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Imagine being born in a secular #democracy & agitating, organizing, & pursuing establishment of a #theocracy — claiming ‘persecution’ bc a majority want to keep Church & State separate. #USA #religiousliberty #Christian #Christianist #DefendDemocracy @americansunited @RNS
Clearly we don’t all agree on who the ‘us’ is in #USA, who belongs, who matters, who should vote, what I means to be, ‘an American.’…
#FirstAmendment to the #Constitution mandates that the #USA shall have no official religion.

Despite this, about 20% say the federal government should stop enforcing the separation of church and state a that the Constitution was inspired by God. #DefendDemocracy
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I bristle slightly (ok, I bristle a lot) when conversations about fighting the #RespectForMarriageAct revolve around #religiousliberty issues. Why? Because what both our foes and our allies hear from religious Americans is, “If gay marriage passes, it will be bad for *me.*”
To which the world responds, “So the prob w gay marriage is, you might have to...bake a cake?? Deal with it, bigot.”

No one's interested in fighting SS marriage (or the myriad other ways the Left is redefining family) if it’s just about minimizing discomfort of religious adults.
But that's how all these conversations come across. Not exactly the approach that will fortify wobbly-kneed Senators or citizens to stand against a cultural onslaught.

Instead, we must forcefully highlight the child-harms of marriage redefinition.
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In Fulton v. City of Philadelphia, experts weigh in on faith-based #fostercare and #religiousfreedom.

Read all:… #SCOTUS #FreeToFoster

From @asmauddinesq:
"For Catholics, foster care is not merely good; it is holy." #FreeToFoster

From Archbishop @ThomasWenski, @usccbfreedom
"It's no wonder that so many successful foster parents say that the support of their faith community and the religious agencies they partner with has been a vital resource." #FreeToFoster #SCOTUS #Fulton #fostercare

From @NaomiSRiley, @AEI:
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This case--in which a husband argues the court is violating his #freeexercise rights by granting his wife a divorce--perfectly explains how #religiousexemptions can violate #religiousliberty 1/
Court says "it might well violate the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment to compel Wife to remain married to Husband because of Husband’s religious beliefs, for the court would then be preferring one spouse’s beliefs over the other spouse's" 2/
Read my article for more on a similar case out of Texas
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#ReligiousLiberty is under attack in several states: California officials have announced they will cut off water and power to anyone – whether in a church or a private home - who continues to worship or have Bible studies and prayer gatherings. (cont.)
California Christians now have a choice – serve the Lord or have their basic utilities cut off.

Los Angeles City Mayor Eric Garcetti – the same mayor who applauded the Bible-burning Marxists of Portland, OR - announced he will shut off water and electric services to ...
...any church or home that violates CA Gov. Gavin Newsom's outrageous "no worship" orders. And now other mayors and officials are following the same course.

As it stands right now in California, Gov. Newsom has banned ALL worship for 80 percent of the population, including ...
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#SCOTUS got the law right tonight protecting the #religiousliberty of a Buddhist prisoner. @BECKETlaw…
@BECKETlaw's amicus brief urged #SCOTUS to consider that there is an affirmative #FirstAmendment and #RLUIPA right to clergy in the execution room. 1/3
#SCOTUS agreed, 7-2, that the #FirstAmendment applies to every American, no matter their faith. And the ability of a condemned man to seek the comfort of a priest, Imam, or Buddhist reverend at the time of his execution is worth protecting. 2/3
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We have seen the challenges facing members of the military over the last few years when it comes to #religiousliberty.…

#freedom #FirstAmendment #liberty #religiousfreedom
We must be steadfast in the defense of our soldiers and their ability to express and practice their faith.
If we will not protect that right for the brave men and women who fight for our freedom, it will vanish for the rest of us in a blink of an eye.
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