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Недавно в #Fb был пост от #Залужного с просьбой верить в ЗСУ, и ряд людей приняло его скептично, мол, посмотрите на Мариуполь, на Херсон, что вы нас убаюкиваете с требованием верить, давайте пруфы.
Так вот что я поясню вам.
Основной задачей главнокомандующего было сохранение государства Украина. Я раньше писал, что первичной задачей было разбить и обесточить ударную группировку под Киевом.
Так как потеряв Киевскую область, выиграть в войне было бы очень трудно.
Эта задача выполнена успешно.
На начало войны у нас не было легиона космодесанта, чтоб закрыть вопросы по всем направлениям. Там, где силы противника превосходили силы защитников даже не в разы, а на порядок, войска РФ имели успех.
Особенно вблизи Крыма, откуда был просто шквал ракет и налетов авиации
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How I prep for a video shoot🎥

For every client, I make a video shoot in the first month that is structured by BLOCKS.

It saves so much time long-term and I think this thread will help you

Let's dive in👇
Step 1:
You need to do your research and creative strategy. I shared this info a lot but to sum up I do it like this:
👉My own content questionnaire [client fills it]
👉I look at the website, FB ads manager, Tiktok ads manager where I find some creative patterns
[read more]👇
👉Reddit, Amazon reviews, competitors...

I go deep. I want to know the brand/offer/audience inside out

Then I create blocks👇
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बायको म्हणजे कोण???
बायको ह्या शब्दाला जर फोडले तर “बा” म्हणजे तुमच्या बाजूने भक्कम पणे उभी राहणारी “य” म्हणजे येईल त्या परिस्थितीला खंबीरपणे तोंड देणारी आणि “को” म्हणजे कोणासाठीहि नाही तर फक्त आणि फक्त नवऱ्यासाठी जगणारी!
सुख दुःखात साथ देणारी म्हणून तिला बायको असं म्हंटलं जात मैत्रिणीला सहज समजून घेतलं जातं पण बायकोला मैत्रिण बनवलं तर आयुष्य किती सुंदर होईल शेवटी नवऱ्यापेक्षा अधिक जवळचा मित्र तिच्यासाठी कोण असेल बाहेर मैत्री आणी मैत्रिणी शोधण्यापेक्षा बायको मध्येच
मैत्रीण सापडली तर तिला आणखी काय हवं प्रत्येक नवऱ्याला वाटत बायकोसाठी खूप काही करावं लागतं पण सत्य परिस्थिती अशी असते तिला लागते नवऱ्याची साथ हातात भक्कम हात समजून घेणार हृदय इतकं प्रेम कि तिला माहेरच्या लोकांची आठवण हि ना यावी
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👉 Indexation Google, du nouveau !

Je viens de faire un test sur [90 URLs] avec un freelance chez @fiverr.

C'est littéralement le freelance qui a les meilleures notes et le plus de commandes pour le #référencement et l'indexation des backlinks via Fiverr.

[Thread #SEO] 👇 1/10
Thread #SEO 2/10

Avant de passer commande, je lui ai demandé s'il avait besoin de mes accès Search Console :
certaines URLs sont des Backlinks de Guest posts de qualité ; certaines sont des posts sur les RS, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Medium…

Voici ce qu'il m'a répondu… 👇
Thread #SEO 3/10

« Pas besoin de Search Console, mais les choses ont beaucoup changées récemment chez #Google, donc je ne garantis plus AUCUNE indexation »


Bien sûr, je paye les 12$ pour voir s'il cache un carré d'AS ♦️♣️ (ou pas…😅) 👇
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Teaching Online

Make Money from Anywhere
(thread) 👇🏽 Image
Before we dive into this thread, I’d suggest you check this one out first 👇🏽

These are companies you can work for,
or you can go at it freelance,
which is what we’ll be focusing on in this thread.

Many of these companies aren’t hiring anymore and only a few remain.
Last year China imposed regulations that caused a storm for companies that were profit-driven in the education sector

The result has been the dismantling of a $100billion industry.

