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Very true Mr President. Chairman Kim has honored your agreement. I'm sure he wishes he could get you to give him some sanction relief. The DPRK has had many UN violations over the years ~
I agree Mr President, #NorthKorea 🇰🇵 will lose if they push it too far. It would be a shame #DPRK would be squandering another opportunity like walking away from your generous offer at the #SingaporeSummit.
They can have a great future; Chairman Kim Jong Un can lead #NorthKorea into a future of prosperity. I hope he will make the wise choice. The days of Obama, Bush, and Clinton are OVER.

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Yeah, this is disappointing..No, I don't mean the President. Chuck Ross.
This is apparently what you need to do to hang with the "cool kids" at lunch:
@ChuckRossDC "Trump brags about getting a "very nice letter" from Kim Jong Un, who murdered Otto Warmbier."
@ChuckRossDC Well it's interesting that the "elite media" and Chuck keyed in on that one factor. I watched the whole press conference. Twice, to really hear what was said. Here it is:
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North Korea 🇰🇵 and Commercial satellite imaging. Yes, this is what the networks fixate on now. Armchair punditry from think tanks...
Bolton: Kim has 'very clear idea' of where Trump stands on missile tests…
I've learned many things over the years; but more recently reading everything from our State Dept, Team Trump, as well knowledge gained from @ThomasWictor, @Debradelai, and Bader . My road to real understanding began half a world away..
Interesting I can see the same pattern..and truly appreciate @ilToroNero for showcasing the brilliant @omriceren 🌹🇸🇦❤️🇺🇸
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About Otto 💔 🇺🇸
Otto Warmbier's parents are entitled to say or feel any way they want. I have no issue with them, and have the utmost sympathy for them.
Having said that, I do have an issue with the @whpresscorps, media and the GOPe Inc.…
Why was this asked in a press events and a news conference AGAIN in Hanoi?
This has been repeatedly asked before, during and after the #SingaporeSummit ~
Why are they attempting to embarrass President Trump and Chairman Kim from meeting or making a deal?
You probably only heard it asked once or repeated ad nauseam since, but no~ the inkshitters from the @whpresscorps traveling press corp had the temerity to ask WHILE Trump and Kim were still in negotiations.
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VP of @Ford, Stephen Biegun, named US special representative to #DPRK.
Hope expressed by @SecPompeo that Biegun can provide a"far brighter future for the people of North Korea."
"Full denuclearization of North Korea" was agreed to by Kim Jong Un at the #SingaporeSummit, according to Biegun.
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#NATOSummit2018 <Thread>
Jul 10:
1/ "NATO heads of state are due to meet Wednesday in Brussels beneath the disinterested gaze of President Donald Trump before he jets off to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki." (con't)
2/ Continuation of previous quote from @MollyMcKew:
"British🇬🇧 PM Theresa May... faces a pending collision with the brick wall of #Brexit..." in "what would usually be staid diplomatic photo-ops that could... seriously disrupt the int'l order... (con't)…
3/ More on Estonian🇪🇪 resolve (yes, true patriotism):
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#BREAKING BADABOUM genre j'ai 1 paquet de copies à finir et ils me balancent ça 1 #dimanche...#Stone, le conseiller de l'ombre/visiteur du soir de #Trump, avoue qu'il a rencontré 1 Russe en 2016 lui ayant offert des infos sales sur #Clinton...…
2) #Breaking...Alors, déjà, il y a plein de choses à dire.D'1 part, #Stone affirmait jusqu'alors qu'il n'eut jamais de contact avec 1 Russe durant la campagne 2016 alors qu'il était 1"homme de l'ombre" de il l'a répété au comité du renseignement de la Chambre. Gênant.
3) #Breaking Et d'autre part, c'est le dircom de la campagne #Trump, Caputo, qui a arrangé la rencontre de #Stone avec le Russe Greenberg en mai 2016. Et devinez quoi, lui aussi ne s'est pas souvenu de cette rencontre face aux enquêteurs du Congrès...Gênant (bis).
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He leído tanto acerca de la #SingaporeSummit que creo merece un comentario de lo que según mi óptica pasó en #Singapur
1) Para empezar los que dijeron que era imposible que esto sucediera pues les tengo noticias: "Trump did it again"
2) He leído que muchos dicen: 'el chinito se arrepintió" otros dicen: "Trump tuvo que ceder al botón de Kim" en fin; cada quien aprecia lo que percibe según su propia red de conceptos y conocimientos. Los términos de la cumbre no han sido detallados pero...
Para mí las fotos son un libro abierto; Aqui aunque Kim está en la mejor posición "para la foto" donde es importante el ángulo, la ubicación y planimetría, (en términos simples) «parado en la izquierda» para que en el “handshake” Kim Jong retratara como el líder dominante
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Video on North Korea talks in Korean language being played at movie theater level volume ahead of Trump presser at #SingaporeSummit
Now being replayed in English.
English clip. #SingaporeSummit
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8-9 months ago, #Trump said he’d destroy #NorthKorea.. today, he is giving #KimJongUn - the leader of a truly horrific, horrendously brutal regime - the greatest opportunity he could have dreamed of. #SingaporeSummit

That’s what you get when vanity drives your foreign policy.
#Trump got out an iPad & showed #KimJongUn a fake movie trailer showing them both as the bearers of world peace.

- “Two men, two leaders, one destiny…”

I kid you not.

Acc. to the @nytimes, this isn't a Chinese proverb at all.

In fact, it may originate in #America.…
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1) President Donald Trump’s meeting with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un marks an opportunity for the world that only comes about every generation or so – the opportunity to completely change the direction of world events.

2) The last time this occurred was in 1986 when President Reagan met with Mikhail Gorbachev. America and the USSR were at extremely heightened tensions.
3) Before that it was when President Eisenhauer and Soviet Leader Nikita Khrushchev met in 1959 only to have the U2 spy plane incident a few months later negate any thawing of the Cold War.…
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This is pretty remarkable. The Korean Central News Agency, North Korea's state-run news outlet, has announced Kim Jong Un left the country and arrived in Singapore, and flew on a Chinese plane. (link isn't always reliable) #trumpkimsummit #singaporesummit
As of yesterday, KCNA had no substantive reports about the US-NK summit in Singapore since May 24. The rest of the world breathlessly reported summit was cancelled, then back on. From KCNA, nada.
The top story for over the weekend remained Kim Jong Un's visit to a snazzy new seafood restaurant in Pyongyang. There were reports on Singapore's foreign minister visiting NK, no reason was given.…
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