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mit diesem Trick mogelten sich #Ungarn in #Gematria auf Nummer 906 #Magyarország
heisst Ungarn
2) da kommt gleich in Zeile 2 eine Drohung
"you are going to die soon"
Hr. Dörnyei ist im Haus. Man hört ihn durch alle Wände, auch ohne Auto. Mit #looking #glass versuchen sie #Gedanken #Träume zu sehen. Funktioniert übrigens auch bei Ihnen. Wie kann Bad Wie...eigentlich Image
3) bei der #Erpressung einer #Einwohnerin mitspielen. Glauben Sie ernsthaft, das #RoteKreuz #Johanniter geben Ihnen etwas ab? Sie naiv? Geschäftemacher! Vorbestellt Mitglieder #Habsburg #Bourbon #Frankreich #Spanien #Windsor #Putin #Trump Image
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#Myk #Hyn
#Mann & #Frau sind x & y wie die Mehrheit, Pa & Ma,
zweimal xx ist #lesbisch
zweimal yy ist #homosexuell
das #britische #Empire & versteckte #französische #Königreich #CLP will eine #Myk #Hyn Paarung erzwingen. Deshalb werde ich erpresst ein #Transgender zu werden 1) Image
2) bzw. für eine #Transe zu sterben als #Identität, damit sie als #heilige #Blutlinie auftreten kann. #RFKjunior ist ein echter #Kennedy & #JFKjunior ist gut versteckt, weit weg, tief unter der #Erde
Eure #Jagd nach ihm hier ist völlig zwecklos. #Militars sind nicht dumm 3) Image
3) Ich bin die letzte meiner #Blutlinie, aber mein #Blut geht anscheinend zurück bis zu #amerikanischen #Indianern. Auf jeden Fall nicht nach #Frankreich, #England oder #China . Kann sein, dass meine Vorfahren vor 17. /18. Jahrhundert aus #Amerika nach #Europa eingewandert sind. Image
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Ford is destroying our local hospitals. Together we can force the Ford gov’t to stop privatizing our hospitals and take urgent action to address this unprecedented crisis.

Join @OntarioHealthC and allies at events across #Ontario over the next few days -🧵with details: 1/6 Poster that says "Ford is destroying our local hospital
On Friday, Dec. 9th at 12pm, #Ottawa is turning out to Faircrest Heights Park (550 Smyth Road) to help #DefendHealthcare

2/6 Poster that says:  "PROTEST IN OTTAWA. Ford is destroyi
On Friday, Dec. 9th at 12pm, #Niagara region is turning out to Fourth Ave and First Street South (across from St. Catharines General Hospital) to help #DefendHealthcare

3/6 Poster that says:  "PROTEST IN NIAGARA REGION. Ford is
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The Queen will be reunited with her beloved Prince Phillip today.

Her Majesty's casket will be lowered into the royal burial tomb during her funeral later today (September 19), where she will rest alongside her husband's coffin. 💔

Her Majesty is set to make the same passage through the quire of St George's Chapel in #Windsor Castle as the Duke of Edinburgh, 17 months after he passed away.…
The Queen was married to Prince Philip for 73 years, meeting him when she was just 13-years-old and he was an officer in the Royal Navy.

She described him as “my strength and stay”, as he supported her throughout her reign. ❤️ Prince Philip supported the Queen throughout her reign
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Did you know that #Canada had one of world's fastest passenger trains?

The Turbo Train made the run from #Montreal - #Toronto in 3h 59m in 1970.

It could top out at 270 km/h...
The lat time I took a @ViaRail train to #Toronto it averaged 90 km/h, and took over 5 hours. (Actually it was half an hour late, par for the course.)
Boggles the mind that in the 2020s we don't have frequent high-speed electric rail from #Quebec City to #Windsor. 50% of Canada's population is in the red zone below. People fly and drive instead. Such low-hanging fruit, but no government grasps it.
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1. 🇬🇧⚫️|👉 Inicio #Hilo sobre el #Fallecimiento de #IsabelII soberana del #ReinoUnido 👑🔵🔴⚪️ y de los #ReinosDeLaCommonwealth

#IsabeIITheQueen #GoodSaveTheQueen #QueenElizabeth #Luto #Buckingham #CarlosIII #CharlesIII

Hilo 🇬🇧🇪🇸⬇️⬇️
2. 🇬🇧⚫️|👉 El #ReinoUnido es una #MonarquíaParlamentaria con #CarlosIII como soberano, hijo y sucesor de #IsabelII, y la #CasaDeWindsor como #DinastíaReinante 🇬🇧👑

#IsabeIITheQueen #GoodSaveTheQueen #QueenElizabeth #Luto #Buckingham #CarlosIII #CharlesIII

Hilo 🇬🇧🇪🇸⬆️⬇️
3. 🇬🇧⚫️|👉 La #ReinaIsabelII ha tenido 16 #PrimerosMinistros desde #WinstonChurchill hasta #LizTruss en 2022 🇬🇧💼.

