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Basketball star Dennis Rodman talks about his first visit to North Korea! In the "Hotboxin" podcast by boxing legend Mike Tyson (53), the eccentric ex-athlete reports on the encounter with Kim Jong-un.
After his first visit, Rodmann was always drawn to the cart of the North Korean dictator. Even became part of the crazy propaganda show through his appearances and visits. In total, Rodman has been to the isolated country five times.
With varnished fingernails, a baseball cap and his characteristic earrings and piercings in his nose and mouth, Rodman sits in the podcast studio, smokes a fat cigar and freely explains what he thought when asked if he wanted to go to North Korea: "Yes, cool ! North Korea.
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#NorthKorea #Pyongyang #KimJongUn

Deputy Chairman Park Bong-joo, Kim Jae-ryong, Kim Deok-hoon , and Park Tae-sung Deputy Chairman Kim Yeo-young and Cho Yongwon First-time Vice Chairman
Song Song-wol, who took the gold chair from the delegation, 'Closed Briefing'.
The six-person leader, Kim Jong-un, accompanied by a visit to the Suncheon Infertilizer Plant in Pyeongnam after breaking the stealth of 20 days on the 1st. From left to right, Park Bong-joo, Vice-Chairman of the National Assembly, Prime Minister Kim Jae-ryong, Deputy Chairman,
Deok-Hoon Kim, Chairman of the Supreme People's Assembly, Park Yeong-jung, First Vice-Chairman of the Party Central Committee, Jo Yong-won, First Vice-Chairman of the Party Central Committee. / Chosun Central Communication Chosun Central TV. Kim Jong-un,
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#China #NorthKorea #북한민국 #Bejing #Pyongyang #KimJongUn #김정은

China's Commerce Department spokesman Gaofeng said on the 30th that "nothing is known" regarding media reports that North Korea is planning to send an economic mission to Beijing this week.
In a press briefing today, Gao denied that the two countries maintained friendly relations but did not know about the North Korean economic mission. He added that he hoped the media would provide responsible reports based on the facts.
Earlier, @Reuters news agency quoted multiple sources on the 28th that North Korea will dispatch an economic mission to China this week to discuss food and trade issues.
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#NorthKorea #북한 #Pyongyang #KimJongUn #김정은 #RodongSinmun

North Korean newspapers silenced by Chairman Kim Jong-un's "Health Abnormality" emphasize the spirit of self-renewal on the labor day, and "Let's believe and follow Kim Jong-un" I encouraged myself.
In the editorial titled, “All workers, let's shine the heroic struggle history and tradition and open the path of front-breaking vigorously,” the labor newspaper, the Labor Party's newspaper, was the only guideline and the lifeline of the comrade Kim Jong-un.
"You have to hold on to it and go through it thoroughly."Particularly, it attracts attention by emphasizing that "no matter what heavenly storm comes, you must become a loyal believer who absolutely believes in and follows only his leader."
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#USA #NorthKorea #WashingtonDC #KimJongUn #김정은

President Donald Trump noted that he knew exactly what was happening with North Korea's chairman Kim Jong-un in his State of Health.
"I know what's going on," President Trump said after being asked about Chairman Kim's status at an event held at the White House on the 30th (local time). But President Trump said, "I can't talk about Kim Jong-un right now." I just want everything to be fine. "
President Trump also emphasized, "I know the situation very well." The emphasis was placed on the fact that the US intelligence agency has accurate information regarding the outflow of reports on Kim's health ideals. Nevertheless, the contents were asked.
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#NorthKorea #Pyongyang #KimJongUn

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has been invisible for more than 20 days, and news about his critical illness and brain death has spread.Korean media reported that the South Korean government issued Kim Jong-un's latest "signature"
order, but North Korean officials found that the so-called latest order "taste" has changed. North Korean sources as saying that Kim Jong-un usually gives orders to local party committees and government agencies every Wednesday or Thursday,
but the North Korean government has not announced it for the past two weeks until April 29 The order signed by Kim Jong-un was only issued, but the format and tone were different from before. The source said that Kim Jong-un's "hand-signed" order
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#NorthKorea #Pyongyang #KimJongUn