Many people have misunderstood that demand hasn’t died, only supply…
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1. The judge asked the killer of former Egyptian President Anwar Sadat, 'Why did you kill Sadat?
He said to him, "Because he is secular!"
The judge replied: "What does secular means?"
The killer said: "I don't know!"
2. In the attempted assassination of the late Egyptian writer, Naguib Mahfouz, judge asked the man who stabbed,
"Why did you stab him?"
Terrorist said: "Because of his novel - The children of our neighborhood".
Judge asked him:"Have you read this novel?"
The criminal said:"No!"
3. Another judge asked the terrorist who killed the Egyptian writer 'Faraj Fara': "Why did you murder Faraj Fouda?"
The terrorist replied: "Because he is an unfaithful!"
The judge asked him: "How did you know he was an unfaithful?" +
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The current episode of #ISISK probaganda #Voiceofhind. Few #ISIS operatives were arrested my #NIA in the recent past.
1.The threat of this poisonous ideology Is real for Hindus, Christians & Jews.
2.They have been raided on #whatsapp #FB & #Telegram.
3. New medium is #Elements
4. #Clubhouse is also used.
5. The strategy is to all align all the local/ regional Jehadi groups to the ideology of #ISISK.
5. Attack on religious places including #Shiashrines, targetted killings, recuriting more jehadis, probaganda thro active use of SM and eventually
*achive ISISK Caliphate.
6. For this objective they are okay to align with any regional/ anti national forces incl naxals/ separatists & hostile nation's agencies.
7. Later finish them or bring them in to their ideology.
8. Check the pointed finger of d Terrorist in the pic.
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THREAD: #UN #IIMM Independent Investigative Mechanism for #Myanmar @koumjian updated since Feb 1 #coup, he has received over 200,000 communications, collected over 1.5 million items of evidence. Says facts show "widespread & systematic attacks" amounting to #CrimesAgainstHumanity
#UN #IIMM head @koumjian when asked what he thought of #US ex-governor @GovRichardson's visit to Myanmar meeting #military chief on Nov 2. Mr Richardson was said to be on 4-day humanitarian mission to #Myanmar. Since then, little information been released #WhatsHappeningInMyanmar
#UN #IIMM @koumjian declines to specify exactly how many files he has compiled related to the atrocities committed in #Myanmar since his mechanism was formed 2018. But says those who have committed the offences "should worry that the files are on them" #WhatsHappeningInMyanmar ImageImageImageImage
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@CounteringCrime filed a new chapter of our complaint against @Facebook to @SEC_Enforcement early this morning. 1 🧵 Image
Some media is reporting our filing is saying the firm puts profit over safety -- actually, we filed that ages ago, and we have been saying this openly in our reports for years. #oldnews. 2…
Whats NEW in today's filing is that #FB execs have known for years they can't remove the wide range and scale of toxic and illegal content on their platforms and REMAIN PROFITABLE -- and we have that from multiple #FB security team members. 3
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Yes, but "was it good?"
Some charts I started to do 4(?) months ago based on Rule 605 Data provided by Citadel and other market participants. Check the monthly Charts starting at 3/12 Jan 2020 to Feb 2021 and make up your own mind regarding
2/12- Overview.

Starting at 3/13:
Monthly charts Timeframe 2020-2021 Feb regarding order execution quality aka. price improvement.

Starting at 10/12:
Comparison of Rule 605 Data provided by Citadel for order execution of #FB #GME and #AMD shares, Jan to June 2021.

