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1/15 🧵💡 Decentralized storage & compute could truly supercharge the #InternetOfThings (#IoT). But how? Let's unpack this crucial evolution for our hyper-connected world. 🌐👇
2/15 📚 First, it's crucial to understand the concepts. #DecentralizedStorage refers to data storage spread across multiple devices or locations, rather than a central server. #DecentralizedCompute refers to computations performed on these distributed devices.💻🌍
3/15 📈 IoT devices generate an enormous amount of data daily. Centralized servers currently deal with this load, but as more and more devices connect, scalability becomes a challenge. Decentralization offers a solution. #EdgeComputing #Scalability
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1/If you are not paying attention, there are three stories that are converging as a tsunami for ocean shipping and you need to be aware of them.
2/First, freight rates are at an all time low. We have come off the Mt Everest of rates &3 now seeing trans-Pacific rates at lower than pre-COVID.

This translates into more opportunity for shippers but the ocean carriers are set to lose their profits.…
3/Second, Panama Canal is seeing record level lows on Gatun Lake. This is the water source for the canal since it is above sea level. This has not been a major issue but with neo-Panamax ships sailing from Asia to East Coast of US, they need more water.…
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1/ The future of #trucking is the hybrid carrier, a new model that leverages technology to overcome long standing industry fragmentation and finally provide shippers with the benefits of economies of scale. #SupplyChain #Logistics 🧵…
2/ When I started Convoy 8 yrs ago, I wondered why trucking was still so fragmented. Why hadn’t economies of scale caused the market to consolidate around leading providers (like parcel, LTL, air freight, ocean, ridesharing) who could offer better service & lower prices?
3/ Why is selecting dozens or hundreds of trucking providers the strategy of choice for companies procuring these services in the U.S.? The article answers these questions and paints a clear picture of how and why this is now changing with a new model, the hybrid carrier.
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My latest comments in @KyivIndependent on Old Europe, New Europe, and the question of ‘strategic autonomy’ 🧵 /1…
So the East-West differences on EU ‘strategic autonomy/European sovereignty’ which emerged after #Macron’s recent comments are neither new nor completely eclipsed by the newfound unity on #Ukraine. /2
The problem with the 🇫🇷 concept goes beyond Macron & his ‘provocative’ rhetoric. While there’s nothing wrong with #SupplyChain resilience & shouldering more of the joint defence burden (both are actually dire necessities), creating an ‘independent’ 🇪🇺 defence is /3
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Der Einsatz von #ChatGPT und #KI in deutschen Unternehmen bringt viele Vorteile mit sich, die nicht nur auf nationaler, sondern auch auf globaler Ebene von Bedeutung sind.

In diesem "Mega-Thread" werden wir wichtige Vorteile von KI für deutsche Firmen betrachten. 🇩🇪🤖
1. 💡 Effizientere Entscheidungsfindung

Durch den Einsatz von KI können Unternehmen schneller und präziser Entscheidungen treffen, was ihnen hilft, ihre Wettbewerbsfähigkeit zu steigern und effektiver auf Veränderungen im Markt zu reagieren. #Innovation #KI
2. 📈 Datenanalyse

KI ermöglicht es, große Mengen an Daten schneller und genauer zu analysieren als je zuvor.

Dies hilft Unternehmen, ihre Geschäftsstrategien zu optimieren und Wachstumschancen zu identifizieren. #BigData #Analytics
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In our latest episode of The Art of the Climate Deal, our North America Executive Director sat down with Apple’s Sarah Chandler, to talk about their recent successes and future aims in decarbonizing their #supplychains:

Watch now:
Apple is transitioning its manufacturing #supplychain to 100% #renewables. It provides a space to discuss learnings and works with electricity providers to bring renewables to challenging markets.

More in this new case study with @exponentialroad:… Image
Ahead of the US Climate Action Summit, Apple also announced strong progress on their #circulareconomy, including a major acceleration of its work to expand recycled materials across its product, including 2025 targets on:
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What an amazing few weeks for #Nuclear Power. First, DOE launched the #NuclearLiftoff Report. Sober, well reviewed and realistic:…
The Pathways to Commercial Liftoff: Advanced Nuclear report found that the U.S. will need between 550-770 GW of additional clean, firm power to complement the deployment of variable renewables in order reach net-zero by 2050.
All #CleanFirm resources come with Pluses and minuses that we try to define for the first time. Please give us feedback!
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1/Joint RDY-SPF Hearing: Posture and Readiness of the Mobility Enterprise

Commander of @US_TRANSCOM and Administrator of @DOTMARAD are now testifying.

Hang on!… via @YouTube
@US_TRANSCOM @DOTMARAD @YouTube 2/Van Ovost, "We are a generation late in recapitalizing our readiness #sealift fleet."

