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I've been hearing a lot of resignation in people's voices and tweets, in the face of the latest tragedy at #PowaySynagogueShooting. People are giving up hope that we can ever bend the curve on our #gunviolence epidemic.

--This thread is dedicated to destroying that despair.—
6 years ago, we watched those babies walk out of #SandyHook - & were torn apart, as a nation, by the memory of those who didn't make it.

Many of us had been told that we "couldn't" talk about guns.

But after Sandy Hook, many of us said "no more; we will not be silent."
A few bravely started talking and writing about why #gunviolence was a #publichealth issue. Those few, turned into a wave. The groundwork was slowly laid.
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My little boy is 3. And his school has had to teach him and his classmates this “Magnet Game.” In case of an active shooter. When I first got this email, I cried. This is the world we live in. And we owe to them to make it better. Now. #MSDSStrong #ParklandStrong #NeverForget
Thank you to the Parkland kids and parents for your courage. And to the Sandy Hook activists for your tenacity. And to my son’s amazing teachers. And to all the teachers and school leaders out there everywhere that would take a bullet for my kid and so many others.
I’ve seen heroes. And you are among the best and truest of them all. And you deserve better. Until we achieve that, thank you for holding the line. In ways we can only imagine. You are not forgotten. #MSDSStrong #ParklandStrong #NeverForget
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Today may be a day to celebrate love, but #VDay will forever be stained with the blood of 17 kids shot to death at #StonemanDouglas one year ago today.

The #Parkland students didn't ask to become the mouthpiece for calling out the @NRA and its decades old fraud. But they did.
Fraud? Yes.

Those are the words of former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Warren Burger (1969-1986.)

Let me state it clearly:


That is not, that is never, what the #2ndAmendment has said.
Watch for words like "school safety" and "God-given right" and "patriotic." The @NRA has spent lifetimes of money creating this narrative.

In my home state of Virginia, the Safe VA Initiative released policy recommendations for the 2019 term:…
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“A lot of blood. Please help. Please.” | On #ValentinesDay last year, 17 people were killed when a gunman shot up a high school in #Parkland Florida.

The mass shooting rocked – not only Florida – but the entire country. @wusa9 #GetUpDC #ParklandStrong Image
The tragedy sparked a passionate movement focused on tackling #gunviolence and changing laws.

Millions of people all over the country protested for weeks after the shooting – demanding some kind of change. @wusa9 #GetUpDC #ParklandStrong Image
Here in DC, @wusa9 hosted a town hall, we saw school walkouts. voter registration drives, and the student-led #MarchForOurLives rally near the national mall. ImageImageImageImage
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Vote For 👉👉👉@RonDeSantisFL to Save #Florida

1. Tallahassee’s Average Murder Rate Increase by 52% on Gillum's watch from 2010-2017.
2. Gillum said NO to More Police in Tallahassee but Yes to $2 Million in Tax Dollars for His Friend’s Restaurant.
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The NRA is listed as a tax-exempt organization with the IRS, but their activities disqualify them for this designation.

Please join me in filing form 13909, Tax-Exempt Organization Complaint.

Detailed instructions follow.


1. Download form 13909 directly from the IRS site here:…
Do not download this form from anywhere else due to concerns about viruses.
You may also use the partial form that I've provided as a JPG.


If using the partial form please make sure to include the following:
A. Date in the Date of referral box
B. Section 5, Submitter Information
C. Under Section 5 check the box for "I am concerned I might face retaliation..."

Here are the full instructions.


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Saturday is my birthday, so I'm doing a 12-hour livestream of #LttPRandomized to benefit #ParklandStrong families.

I'm personally donating $2 for every correct vote on which of 4 planned runs will be the fastest. Vote! It costs you nothing!
And if you want to donate personally or watch the stream, it starts Saturday at 2PM EST, and you can do both things right here:…
Putting out another call to vote on the fastest run tomorrow.

It doesn't matter if you watch the charity stream itself, or if you care what happens! I'm donating $2 for every correct vote to #Parkland families! Even a random guess is welcome!
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Seventeen people died on Wednesday when a former student entered Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and opened fire. As the community and the country grieve, names and details of the victims are gradually emerging.
Carmen Schentrup, 16, was a promising student — a National Merit Scholar semifinalist, before Wednesday’s Florida school shooting in Parkland cut her life short. She was one of 10 students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas to qualify as semifinalist for 2018,…
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THREAD: Let's talk about why the GOP and Russian oligarchs want guns in the hands of so many Americans. PAY ATTENTION #ParklandStrong
1. Remember the movie “Blood Diamonds” where oligarchs got 2 sides fighting, while they fought viciously, they stole all the diamonds? Then, when they were done mining, walked away leaving ecological mess and the citizens wondering what they were fighting about?
2. Well, that is what Russian mobster oligarchs are doing, not just in the United States, but all over the world. They want our national park resources. They want our oil, our coal. They want our human resources. They want to skim as much tax money as possible right now.
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On Parkland & Donald Trump:

Earlier I listened to Nik Cruz’s attorney and it hit me like a ton of bricks. Hear me out.

Cruz was radicalized by alt-right, MAGA, white supremacists. He went on to carry out a heinous act of domestic terrorism.

But this didn’t happen overnight. 1/
This is a child who was adopted. His father died six years ago, and Nik was orphaned again when his mother died in November. He was on his own. No family to speak of.

By all accounts, he was the weird kid. The creepy kid. The awkward kid. The different kid.

Teachers say he was quiet in class, unremarkable. Acted out previously.

Classmates say he was anti-social, awkward with girls. Seemed sad, aloof. Didn’t fit in.

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Follow the threaded posts below this pinned post for the latest updates on the investigation into the #FloridaSchoolShooting in #Parkland (Will be continuously updated)
White supremacist group linked to Parkland shooting obsessed with lone wolves, mass murder
Lori Alhadeff, the mother of Parkland shooting victim Alyssa Alhadeff speaks to CNN: "I just spent the last two hours putting the burial arrangements for my daughters funeral, who is 14! President Trump, please do something—these kids need safety now!"
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