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At noon today, I felt a huge sense of relief, accomplishment, and closure. The #Protect2020 effort we launched alongside 1000s of partners in the election community came to an anti-climatic, yet powerful close. Democracy held, despite efforts to subvert the will of the people. Image
We all did our part to ensure the 2020 election was as secure as possible. And it was. No Kraken, no zombie dictators, and no widespread fraud. This was a free & fair election. We upheld and defended the Constitution irrespective of political affiliation. Country over party.
It still exhausts me thinking about the collective effort that so many people put into defending democracy across @EACgov, state and local partners rep'd by @NASSorg and @NASEDorg, as well as the Intel Community, @FBI, @US_CYBERCOM, and others.
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In the Summer of '19 @mastersonmv and the @CISAgov elections team started the #WarOnPineapple to raise awareness about how #disinfo campaigns work. Step 5, "Taking the Conversation into the Real World," is what we saw on Weds when incited insurrectionists stormed the Capitol.
The rigged election claims had all the hallmarks of a foreign influence operation. From identifying the hot button issue, mobilizing accounts, trolls & other high profile accounts beating the drum, & then hopping into mainstream media. Unfortunately, it was a domestic operation.
We saw the rigged election narrative forming over the summer and feared that left unchecked it could land us right where we are, physical violence. So among other efforts, we launched to debunk rumors like hacked voting machines & break the #disinfo chain.
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Last day @CISAgov & I wanted to reflect. Over the last 3 years we worked with the election community and federal partners to build an unprecedented whole-of- nation effort to ensure that the 2020 election was secure & resilient. The success of this work is in the numbers:
1) CISA works with all fifty states and thousands of local election offices across the country including the deployment of intrusion detection sensors across all states election infrastructure.
2) @CISecurity EI-ISAC has grown to nearly three thousand members with the information provided by the ISAC reaching even further with states pushing the info to its counties and townships. 3/
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DHS badge turned in; office lights turned out. Profoundly honored to have been @CISAgov co-pilot for @C_C_Krebs. Nation needs more leaders like him. 2-year old CISA now custom-built for performance + speed. Good luck to Team Biden-Harris who will make it even better.
CISAzens: be proud of who you are and what you do. Take care of each other. CISA mission--cyber, infrastructure, emergency comms--must stay fiercely nonpartisan. Protect that. God gave us a conscience...use it.
Defend Today. Secure Tomorrow. Wear a mask. Wash your hands. Call your parents. Stay Hydrated. The Truth Shall Set You Free. #Protect2020
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1. This post is for your own discernment.
The Great Reset: The [D]eep [S]tate vs The Great Awakening:…

On Monday night, John Michael Chambers hosted a power panel to discuss the 2020 election crisis, with Jeffery Prather, Alexander Newman,...
2. ... Susan Bradford, Lt. Scott Bennett, James Grundvig and myself.

Fast and Furious whistleblower, Jeffrey Prather, a veteran of the DEA and the 4th Psychological Operations Group in the Army Special Forces describes the latest developments in his investigation.
3. Prather suggests that the reported raid in Germany last week, in which the Scytl vote-tabulating servers were captured by US Special Forces was not conducted on Scytl premises, as previously reported (and denied by Scytl) but at the CIA's station in Frankfurt.
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The Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) distributed a statement from government officials and voting industry leaders on November 12 calling the 2020 election ‘the most secure in American history.'
Days later, on November 17, President Trump fired the head of the agency, Chris Krebs, via tweet.

‘Honored to serve,’ Krebs tweeted less than an hour after the president’s tweet. ‘We did it right. Defend Today, Secure Tomorrow. #Protect2020.'
Krebs, who was widely respected on both sides of the aisle for his work on election security, frequently used his Twitter account to fact-check false claims about voting in the 2020 election.
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OIG audit for Election and Infrastructure security

October 22 2020

Thread Image
The audit advises to "take
additional steps to protect the broader election infrastructure, which includes polling and voting
locations and related storage facilities, among other
Vulnerabilities identified:

Electronic Voting Systems – In lab testing environments, security researchers have repeatedly demonstrated that some voting machines are vulnerable to compromise,due to physical access to the machines.. could result in the manipulation of vote totals Image
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Wow - both Parler and NewsMax have jumped to the Top 5 App downloads this week, indicating a huge migration of mainly far-right, “StopTheSteal” users from @Facebook & @FoxNews.

We know EXACTLY why this is happening (& why it’s worrying) (thread) #Election2020 #Protect2020
About two/three weeks ago, a heavy push began from influencers & FB pages, mainly on the right, of “coupe” and “voter fraud claims”, many of which our team has been monitoring and reporting on.

With this intense focus from fact-checkers, civil society, #FB, and us the ...2/
...misinformation was being caught & labeled faster (still not fast enough, but much faster than before).