Average age of Ro/Ros = 44 years old

17 of the 44 ships are 50 years or older.
3/One link comment to the staffers at @HASCRepublicans @HASCDemocrats.

Ann Phillips is the Administrator of the Maritime Administration and Commandant of the US Maritime Service. Her placard should indicate Administrator Phillips and not her retired naval rank. Image
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Very proud of this team effort "A regional integrated assessment of the impacts of #climatechange and of the potential #adaptation avenues for #Quebec’s #forests" is now published

A (very long) thread. Buckle up!…

@cflscf @NRCan

First, I would like to acknowledge the work of all my colleagues including Jesus, Annie Claude, Yves, @mariehbrice, @DominicCyr, Louis, Daniel, @GauthierSylvie9 , Pierre, @Guillemette_L , Mathieu, Maryse, Tadeusz, Martin-Hugues, @ethiffault , @Tremblay_Jun and Stephen
Quebec’s #forests goes from northern hardwood with sugar #maple, beech, hemlock in the south, to pure boreal black #spruce forests up north. Natural #disturbances, go from single-tree windthrow or mortality in the south, to large stand-replacing #fires in the north.
3/n ImageImageImageImage
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1/10 🌐 Curious about why you would use @Conste11ation $DAG when there are specialized blockchain solutions like @energywebx $EWT and @MNWSupplyChain $MNW? Let's explore how Constellation can complement and enhance these networks! #Constellation #Interoperability
2/10 ⚡ @energywebx $EWT is focused on building a decentralized energy market, and @Conste11ation $DAG can provide secure data pipelines and validation for IoT devices in the energy sector, enhancing data integrity and performance. #EnergyWeb #IoT
3/10 🔄 By integrating with @Conste11ation, @energywebx can benefit from the scalable and secure HyperGraph network, allowing for seamless data exchange between different energy market players and fostering innovation. #HyperGraph #EnergyMarket
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1/10 🌟 Let's explore 🔟 Fortune 100 companies and how they could potentially benefit from building dApps on @Conste11ation $DAG. Get ready for some exciting use cases! #Constellation #Fortune100
2/10 🚘 #1 Walmart $WMT: The retail giant could build a dApp on Constellation for supply chain management, tracking products from source to store, ensuring transparency, and reducing inefficiencies. #Walmart #SupplyChain
3/10 ⚡ #2 Amazon $AMZN: Amazon could leverage Constellation for a decentralized e-commerce platform, creating a secure, transparent, and efficient marketplace for buyers and sellers. #Amazon #eCommerce
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I think at large people are missing the significance of a #web3 #wallet beyond just #hodling your favourite #Crypto #Cryptocurency token.

Maybe the same way they effortlessly think about using the #chrome browser.

They are both portals for the #WWW and #Web3 respectively
There are new functionalities being added to #web3 wallets to exist as wallets to hold your #credentials for zero knowledge #authentication.

This wallet market is going to be worth a whopper of a predicted $7 trillion market by 2027 alone.
One of the most significant comments on this movement is from the creation of the open source Open Wallet Foundation via Linux, which has been noted as potentially more significant than #Linux itself!!!!!


With members such as #ToIP and #Avast (#Gen)
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#RaisinaDialogue2023 | #JustTransitions: Old Fuels, New #Energy and Persistent Aspirations

We are live tweeting the session with @suman_bery, @Tharman_S, @JoTyndallNZ, @lordstern1, @nitinprasad, @ekitbi and @jayantsinha

Follow this thread for live updates!!

.@Tharman_S: Two things must guide #climatefinance: Scale and urgency. We are way behind meeting our #climate targets and we need to get moving quickly even if it is in an imperfect way.

#Raisina2023 #RaisinaDialogue2023
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Thread:1/12🚀Ready 2 explore how AI is transforming the future of farming?🌱From precision agriculture to predictive maintenance, join me & discover incredible ways that artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the agricultural industry. #AIFarming #FutureOfAgriculture
2/12: Precision Agriculture: AI can be used to analyze satellite and drone imagery to identify crop health and predict yields, allowing farmers to optimize their use of resources such as water, fertilizer, and pesticides. #AIFarming #PrecisionAg
3/12: Autonomous Farming: AI-powered autonomous vehicles and robots can perform a wide range of farming tasks, such as planting, harvesting, and pruning, reducing labor costs and improving efficiency. #AIFarming #AutonomousFarming
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Oggi è arrivato l’ok definitivo dell’#UE sullo stop alle auto a benzina e diesel dal 2035. Ma la transizione all’elettrico non è così semplice.
Stando all’ex Ceo di #Toyota, la maggioranza silenziosa degli addetti ai lavori è scettica sull’elettrico come unica via per il futuro dell’automotive. Non a caso il colosso giapponese ha scelto di diversificare e sta puntando su ibrido e #idrogeno.
La transizione all’elettrico, insomma, non è scontata. Da un lato serve un’infrastruttura di ricarica capillare, e non tutti i Paesi sono pronti. Dall’altro, c’è la complicatissima partita delle #batterie.
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When a #FreightTrain carrying toxic chemicals derailed near #EastPalestine, #Ohio, bursting into flame and sending up clouds of poisonous vinyl chloride smoke and gas, our immediate concerns were for the people in harm's way and the train's crew:… 1/ A locomotive steaming away ...
If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:… 2/
Those immediate concerns were soon joined by broader worries: that the entire rail industry presented a systematic danger, and the Ohio #derailment was a symptom of a much deeper pathology that endangered anyone who lives near one of the rail corridors that crisscross the US. 3/
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[Scaling Procurement]

