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1. House Dems can #ImpeachTrumpNow with their majority. No more evidence is required.

2. Senate Republicans will almost certainly vote to acquit.

3. Trump will be impeached for history but not removed.

4. Dems can then focus on sweeping in 2020.

The only remote possibility of Trump leaving office early is if #McConnell and other GOP leaders think he's too much of a liability to their rightwing power grab and push him to resign.

But like I said, "remote."

Arguments for waiting to schedule a vote are:

1. Gather more facts.
2. Exert more pressure.
3. Get more evidence against his accomplices.

None of those outweigh the fact that he harms people every day and #impeachment is an urgent moral imperative.
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🔥@FrankFigliuzzi1: Don’t be surprised if FBI counter-intelligence div is looking at that (Deripaska) aluminum factory deal in Kentucky. Why does McConnell for years just not want to hear the truth abt Russia? It just begs the Q: Is there a flow of money? Is there a compromise??
@FrankFigliuzzi1 @NicolleDWallace 🤯It's nuts that US lifted #sanctions for close Putin ally #Deripaska—who Manafort briefed during #Russia's attack! That #McConnell stopped a bipartisan effort to reverse it, then got a Russian alum plant in #Kentucky smells of corruption if not…
@FrankFigliuzzi1 @NicolleDWallace 🤯Not only did McConnell push to lift sanctions for Putin's pal #Deripaska. But Mitch's Kentucky taxpayers must give the Russian oligarch's Rusal $15,000,000 to help Russia get a foothold in US economy! Of course, #MoscowMitch denies knowing about any "Russian investor."🤔#maddow
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Thinking out loud?

Or with my fingers.

What happens when we let this happen?
Kochs, Werners and Murdock plus many more 'Money Barons'
have united with #McConnell in charge of the Senate.

Know Nothing Trump is in charge of the White House & Dept. of Justice.
The House of Representatives needs to start their Tango now on
Fast Forward.
All for one and one for all the people and the constitution.

CAll Congress 1 202 225 3121
Every Day, they have short memories.
Where they started and what the goal was.
Basically, the "Money Barons" (some listed at the bottom) all are listed in archives of house hearings) desired to
install Hitler's Nazism and disembowel the constitution.
Own everything & work any remaining people as slaves.
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1. Trump is in Iowa. @JoeBiden likely planned his trip to be there at the same time knowing that would bait Trump into giving Joe the news cycle. Trump's first stop was at an ethanol plant. I make his crowd as less than 300. Trump in Iowa at Ethenol plant crown view as he leaves.  IMO less than 300. He likely had more in his security detail.
2. Trump about to arrive at Iowa GOP dinner. He stayed clear of the @IowaSoybeans folks he's destroying with tariffs but in a few minutes we will see how the Iowa state @GOP, whose major constituency has been economically harmed by Trump tariff policy, welcomes the #OrangeMenace.
3. Love to have somebody doing still photography there. I miss the @AP.
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@samstein VP Joe Biden's ability to negotiate with congressional Republicans helped the Obama administration pass legislation like 👇

#Biden #JoeBiden #TeamJoe
@samstein “Their willingness to say no to everything — the fact that since 2007, they have filibustered about 500 pieces of legislation that would help the middle class just gives you a sense of how opposed they are to any progress-" President Barack Obama, in 2014…
@samstein “History will look back and note that Republicans in Congress treated President Obama with unprecedented disrespect,” Reid said, arguing that soon after Obama was elected, the GOP set out to make him a one-term president and obstruct anything he did.…
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Being shocked by Trump's unhinged tweets

Realizing the GOP is as awful as Trump

Waiting for a savior, like Mueller

Trusting someone "has a plan" to stop autocracy


Seeing the unvarnished truth

Knowing the rule of law is gone

Being our own leaders
Yes, it's stark to say 'the rule of law is gone." But seeing the unvarnished truth means not sugarcoating the awful reality we're facing.

#Trump is effectively above the law.

#Barr is a threat to democracy.

#Miller is torturing children.

