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In #MilesGuo's superseding indictment there is a list of bank accounts that were seized.

➤ $303mm from $SI (Silvergate)
➤ $4.6mm from #FVBank
➤ $299mm from #MercantileBankInternational
➤ $9.9mm from #USBank

#HamiltonOpportunityFund, #GETTR, and #Himalaya related names ImageImageImageImage
Here's the particulars and here's a link to the indictment.… Image
I hadn't heard of #MercantileBank. It's a "US bank with global access" located on crypto bro's second favorite island: Puerto Rico.

It caters to startups, specifically those in digital assets and other shady things like energy transition and "creative entrepeneurship". 🤔 ImageImageImage
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#CarolaSchouten werkt voor het WEF en feliciteert #WEF van #KlausSchwab met Mega Voedsel Centrales (aka #FoodHubs vol #GMO-gif en voedselproducten met zwaar verminderde voedingswaarden zoals vitaminen.)

#ChristenUnie #GertJanSegers… Image
#CarolaSchouten werkt voor het WEF van #KlausSchwab met Mega Voedsel Centrales
(aka #FoodHubs met #GMO-voedselproducten met zwaar verminderde voedingswaarden én mogelijk #mRNA)

#NeurenbergCode #NeurenbergTribunaal2…
De WHO is bezig ongekende macht naar zich toe te trekken ten koste van uw vrijheden en rechten…

Medisch #fascisme
#Landverraad door uitlevering aan een buitenlandse entiteit. ImageImageImageImage
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#CIA and #MI6 KNEW #Iraq had NO WMDs. #USA #GeorgeWBush #Cheney @CondoleezzaRice #ColinPowell and #UK #TonyBlair knew it too so they needed a plan to slander #SaddamHussein: Use 3rd party called #Bellingcat to launder #lies via client #journalists + #media, and manipulate World. #CIA and #MI6 KNEW #Iraq ha...
When USEFUL IDIOTS lie: #Navalny with #Bellingcat's Christo Grosev said, "#Novichok disappears from body within hrs" plus Navalny's chief of staff Leonid Volkov trigger phrase "#Putin's signature" for effect. They forgot #Skripal's blood were taken weeks after they were poisoned.
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Never ever forget what they did.
3 part video thread which needs to be shared and shared, and shared again.

To the unvaccinated,
You resisted this pressure.
You are the heroes.
👏🏻 👏🏻 👏🏻

Part 1
Never ever forget what they did.
3 part video thread which needs to be shared and shared, and shared again.

To the unvaccinated,
You resisted this pressure.
You are the heroes.
👏🏻 👏🏻 👏🏻

Part 2
Never ever forget what they did.
3 part video thread which needs to be shared and shared, and shared again.

To the unvaccinated,
You resisted this pressure.
You are the heroes.
👏🏻 👏🏻 👏🏻

Part 3
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Prince Alwaleed meets with French President Hollande…
"In 2014, Prince Alwaleed met Mr. Tom Wolber, President of Euro Disney S.A.S, Paris. The two discussed a number of issues that included KHC’s investment in Euro Disney in which it holds a 10 % stake..."
And again..

Prince Alwaleed Attends 20th Microsoft CEO Summit

Prince Alwaleed Meets Warren Buffett & Bill Gates


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19/. If you think our press is free, think again

Here’s John Stockwell - ex CIA Operations Director - speaking in 1978, about how the CIA disseminate propaganda in the media

Methods are sophisticated

In the UK the MOD has 77th Brigade, SGMI etc
20/. “Journalists had very little choice but to accept our version of events & relay it more-or-less unedited to the public. If journalists weren’t supportive we’d freeze them out”

@carneross who was a key UK govt official on Iraq during build up to war
21/. “It was basically a PR process led by No.10”

Carne Ross explains how #TonyBlair, Alistair Campbell etc. prepared the path to war in Iraq in 2003

“Certain journalists are rewarded with access for being supportive of the story" #IraqWar
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By the 2024 election #TonyBlair will be the only person to have won an election for @UKLabour in half a century.

If you don’t think his 10 year term and record below merit a knighthood when the Lords is stuffed full of Tory donors, Claire Fox & and Ian Botham, I can’t help you.
This doesn't even include additional achievements like the 2008 Climate Change Act.
“But Blair and Brown were just Tory-lite!”

Er, bollocks.
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"We won't reach #netzeroemissions without stopping arbitrary wars and interventions".

Ali Borhani has written a proposal for a dashboard that measures the #co2footprint of wars and occupations, so that the 'climate bill' can be sent to the antagonists.…
This is a call for measurement, reflection and tax on future arbitrary wars not sanctioned by @UN or its Security Council. @antonioguterres

The person he wishes to speak with directly to make this happen is #TonyBlair at the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change @InstituteGC.
This is a meeting and dialogue I would love to happen for its own potential plus ripple effect. So please spread the word.