#IsabeIITheQueen #GoodSaveTheQueen #QueenElizabeth #Luto #Buckingham #CarlosIII #CharlesIII

Hilo 🇬🇧🇪🇸⬆️⬇️
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Il regno del male sotto la Regina Elisabetta
L'influenza della Monarchia Britannica sull'Italia nel 1979
Il Principe Andrea ,figlio della Regina Elisabetta, era cliente del trafficante internazionale di minorenni Jeffrey #Epstein, non c'è stata una volta che i burattini di #ScotlandYard abbiano bussato alla sua sono stati bravi a prelevare #Assange dall'Amb Ecuador #UK
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🧵: I fundamentally support the work of @Forgotten519 and the advocacy piece and the work we all have to do to support all community members, including those who are unhoused. In rural communities, we struggle with homelessness and lack of housing, although it does not present 1/
as it does in the City. The Province in its decades of work in social services has developed a “urban-centric” model in which those who require social services must go into cities to get resources. The current #ldnont-#Middlesex service manager model is the perfect example of 2/
this work. That is why when reading through threads, including previous tweets of @NeedlesOnNews, I struggle that the responsibility solely lies on #ldnont’s shoulders to fix. #Ldnont, by virtue of decades long modelling has become the victim of an entire #SWOnt issue 3/
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#OttawaPolice are currently handing out flyers similar to the actions taken in #Windsor before actual police action was undertaken.

Metaphorical shots are being fired! Let #Freedom Ring!


Timestamp 1:49:43
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Hi everyone! I'm going to start a new thread as the day goes on - heres what happened last night until approximately 2:00AM /1
It's definitely a stand off now, with the line of police officers facing what seems like a pretty committed group of people - hearing reports that people have brought there children back to #AmbassadorBridge - there are snipers on roofs /2
#Windsor #windsorontario #cdnpoli
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Cops seem to giving the protesters a light show now that injunction is in place - still lots of children at the event, and no officers out of vehicle to be seen /1 #cdnpoli #AmbassadorBridge #windsor
It's hard to tell if pick up trucks are leaving or just going in laps around the block /2 #AmbassadorBridge #cdnpoli #Windsor
Honking is swelling in waves - one trucker at the front closest to the cops expressed concern about starting another one - lots of speculation about tear gas, runner bullets, etc. /3 #Police #AmbassadorBridge #windsor #FluTruxKlan
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There are 510 listed participants in the injunction proceedings. Court has taken a recess because not everyone who needs to can get on the Zoom call.
Court proceeds while the IT people work on figuring out how to get everyone included on the Zoom hearing.
Mike Wills, lawyer for the Automotive Parts Manufacturers’ Association, which brought the motion of injunction, is making arguments.
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Our favourite royal couple #KateMiddleton and #PrinceWilliam may soon have a Scottish property 👑 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿…
At the #Windsor estate, there is one residence that the Queen has never occupied, and it was once reportedly set aside for the #DukeandDuchessofCambridge.
We would LOVE to see the royals living their best life in Scotland, especially because they met in St. Andrews ❤️

📸 Max Mumby Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Catherine, Duchess of
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La procession accompagnant le cercueil du prince #Philip est partie de la cour du château de #Windsor, résidence de l'ouest de Londres où s'est éteint l'époux d'#ElizabethII, en direction de la chapelle Saint-George, où il doit être inhumé #AFP
Le Royaume-Uni observe une minute de silence en hommage au prince #Philip #AFP
Images de la procession funéraire du prince #Philip à la chapelle Saint-George du château de #Windsor @AFPphoto #PrincePhilipfuneral #AFP
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🚨🚨 Your Dec. 29 @TheWECHU update: there are 157 new cases of COVID-19 in #Windsor and #Essex today.

Two more people have died.