The U.S. Congressional Bureau of Investigation said Kim Jong-un, the first vice-president of the North Korean Labor party leader Kim Yo-jong, is likely to succeed Kim.
They also said there would be great implications for the interests of the United States if there was a power struggle in North Korea.
The US Congressional Research Bureau (CRS) in the United States Congress said in an updated report on US-North Korea relations that the length of time Kim Jong-un disappeared from the public eye was sparked by unconfirmed media reports that he was seriously ill or died.
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1) #Charlottesville Virginia, an area of less than 236k citizens (inc 7 surrounding counties) with WAY too many issues, too many connections to the top echelon of the Cabal that seemingly sets the tone for the rest of our country. There ARE no coincidences! Let's take a peek.
2) Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mtns, Cville and specifically the #UniversityofVirginia were once a beacon of hope, and represent #ThomasJefferson 's attempt to help fledgling America counter the black magik and control of the #Cabal, avoid indoctrination, and succeed as a country.
3) Charlottesville was named after Queen Charlotte. It is believed that her interest in claiming the area was due to the dark energy from the Ancient Aztecs and their extremely evil activities. TJ hoped to negate this influence by using occult knowledge to engage the light.
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It was found that the U.S. interceptor reconnaissance plane flew over the Korean Peninsula on the 30th. Kim Jong-un is a reconnaissance activity conducted every day from the time when the
North Korean leader's health ideals begin to turn. Inside and outside the military, there is an analysis that the United States is working hard on reconnaissance activities to identify unusual trends such as Kim's personal anomal. Kim Jong-un's thirsty information,
this time also launched the interceptor reconnaissance NLL. It was found that the U.S. interceptor reconnaissance plane flew over the Korean Peninsula on the 30th. Kim Jong-un is a reconnaissance activity conducted every day from the time when the
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#NorthKorea #China #Pyongyang #KimJongUn

North Korea ’s top leader, Kim Jong-un, is close to 20 days, triggering various speculations. According to the latest news from Radio Free Asia, ten days ago,
Kim Jong-un was sent to the hospital for emergency treatment in Pyongyang because of a ruptured cerebral blood vessel. The doctor initially diagnosed with cerebral hemorrhage and is currently in serious condition.
This statement is different from previous rumours that the operation failed for a heart attack and hid in order to prevent Wuhan pneumonia. Free Asia quoted an official North Korean message obtained by a person from North Korea who was outside North Korea,
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definilty a must see Documentary on #NorthKorea & #SouthKorea

just blew my mind
The standoff between the 2 Koreas has created such an atmosphere at South Korea.

Let us take a look at Korea beyond the Veil of Propaganda by N.korean Authorities

N.Korean expose documentary episode 2

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#NorthKorea #Hamgyŏngbuk_do
#함경북도 #KimJongUn

A source from Hamgyeongbuk-do told on the 29th that “the rumors of the death of Mr. Won (Chairman Kim) are spreading rapidly among people in the Yanbian area.”
Even listening to these words is a scary reality, so nobody knows, but mostly Almost everyone knows this rumor. ” The source said, "Some people have watched the report that the enemy has died,
but now people are trying to catch the body because they are eager to catch who came in from above." In this regard, the report previously cited sources from North Korea's Pyongan Province that reported that the video of the death of Chairman Kim spread to the North Korean
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#USA #NorthKorea #WashingtonDC #Wonsan #Pyongyang #KimJongUn

It has been reported that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un who has recently become subject to rumors about his health moved to Wonsan to avoid COVID-19.
The U.S. authorities captured Kim walking on his own. “It has been identified that Kim Jong Un had been staying in Wonsan during the entire last week,” said a U.S. government official. “He was seen to be walking on his own between April 15 and 20.”
It has been reported that the movements of Kim’s cars and close associates were also witnessed and Kim was walking on his own without help from others or being in a wheelchair.
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#NorthKorea #Wonsan #KimJongUn #Coronavirus

North Korean Prime Minister Kim Jong-un, who disappeared from the official statue on the 17th, is believed to be staying in Wonsan, Gangwon, while Kim's favorite luxury yacht is witnessing off the coast of Wonsan this month.
As a result of analyzing the photos of Google Earth in the past, the yacht appeared on Kim's special pier on July 22, 2015 and May 13, 2015, and it was found that Kim stayed in Wonsan at this time. At that time, North Korean media inspected a new submarine in Sinpo,
Hamnam (reported on July 23 of last year), and launched a North Korean version of Iskander on the Wonsan Peninsula (Reported on July 25). In addition, in May 2015,
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It has been argued in North Korea that the documents submitted by the Chairman of the State Council, Kim Jong-un since the middle of this month, have not been delivered to each institution.
“A high-ranking North Korean defector in contact with Pyongyang,” cited “A recent North Korean defector in contact with Pyongyang,” in the online edition of the weekly magazine Gendai Business on the 29th. Chairman Kim) 'Proposal No. 1' with handwriting is not coming down.
It may be a sign that Chairman Kim is failing to make a decision." “Proposal No. 1” refers to documents that require the approval of the highest leader in North Korea, that is, Chairman Kim.
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A North Korean economic delegation will visit Beijing this week to discuss food supplies and trade on the 28th.
quoted are two sources as saying that the visit by the North Korean delegation was irrelevant to the health of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. According to sources, the North Korean government was expected to discuss trade-related issues, such as improving food imports,
with officials from the Ministry of Commerce of China before Kim Jong-un's health ideology emerged. North Korea launched an all-out anti-war campaign to close the border between China and Russia earlier this year to prevent the influx of new coronavirus infections (corona19).
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South Korea ’s top officials said they knew the whereabouts of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.
This is the clearest answer given by Seoul since Kim Jong Un disappeared from public view more than two weeks ago. Bloomberg reported that South Korea 's Minister of Unification Kim Yeon-Chul was directly asked about the issue at a parliamentary meeting on Tuesday(28th) and said,
“The South Korean government knows Kim Jong-un 's whereabouts”, but did not provide further explanation. In addition, when asked whether South Korea informed US President Trump of Kim Jong-un ’s whereabouts and current situation,
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URGENT QUESTION: There are rumors that North Korean leader #KimJongUn is dead or in a vegetative state. Other reports say he's "alive and well". What's the truth? We asked Ambassador Joe Detrani, former US Special Envoy for the Six Party Talks. Follow this thread for the answer.
ANSWER: "Since North Korea’s Kim Jung-un was last seen in public, at the April 11th meeting of the Politburo of the Korean Workers’ Party, rumors about Kim’s health have been rampant. Fueling these rumors was Kim’s absence from the annual April 15th celebration of
the birth of Kim il-sung and the April 25th Army day celebration. Recent foreign media reports mention the visit of a medical delegation from China, headed by China’s International Liaison Department (ILD) Minister, Song Tao,
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#NorthKorea #China #Pyongyang #KimJongUn