#cop26action #netzerofuture #climateaction
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Séisme mondial.
35 chefs d’État & 130 milliardaires (Tony Blair, DSK, rock-stars etc) épinglés dans les #PandoraPapers pour avoir placé des milliers de milliards de $ à l’abri dans les paradis fiscaux : ils volent l'Etat et font sécession pour satisfaire leurs intérêts privés

Et désormais les #PandoraPapers : en moins de 10 ans, ces affaires illustrent combien le système financier international permet et encourage la criminalité en col blanc, en toute impunité.
En pratiquant l'#EvasionFiscale à grande échelle, chefs d'Etat, milliardaires, stars du showbiz piétinent l'intérêt général : ces milliards d'euros détournés sont autant de crèches, d'écoles, d'hôpitaux qui ne sont pas construits, et de politiques climatiques non menées.
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1/. #PandoraPapers reveal secret dealings of 330+ politicians & officials - including 35 current & former heads of state & govt

Exposé is based on a leaked dataset of 11.9 million files from all over the world & include disclosures about Tory party donors…
2/. “The tax system is a haven of scams, perks, City deals and profits" (#TonyBlair 1994)

The #PandoraPapers reveal the Blair’s bought an offshore firm that owned the £6.5m house they were buying so did not have to pay £312,000 in stamp duty @BBCPanorama…
3/. The #PandoraPapers expose offshore accounts of world leaders, billionaires, oligarchs & criminals

It should lead to a crackdown on tax loopholes & money laundering...but we’ve been here before

What was the impact of #PanamaPapers & #ParadisePapers?
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PHOTO 1: US diplomat evacuate US from embassy via helicopter as the #Taliban enter #Kabul from all sides. #Afghanistan (2021)

PHOTO 2: US diplomat evacuate US from embassy via helicopter as the PAVN & Viet Cong capture of Saigon, Vietnam (1975)
"We learn from history that we learn nothing from history." (George Bernard Shaw)

The Mechanics of History by Yoann Bourgeois. (video via @fguzfguz)
#Afghanistan #Kabul #Taliban #AfghanistanBurning #KabulHasFallen #Afghan_lives_matter
In 2005, I wrote a piece in a now defunct publication, arguing that those who believed that the invasion & occupation of #Iraq & #Afghanistan had been ‘an disaster’ were misunderstanding the thinking of those who took us to war

For them it was a success.…
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I tweeted this almost a year ago & had since forgotten about it, but is worth retweeting, since it goes to the heart of what is rotten, not just in the state of Denmark, but in ALL states.

It is by demonising, manipulating & exploiting human tribalism that society's elites rule.
Why do the academics we look to as authorities on understanding society, the state & civilisation fail to recognise this?

Academics are privileged clients and employees of the state. That’s why.

It is of existential importance that academics themselves recognise this.
Who are these elites?

First & foremost, academics & those who passed through their hands at university & now have high-status & influential positions in society. To name just one of countless examples: #DavidAaronovitch, an eminent journalist who works for @thetimes & #TheBBC.
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If we were living 400 years ago, in the year 1621, it would be obvious to virtually all of us that the world was stationary at the centre of the universe, & that those who argued for the Copernican, heliocentric, world view were nutters.
Not just because religious/academic authority supported this view but because of common sense: you only had to observe the heavens for confirmation. If the Earth moved, we would surely notice it. And to suggest it was a wandering star, like Venus or Mars, was blatantly absurd.
Now, 400 years later, with academic & even religious authority teaching us that the heliocentric view was correct after all, we all believe it, despite continuing to contradict common sense.
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I think #DavidAttenborough, on behalf of his whole generation, owes #GretaThunberg & her generation an abject apology for having failed to instigate a #SustainabilityRevolution, the existential need for which has been apparent to many of us since the early 1970s.
I apologise for my own boomer generation, but it would be better coming from more influential individuals like #BillClinton, #BillGates & #TonyBlair. Only, they don't recognise the failure, or their co-responsibility for it, since that would tarnish their self-image.
These men & thousands like them, & a smaller number of women, who profited greatly from our unsustainable global economy, will almost certainly die in denial of their failings, as many, like #MargretThatcher & #HelmutSchmidt have already done.
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#Hilo🧵 #DonaldTrump fue postulado al #NobeldelaPaz por su apoyo al acuerdo entre Israel y los Emiratos Árabes Unidos, en una historia disparatada, pero no tanto cuando resulta que dictadores y políticos corruptos también fueron postulados.

