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Has anyone gone back to the original Q posts at
They now have answers posted on the board.

Example: Q post 5 - Click on the answers. Image
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How long until Irelands elite get entangled in the #Epstein scandal? Let's remember Denis O'Briens dodgy deals and close ties to the Clinton's and all Bonos
" humanitarian work" in Africa…

#Haiti #Qanon
Why do all these "Philanthropist" celebrities always have so much interest in poor children?
Bono and the Obama's are so close that their families vacation together
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"Pedophile Madam #GhislaineMaxwell ready to name names." ~@gatewaypundit

Nice, but we've known who for years, thanks to #QAnon.


@abcnews did everything they could to cover for #Epstein and #Pedowood...

Just a gym inside the Temple, right?

@BillClinton, how are you sleeping?
Chatting with #PrinceAndrew any?

You. Are. Done.
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So I see you have a troop of Marxist state 'tards who approve of your slight against me. Very well.
Since you too much of a pussy[1] to answer the question, I shall endeavour to educate you and your illiterate horde. 1/
President Trump might have given favourable countenance to hydroxychloroquine/ azithromycin/zinc but he (hopefully obviously) did not think of this himself. Fauci did not advise the president of this regimen, either, though he most certainly knew of it at least 2/
as early as 2000. The WHO did not advise him, thus, and nor did the CDC, WHO are under Fauci (Gates) control. Who then? Whoever they were, they were *good*. Military doctors/scientists, I expect, though I am only surmising. Key point, that are *really good*. 3/
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Q has mentioned Project Looking Glass and Looking Glass on a few different occasions. See more in comments.


I thought it was odd that they have re-written not only Alice In Wonderland but also Through The Looking Glass with Hillary Clinton as the main character. ImageImage

A portion of a video from a supposed whistleblower on "Looking Glass and Cube Tech". Thoughts? Could they have had access to the tech? Awful lot of "Looking Glass" mentions going around....

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As we approach what has been recognized as the birth of our great nation, I have felt inspired to share an updated and modern take on the Declaration of Independence to make it applicable to the Cabal.

The ruling class of elite pedophiles that have run our nation's governments from the shadows will heretofore be called the Cabal.

Many already know of their existence.

My goal with this is to codify their abuses against humanity with sources and separate ourselves from them
1) When in the course of human events it becomes necessary to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to form society which benefits mankind
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The breaking news of Ghislaine Maxwell's arrest points to a number of #QPosts which may connect.
Let's take a look in this thread.
#Qanon #QPosts #QanonWorldWide…
#QPost #3716 points to the "first indictment", which will trigger a mass awakening.

Is Ghislaine the first arrest which will "verify action and confirm future direction."?
#Qanon #QPosts #QanonWorldWide
Note "Marker [9]."
Today is 02/07/20.
2 + 7 = 9.
Is today 'Marker [9]' ?

Q has mentioned Ghislaine a number of times. Here's #3431 from 1 year 12 days ago -
"Think LdR.
Think Gloria V.
Think Epstein."

#Qanon #QPosts #QanonWorldWide
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LUKE HARDING. Just WHO is Luke Harding? #SPYGATE #QAnon #WakeUpUK #QAnonWorldwide
British Journalist Luke Harding's part in #Spygate and the 'Russian Collusion' narrative.
Luke Harding is said to have been a contractor for Orbis Business Intelligence (working for Steele) and Halkuyt Cyber (whilst writing for The Guardian).
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Part Five. #QAnonUK #QAnon #QAnonWorldwide #FakeNews #ScumMedia
British Journalist, Luke Harding's part in #Spygate and the 'Russian Collusion' narrative. Luke Harding is said to have been a contractor for Orbis Business Intelligence (working for Steele) and Halkuyt Cyber.
2/ 'A Very Expensive Poison by Luke Harding review – a dramatic account of Litvinenko’s murder' 2016…
3/ Spies, assassins and strip clubs: death of Alexander Litvinenko adapted for stage…
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Part Four. #QAnonUK #QAnon #QAnonWorldwide #FakeNews #ScumMedia
British Journalist, Luke Harding's part in #Spygate and the 'Russian Collusion' narrative. Luke Harding is said to have been a contractor for Orbis Business Intelligence (working for Steele) and Halkuyt Cyber.
2/ FBI Reveals Russian Collusion — With Obama and Clinton 2017…
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LUKE HARDING. Just WHO is Luke Harding? #SPYGATE #QAnon #WakeUpUK #QAnonWorldwide… FULL THREAD
2/ Luke Harding - 'Putin is Building an Empire'
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LUKE HARDING. Just WHO is Luke Harding? #SPYGATE #QAnon #WakeUpUK #QAnonWorldwide… FULL THREAD
2/ Luke Harding graduated with an International Baccalaureate diploma from UWC Atlantic College, South Wales ...
3/ 'Through our 18 schools and colleges around the world, we bring together students from dozens of countries to learn more about the world and themselves.' UWC Atlantic
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LUKE HARDING. Just WHO is Luke Harding? #SPYGATE #QAnon #WakeUpUK #QAnonWorldwide… FULL THREAD

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@Jordan_Sather_ Soros and the Rothschilds are Investors in Maximus Inc. A deep state company that began in the early stages of Title IV-D funding. Of the 1974 Social Security Act and was awarded the first IV D contract. This is also linked to ObamaCare and the CCP.
@Jordan_Sather_ @starryneutrons . its time we educate them.
@Jordan_Sather_ For those of you whom have shared and liked this tweet... Please also share the thread.
I can not emphasize enough the importance of exposing Maximus Inc and it's deep state ties.
I present facts of a company that has been in business for 45 years.
Here we go.
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The Key

“The Kingdom of God is within”
~Luke 17:20-21 Image
Add up all of the squares to find the key

But when you look within... how many do you see?