The Following Monthly chart will display the reported information regarding order routing (Rule 605) by Citadel and others.
Charts contain 2 months per tweet with.
1. Marketable Limit Order Price Improvement
2. Market Order
for the smalles category report - 100-499 Shares.
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#Facebook is in the crosshairs from multiple angles right now, starting with a lawsuit in Delaware charging #Zuck, #Sandberg and board members w insider trading and "epic corporate governance breakdown." 🧵 1/
@CounteringCrime has been documenting #FB's "epic corporate governance breakdown" for years now -- including repeated cover-ups like this one that have harmed investors. We warned y'all back in 2020 to pull your money out of #FB. It's a HOT MESS. 2/…
Moreover, @counteringcrime has documented how the firm has always prioritized profit over public safety and privacy both in our timeline, available here: 3/…
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Voce sabe o que a #AMZN, #UBER, #ABNB, #MELI, #FB, #TWTR, #RBLX, #ENJU3, #NINJ3 e Ifood tem em comum? O famoso Network Effect, ou em bom portugues, efeito rede.
A grosso modo o efeito rede significa que quanto mais consumidores tiver um produto ou serviço, maior será sua demanda, tanto de fornecedores quanto de usuários.
Ex: O que faz o whatsapp uma ferramenta tao interessante? O fato de que quase todo mundo usa! Quantos mais usuários vc tem, mais trafego se tem e por consequência mais usuários vc captura.
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Congrats Crime branch Ahmedabad 4 cracking ur whip on #lSl’s terr0r module. 👍
STRATEGY: burn down 20-25 shops, cause chaos & ECONOMIC damage. 3 ppl(nw under arrest) wr contacted by ISI through #FB pages run frm Gulf & Nepal.
For burning 7 shops they received Rs 25K.
2/2 One of the shops that ws set ablaze ws worth Rs 45 lakhs. So u can imagine the damage they wr planning to cause. This FIRE conspiracy is part of a bigger game called ECONOMIC TERR0RISM. Now lSl now uses our own citizens against us like in non-contact warfare. 👇
During Shaheen Bagh/ anti #CAA protests I hd written on how such non-contact warfare is played out in 4 STAGES. 👇#lSl now doesnt hv to train terr0rists in P*K, they merely find gullible ones within India and pay them for creating chaos. 👇
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திமுக வரக்கூடாது ,, வந்தால் என்ன நடக்கும்,,?

ஒரு சின்ன ரிவியூ....

ஆனால் கொஞ்சம் நீளமான பதிவு. முழுவதும் படித்து முடிவு எடுங்கள்....

கருணாநிதியின் 2006 - 2011 வரையான கேடுகெட்ட ஆட்சி நினைவுகள் ..

இந்த அலங்கோலங்கள் அம்மா ஆட்சியில் அறவே இல்லை ..
ஏன் எடப்பாடியார் ஆட்சியில் கூட இந்த நாட்டை சூறையாடும் கொள்ளை கும்பல் அராஜகங்கள் கிடையவே கிடையாது ...

ஏதோ திமுக ஆட்சிக்கு வந்தால் தமிழ்நாடு சொர்க்கபுரி ஆகிவிடும் என்று நினைக்கும் மறதி வந்த மனிதர்களுக்கு தமிழ்நாடு நாறிவிடும் என்று நினைவூட்டவே இந்த பதிவு.
தமிழகத்தில் ஆட்சி மாற்றம் ஏற்பட்ட ஜூலை 2011 தேதிவரையிலும் 2 மாதத்தில் நில மோசடி புகார்கள் நான்காயிரத்தைத் தாண்டியது..
முன்னாள் அமைச்சரும், ஈரோடு மாவட்ட தி.மு.க. செயலாளருமான என்.கே.கே.பி.ராஜா, தான் கேட்டும் தனக்கு நிலத்தை விற்க மறுத்த கோபத்தினால் சிவபாலன் என்பவரை தனது வீட்டு
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THREAD 20 of writing against the 🪖-coup. Because people in #Myanmar need to be heard & the @IntlCrimCourt should know #WhatsHappeningInMyanmar. As the #CivilDisobedienceMovementMyanmar is getting stronger, all people on this list sacrificed their lives for #democracy #March2Coup Image
1. While #FB has partially banned top military accounts and pages (not the businesses), @TikTokSupport needs to immediately react and block the hundreds of accounts by 🪖promoting hate speech and inciting violence there #CivilDisobedienceMovementMyanmar
2. Not only in #Mandalay and #Monywa but also in smaller places people have begun to install self-governing bodies. This is exactly what the #military fears and why they keep kidnapping low- and mid-level state personnel at night: self-governance is powerful! #March2Coup #Myanmar
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💥He recopilado las 69 MEJORES EMPRESAS que lo pueden hacer mejor en los próximos años💥
👉Descripción, precio, crecimiento, características y valuación de 5 años en un sola página⚡️
🔥SUPER hilo desglosado en sectores🔥
El informe completo en mi web
16 sectores con mucho potencial:
1 Base de datos🖥️
2 Internet💻
3 Games / Streaming🎮
4 Fintech💸
5 Impresoras 3D📟
6 Evs🚗
7 Semiconductores🔌
8 Drones🚁
9 Realidad virtual📺
10 Software💽
11 Renovables☀️
12 IoT📠
13 Telemedicina🩺
14 Medicina🧬
15 Ecommerce🛒
16 Cannabis🍀

