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How did so many of America's secrets end up at Mar-a-Lago?…

An actual expert in national security wonders "how could this happen," as if Donald Trump didn't broadcast his disregard for integrity, security & the oath he swore with every breath.
I mean, this is simply embarrassing. To even consider, for a moment, how ridiculous it is to think, "How could this happen?"

Really, @sarahdwire? You can't imagine how Donald Trump, a scumbag who demanded that his son-in-law get security clearance...
clearance that he was denied three separate times for, could stoop so low? A man who had stormtroopers shoot rubber bullets and teargas at protestors so he could stand in front of a church and hold a bible upside down, how could THIS happen?
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Anyone seen the balloon soundings for Cape Canaveral?
So they just announced today's sounding balloons showed clean air all the way up. But the range is still RED due to weather. I'll be surprised if they fuel but I was also surprised they launched the Challenger Popsicle.
They have one item on the check list in addition to the weather. They are set to fuel around the top of the hour. For me the easy way to make the decision is, would you hesitate for a second if it was unmanned? If you would, then scrub it.
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.@POTUS Trump comes out & insults @WhiteHouse press. Trump is socially low caste: son of a Queens slum lord, grandson of a pimp. Evangelicals want to why God brought a plague? Look in the mirror. And She's coming for you. @Paula_White @Franklin_Graham @JerryFalwellJr @JoelOsteen
This presser is going to be a propaganda show of how great the #OrangeMenace is. @MSNBC move on. Report anything he says that might be true. Not much chance. More @NYGovCuomo. Empathy is what we need. Not the damaged excuse for a human. Bloomberg stock show for now.
Just watch the presser kill the market.
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1. How many people will die because @FoxNews is a black-Propaganda organ disseminating false information? IMO everyone who was involved in editorial decision to push enemy propaganda is personally liable as a contributing cause of every death along with all Fox News sponsors.
2. We need to begin the law suits against @rupertmurdoch and the Kochs who IMO are part of the conspiracy. Also we need to preserve the evidence of on-air personalities at Fox News who were involved in the Propaganda attacks and insure they are all made defendants.
3. Pushing the Murdock and Koch families into Chapter 7 to help pay for the damage they and the #OrangeMenace have already caused. No mercy. Every penny. And then prison. For life. @GroverNorquist
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1. The Natalie Sour Edwards case that I have reported links the RNC GOP and Trump 2016 campaigns to Russian money finally woke up. It's been several months of no activity at all. Then just now the USA sent the judge a Classified Information Procedures Act ("CIPA) stipulated
2. protective order to sign. Unless Barr or somebody else put the SARs under a classification this looks like something else. Some reminders: It is a Trump related #SDNY case that US Attorney Berman should be recused in but isn't.
3. And the defendant is mid-level #FinCEN employee who is represented by Ben Brafman the same lawyer who represents Harvey Weinstein and other very rich clients. It's obvious that somebody is paying for her representation. I think it's likely the RNC and/or the Kochs.
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1. I'm going to repeat some earlier posts of mine.

The case Trump filed in NY to stop the NYC grand jury was clearly filed in a panic. I don't think they knew about the grand jury until two subpoenas were issued for Trump org and Masars. Case number is a 2018 number so the
2. grand jury has been investigating Trump for at least eight months & started before Barr was confirmed so Mueller could have given them everything under 6(e). The NYC prosecutors had to know Trump would try to stop them so they kept it secret. But they could get Deutchebank's
3. Trump tax returns in secret. I presume they want the one Masars has because it's the one the IRS got. I'm a long time fraud hunting Bankruptcy attorney and I'm betting the returns won't match and will prove Trumps committed bank fraud in addition to false business records.
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That's why we own him. We can charge him in 2021 or impeach and remove him when we have run the traitorous @SenateGOP out of DC. His Antitrust opinion tells me he wants to hang out. Let's watch how he rules against the traitor in the @whitehouse before making any decisions.
@SenateGOP @WhiteHouse I'm a liberal Antitrust lawyer. Trust me folks. Just wait and see what he does. Remember this?

Surprise! Kavanaugh joins liberal justices in 5-4 decision… via @thinkprogress
@SenateGOP @WhiteHouse @thinkprogress Trump's panicky tweet today confirms to me @POTUS and the @WhiteHouse RICO fear what I predict may be Kavanaugh's historic legacy: The guy who got the #OrangeMenace.

I love the smell of politics in the morning. I reminds me
of . . . victory. 😎
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1. The #OrangeMenace is traveling to a virtual college today. @SNHU is one of those on-line schools that sells on-line college degree programs. Today that degree will be forever linked to White Supremacy and the Nazi-In-Chief. A real marketing branding boon for the school.
2. Here are some reviews that are not very good even if you ignore the connection to Nazis.…
3. So if it's an on-line school, who's going to the rally? Let me guess? @GOPLeader @SenateGOP @HouseGOP @UnionLeader @Manchester_NH @WhiteHouse
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1. South Dakota Sturgis Bike Rally was not Trump country this year? So destruction of US farmers does matter? @RoundsforSenate may find himself in a horse race if @TheDemocrats can find strong candidate. Wanted: Person to fight to save #SouthDakota from the #OrangeMenace.
2. I had Rounds in my "Safe Seven" group. He's going in the barrel with #LeningradLindsey and #MoscowMitch McConnell my endangered species group. Funny how much folks can take but when you go after their farms, perhaps you've gone too far.