Aquí un recuento de ellos. ⬇️ ⬇️ Image
😅En 1939, el parlamentario sueco Erik Brandt, un conocido antifacista, se le ocurrió postular a #AdolfHitler al premio. En la carta de postulación, plagada de sarcasmo, describió el amor de Hitler por la paz. Obvio fue descartada, pero quedó constancia del registro. Image
👀Otro despropósito ocurrió en 1935. Un grupo de académicos alemanes no tuvieron empacho en afirmar que el mejor candidato para el Nobel de la Paz era #BenitoMussolini que ya gobernaba a Italia con mano dura y se aprestaba a invadir Etiopía. Image
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Britain's political elite is dominated by psychopathic minions of #BigBrother, who deny & despise the natural racial & ethnic foundations of genuine nationhood.

It is natural & healthy to identify with & favour one's own kin/race, which BB insists is discriminatory & RACIST.
Because the Nazis took ethno-nationalism to criminally insane extremes, western academia (which included many traumatised Jews) went to the opposite but equally insane extreme of denying the natural racial & ethnic foundations of nationhood altogether.
This extreme overreaction (rooted in Jewish trauma at the hands of the Nazis) was weaponise by #BigBrother & his minions as an instrument of socio-political intimidation & control, which now dominates the West.
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Why have good intentions so consistently paved the way to hell?
1) A lack of understanding of evolved human nature & of how it is perverted & corrupted by civilisation itself.

2) Good intentions attract those seeking to exploit the moral authority & high social status associated with them for personal advantage. People like #JustinTrudeau.
In place of Justin Trudeau, I might have named #TonyBlair or #BillClinton.

I don't like judging individuals I barely know, but "liberal" politicians always rise to power by deceitfully posing as moral authorities, which I feel sure the three I have named did.
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#Anonimus publicó un documento de 91 páginas titulado "El Pequeño Libro Negro de Jeffrey #Epstein", en donde se revelan los nombres de todas las personalidades relacionadas con el ya fallecido empresario y su red de #tráfico de menores.
Descrito en una declaración jurada del F.B.I. en 2009, es «un pequeño libro encuadernado» que contiene los nombres de las personas que pueden haber conocido a Epstein socialmente.
#EpsteinDidntKillHimself Image
Virginia Giuffre, reveló que cuando era menor de edad tuvo relaciones sexuales con el príncipe Andrés, el tercer hijo de la reina Isabel II. La acusación ha sido negada en reiteradas ocasiones por el Palacio de Buckingham.
#stopchildabuse Image
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Bet all you "Pandemic" believers feel so much happier now you know that virtually every war criminal, eugenicist and fascist has control of your health going forward.

Good job!…

#NewNormal Image
"A dramatic increase in technological surveillance is a “price worth paying” to fight Covid-19, argues a report from the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change." Image
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I hate to make political points of a tragedy like #LondonBridge but since the #Conservative party are lying through their teeth trying to blame #Labour its time to remind people of Tory complicity & responsibility for blow back terrorism. Here’s a brief thread. Pls RT #Marr etc
1. Back in 2011 David Cameron was PM & Theresa May Home Sec: UK Gov was actively seeking to topple Gaddafi using scaremongering like “massacre about to happen”. UK along with usual invaders France & US started illegally bombing #Libya : foreign jihadi fighters were needed
2. Salman Abedi ( #Manchester bomber) & his father were members of a Libyan dissident group – the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) – covertly supported by the UK to assassinate Qadafi in 1996. At this time, the LIFG was an affiliate of Osama Bin Laden’s #alqaeda . #Marr
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Paul Loves a Timeline

Before continuing,
always good 2 have
metrics at hand.

Murdoch Murdoch Murdoch

News of the World

Destroying Democracy
Mob Tactics

Mob Tactics

So lets review.
UK Phone Hacking Scandal Fast Facts

British newspapers
r accused of making payments
2 police + hacking N2 phones of:
law makers
murder victims
Most cases involve
News Corp.'s News of the World,
Sun, DMG publications involved.…
Let's note + begin w

British Monarchy

November 2005

British tabloid
News of the World
prints story about
Prince William
injuring knee,
prompting royal officials
2 complain 2 police
of probable voicemail hacking.

Phone Hacking = MobTactic

Murdoch's fall in bowl of soup.
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Tony Blair linked to China's most wanted, Mar-a-Lago member Guo Wengui…
📌The story about Flamboyant Chinese tycoon & Mar-A-Largo member Guo Wengui has many odd twists & turns.

In addition to being a friend of former PM Tony Blair, add in efforts to extradite him by rapper Pras Michel, Elliot Broidy & connex w/ #1MDB scandal.…
📌Background: Mr Guo, also known as Miles Kwok, paid for Mr Blair to fly with him on a private jet to meet Abu Dhabi's royal family, successfully raising billions of dollars to fund Mr Guo's Chinese deals in 2013, it has been claimed.…
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