People [and Diesel] are the single most important asset to your business and without the right people, business fails.

#dogsoftwitter #helpinghand
Developing a process to scale allows the #people to make sure the business can execute on companies objectives and #goals. #Bitcoin

Here are 5 steps to help your #procurement process.
Step 1: Streamline your procurement process by implementing a solution that includes project management for defined timelines and real-time project visibility. #procurement #projectmanagement #efficiency
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Here's a thread of (6) charts 📊 that are worth nothing from this last week's @MorganStanley Global Investment Committee (GIC) Weekly Report (01/30/23)... 🧵/👇🏼

#macro #economy #earnings #stocks #StockMarket #bonds…
1/🧵 "In the short run, flows, sentiment, positioning & technicals can be powerful drivers, while over the longer term, fundamentals like growth, profitability & productivity are critical, as are earnings surprises." @MorganStanley

#macro #earnings #stocks #StockMarket #bonds
2/🧵 "But sometimes, & for extended periods, markets can settle on one particular thesis, no matter how narrow or implausible." 📊h/t @MorganStanley @GoldmanSachs $MS $GS @Bloomberg

#macro #earnings #stocks #StockMarket #bonds $SPY $SPX
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With #smartcontracts on the scalable and feeless #Shimmer network, we will see the rise of frictionless, decentralized and scalable #web3 economies. 🚀

We gathered our six major use cases for you! 🧵👇
1) Energy management

Shimmer is well suited for energy markets, real-time data management and moving #carboncredit or #renewable energy certificates without transaction costs.
2) Digital Identity

Shimmer is ideal for #NFTs, native tokens and smart contracts to interact with digital identities. Identities can control other identities, which enables flexible modeling.
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Is maximum #supplychain Resilience one of your top 3 priorities for 2023?
Here’s a thread exploring what your primary tool should be
Decision models vs Forecasting models vs Visibility solutions.
Let’s start with pros & cons of each, the tradeoffs, and how they may interact–
1/11 Starting with visibility.
No one disputes that visibility is a necessary 1st step. You do need to see where your stuff is, where the blockages & delays are. But the issue is: does that really offer any solution to mitigate those disruptions? The straight honest answer is NO!
2/11 Visibility is a monitoring tool, it’s a great stethoscope, or X-ray device! Recall the Evergiven which got stuck in Suez Canal for 6d in ‘21 Mar blocking 369 ships behind it! It was very visible to all from day one, even from the Intl Space Station!
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Fascinating presentation on
Data Analytics for Cross-Border Paperless Trade
for UNESCAP-WCO-ICC-ADB audience by @DanMorpheusCEO of @MNWSupplyChain
on January 25, 2023

This is the full transcript combined with the slides

A thread

$MNW #ML #AI #Blockchain #SupplyChain
2/ Link to presentation

You can follow along:

$MNW #ML #AI #Blockchain #SupplyChain
3/ Introduction

$MNW #ML #AI #Blockchain #SupplyChain
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NeXTRADE and Morpheus Network have joined forces to help bring about the UN Sustainable Goals, propelling global supply chain automation into a new realm of possibilities. Here is what you need to know: 🧵🔽

$MNW #MNW #supplychain #UnitedNations @MNWSupplyChain @Morpheus_Neo_
1⃣ Who is NeXTRADE?
With NeXTRADE, small and medium enterprises can seamlessly join the global supply chain! This paperless SaaS product brings low trade finance costs, faster settlements & valuable inventory management insights.
In short: SMEs can take advantage of international standards-based operations without breaking the bank!
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The instant that governments rolled out #relief funds so #quarantine-shuttered firms wouldn't fail and #covid-furloughed workers wouldn't starve, execs started rubbing their forelegs together, planning to raise prices and blame #inflation caused by giving money to The Poors. 1/ Humpty Dumpty, smashed and crying at the bottom of a wall. T
If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:… 2/
They weren't exactly subtle about it: the CEOs of America's largest companies got on their quarterly investor calls and chortled about the willingness of "consumers" to blame inflation for the price-hikes they were cramming down their throats:… 3/
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