#McConnell is stacking the courts.
Can we revive democracy? Can we reinstate the rule of law? Yes. But we have to acknowledge reality AS IT IS, not as we want it to be. We can't let ourselves become the proverbial frogs in boiling water, waiting for Mueller or Pelosi or Schumer or a 2020 candidate to save us.
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Friends, we're past the point of this person "got to Trump" or that person "got under Trump's skin." He and his GOP cronies don't give a crap. They've put in place an autocracy/kleptocracy and we need to face this new reality.
Corporate media is actively pushing the narrative that #Pelosi "played" or "baited" Trump. But last I checked, Trump, Barr, and their cohorts are trampling the rule of law. Kids are dying at the border. Women's rights are under assault. We're way past the point of taunting Trump.
Big media is working overtime to push this "taunting" narrative, but to what end?

Trump & Miller are torturing migrant families. Trump & #Barr are conducting a chilling investigation of the Russia investigators. Trump & #McConnell are stacking the courts.

He isn't "rattled."
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#Pelosi said Power for Republicans
#BARR #MCCONNELL #Trump @realDonaldTrump ... aww is poo poo pelosi diaper full of shat?? You don't look so well Pooposi. Get off Speaker Of House give it to @Jim_Jordan WHO DESERVES IT!

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Ah yes
the latest in #Evangelical love and giving.
#TrumpJesus now appointed.
Just do this and put a stop to his corruption. Call your Senators.

1 202 225 3121 24/7 📞☎️📱No Text Msgs.

Here is the why.

Puerto rico
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Listening to CNN giving Trump Campaign Free PR again....
tagging it with news?
Over and over they have done this all day.

Running snippets with his code words repeated over and over.

Are they really that stupid?

Or is @CNN owned & directed by #GOP sponsors?
CNN must have a short memory.

Trump attacks them as Fake News all the time.
Can't they recognize a #TreasonousTrump

When they hear him?
#Dictators control the News in all forms.
Net Neutrality is hanging by a thread.
Trump uses Twitter to attack News media every day.
Listening to CNN
Trump is calling Democrats stupid.
I'm innocent. No collusion. No conspiracy. Just those big fat
Democrats attacking me.
Then they explain He is just an entertainer and not a Statesman.
What the hell do they think they are doing?
Rerun all day long.
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Mitch McConnell wrote an op-ed calling for bipartisanship, and people are not having it
#WednesdayWisdom #McConnell…
2/"The date was Oct. 23, 2010 — nearly two years into President Barack Obama’s first term and two weeks before the first midterm elections of his presidency. Speaking to the National Journal, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) made a now-infamous statement:
3/“The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president.” As The Washington Post’s Glenn Kessler has pointed out, reading the quote in its full context makes it clear that McConnell was saying that it would be impossible for
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⚡️💥🤑🚢🆘 #McConnell refused to bring the legislation to protect #Mueller to the Senate floor. A short thread on #MitchMcConnel and #ElaineChao's history of corruption. @WendySiegelman @grantstern @peterjukes @AHamiltonSpirit @dcpoll @lukeharding1968…
1. In Sep 2016, during a secret briefing for congressional leaders, the CIA informed the Congress about Russian interference with the election. McConnell objected to declassifying the information & making it public, claiming bipartisanship issues.…
2. On January 31, 2017, Mitch McConnell’s wife Elaine Chao was sworn as a State Secretary of Transportation for Trump’s cabinet.
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I am only going to say one thing about #Manafort indictment. #BankOfCypress and you know who #JustAskWilbur
Commerce Secretary Wilbur #Ross
Now, I would hate to think that there was any connection to this group & the assassination of that journalist in the #Mediterranean
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1)La pantomime d'unité à laquelle viennent de se livrer le président #Trump et le chef de sa majorité McConnell peut étonner...mais logique.
2)On retiendra évidemment,après les insultes proférées par #Trump à McConnell,les images du président minaudant...RT
3)Mais à un an des midterms, à 9 mois de certaines primaires,#McConnell n'a pas le choix:il doit afficher son unité absolue avec #Trump...
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