@LindseyGrahamSC @senatemajldr
3. Let's give our friends in the @SoDakDems a follow and roll up our sleeves to save South Dakota from @SenateGOP.

@OSTOfficial1 @lakotalaw @KrystalRain8 @franayyyy @PMagouirkFollowing
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1. So Stephen Ross has a home in Southampton? Anyone have the address?

Two fundraisers
First, at Joe Farrell's Bridgehampton home. He is reported to be a builder.
Second, at Steven Ross's home in Southampton.
Then POTUS flew at 3:45pm from Gabreski Airport in
2. Westampton to his New Jersey club. Having spent many an August day in the area the traffic must be nightmarish.

And I'm betting Ross will pay a social price for inviting the low caste Queen's riff-raff and the protesters to Southampton.
3. I remember when President Bush wanted to play at Southampton's Shinnecock Hills. The members told him to pound sand. 😎 @maggieNYT
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1. California Requires Trump Tax Returns Under New Election Law
2. This may seem like a stunt but it can have real impact on the CA Congressional races. With @POTUS @Trump not on the ballot the endangered @HouseGOP may see safe CA seats like @DevinNunes @GOPLeader put in in play when the #MAGA can't vote for the #OrangeMenace.
3. Any Dems out there in CA in these districts who want to take a chance here are the other GOP house members who just lost about 5% to 10% of their turnout. Maybe more.
@DougLaMalfa CA 1st
@tommcclintock CA 4th
@RepPaulCook CA 8th
@KenCalvert CA 42nd
@Rep_Hunter CA 50th
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But we're not talking about #JeffreyEpstein are we? Propaganda is a thing. I had the opportunity to study it at University level right before we were tricked into thinking the former Soviet Russians & Chinese Communists were our pals. This is simply a diversion from #Epstein.
Is the #MAGA crew fleeing the Titanic ahead of the revelations that they have been worshiping a pedophile? Here's one who won't even be on planet earth when court unseals the identities of #JeffreyEpstein's child rape crew. And IMO this is what has the #OrangeMenace freaked.
From the request:
"I am unavailable on July 25 due to travel and will likely not even have telephone access at that time. Rather than further delay the process toward unsealing the remainder of the record request to be excused from participating in the Conference." 😎@j
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1. I can't tell you how much nicer @Twitter is when @realdonaldtrump is blocked.

I just checked his feed. 100% he has not posted since yesterday mid-day. I'm certain this recent post was not from him:
2. "Last year was the first in 51 years where prescription drug prices actually went down, but things have been, and are being, put in place that will drive them down substantially. If Dems would work with us in a bipartisan fashion, we would get big results very fast!"
3. Syntax, proper use of comma in a clause plus post's rational content means no possibility this was the #OrangeMenace whose Adderall addiction is starting to cause increasing signs of psychosis erupting in rage.
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1. My best analysis of what Trump did yesterday and what happened in Judge Hazel's court today. First, Trump saw the tweet that he was caving in the census case and went berserk. Demanded an all hands and the Pence was forced to turn around. I would bet that Barr and/or Hunt
2. were required to come to the Whitehouse for Trump's tantrum. It is almost certain that they had already given the options but likely went over it again. They first had to determine the latest possible time to comply with the census under the Constitution. Likely said October.
3. Then they told Trump it would take at least that long or longer to complete the NY and MD cases to get them through the courts of appeals to SCOTUS and so they left thinking it was done. And the printing was left in place.
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1. @GOP may be playing a game by saying how scared they are of @KamalaHarris. But simply from the facts of the US electorate, I dont' think anyone can claim that Harris has a better chance to defeat the #orangemenace than @JoeBiden. I'm not saying she isn't qualified
2. Just that Trump has a better chance to beat her than Joe. I get that we want change and the time is long overdue for a woman, but we risk electing the person who will be our last elected president if we don't pick Joe. That's a simple fact. So my suggestion is
3. make your case but don't tear down other democrats and fall into the hands of the Russia dominated @GOP. #ThisIsNotADrill
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1. Trump is in Iowa. @JoeBiden likely planned his trip to be there at the same time knowing that would bait Trump into giving Joe the news cycle. Trump's first stop was at an ethanol plant. I make his crowd as less than 300. Trump in Iowa at Ethenol plant crown view as he leaves.  IMO less than 300. He likely had more in his security detail.
2. Trump about to arrive at Iowa GOP dinner. He stayed clear of the @IowaSoybeans folks he's destroying with tariffs but in a few minutes we will see how the Iowa state @GOP, whose major constituency has been economically harmed by Trump tariff policy, welcomes the #OrangeMenace.
3. Love to have somebody doing still photography there. I miss the @AP.
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