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NEW: Controversial Serbian businessman Stanko Subotić — who's currently suing OCCRP — sold land to French construction giant Vinci for 4x its estimated value.

Our latest #OpenLux investigation with @KRIKrs. 1/…
OCCRP reported in 2018 that Subotić, long linked to Balkan drug lord Darko Saric, was poised to reap millions from a Belgrade airport deal.

Today’s investigation shows the amount of money he received was far greater than initially projected. 2/…
When Nikola Tesla Airport was run by the state, land in the area was estimated to be worth ~€100 per sq meter by a gov’t advisory group.

But Vinci, the French firm that paid to be the airport's operator, ended up paying Subotić €436 per sq meter. He pocketed €47m. 3/
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ANNOUNCEMENT: OCCRP is being sued by Stanko Subotić, a powerful Serbian businessman whom we've written about in several investigations.

We stand by our reporting and will not be intimidated by vexatious lawsuits.…
OCCRP Publisher @DrewOCCRP and @KRIK journalist @DraganaPeco are also named in this suit, which is over this story from 2018. 2/…
Subotić alleges OCCRP and KRIK published the story as part of a media campaign against him orchestrated by the Serbian secret service, the mafia, and corrupt politicians.

"Mr. Subotić has no evidence of these demonstrably false claims," said Sullivan. 3/
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🔻#Thread Michaël Delafosse, Maire (PS) écolo et anti-pub de Montpellier a généreusement octroyé une ristourne de 264.901€ à JC Decaux sur 1 million € de facture

-> N° 1 mondial de la pub sur mobilier urbain avec 365 millions € de bénéfices, #OpenLux |…
La somme équivaut à la moitié du budget du plan pauvreté de la municipalité ; ou encore à 10 salaires d’Atsem pendant 1 an (les Atsem, les employés municipaux des cantines scolaires, mènent une lutte depuis 2 ans contre la précarité de l’emploi.
Ils sont aujourd’hui sanctionnés pour leur mouvement social car Michaël Delafosse s’est empressé de faire jouer à leur encontre une loi de Macron réformant la fonction publique territoriale.
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NEW: OCCRP and @irpinvestigates uncover new details about the ’Ndrangheta mafia’s presence in Luxembourg.

We found restaurants, bars, and companies tied to a high-ranking member of the fearsome criminal group. #OpenLux…
2) "It is thought from investigations in Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands especially, that Luxembourg is a transit territory for both mafia individuals and their activities and money," explained @annasergi, a leading expert on the ’Ndrangheta.
3) Santo Rumbo, a rising star in the ’Ndrangheta, relocated to Luxembourg after working with crime bosses in Canada.

Police arrested him in Luxembourg in 2019, but Italian authorities told OCCRP they were uncertain what he was doing in the country.
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La familia Corach es dueña de un departamento en París 🇫🇷y otro en Punta del Este 🇺🇾, a través de una trama de sociedades offshore
Hoy en @LANACION con @halconada y @Guilledraper…
El semipiso en París está a nombre de Blink Europe 🇱🇺
⏺️ 120 m2, dos habitaciones, balcón francés
⏺️ Ubicado entre la Torre Eiffel y el Arco del Triunfo
⏺️ Valor aprox de mercado: 1,5 MM de euros
⏺️ Corach se retiró y desde allí escribió sus memorias
El dpto en Punta del Este⛵️está a nombre de Adriel SA
⏺️ 200 m2, tres habitaciones, balcón terraza
⏺️ Edificio de lujo, frente al mar, en Playa Brava🌊
⏺️ Valor aprox de mercado: U$ 750.000
⏺️ Tiene SPA, sauna y pileta
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#OpenLux 🇱🇺
Luxemburgo, ese secretísimo paraíso fiscal que guarda al menos 3000 MM de 78 beneficiarios argentinos 🇦🇷
Hoy en @LANACION con @halconada en alianza con @OCCRP y @lemondefr…
#OpenLux 🇱🇺
Esos 3000 MM son sólo de beneficiarios finales 🇦🇷 , pero hay otros cientos de "managers" argentinos con sociedades que mueven billones de euros como por ejemplo Grupo Techint, entre otros
Los Macri manejaron el negocio de los parques eólicos desde un paraíso fiscal
⏺️Gianfranco M es el beneficiario de Lares Corp 🇱🇺
⏺️Lares invirtió en 6 parques eólicos en 🇦🇷 y canalizó dinero de las ventas
⏺️El negocio dejó ganancia por U$ 69 MM…
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The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is a founding member of the EU, but it's also a rogue state, enabling massive corruption throughout the trading bloc; while Cyprus and Malta will sell any corrupt robber-baron EU citizenship, it's Luxembourg that leads in laundering their money.

