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I'm not often compelled to write a thread nowadays, but here goes! I vehemently opposed the stance JK Rowling took on Scottish Independence in 2014 ( for those who are unaware, she opposed it and donated to better together). But although I disagreed with many 're that issue, I 1/
Never sought to publicly pillory those with opposing views.
Consider the past six months since the first ( now infamous) #IStandWithMaya #ThisIsNotADrill tweet from JK. The woman has been eviscerated publicly virtually every day since. I too threw my hands up in horror last 2/
week when I saw Scotgov's removal of the definition of the word woman. Singly women have a small audience for their opposition to this utter balls up of GRA reform being carried out by @scotgov, so I was delighted to see her non transphobic tweets at the weekend. I was also
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We should presume these are Putin’s Little Green Men, just like Crimea in 2014. Any force with no insignia should be presumed to be the #GRU. ⁦#ThisIsNotADrill @EsperDoD⁩ ⁦@FBIWFO⁩ ⁦@CIA⁩ ⁦@DCPoliceDept⁩ ⁦…
They don't appear to have long guns. Are they from the Russian Embassy? Working to protect Putin's puppet?
Here they are in Crimea. How can we tell they are US forces? How can we defend America from Russia's little green men? Should we presume no insignia means GRU force? They didn't do that in Crimea and now they are Russian slaves. @senatemajldr #MoscowMitch @thejointstaff
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1. Anyone have a good photo of the Helicopter that attacked DC protesters? I need a look at the tail. I note that they are not showing it on @washingtonpost. Also, what was the exact address? Finally, who runs the Hagerstown PA medical center?
2. Tail was rotary so I think it was this bird. Track of N304ME that was squawking around the time of the DC attack. Took off from Hagerstown PA Medical Center, flew to take a station over Anacostia River near Navy Yard. It then appears to have turned off its ADS-B transponder.
3. Here is the place it took off. That yellow line is the track to DC in the above shot. It would have just required some paint and they could have changed the bird into a video prop.
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1. Was obvious to me early November 9, 2016, this was coming. Actually for me it was obvious when Comey broke the rules and spoke right before the election. I study propaganda and knew there was no time to push back. It's why I filed Comey's Hatch Act complaint before election.
2. I think Comey did it for the Kochs. He's what my mother would call a "left hander" and that's the tell. Kochs love former Catholics. He now knows Koch's crew were working with GRU. Barr is hiding it in #SDNY.

This violence was always the Putin plan.
3. The Kremlin de facto runs DC and the Pentagon uses language of war directed at American citizens. Wake up!

We must declassify everything. Make it all public. Anyone who hides Trump's connection to Russia should know that they will face 20 years in prison for sedition.
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I just told my hubby-an H&S Advisor-abt self ID being passed in Vic & how sexual boundaries between kids & adults are being removed by ‘queering’ kids at Pride parades etc. He taught me a Safety term; ‘The Normalisation of Deviance’. That’s the aim of Queer Theory. #SexNotGender
This is what they’ve been doing to us all. Decades of normalising deviance by teaching us that humans can ID as whatever they like & that that sense of self ID is paramount to human rights laws & how we must MAKE it intersect with others, no matter how disruptive or damaging it
may be to the lives of others. We’ve been slowly indoctrinated to believe that men can become women & vice versa, that bio sex is a social construct & that kids must learn about adult kinks, fetishes, about masturbation, porn & that they cld be ‘born in the wrong body’ at school
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1. IMO the US is under attack by the extreme far-right directed by Charles Koch & his minions in front organizations like the @GOP @Heritage & Federalists (@RSI). IMO FVEY allies should consider Koch conspirators a threat to survival. IMO Koch runs the Trump @WhiteHouse remotely
2. through lawyers connected to Koch related law firms who are likely directing Trump through @MarkMeadows & @WHNSC @robertcobrien.

It is in our mutual interest to produce all evidence of Koch & @GOP betrayal that is mandating the deaths of 20+ million Americans and release it
3. while we still have time. @GermanyDiplo #BND and the French @francediplo can also pitch in. Millions are going to needlessly die here because Koch & Koch owned @GOP are against the concept of a central Govt. But that is what our Constitution provides for, so,
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I will not support these orgs like Amnesty, UN Women & NOW that claim to speak for us but have #DroppedWomen from their focus. This #InternationalWomensDay I will celebrate those who stand up and fight back! List to follow. >>
> But first I celebrate my mother, one of a kind. She bore me -- along with so many burdens. She gave me life & she gave me tennis lessons when I was in awe of @Martina & just coming out. She eventually accepted my #lesbian life & she died very too young. I miss her. #IWD2020 >
> There are too many women to thank here. Maybe I'll add to this thread all year. Because I appreciate women every single day. We're all fighters. We're all amazing. With respect, #WomenOfTheYear @selina_todd @MForstater @jk_rowling @sueevansprotect @BluskyeAllison @Mason134211f
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This is a terse press release from @fawcettsociety

It's good @Samsmethers said something but her quote makes no sense alone

What was she commenting on? How was @Womans_Place_UK
being referred to? By who?…
Take a look at the URL: "comment-on-denunciation-of-a-womans-place-as-a-trans-exclusionist-hate-group"

There's the original title of the post!