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ایک دوست کی زمین پر پندرہ لاکھ لون لیا اس میں سے 7 لاکھ کا اسکو ٹریکٹر لے دیا باقی میں نے خود رکھ لئے پھر ایک سال بعد بنک سود دینے کیلیئے اس کا گھر گروی رکھوا کر 4 لاکھ لون لیا 2 لاکھ بنک میں جمع کروآئے 2 لاکھ میں نے خود رکھ لیئے
پھر 1سال بعد دونوں بنکوں کا سود اتارنے کیلئے میں نے اس کا مال مویشی بیچ دیا اور باقی جائیداد گروی رکھ کر اور لون لیا کچھ رقم سے سود کی قسطیں ادا کی کچھ رقم خود رکھ لی
اب میرے پیارے دوست پر کل قرض تقریباً 30 لاکھ ہے مگر اس کا اپنا ٹریکٹر بن گیا
مگر مجال اس بیشرم انسان نے کبھی دوستوں کے سامنے میری تعریف کی ہو ہمیشہ مجھے گالیاں دیتا ہے حالانکہ اس کو ٹریکٹر لے کر دینے کا سارا کریڈٹ مجھے جاتا ہے
جیسے پاکستان میں موٹروے کا سارا کریڈٹ میاں نواز شریف کو جاتا ہے😄😃
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📣New #Paper with @Tasos_Kitsos and @r_ortegaargiles hot🔥off the @RegionalStudies press: 'Digital economy in the UK: regional productivity effects of early adoption'… [1/n]
While we know a lot about the importance of #internet related technologies and digitisation practices to #economic performance and #productivity , we don't know much about the long-term effects of the early adoption of such technologies. [2/n]
This is understandable as the commercial #internet is c. only 25 years and relevant #data can be scarce especially at a disaggregated #Regional level. [3/n]
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#Abiy's war is against the people of #Tigray, not against #tplf nor handful #tplf 's higher officials as the pathological liar in #PM office kept telling to westerners! No ifs and buts about this.

Let's start with the renowned #Oromo scholar Prof. Ezekiel's argument 👇👇👇 1/n
Before the invasion:

#SayNoToWarOnTigray #SayNoToWarEthiopia

Systematic retirement of Tigrean Generals and Colonels, non-politicians, from the national army since day one in his office (April 2018).

Moving troops from all parts of Ethiopia to Tigray border for weeks. 2/n
#SayNoToWarOnTigray #SayNoToWarEthiopia

Evacuated troops from Guliso; Western Wellega an area under command post to protect civilians at danger from rebels (Oct-31-2020)...3/n
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Wow - both Parler and NewsMax have jumped to the Top 5 App downloads this week, indicating a huge migration of mainly far-right, “StopTheSteal” users from @Facebook & @FoxNews.

We know EXACTLY why this is happening (& why it’s worrying) (thread) #Election2020 #Protect2020
About two/three weeks ago, a heavy push began from influencers & FB pages, mainly on the right, of “coupe” and “voter fraud claims”, many of which our team has been monitoring and reporting on.

With this intense focus from fact-checkers, civil society, #FB, and us the ...2/
...misinformation was being caught & labeled faster (still not fast enough, but much faster than before).

