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🧵Excited to amplify all the good work to be presented under the @AERADiv_J (postsecondary #education) - Section 3 "Organization, Management, & Leadership" banner during #AERA21 #AERA2021. If you're into #OrgTheory #EdPolicy #EdLeadership #HigherEd #EdLaw - Bookmark this thread
🪜-1 (step 1) is to get your #AERA2021 #AERA21 schedule filled with all the @AERADiv_J - Section 3 goodness so you can attend the sessions live: ImageImageImageImage
🪜-2: Bookmark this thread as I will be tweeting out the papers/authors for the different sessions. Lots of great work!
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It's Wednesday so it's time for Wednesday's Weather Word (an exclusively online subsidiary of the #ScienceBehind series)
Today's word is "analemma"

#13newsnow #STEM #STEMeducation #STEMed #astronomy
Our friends (because we're all friends in science) at Stanford put together this cool site with some analemma plots from Greece ☀️…
#13newsnow #ScienceBehind #STEM #STEMeducation
Well.. wouldn't the position of the sun remain the same all year?
No! And that's thanks to the combination of the Earth's tilt and our non-circular orbit around the sun.
#13newsnow #ScienceBehind #STEM #STEMeducation
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Good morning! Someone sent me a photo to ID last week and I thought it'd be a perfect time to bring back Wednesday's Weather Word (a subsidiary of #ScienceBehind)

#13newsnow #STEMeducation Image
Hard to spell
Difficult to say (at least for me)
And sometimes even challenging to see.

This sight is usually seen better around sunrise or sunset, due to the scattering of light during those times.
#STEMeducation #ScienceBehind
Anticrepuscular rays are often dimmer than their counterpart: crepuscular rays

The latter term comes from the Latin for "twilight". Crepuscular rays occur when sunlight streams through breaks in the clouds (some other objects can cause this, too)
#ScienceBehind #STEMEducation
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Tweeting the plenary from #BIOME20 since it isn't live streaming to all, but get your info here!
"Mentoring Deaf Students in UREs: The value of cultural competency" by Derek Braun #STEMed #research Mentoring Deaf Students in ...
#BIOME20 is brought to you by @qubeshub @BioQUESTed and this year's theme.

Dr. Braun is speaking, but we are assisted in understanding by interpreters on the Zoom. 2/
First - why diversify STEM? 1) Diversifies research directions, 2) Better problem solving and 3) we weed out capable folx with contribution potential. 3/
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Good morning!
Last week we talked about aphelion and this week I've got something I call #WednesdaysWord (an obviously extremely creative name for a subsidiary of #ScienceBehind).

So let's do some science, shall we?
#STEMeducation #STEMed
Last week, we spent time in space so let's bring it a little closer with noctilucent clouds

☁️ (the clouds don't really look like this but twitter emojis just ain't there yet so we make do 🤷🏾‍♀️)

#13newsnow #STEMed #stemeducation Image
So where exactly do these clouds form? It's in an area of the atmosphere called the mesosphere

We live in the troposphere and that's where our weather happens. Noctilucent clouds don't produce any weather, however

#sciencebehind #STEMed #stemeducation Image
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Y'all remember my series #ScienceBehind that used to air on Wednesdays? It's cool if you don't - a LOT has been going on.

I don't have a new video but let's do a new installment via tweet thread (I know it's not an innovative idea but I remembered there's science this week)
Okay so on New Year's Day, we aired a segment on perihelion 🌍. Shameless plug here if you want a refresher

#13newsnow #ScienceBehind #STEMeducation
Fast forward 6 months (hey, that's today!) and now we're 3 days out from the opposite of perihelion [☀️➡️🌍] -- aphelion [☀️➡️➡️➡️🌍]

Emojis not close to scale so don't come for me.

#13newsnow #sciencebehind #STEMeducation
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Hi 👋 I'm @beatrixparis from @UMiamiRSMAS.

I study fish larvae, the early life stage of fishes: one challenge is to collect them alive to be able to observe their behavior. A second challenge is to observe them in their natural environment without human disturbance. #takeoverNSF
The European eel is a migratory species that crosses the Atlantic Ocean twice during its life. After hatching in the Sargasso Sea, eel larvae move >3,000 miles to the freshwater streams of Europe and eventually navigate back to the Sargasso Sea to spawn and die. #takeoverNSF
During their journey, glass eels encounter many distinct environments, with dramatic differences in physical, chemical and biological features. This journey is complex and they need to rely on multiple orientation mechanisms. “Magnetic imprinting” is one of them. #takeoverNSF
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Covering #genetics & #wildlife populations this week!

Was uncertain how much my students would come in knowing (our program requires genetics, but sometimes students don't take it till senior year, which is also when they tend to take this wildlife course).
I started class with an anonymous (ungraded) quiz on some #genetics basics (e.g., "In eukaryotes, DNA is housed in what structure[s]?") that I made and gave via @Socrative .

In a class of 15 on a 6 question quiz, the avg. was a 63%, and I learned where their knowledge gaps were.
Just having that little bit of info helped me target the review part of my lecture, and it seemed to up everyone's comfort level (including mine).

I was prepping this lecture up till right before I gave it, and I almost didn't include the quiz, but am really glad I did.
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✂️🐟🎉🏀 Hey everyone, @Science_Baller here! I'll be the guest host today talking about all things #STEMed #scioutreach #scicomm and #CRISPR today! Jump with questions at any time and I'll try to answer them! It's going to be a #zebrafishparty and I'm pumped! 😎
A little about myself: I am a new lecturer in Biological Sciences @VanderbiltU . I teach a section of Introductory Bio (220 students) and 3 sections of Intro Bio Lab (16 students/each). What's the biggest course you have had to teach? #STEMed #AcademicTwitter #phdlife #phdchat
I graduated with my Ph.D. in Biochemistry in May from @RiceUniversity . My research focused on #zebrafish genetics using #CRISPR mutagenesis. My big paper discussed a new #CRISPR tool that we developed which has an increased mutation rate+longer deletions…
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