But somewhere along the line it was neutralised to "Fawcett comments on the sex, gender and identity debate"
So now we have a statement which leads with the unnecessary both-siderism "Trans people are targeted with violence, abuse and threats" .... "(and so are women)"

and doesn't say ANYTHING about the actual threat to women in this case (of bring kicked out of their political party)
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In solidarity with @MForstater and gratitude to @jk_rowling Inspired by @preta_6 👇

Twas the Night before Terfmas
- A Visit from St. Rowling -

Twas the night before Terfmas,
And all through the thread,
The Terfs greeted Maya's decision with dread.

The trans folx were nestled all snug in their beds,
While visions of clownfish, swam in their heads.
When out on my timeline,
There arose such a clatter,
I sprang from my scrolling,
To see what was the matter.

More rapid than eagles,
Her peak trans it came,
She whistled and shouted
And tweeted with fame.
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. @RichardDawkins

Women are being sanctioned for speaking up about sex.

We could do with support.
Within whatever framework you view ‘sex’, I hope we can all agree that for almost all people it’s uncontroversial, even if others say differently. And it’s immutable - you can’t change sex.

Please don’t be captured fingers crossed 🤞
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Can I urge any natural scientists/medics who would be willing to work on a short letter regarding the reality of biological sex and put their real name, discipline and (former) institution as a signatory to get in touch please.

We need experts in the subjects of sex, development, genetics and related areas.

We need the biggest names possible.

We need the most names possible.

But mostly, we need scientists/medics willing to stand up and be counted.

Please retweet.
An important note: We need people who are verifiable (academic pages, research sites, etc). We can’t take people’s words for it.
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Let's break this down, shall we?

>Dress however you please.

Implies that trans people are playing dress-up.

Also features the tone of an exasperated parent with a stubborn rebel teen.

#JKRowlingHatesTransPeople #JKRowlingIsATerf #JKRowling
>Call yourself whatever you like.

See above.

Also suggests that a person's "real" name is what their parents named them, not a name that person chooses to better reflect that person's true self.
>Sleep with any consenting adult who’ll have you.

Hoo boy:

1. Sex/gender is all about fucking.
2. Queer folks are probably (like) pedophiles.
3. "Most people won't want you, so fuck whomever you can, I guess..."
4. "...but EWWWW!"
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The biggest reason @jk_rowling deserves our gratitude right now: She did this with full knowledge of the dangerous backlash she’d face. She’s a writer, a good one, and good writers are the masters of the question “And then what happens?” It’s how they make stories that feel real.
She knows what kind of following she has, how heavily the woke crowd is represented in those numbers. (The evangelicals tried to have her books banned, remember?) She’s been following this issue for close to a year at the least - she knew what kind of punishment she was in for.
@jk_rowling is brave but not reckless. I guarantee you that, before she tweeted her support of @MForstater , she considered how her business interests could be hit. I guarantee you she thought about how the security and privacy of her family would be affected.
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What women are saying is Feminism 101: we exist, our bodies do not make us inferior people, we are entitled to some space and recognition because of our reproductive role.

If this is transphobia, then transactivism is misogyny. You can't have it both ways, as we keep saying.
Half the human bodies on this planet are female. We menstruate, gestate, give birth, feed and rear children, need access to contraception and abortion, fight against sexual objectification, prostitution, porn, surrogacy and other ways of demeaning and commodifying us.
If men qua men told us we didn't rate a word for ourselves anymore, that they were removing our legal sex-based protections, that they were going to take our sports, political representation, etc away from us, that we would no longer be permitted to have any privacy from them,..
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1. Just in from SDF Commander: "Continuing the previous operation, terrorist Abu al-Hassan al-Muhajir, the right-hand man of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and an ISIS spokesman, was targeted in the village of Ein al-Baydah near Jarablus, in direct coordination between the SDF intelligence
2. and the US military.This came as a continuing pursuit of ISIS leaders."

That would put US operating in area that is part of Turkish MIT al-Qaeda terrorist base. IMO this announcement is more significant than the Al-Baghdadi announcement. It means that all the effort to prove
3. Erdogan is ISIS may have woken US defense and intelligence policy makers up from their AKP delusions. Erdogan is a US enemy. He is not an ally. He works for ISIS and the global jihad. #ThisIsNotADrill.
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1. @RTErdogan is a Islamist jihadist enemy of humanity. He is $ISIS. #Turkey's people will pay the price for following him. They want to be treated like Ottomans? Okay they surrendered and will again. Ottoman empire must be finally & permanently destroyed. Turkey broken apart.
2. First step is to remove @POTUS @realDonaldTrump & @VP via impeachment for Section 1091 Conspiracy to Commit Genocide. Make the trial about murdering #Christians and #Kurds. Will Americans seek revenge against the Ottoman ISIS murderers who Trump conspired with? I think so.
3. Ottomans brutality dehumanizes the Turks that makes it easier for forces of justice to what must be done. This might be a time for the #armenians to be heard from to show that the Ottomans are serial genocide violators. @ANCA_DC
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1. Why Trump can't stop the #Turkish attack on #Christians and #Kurds in Syria:

#Putin and #Erdogan own him and his family. @FBIWFO @DefenseIntel @CIA @ODNIgov @RepAdamSchiff @MarkWarner @DefenseIntel @EsperDoD
2. Here is the Trump Giuliani link the heart of the NYC Putin Trump criminal enterprise I p.
3. But it's not just @Trumphotels: It's about all of Trump's money from the Russians beyond the Hotels.

Erdogan is helping Putin run Trump as Kremlin intel asset. The damage is now done and likely too late to reverse course for Trump. Here is how they did it.
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1. It is generally being reported that the IC Whistleblower Protection Act protects the whistleblower. Yes and no. They are protected from personnel actions and loss of security classification but they may have no recourse if Kremlin asset is in control of the @WhiteHouse
2. and wants to destroy their life. And I'm sure Putin wants @POTUS Trump to make an example of anyone who threaten Putin's control of the @whitehouse. With an apparently corrupted director of @ODNIgov we are very close to losing Republic. #ThisIsNotADrill @FBIWFO @NSAGov @ODNI
3. The most urgent threat is the @SenateGOP. Every intelligence officer should consider every member of the GOP in the Senate as an existential threat to their lives and families. They should burn Kremlin assets, @LindseyGrahamSC @RandPaul and @senatemajldr without delay.
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1. What should concern every American is that Trump and his @whitehouse attorneys are clearly committing the crime of obstructing a congressional committee witness in violation of 18 USC 1505. #Lewandowski has said they have.
2. Indisputable, @PTOTUS Trump and his attorneys can all be charged in 2021. So what's their plan? Or said more accurately what's the Russkies' plan? And the scary answer is Trump and Putin are planing a coup and people like the @ODNI and @JudiciaryGOP are part of it. @FBIWFO
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1. Trump is likely taking kickbacks from Scottish airport fueling. After testing his debts in 2015, I concluded he was insolvent. He still is & it's gotten worse. Real billionaires don't commit procurement fraud but Russian mob money launderer shut down by being @POTUS would.
2. Congress needs to quietly tell the 4 star DOD command that they will lose their pensions if the don't expose every dime this Russian mobster has embezzled from the treasury. No exceptions. Make it clear that in 2021 they will all be working at McDonald's.
3. Leave the lower command to the four stars. Don't blame enlisted members who are caught up in this. Putin wants to destroy our military and we can't help him do it. Make the ones looking at at $250,000+ a year pensions own this.
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1. The mob hit that was already tipped by @TheJusticeDept before Whitey Bolger was relocated evidences that the BOP is infiltrated. We know Barr was part of murderous corrupt era at CIA and when he was learning about the Constitution he was working for an organization that did
2. not abide by it under Nixon. Barr is much more dangerous than Trump. If I was the NYPD murder detective assigned to the Epstein investigation I would not give Barr time to watch the case and facts evolve to form his cover. I would go to Barr's home and interview him. Today.
3. Same with Trump. Both had motive and Barr had opportunity. That makes them both prime suspects. Nail it down. Today. Ask him if he'll take a polygraph. #ThisIsNotADrill @NYPDCT @NYPDONeill @NYPDSpecialops
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1. We have a President who is actively & knowingly radicalizing terrorists. If @TheJusticeDept says we're powerless to stop that via federal law enforcement so it falls to the House to act.
2. I think we need to impeach Trump for incitement and domestic terrorism. If we don't history will blame @TheDemocrats. Impeach and just let it sit so history will note we acted and the Kremlin infiltrated @SenateGOP did nothing to stop the monster lose in our society.
3. Federal law defines Domestic Terrorism to include:
"Activities that . . . involve acts dangerous to human life and are in violation of the criminal laws of the US or any state and "appear intended: to intimidate . . a civilian population."
See 18 USC 2331(5).
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1. Here’s a link to US Senate impeachment rules. I think @TribeLaw has the right approach: Impeach Trump and then move on to defeat @POTUS @Trump on policy and morality. Don’t hold the trial.…
2. So simply stated, the House just needs 218 votes and they can impeach Trump. I would make it for treason. Go big or go home. Name all @SenateGOP in #2016Class who took Russian money as material witnesses so @senatemajldr will have to think twice about messing with the rules.
3. The evidence of the Russian money is sitting in he #SDNY Natalie Edwards case with a ~recused USA Geoffrey Berman running the case. The @HouseJudiciary needs to move on that grand jury for the 6(e) material. The next move should be to create a massive social media storm
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