As the @TaxJusticeNet's @nickshaxson memorably put it, Luxembourg is "a criminal enterprise with a country attached" - a country where corporations are guaranteed "an easy ride on taxes, disclosure, financial regulations, and criminal enforcement."…

2014's #Luxleaks exposed some of the worst corruption, whereby @PwC worked with Luxembourg officials to secure illegal tax benefits for major corporations and the world's richest people.

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NEW: Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić denies having any ties to Stanko Subotić, a businessman with links to a regional drug lord.

But now, OCCRP & @KRIKrs reveal that one of the president’s closest confidantes has done business with Subotić. #OpenLux 1/…
The outsized role that Nikola Petrović, the president's "best man," plays in Serbia was noted by five US Congress members in 2015.

In a letter to then-VP Joe Biden, they expressed concern that a small group had "consolidated their influence" over key Serbian industries. 2/
Petrović’s ties to Subotić flow through their respective companies in Luxembourg, an historically secretive jurisdiction.

Reporters found this connection using a corporate registry obtained by @LeMonde. Here’s what they uncovered 👇 3/
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Luxembourg has made steps towards greater transparency. But it’s still a prime destination for dirty money worldwide.

Here's how the tiny nation became a center of corporate secrecy, who has benefited, and how our #OpenLux investigation pried it open.…
2) Most "offshore" zones, like Panama or the British Virgin Islands, specialize in one particular facet of secretive financial services. But Luxembourg does it all, acting as "a kind of Swiss army knife" for elites around the world, economics professor @gabriel_zucman told OCCRP.
3) Corrupt officials, criminals, and shady businessmen from around the world have all taken advantage. So much Russian capital has found its way to Luxembourg — and back again — that the tiny European state is now one of the country’s biggest foreign "investors."
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NEW: Luxembourg has been a haven for financial crime for decades.

Now, a corporate registry obtained by @LeMondefr, and shared with OCCRP, reveals how global elites used companies in the tiny nation to operate in the shadows.

This is #OpenLux (thread):
2) Using a string of Luxembourg firms, we reveal how Indonesian billionaire Sukanto Tanoto 🇮🇩 secretly purchased the historic Ludwig complex in Munich 🇩🇪

The palm oil tycoon has been dubbed the top driver of deforestation in the world.…
3) It turns out Luxembourg is a favored destination for oligarchs, tycoons, and royalty looking to snap up some of the continent’s most expensive real estate.

We put some of our most interesting findings into this interactive map.…
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C'est parti pour #OpenLux, l'enquête internationale coordonnée par Le Monde sur le Luxembourg, coffre-fort de l'Europe.
Je vais essayer de vous lister ici nos principales révélations tout au long de la semaine ⤵…
Tout d'abord, #OpenLux, c'est quoi ?
Une enquête de plus d'un an menée par 17 médias internationaux, sur la base de millions de documents récemment rendus publics par le Luxembourg, mais peu accessibles
« Ceci n’est pas un leak »
Ce making-of vous permettra d'en savoir plus sur la façon dont on a constitué la base de données #OpenLux. Et notamment sur l'énorme travail de @fneffer pour faire parler ces millions de documents.…
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