on the wall and how much is going up there now much is been approved.
It is absurd that people actually says this is @realDonaldTrump Vanity project.
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Why @AndrewYang’s campaign is brilliant: a thread, with predictions at the end. #YangGang #Yang2020 @scottsantens

After 2016, I felt disenfranchised. All the emotional energy I put into the Sanders campaign — and then Clinton — felt wasted.
So in ‘17 and ‘18, I started looking into what went wrong. I had become a boilerplate social justice progressive up until that point. My gut told me that we had been blindsided by Trump because we fundamentally misread the room.
So I started paying attention to political outsiders who challenged liberal and conservative orthodoxies.

Finally, in 2018, I read an interview with Yang. He had decided to run for President on UBI. At the time, his website was threadbare — he seemed like an intriguing blip.
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Interesting exchange today with a trey of #HateAmerica folks.

Premise: America doesn't hold a "#moralhighground" and hasn't for generations.
My response: #GTFO. Marshal Plan, rebuilding of Japan, tsunami, earthquake, and hurricane relief around the globe, and a thousand similar expenditures of our blood, sweat, and treasure, say otherwise.

Because you might find it hard to believe, I'm including screengrabs:
Of course, the opening gambit is based on the view of so many #Leftists and #NeverTrumpers that @realDonaldTrump is spoiling America's moral stance in the world.
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#nevertrump candidate Joe Walsh has also promulgated disgusting racist birther and anti-Muslim rhetoric. He has tweeted the n-word on several occasions.
Here is a selection of #NeverTrump candidate Joe Walsh's racist tweets. "The push is coming from #NeoCon Bill Kristol." Democrats who form an alliance with these #NeverTrumpers are laundering their reputation and rehabilitating them.

WARNING: offensive language.
Bill Kristol is no different than Trump & #Trumpism. Here is Bill with White Supremacist Steve King speaking at congressional engagement for Conservative Opportunity Society. Look at all the nationalist luminaries hosted by Steve King along with Bill you can find on their website
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Thread: News Summary from the Week that Was (18 – 24 August)

1. What news stories did the legacy media purposely miss or obfuscate this past week? Everything they do is in service of the Democrat Party, but there are other items that warrant our attention!
2. Let’s get started with a tiny bit of blowback on leftist Democrat governor (and consummate political grandstander) Gavin Newsom:

2A. Elizabeth Novak packed up her salon and moved out of Sacramento due to the mounting problems from homelessness in the California capital, and told Fox News Monday the issue is “disheartening.”
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1/ @TheRickWilson is absolutely right that Rs have been successful winning elections.

But like the guy born on 3rd base thinking he hit a homer he left out some pertinent details.
2/ Since Nixon Rs has embraced and committed to Pat Buchanan's vision of using wedge issues for electoral gain,

"Such gambits, he added, could "cut the Democratic Party and country in half; my view is that we would have far the larger half."…
3/ There is no wound in our national psyche that Rs won't exploit for gain - reproductive rights, God, Guns, Gays, etc.
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I have had many interesting exchanges following last week's column.…

One thing that's become very clear to me: how the left understood the #NeverTrump project is very different from how the #NeverTrump folks understood it.
Even among #NeverTrump there was, of course a division: one camp thought it meant actually supporting Clinton, another that it simply meant refraining from voting for Trump. (I was in the former camp, FYI.)
I now realize many folks on the left expected it meant a 3rd thing: actually becoming a Democrat, or something pretty close--supporting Democrats in lower offices as a rebuke to the party, even helping them build a winning presidential/congressional coalition in 2020.
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"To all the people who let this election break up families & friends-I think the last civil conversations we had occurred just days before November 8, 2016. You were supremely confident Hillary Clinton would win the presidential election; And [then] you lost your freaking minds!"
"I knew you would take the loss hard-& personally-since all of you were super jacked-up to elect the first woman president. I did not imagine you would become totally deranged, attacking anyone who voted for Trump as a racist, sexist, misogynistic, homophobic Nazi-sympathizer."
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I love how they're making ALL of these people out to be "Trump-connected," yet several #NeverTrumpers, such as the Bushes, are involved, as well as Bill Clinton's former FBI Director, Louis Freeh, who was the FIRST lobbyist to rep her company, KGL Investment.
Some people mentioned, though, that are also helping this Russian woman, made me go 🤔🤔🤔

Such as Pam Bondi and Victoria Toensing

I'd really love to know more about this woman and KGL Investment, though.
For starters, though, here's some interesting info about Bill Clinton's former FBI Director Freeh

H/T to @DawsonSField

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Thread: What Attorney General Barr REALLY Said

1. There has been a lot of commentary about Attorney General Barr’s first testimony in congressional hearings since the Mueller report was released.
2. A lot of us in the conservative twittersphere are downright elated about what he said in his unflappable and calmly professional manner. Most people have summarized his testimony in terms of the following points made:
2A. The redacted report is being released “within a week.”
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These Democrats And #NeverTrumpers Must Apologize To America For The Russia Collusion Hoax…
>@BetoORourke for saying, at a town hall event on Saturday morning: 'You have a president who in my opinion, beyond a shadow of a doubt, sought to, however ham-handedly, collude with the Russian government, a foreign power, to undermine and influence our elections,'
.@RepJohnLewis speaking Saturday on @MSNBC said he still believed Trump’s impeachment was inevitable. “I think that day will come... I don’t think he’s legitimate. I said it back at the end of the election. I still believe that today.”
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Thread: Another Iran Update

1. Here’s a brief update on some items about Iran in the news over the past couple of months. Always good to keep tabs on what’s happening there, as the IRI’s shadow is large in the Middle East.
2. What sparked this thread was a news story that Iran is building two new nuclear plants!


