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BREAKING: German authorities are raiding the Bavarian home of Russian oligarch Alisher Usmanov, looking for evidence of alleged tax evasion and money laundering.

Our latest with @SZ, @NDR, and @WDR 1/…
@SZ @ndr @WDR Over a hundred officers have descended on Rottach Egern, a small town on picturesque Lake Tegernsee, where Usmanov and one of his sisters own several homes — including this imposing villa — through convoluted offshore arrangements. 2/
@SZ @ndr @WDR The ultra-wealthy Usmanov has been known for his share of the Arsenal football club, his tech investments, and his charitable giving.

But in 2017, a widely-viewed investigation by Russian opposition leader Navalny alleged he gave a large property to then-PM Dmitry Medvedev.

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NEW: OCCRP exposes the luxury properties, offshore companies, and vast investments connected to Andrei Kostin, sanctioned head of the Russian state lender known as “Putin’s piggy bank,” VTB. 1/……
On paper, many of them are owned by Eric Whyte, a Canadian who lived in the Soviet Union as a boy. OCCRP discovered at least 10 of his companies in secretive offshore financial jurisdictions that controlled a portfolio of luxury properties across Russia and Europe. 2/ Image
These include Hotel Tannenhof, a “luxury bolthole” in the Alps where rooms rent for up to $6,000 a night. Publicly the hotel appears to belong to an Austrian couple — but reporters found it was owned by VTB until 2015, then sold to two companies, one belonging to Whyte. 3/ Image
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NEW: For years, Vladimir Putin has denied any connection to the palace, villas, and other assets that reporters have tied to him.

But we found that these properties have something in common: The companies that own them are secretly interconnected. /1…
They ostensibly operate in different areas — but many of them share directors and shareholders.

Tying them together is a mysterious email domain: It’s operated by an IT firm close to Bank Rossiya, a sanctioned lender widely known as “Putin’s bank.” /2
The domain has been used to register dozens of email addresses used by these companies, their directors, their shareholders, and their employees.

Leaked emails show them discussing common business, as if they were part of a single system. /3
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@CFNU @canadanurses take note;
From @RNAO leadership & board @MorganHoffarth & @DorisGrinspun
We have seen no content

This is what the ppl of Ontario want to see from strong leaderships. Everything in excess of 1% in pay should be repaid or resign
solidarity is everything
@DorisGrinspun ... mmmm
An emergency meeting should be held to remove her. If 100,000+ nurses are capped at 1% ... while she enjoyed a [52%] raise since #DougFord took office #RussianAssetTracker
'21 - 9.6%
'20 - 26.8%
'19 - 8.4%
'18 - 7.2%
#onpoli #onted
May1st is a saturday! ImageImage
#MAYDAY2022 could end up ⬆️ looking like 2017 or 2021
#DougFord doesn't want this kinda smoke
May1st is a Sat
There is literally no justifiable excuse for 52% gain in pay when 100,000 nurses are capped at 1%
@_RyersonNursing @GrittyNurse
@UofTNursing @ANANursingWorld
@SHNcares ImageImage
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NEW: OCCRP and the @guardian uncover how the Russian-Uzbek oligarch Alisher Usmanov places his assets beyond the reach of sanctions through secretive offshore jurisdictions, trusts, and Swiss bank accounts. #RussianAssetTracker 1/…
Pulling from leaked data sets including #SuisseSecrets, #PanamaPapers, and #FinCenFiles, reporters pieced together a partial picture of how Usmanov has obscured his holdings —including by making his sister, a Tashkent gynecologist, one of the major beneficiaries. 2/
Saodat Narzieva is listed as the beneficial owner of 27 accounts at Swiss banking giant Credit Suisse.

One of these accounts held a max balance of over $2.1 billion. Others held max balances in the hundreds of millions. 3/
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Eine #Taskforce sollte die Probleme bei der Durchsetzung der #Sanktionen lösen. Kanzleramt und Bundesregierung bekamen dafür vor 10Tagen viel gute Presse. Viel passiert ist seither aber offenbar nicht. Ein Thread mit ein paar neuen Infos: 1/x #Oligarchen #Putin #Russland #Ukraine
Nachdem Medien über Probleme bei der Umsetzung der Sanktionen gerade gegen sogenannte #Oligarchen berichtet hatten (u.a.… und… und…), kündigte die Bundesregierung vor 10Tagen an, eine #Taskforce einzurichten.2/x
Dabei wurde gezielt der Eindruck erweckt, der @Bundeskanzler mache Thema zur Chefsache. Auf „direkte Bitte des Bundeskanzlers“ sollte Kanzleramt und Staatssekretär @joergkukies eine „übergeordnete koordinierende Rolle“ einnehmen. 3/x…
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Introducing the #RussianAssetTracker: our global collaboration tracking the wealth of oligarchs & officials with alleged ties to Putin

First up: we've confirmed $17bn worth of assets in bank accounts, yachts, jets & luxury properties. More to come...…
The project, powered by reporters across the world including @guardian @OCCRP and @SZ, has so far found more than 80 properties in London and south-east England linked to Russian oligarchs #RussianAssetTracker
Our own @JulietteGarside explains why we've decided to launch the #RussianAssetTracker which includes an array of offshore wealth

"The difficulty in enforcing the latest sanctions suggests there are still many places to hide"…
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Here we go! Ein Kollege sagte, das ist die Encyclopædia Britannica der russischen Vermögen weltweit. Wir arbeiten weiterhin daran ✊ #RussianAssetTracker
Gestartet haben das Projekt das @OCCRP mit dem @guardian, insgesamt sind nun 25 verschiedene Medien daran beteiligt. “Wir beim OCCRP recherchieren und enthüllen russische Vermögenswerte im Westen seit 15 Jahren“, sagt @DrewOCCRP. Er hat das Medium mitbegründet & leitet es.
Das macht dieses Projekt auch so spannend, hier arbeiten Journalist:innen mit sehr großer Expertise zusammen. Viele haben mit Leaks gearbeitet— Panama Papers, Paradise Papers you name! All das fließt in den #RussianAssetTracker ein. Denn: es geht weiter.
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BREAKING: OCCRP and partners have uncovered dozens of assets tied to Russia’s ruling class. And this is just the beginning.

We'll continue to identify and catalog their yachts, mansions, and other ill-gotten gains here, in #RussianAssetTracker 🔍…
Despite facing unprecedented scrutiny, we found that Russia's ruling class has still been able to effectively control lucrative assets abroad through opaque corporate structures and proxies.

Here are a few examples we've uncovered so far 👇…
Reporters found real estate throughout the EU worth millions of dollars tied to Roman Abramovich, the owner of FC Chelsea, including:

➡️ An estate in St. Tropez 🇫🇷 — Est. value unknown
➡️ A house on Lake Fuschl 🇦🇹 — Est. value $15.3M…
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We found Russian assets worth more than $17 billion around the world. Mansions, castles, yachts, private planes, apartments in London & Paris—you name it. You can find all of it here:… #RussianAssetTracker @OCCRP
The project was initiated by @OCCRP & @guardian and starts with a list of 35 people—the „Navalny 35“. Alexei Navalny, the jailed Russian opposition leader, identified them as „key enablers and beneficiaries of the Kremlins kleptocracy“. Many of them are sanctioned today
„We at @OCCRP have been investigating and uncovering Russian assets in the West for 15 years, so we know how they tend to be hidden”, says @DrewOCCRP. Overall, 25 media outlets worked on this and we’re not done yet.
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