#QAnon #QAnons #WWG1WGA #TheGreatAwaking #MAGA2020 Image
Is this a coincidence?...

I’m a high school drop out and math was most certainly my least favorite subject. So what’s the purpose of me discovering this and having a desire to share it and have people understand the deeper spiritual aspect of it?

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I keep hearing that we should just arrest all of the Satanic Cabalist pedophiles and traitors right now, ALL AT ONCE. Allow me to explain why I think all of us anons need to step back, calm down, and assess things a little bit more....
If we arrest every pedophile traitor, and just disclose all of their crimes against humanity in ONE BANG, and if we rip out every single Satanic transnational corporation from the fabric of our nation in one felt swoop, overnight MILLIONS WOULD LOSE THEIR JOBS....
This would cause panic in the streets at a time when so many are still depressed from being shut-in their homes for so long. Of course you would have to also factor in the psychological havoc caused by these staged race-riots....
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Confused about Q's last drops regarding George Floyd and "Reconcile"?
ITT we'll go through them and find out why the theory that 'The Obama Foundation published a photo of George Floyd before he died', is incorrect.

#Qposts #Qanon #QanonWorldwide
We'll also be going through how you can check this on your own. Let's go?

Background: In #QPost #4436 Q posted a photo of George Floyd alongside a link to a tweet from the Obama Foundation on George Floyd.
As Q has done many times, he asks us to "Reconcile".

#Qanon #Qposts
The owner of does an incredible job and in no way is this post is taking away from that.
The title on this Q post however, I believe is an error and causing much confusion.

Here's the tweet Q linked to.
Note the date: May 17

#Qposts #QanonWorldwide
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#QAnons #QAnon #WWG1WGA

Hilo sobre el #OBAMAGATE , probablemente el mayor escándalo en la historia política de los Estados Unidos hasta el momento y que involucra a la administración del ex-presidente de EE. UU. Barack Obama
Todo comienza en el año 2014, cuando el para entonces presidente Barack Obama destituye de manera sorpresiva e intempestiva a su Director de Defensa e Inteligencia Nacional (Michael Flynn) quien ejercía el cargo desde el 2012, forzando incluso su retiro militar.
Aunque al momento de su destitución, Michael Flynn no promueve ninguna controversia mayor por lo sucedido, con el tiempo manifiesta que su destitución se debía a que no estuvo de acuerdo con prácticas irregulares dentro de la agencia, prácticas que no estaba dispuesto a acatar.
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Thread: *Storm Watch 3 - It's Going To Be Biblical*
An update to 2 previous #Qanon #StormWatch threads.

All Systems Go ! Let's #DOITQ & #Patriots !
#DarkToLight #TheGreatAwakening
Lets take a look at what's happened in the past few days regards #TheStorm, and what may be about to happen.

The first 2 threads can be found here -
Thread 1 -
Thread 2 -

#DarkToLight #TheGreatAwakening
We've seen many indications over the past few days from Q, POTUS, those close to him and the military that we're right on the precipice of #TheStorm.

On Jun 4, Q posted #4418, a tweet from Dan Scavino which nodded to a huge storm in DC.

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Thread for Saturday June 6, 2020!
Q !!
Jun 6 2020 13:32:28 (EST) NEW…📁
The Armor of God
Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power.
Have faith in Humanity.
Have faith in Yourself.
Have faith in God.
Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes.
17 Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.
Jun 6 2020 13:32:28 (EST) NEWQ has posted 3 times the Armor of God!
In the last one, Q add a number 17 in the middle.
evil one. 17 Take the
Take the 17 evil one!
Also, add
Have faith in Humanity.
Have faith in Yourself.
Have faith in God.
The Great Awakening.
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1) No matter what race, gender or religion you are. No matter who you voted for. No matter if you hate Donald Trump. No matter if you hate cops or governments. No matter if you love the news on CNN/MSNBC and hate all other channels. No matter if you are young or old.
2) No matter if you give a damn about politics, world peace, rape or corruption. Very soon, terrible news will spread. It will seem impossible to believe. Horrible, sickening, unbelievable things. It will shake your world and may turn everything you believed in upside down.
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11.3 was 1st marker
11.3 Podesta indicted,
Does he know?
Q reinforced 10/31/2017 dates are pertinent right now w posts earlier today

#QAnons #WWG1WGA
2/Interesting that we now have disinformation coming out a day later of the activation of 11.3 marker

#QAnons #PodestaBrothers #SaveTheChildren
3/Disinfo👉Blaming a 43 y/o German man in her case? Hmmm...…

Via Me&I @PatriotNewsChan

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'Lets get this party started!'.. Keith Vaz and Mark Sedwill discuss the 114 Missing Westminster Pedo Files!! #QAnon #QANONWORLDWIDE #WWG1WGA
3/ Mark Sedwill answers questions at the Home Affairs Select Committee about his department's handling of child abuse allegations. - July 2014…
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