Some former North Korean officials said that the reason why Kim Jong-un did not show up for a long time may be that he had an accident while inspecting the missile test launch on the 14th.
According to a report by the Korean media, "Dongya Daily", Li Zhenghao, a former senior official of the "Working Party 39 of the Korean Workers' Party" responsible for raising overseas funds for North Korea, analyzed the mystery of the recent whereabouts of Kim Jong Un.
Li Zhenghao said that the missile test conducted by North Korea on the 14th would not be possible without Kim Jong-un's order. He therefore concluded that Kim Jong-un was "still built" at about 7 am on the same day. He said that after the test launch operation on the 14th,
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Ante la tormenta de medios, cuentas de Weibo etc citando fuentes anónimas para decir que #KimJongun murió, está vegetal... llega información de la de VERDAD de la web especializada @38NorthNK, que localizó el tren de Kim con fotos por satélite. VA HILO👇…
Con fotos satelitales de @AirbusSpace @planetlabs o @Maxar, @j3nnyt0wn, @martyn_williams y Peter Makowsky localizaron el tren especial de #KimJongun en Wonsan. El tren no estaba el 15 de abr, pero sí el 21 y 23, cuando parecía listo para partir, aunq parece que no lo ha hecho aún
Recordemos que Wonsan es justo el lugar donde el gobierno de #CoreadelSur ya situaba a #KimJongun y no en Hyangsan (que queda 140 kms al noroeste de Wonsan) como decía el artículo de Daily NK que inició todo el embolado esta semana. De manera que ya tenemos 2 relatos discordantes
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#NorthKorea #Pyongyang #KimJongUn

it was reported that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un was in danger of undergoing a heart operation. Japanese media reported that Kim Jong-un failed the inside story of the operation in 8 minutes.…
As a result, Kim Jong-un became a "vegetative" after the operation. This news has not yet been confirmed. On April 24, Japanese media editor of the weekly "Modern Weekly" Daisuke Kondo quoted information from the Chinese Communist Party medical staff that
Kim Jong-un became a "vegetative" after undergoing cardiovascular surgery. The report stated that Kim Jong Un suddenly fell to the ground in a coma during a field visit a few days ago and was immediately sent to a nearby hospital for rescue.
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1/14 Toch nog even een kort draadje voor het slapengaan dan. Er zijn wat probleempunten met de originele berichtgeving over Kim Jong Uns operatie. #kimjongun
2/14 Hij zou in het Hyangsan Ziekenhuis buiten Pyongyang geopereerd zijn, dat vrij recent geupgradet is en een zogenaamd "Eersterangs" ziekenhuis geworden zou zijn. Eersterangs betekent dat alleen de Kims er gebruik van kunnen maken. #kimjongun
3/14 Hij zou daar door een arts uit het Kim Manyu Ziekenhuis geopereerd zijn. Maar niet iedereen gelooft dat dit Kim Manyu ziekenhuis echt belangrijker is dan de traditionele Eersterangs ziekenhuizen als het Ponghwa Ziekenhuis (of Namsan, Changsan en Ŏŭn). #kimjongun
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MAR 22 #COVID19 #MDTHREAD 1: GLOBAL 316,659 w 13,600 DEATHS Beginning at 9AM Most stories WaPo Live Updates.
Derek Hawkins, Kim Bellware, Lateshia Beachum, Adam Taylor and Brittany Shammas
Or link is in tweet SEE EARTHQUAKE in #Croatia below
MAR 22 #COVIDー19 #MDTHREAD 2: #Trump still #MAGA lying. “I invoked the Defense Production Act, and last night, we put it into gear,” Trump said on FRI Infomercial. NO, per @FEMA chief
“No. We haven’t yet,” FEMA Admin #Gaynor said Sunday on @CNN’s #SOTU “State of the Union.”
MAR 22 #COVIDー19 #MDTHREAD 3: #DUBAI#UAE flagship carrier, #Emirates, announced Sunday that it would move to suspend all passenger flights by Wed in response to #COVID19 .
we cannot viably operate passenger services until countries re-open their borders.
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