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This report from @OttawaPolice is not an intelligence report. It is a propaganda report. Shocking in its bias, faulty information, logically fallacious, willful blindness & a rank inability to assess the situation. #EmergenciesActInquiry #CdnNatSec… ImageImage
A word or two about Srgt Chris Kiez who has since deleted/cleaned up his LinkedIn & social media. Even the Reddit post about him has been removed. Thankfully @CyKoore saved a bunch. #EmergenciesActInquiry #OttawaOccupation #OttawaPolice #FluTruxKlan ImageImage
Some screenshots of Sgt Chris Kiez’s posts from @Leenintome2. #EmergenciesActInquiry @OttawaPolice #cdnpoli ImageImageImageImage
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If you think #OttawaPolice & #RCMP went in alone, you’re living in a false utopia.

Mercenaries & Defence Contractors Are as #Canadian as Maple Syrup

Let me introduce you to Predator Security Defense™️

@JustinTrudeau knows these guys all to well Amongst others, Like #Academi / #blackwater .. He’s used them in his security detail in Canada and overseas.

These guys are the best of the best.

Security or paid mercenaries? 🤔

Let’s see what services the predators have to offer
Their employees 👉 Prior military combat veterans, US Special Programs (Special forces, navy seals) or Tactical Law Enforcement (Swat).

Our operators are highly trained counter terrorism expert across the entire spectrum, as good as any and better than most.

Says the company
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🧵1. Let us break down the #GrandmaHorse incident. First we need to see what happened just minutes BEFORE she showed up to the front lines. It was very clear what #OttawaPolice were doing. No surprise to the tactic.

#antivaxxers #Clownvoy #ottawaoccupiers #GoHomeTerrorists
🪡2. Once #GrandmaHorse showed up this streamer decided to present her as a sheild. Almost like those kids we have seen between the cops and parents. Go figure 🙄

#FluTruxClan #cdnpoli #onpoli #ottawaprotest
🪡3. Then we have the ‘now infamous’ #OttawaPoliceFailed ‘trampling’ of #GrandmaHorse where this streamer also did not try to protect her and used her as a sheild himself. Note* the police picked her up immediately.

@JaneQCitizen @ARCCollective @antihateca
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#OttawaPolice are currently handing out flyers similar to the actions taken in #Windsor before actual police action was undertaken.

Metaphorical shots are being fired! Let #Freedom Ring!


Timestamp 1:49:43
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Looks like u might have a @WindsorPolice problem guys. U inexplicably didnt get it done last night & now someone just sent this video of a Windsor Police officer 2 us. Audio with redacted video is next in the thread. #onpoli #cdnpoli @JustinTrudeau @ctvottawa @fordnation
First off this audio is NOT PG rated & the language is definitely NOT suitable 4 children or people who cant handle swearing. Second EVERYTHING he says about Minneapolis & the #GeorgeFloyd protests r false. I live there & experienced it all. So please read the rest of the thread
So our Governor DID call it a state of emergency in MN (well citywide) during #GeorgeFloyd & we had mandated curfews (1st time i have ever experienced a mandated curfew in my life) & he DID called in the National Guard so exactly NO this police officer doesn't seem have the facts
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🧵Since I first started researching this convoy I have been DISGUSTED by all of the founders, but particularly by Pat King. He is a piece of shit. Actually, shit might be too pleasant of a title for him. So whatever you associate being less/worse then shit. #FluTruxKlanGoHome
Before we begin with explaining the actions we’re going to take, I’m going to give you a brief rundown on why this man child is problematic (other than his obvious threats/ calls for violence)

TW: pretty much anything that’s offensive/harmful to anyone #GoHomeConvoy
Pat King believes that the Government and the United Nations aim for the “depopulation of the anglo Saxon race.”  “Why would they [the Government/U.N.] want to do this?” He states that this is all part of the U.N. 2030 agenda and that it is their “endgame.” #FluTruxKlanGoHome
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🧵Checked in w/ some friends living in downtown Ottawa. This is what #TruckersConvoy2022 hath wrought:

1) human feces deposited on porches & steps of homes with 🏳️‍🌈 flags, signage supporting social justice & belonging to racialized people ...
#Ottawa #OttawaPolice #YOW
2) infants & toddlers cannot nap or sleep due to horn blasts (to say nothing of parents). Small kids can't go out for walks because they are terrified of the noise. Parents worried about permanent hearing damage...
3) Random eggings occurring on residential streets courtesy of bored, drunk truckers in the middle of the night...
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On another post of mine someone commented:

I didn’t know Ottawa was this special place that people could
1) idle constantly,
2) consume alcohol in a vehicle or on the street,
3) park free on major thoroughfares, and
4) honk your horn all day and night
All of these are criminal infractions/against the law yet Ottawa Police have been slow to do much about it whilst the protestor hold the residents of Ottawa hostage while they have a monumental hissy fit.

Idling ByLaw in Ottawa
Consuming alcohol in the street or public place.
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