Here’s the BIG story: @Facebook has a commitment to reduce the reach of repeat misinformers. It’s exact rules & how well & on who it applies them aren’t transparent BUT..3/
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Will the millions of mail-in ballots printed by foreign countries have a watermark?
Since the ballot doesn't have a security label like a watermark, the insider said he also created his own ballots.…
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As polls close & *unofficial* results post, it's prime time for the 4 Ds of Election Night Reporting (ENR) disruption:
Demand - legit overdemand causes outage
Defacement - changing website content
Denial of Service - bad guys cause outage
Disinfo - fake news abt results
Keep in mind that results posted on ENR systems are unofficial and don't touch your vote, the count, or certification process! So if you see any of the 4Ds, Keep Calm! Let em' count.
Remember, your state and local election officials are your best source of trusted election info. Look for the helpers! @NASEDorg @NASSorg #TrustedInfo2020 #Protect2020
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This is it! Tmrw is the last day to cast your vote!

I'm going to vote in the AM, but a historic # of votes have already been cast.

So how about some results!

Slow down! The official count takes time and what you see on TV = unofficial results and media projections.
So have some patience and let the pros count! And while you're at it, if you're out tomorrow, don't forget to thank election workers for stepping up!

Thanks to @NASSorg @NASEDorg for being such great partners.
I also want to thank @CISAgov's federal partners at @FBI @NSAGov @US_CYBERCOM @ODNIgov @EACgov for all the hard work, preparation, planning, and support over the last 3.5 yrs. An honor to be a part of this team defending democracy.
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Election Protection Hotlines




844-925-5287 Image
🚨If you’re being intimidated or threatened, report it to
#Protect2020 Rumor vs. Reality

Mis- and Disinformation can undermine public confidence in the electoral process, as well as in our democracy.  

A message from the @CISAgov Director @CISAKrebs
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1/ Election officials have been providing some excellent behind the scenes footage to help Americans understand more about the processes, procedures and safeguards used in election administration. This thread includes some favorites! #TrustedInfo2020 #Protect2020 #VOTE #IVoted
2/ Thanks @jolingkent for giving America a peak into one of the best operations in the country - @OCRegistrar.
3/ In a year w/ too much misinformation, confusion & rhetoric about a trusted method of voting, @VICENews did a great job showing some of what goes in to making mail/absentee ballots the preferred method of voting for millions of Americans!
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Folks: this is an unusual election. Our intelligence community has warned that the period immediately before and after Election Day is going to be uniquely volatile, and our adversaries will seek to take advantage of that. Don’t make their jobs any easier.
It may take awhile for the results to come in. That period of time is especially vulnerable to attack by foreign countries seeking to spread disinformation and undermine the legitimacy of our electoral process. Stay calm, and be judicious about what you believe and share online.
And if you have questions about your vote's security or hear a rumor about the U.S. election, make sure to fact check it by using this resource from @CISAgov for disinformation tips: #Protect2020
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1/ I finally watched this video in its entirety. And I think anyone who cares about our elections & democracy, or who loves our country, should watch it too. All of it. It might help you feel better.

I didn’t realize how hungry I was for this, and I’ll explain why...

A thread >
2/ Until I watched this video, I didn’t realize just how starved I was — indeed, how our nation has been starved — of front-line defenders speaking about democratic elections w/ the dignity and gravity they deserve.

These feds don’t take democracy for granted. Nor should we.
3/ It is refreshing to see a serious, purposeful, “whole of nation“ approach to election security...

@FBI, @NSAGov, @CISAgov, @NCSCgov all working to defend against foreign intervention and federal crimes that undermine free & fair elections.

This patriotic work is noble.
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Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) | Foreign Actors Likely to Use Online Journals to Spread Disinformation Regarding 2020 Elections…
Foreign intelligence services have been known to use websites, including pseudo-academic online journals, to disseminate articles with misleading or unsubstantiated information. Such sites could be employed during the 2020 election season... an attempt to manipulate public opinion, increase societal divisions, cause widespread confusion, discredit the electoral process, and undermine confidence in U.S. democratic institutions.
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Same shit... just ignore what is actually being done to secure the vote.

Pelosi Statement on New Reports of Russian Government Hacking

@drawandstrike @catesduane @rising_serpent @almostjingo @tracybeanz @CarrollQuigley1 @dbongino

#JustTheRealNews #JTRN…
In case you wanted to know what IS being done here is a link to check out:…
Here are some other links about what this Administration is doing to secure these 2020 election:…
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Pineapple on Pizza? Yes, please! @CISAgov uses the #WarOnPineapple to show how foreign bad actors sow chaos to undermine election integrity: target divisive issues; create fake accounts; amplify & distort; take it mainstream; & move it offline. #protect2020 Think before you link!
@CISAgov What can you do? Only repeat information from trusted sources. Think twice about engaging with accounts you don't know. These may be fake accounts, "trolls" or "bots" that are seeking to divide us.
@CISAgov Through misinformation and disinformation, other countries are trying to drive the wedges between Americans, discourage voters and rattle our confidence in our democracy, so please think before you link! #vtpoli
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