Here’s the BIG story: @Facebook has a commitment to reduce the reach of repeat misinformers. It’s exact rules & how well & on who it applies them aren’t transparent BUT..3/
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#Thailand #protesters already gathered infront of parliament house where MPs & senators are debating on whether to amend #constitution. They'll likely be able to start taking a vote at about 6pm #Bangkok time. This is continuation of reform demands #ไปสภาไล่ขี้ข้าศักดินา
#Thailand protesters say they want to continue momentum to demand for change & to support the activists who have been vocal in asking for new #constitution, reforms to #monarchy & change in government. MPs, senators will vote on 6 motions #แก้รัฐธรรมนูญ #ไปสภาไล่ขี้ข้าศักดินา
#Thailand MPs, senators to vote on 6 motions on whether they agree to amend #constitution. A least 1/3 (84) senators have to agree before motion can be passed. Senators are appointed & usually vote as a bloc. Constitution now has provided for their existence #แก้รัฐธรรมนูญ
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तुमची बायको दाखवा,
तुमची सुंदर मुलगी दाखवा,
अश्या रिकाम्या परंतु भविष्यात घातक ठरू शकणाऱ्या चॅलेंजस चा सध्या #Fb वर पहायला मिळत आहे.

FB वरून मुलींचे व स्त्रियांचे फोटो घेऊन घाणेरड्या पेजेस वर टाकण्याचे नीच प्रकार सातत्याने होत असताना, असले प्रकार होत आहे.

आणि यात सुशिक्षित म्हणवणारे (प्रामुख्याने हिंदू) लोकच दिसून येतात..

आपल्या घरातील स्त्रिया प्रदर्शनाची वस्तू आहेत का?
उद्या आपल्या घरातील स्त्रीच्या फोटो सह "कसा माल आहे?" अशी कमेंट दिसली तर दोष कुणाला द्यायचा..?
याचा ही विचार करायला हवा...
असे रिकामे आणि फालतू ची आव्हाने घेऊन काय दाखविले जाते.?

आव्हान स्वीकारायचे तर स्वच्छतेचे, कोरोना विरुद्ध लढण्याचे या अवघड काळात अन्न, वस्त्र वाटपाचे
किमान चार विद्यार्थ्यांना वही पुस्तक देण्याचे घ्यायला हवे..
कृपया जरा तरी विचार करा....!

।। जय हिंदुराष्ट्र ।।
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 08/23/2020…
New milestones in embodied AI…

a16z Podcast: Reining in Complexity - Data Science & Future of AI/ML Businesses - Andreessen Horowitz…

#data #complexity #AI #future
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किसानपुत्रांच्या शिबिराचे समारोप सत्र #Live #FB #Twitter #Youtube

15 ऑगस्ट रोजी सायं 5 वाजता किसानपुत्र आंदोलनाच्या ऑनलाइन शिबिराच्या समारोप सत्राची सांगता किसानपुत्र आंदोलनाचे प्रणेते अमर हबीब करणार आहे.
हे सत्र सगळ्या समाज माध्यमावर लाईव्ह करण्यात येणार आहे. #antifarmerlaws
फेसबुक पेज वर हे सत्र लाईव्ह होत असताना याला सर्व शिबिरार्थींनी वॉच पार्टी म्हणून समविचारी ग्रुप, पेज व वॉलवर शेअर करावे.

ग्रुप मध्ये असलेलया सर्वानी फेसबुक, ट्विटर व युव्हीटयूबवर लाईव्ह होणाऱ्या स्ट्रीमला सर्व सोशल मीडिया प्लॅटफॉर्मवर शेअर करावे. #FB #TwitterLive #kisanputra
लाईव्ह साठी खाली दिलेल्या लिंक वर पाहण्यासाठी उपलब्ध राहील.

Youtube Channel-…
Facebook page-

●असलम सय्यद
प्रचार प्रसार आघाडी,
किसानपुत्र आंदोलन
@threadreaderapp unroll
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