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As promised here's some #SciEngage and #ConSocSci insight on the Seaspiracy conversation. I get the frustration with the documentary so if you need support and comradery vent away. If your goal is to engage with folks who you dont agree with tho, some things to think about: 1/
First, I'm seeing a lot of they won't listen to facts sentiment. Throwing facts at people to change their minds usually doesn't work. Many of us have heard that the deficit model as its known fails but scientists still often fall in this trap of going back and teaching facts. 2/
To help think about how to integrate this more into practice, think about WHY facts don't work. Facts don't work because most people aren't making up their minds based on facts alone. We come to understand the world through experiences, values, identities, social norms, etc 3/
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[1/20] Let me share the main findings and recommendations from our in-depth empirical analysis of the #science #communication #research field in this thread on: 1 Goals, 2 Methods, 3 Trends, 4 Challenges, 5 Research Gaps, 6 Recommendations >> #SciComm Image
[2/20] Goal: investigate trends in #SciComm #research over the decades globally; identify opportunities / challenges / gaps; make research & policy recommendations. The Field Analysis is available freely #OpenAcces >> as an e-book & audio-book -- #WissKomm
[3/20] We triangulated a content analysis of 3,000 journal papers with a review of grey literature spanning four decades, and a multi-stage panel study (qual. interviews with 36 experts representing the international and disciplinary field). Image
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I am so proud of my first paper as corresponding author! And on a topic I am SURE I'll work on for the rest of my life: the need to #SciComm in languages other than English! It was so fun working with @mcmsharksxx on this! 👇 #ComunicaCiencia 1/n…
Before I start on this thread, I want to thank the team @FrontiersIn, our editor @mufferaw, and our reviewers @sabahzero and Rakeb Tesfaye for helping us turn an honestly mediocre manuscript into a much more thoughtful opinion. I love it when #PeerReview works! #SciComm 2/n
The #COVID19 pandemic has highlighted many inequities including the lack of #SciComm in languages other than English. We wrote this before the pandemic hit and it's been sad to see much of what we speak of in this paper reflected in real time. 3/n
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I want to talk a minute about this piece in @nature encouraging scientists to counter misinformation. While I agree with Tim about the importance of scientists counterbalancing misinfo online fact corrections can backfire if you aren't careful. A thread /1…
Fact corrections can result in a "backfire effect" meaning that instead of accepting & changing their understanding they double-down. It can mean a concept goes from something they think to something they *know*, which is even harder to counter. You don't want this outcome /2
But obviously there are certain facts that are vital for our society to function. Don't mix bleach & ammonia. Voting information. Vaccines don't cause autism. When you're doing #SciComm & encounter someone who isn't just uninformed but misinformed how do you proceed? /3
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Wishing I could be multiple places at #AAASmtg again! Chose this session, stay tuned for summary thread. #scicomm #sciengage
Advocacy = engagement and communication.
Engagement is forever (there's always more).
Practice makes better not perfect. - Daniel Barry
Delivering #science not= connecting science and decision-making. We need a paradigm shift. - @AmySnover
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It’s coming up on my 10 year (!) tape-i-versary for @Jeopardy, and with this week’s #JeopardyGOAT and last week’s ABC News Special featuring #ThankYouAlex, it seemed like a good time to share my #JEffect story
@Jeopardy In early 2009, I took the @Jeopardy online test - just like thousands of other people. And like many of them, I was invited to audition in person that spring.

[p.s. The online test is coming up Jan 28-30 - you should go for it!]
@Jeopardy At the in-person audition, the other J! hopefuls were just as nervous / excited as I was, the test game gave me an idea of what it was like to use the buzzer, and the J! contestant coordinators made everyone feel like they had a personal cheerleading section.
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[Day3: Creating & Sustaining Spaces of Practice]
Q: Have you created or been part of initiatives for #Science #STEM #STEAM #SciComm practice? Are you considering creating one yourself?

Today we'll discuss "safe spaces to fail" and scaffolded experiences to build up your skills!
Why do I care?
As a former academic & now in my work to spread adaptable skills in #scicomm through #comedy, it strikes me how little prep we get to teach or give strategic talks as we make the shift from undergrad to grad levels

How many bad habits do we accumulate b/c of this?
What are some bad communication habits in #Science #STEM you've seen, experienced, or are still working to overcome?

Here's where I used to struggle:
- preparing talks the night before
- going over time
- imagining the audience wasn't even there
- bad PPTs
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