44 locations across the region have active outbreaks.🚨🚨
After a few days without a live YouTube @TheWECHU broadcast, it's back on today and tomorrow. Watch here:

Here are the 18 long-term care and retirement homes with active outbreaks. Seven of them have cases among staff members only.
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Today, @TheWECHU is reporting 36 new cases of COVID-19. Details: Eighteen are close contacts of confirmed cases, four are attributed to community spread, two are related to travel in the US, and one is a health-care worker. Twelve are still under investigation. #Windsor #Essex
Medical Officer of Health Dr. Wajid Ahmed is doing a PowerPoint presentation with visuals to show how severe the spread of COVID-19 has become. He usually reserves these presentations for Fridays.
This month, the age groups becoming infected has shifted. Twenty per cent of positive cases so far in November have been kids ages 0 to 19.
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Please do sponsor me! A sum of money per run I score! So far this season I have scored 3 runs at an average of 0.75, so I am unlikely to bankrupt you.

That said, I am going in at 5, & I have all day...
I make an imperious 7, including a sumptuous straight driven four, before being run out.
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NEW evacuation WARNINGS in place for #SonomaCounty due to the #WalbridgeFire/#WallbridgeFire and #MeyersFire.

These are in addition to other warnings, which I will also post below.

Zone map -…

Warnings mean that you should be ready to evacuate immediately if asked. I would prepare a go bag or pack your car just in case. If you feel unsafe or feel your life is threatened by the fire or other conditions, please voluntarily evacuate.

🔴 ZONE 1E1🔴
➡️All areas south and west of Willow Creek Rd
➡️North of Coleman Valley Rd and Wright Hill Rd
➡️East of California Coastal National Monument (BLM)
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There are over 5500 known minerals, including a few that were discovered in #NovaScotia!
Check out this thread for details!
#nspoli #cbpoli #capebreton @NS_Museum @ns_moi @HistoricNS @TourismNS ImageImage
Henry How was responsible for two mineral discoveries in #NovaScotia. How was born in London, England in 1828 and moved to #NS in 1854 to work at King’s College in #Windsor as a professor of natural history and chemistry. He became the university’s vice-president in 1877.
#nspoli Image
How discovered the mineral mordenite, named for Morden (Kings County) where he discovered it in 1864. Mordenite is used to clean up chemical spills, in animal feed and for water treatment.
#nspoli #cbpoli #capebreton Image
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Saviez-vous que des atomistes français ont piloté la conception de ZEEP, premier réacteur #nucléaire exploité hors des #USA, qui démarre au #Canada en septembre 1945 ? Ce fut un très long chemin…

Thread 2 : Les atomistes français dans la seconde guerre mondiale.
Après l’épisode 1 (, nous retrouvons en juin 1940, au port de #Bordeaux, les atomistes français fraichement naturalisés, Lew Kowarski et Hans Von Halban, avec leurs secrets nucléaires et leur stock d’eau lourde, attendant le cargo britannique SS Broompark.
Les atomistes ont reçu un ordre de mission du gouvernement de « poursuivre en #Angleterre, dans le secret absolu, les recherches entamées au Collège de France (@cdf1530) ». Le bateau quitte la France au moment où Pétain renverse le président du conseil Jean Reynaud.
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We are proud to support the efforts of the Canadian & Ontario governments and communities across the country in fighting the spread of #COVID19. #COVIDOnt #YQG #YYZ
We have reached out to the Mayor of Windsor, @drewdilkens, to identify local communities in need to receive donations of hand sanitizer from our #WalkervilleDistillery. #COVID19 #COVIDont
We have also contacted our partners at the #TTC, and will be donating sanitizer from our Windsor distillery for use in TTC garages and collector booths to help keep employees and passengers safe. #Toronto #COVID19 #COVIDont @TTChelps @TTCStuart
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#NovaScotia has historically been one of the world’s largest suppliers of #gypsum. The mine in #Milford is the world's largest surface gypsum mine. Gypsum’s main use is as an ingredient in wallboard.
#nspoli #cbpoli #NS #CB #capebreton
@KeithIrvingNS @mmillershubie @EastHantsNS ImageImageImage
When #gypsum mining started in #NovaScotia in the late 1700s, it was done by farmers who extracted blocks from their farms, hauled it by horse and cart to #Windsor and sold it to local traders. It was then exported to the US east coast for use as fertilizer.
#nspoli #ns ImageImage
#Gypsum fixes alkaline (high pH) soil. US inventor #BenFranklin learned this from the French and brought the idea to the US in 1785.
#nspoli #cbpoli #NovaScotia #CapeBreton #NS #cb Image
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