Iranian leaders announced on Monday the construction of two new nuclear plants, and it remains unclear if the Trump administration views this ….
2A. …as crossing a red line since its abandonment of the landmark nuclear deal, which included provisions permitting Iran to work on heavy water nuclear reactors that could provide a plutonium-based pathway to a bomb.
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Thread: Media Polls, Impeachment, 2020, and Other Democrat Fairy Tales

1. To the consternation of Democrats everywhere and their lapdogs in the legacy media, polls continue to show @POTUS ‘s presidential approval hovering in the high 40s.
2. The latest is a Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll after the faux Cohen hearings, the Hanoi Summit and CPAC showing his approval numbers “ticking up” to 46%:…
3. This is after 2+ years of constant media bashing, the latest being the narrative surrounding Michael Cohen’s obviously Clinton-scripted testimony before the House Oversight and Reform Committee last week. [Too bad for them that Cohen testified he’s never been to Prague!]
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Thread: On Congressional Travel Perks

1. Some weeks ago you may recall the kerfuffle around canceling House Speaker (San Fran Nan) Pelosi’s entourage’s overseas trip during the government shutdown-over-Wall-funding standoff.
2. It raised the hackles of Democrats and their lickspittle legacy media allies who castigated @POTUS for the dastardly last-second action that left luggage piled up at the airport.

3. A disgusted House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) blasted Trump over the announcement. “It demeans the presidency. It demeans the office, because it's so petty,” he told reporters on Capitol Hill.


Read the rest here:…
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1. News ~ Winning! President Trump’s Visit To Vietnam Brings $15 Billion Dollar Boeing Contract And Thousands Of Jobs To U.S…

#Qanon #Trump @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA #WINNING #MAGA
2. News ~ VIDEO: HUNDREDS Of ISIS Terrorists Surrender To Trump-USA Backed Forces in Syria…

#Qanon #Trump @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA #WINNING #PEACE
3. News ~ UH OH: Wife Of NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio Can’t Account For $850 MILLION Given To City Mental Health Program…

#Qanon #Trump @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA
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David Walsh went to the Niskanen Center conference. He got hives:…
I think it is fair to say that the already-broken American political public sphere has become significantly more broken since November 8, 2018.

On the center and to the left, those like me in what used to proudly call itself the Rubin Wing of the Democratic Party—so-called 1/
after former Treasury Secretary Bob Rubin, and consisting of those of us hoping to use market means to social democratic ends in bipartisan coalition with Republicans seeking technocratic win-wins—have passed the baton to our left. Over the past 25 years, we failed to attract 2/
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-Stays 4 optics-on short leash
-Page/Strzok text/briefing*
-Indiana child trafficking
-Karen's envelope
-Pence/Ryan campaign materials, use after pussy tape
-Chummy w/Hillary at funeral**
-Pence doctor/Ronny Jackson smear
-Threw Flynn under bus
-Secret note handoff***
* Page/Strzok text messages. Why was Pence briefed? #whb18 #PenceEvidence
** @ 2:20 in video: Chummy w/Hillary at funeral before Trumps arrive. Contrast, w/interaction w/Trumps and Obamas. 🤔 Haven't seen Hillary this happy in a while 😄-- almost like she's putting all her hopes in him.

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1/ This is a thread dedicated to #NeverTrumpers who are jealous of President Trump’s amazing economy.

The false notion that President Trump inherited Obama’s economy is so disrespectful to the hard working men & women of America who struggled intensively under B.O.

How PDJT turned Obama's faltering economy around. Told in Headlines. Credit goes to Redditor u/sorrytodisagree. Headlines will show "2% GDP new regulars"

America's Dystopian New Normal. By Llyod Green. 7.21.13.

"Five years into the Obama presidency, we are further from the Great Recession but also closer to a new normal—economic dystopia.
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Thread: Martin Luther and………Donald J Trump!

1. Yeah, you read that right. The two of them in the same phrase. What do they have to do with each other? Read on….
2. One of my favorite shirts is one that I bought after watching the 2003 movie “Luther” starring Joseph Fiennes. As a lifelong Lutheran who has read a lot about the man over the years, I was thrilled that the movie’s distributors were selling shirts and other memorabilia.
3. Here’s a picture of my shirt:
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The president has the right to have individuals serve in his administration who share his view. Plain and simple. If they can't get with the program fire their arses! They are not there to protect us from the president. #JeromePowell #FederalReserve
The deep state and swamp both alive and well. Do not think for a minute that individuals appointed by Trump always have his best interest at heart. Many of these individuals were chosen due to referrals. #JeromePowell #FederalReserve
Remember as candidate Trump he did not have the political connections as most pols. Individuals were referred to him and they agreed to serve. Now we see they were serving their own interest by serving their own purposes or the deep state.
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Looks like @JeffFlake is alone on his “protect Mueller or we’ll block judges” move…
The DOJ opinion on the Whitaker appointment is SPOT ON. #NeverTrumpers are either are playing dumb, or they are ignorant re: the extent of the Executive Branch's authority, the legal precedent in support of THE Whitaker appointment, and basic constitutional law.
They can't demand that Whitaker recuse when Rosenstein has actual, serious Russia conflicts. And remember - they defended top intel officials Page, McCabe, Comey, Strzok, Ohr , etc. for having blatant political bias because they could be "trusted" to do their jobs w/out bias 🙄
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