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Good morning, welcome to Daily Thread number 465 covering #Ukraine's heroic defence against #Russia's illegal aggression.

I've been here from (before) the start of war, reporting on (sometimes from) a country I've loved, worked + lectured in many, many times.
Overnight was quiet
Before we get stuck in to today's news, a gentle reminder these threads are basically an unpaid full time job - actually more than that as you get days off with a job! Coffee donations welcome (link in Bio)

To catch up on Friday's news, click here
A few drones buzzed #Ukraine yesterday evening but air raids did not last long and no damage was reported.

The drone/cruise missile numbers on #Russia's daily losses are high as they include Friday morning's attacks.
Artillery, special equipment & fuel tanks way above average Image
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Heroic Strength and Devotion: #Azovstal Defenders - Captive Patriots
Today, we want to share the story of incredible bravery and selflessness - the story of the captive defenders of Azovstal.
📸 by Mariupol defender and Azov Regiment's photographer Dmytro (Orest) Kozatsky Image
These indomitable patriots have shown that true devotion to the Motherland is not dependent on the circumstances you find yourself in. #UW_InfoWatch #AgainstRussianLies
Azovstal was one of the largest metallurgical enterprises in Ukraine, located in Mariupol. Now it is destroyed after regular 🇷🇺 missile attacks while people were hiding in the bomb shelters there.
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Welcome to Saturday's #UkraineWar thread on Day 444 of #Russia's invasion.

All the news as always throughout the day in one handy thread, but with a fun #Eurovision twist today which I'll explain in the next tweet.

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So what's all this about #Eurovision ?

Well to mark #Ukraine's "hosting" of the final in #Liverpool tonight, in my tweets today there will be winning song titles🎶 in some of the posts (not all)

Just for fun. Reply if you spot one, as it will help fight the shadow ban on my a/c
Give yourself bonus points if you know the country and year the song won!

Anyway if you missed anything yesterday, you can review Friday's thread here. A day when we had all kinds of everything going on:

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‘There is no evidence that the #Azovstal steel plant in #Mariupol hides a "#bio #laboratory" and a #NATO base’

#russian #disinformation #biolabs #Ukraine Image
“First, #Ukraine it is not currently a member country of #NATO (the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, an international organization for defense cooperation) and on its territory they are not here therefore NATO #military #bases.
Furthermore, there are no independent sources able to confirm the existence of a base in the basement of the #Azovstal steel plant.”
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“How the #myth of #biolaboratories was born and how it spread in #Ukraine

#russian #disinformation #biolabs #Ukraine Image
‘Since the early hours, the #Russian #invasion of #Ukraine has spawned a staggering amount of #conspiracy theories. Some point to completely denying the very existence of conflict, arguing that the #dead and #wounded are actually “#actors”;
others try to raise concerns about specific events, such as the #bombing of the #Mariupol #hospital or the #Bucha #massacre; and still others perform a #propaganda function, above all that of the phantom #Ukrainian "#biolaboratories", one of the best known and most widespread.’
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Day 433 is upon us.
The 433rd day of #Russia's 3-4 plan to take #Kyiv and all of #Ukraine within 10 days.
#EATP Everything According To Plan!

Tuesday's news will appear in this thread, updated in real time; yesterday's news can be found here:

First incredibly sad news that two volunteers from #Canada have been killed at the front.

Kyle Porter, 27, of Calgary, + 21yo Cole Zelenco of Ontario were both serving with Ukraine's International Legion.

They gave their lives for freedom. RIP…
Here's the British daily intel update (I attached the document today!)

Seems London is playing catch-up with last week's news I brought you at the time.
#StandWithUkraine #StopRussia Image
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#Mediapooli @JoukoJokinen @merjaya @RSF_en
#mRNA-#YLE valehtelee veronmaksajille jälleen pimeän tullen, kahdessa peräkkäisessä lähetyksessä 19.3.2023, kuin varas
-"#Venäjä pommitti sivilien suojana toimineen #Mariupol'in teatteria, satoja ihmisisä kuoli."…
@JoukoJokinen @merjaya @RSF_en #Humanitarian mission near #Sartana, we met a large number of people who had just fled #Mariupol.
- Among these #civilians was #Nikolay, who agreed to tell us on camera what happened with the #MaternityHospital and the #theatre in #Mariupol
@JoukoJokinen @merjaya @RSF_en cc: @ KimDotcom
The #IntlCrimCourt that we don’t recognize has issued an arrest warrant against #Putin for #evacuating #children from a #Warzone that is getting #shelled with OUR #weapons -we #killed over 20 #million people in 37 victim nations since #WW2.
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BREAKING: Special forces of the newly formed Urban war unit of the Russian Army, Assisted by Wagner’s volunteer body, has only a few hours ago, broken down the last remaining Ukrainian defense at the #Azom industrial complex of Bakhmut & occupied its wastewater treatment plant. Image
This new development is as a result of Ukraine’s inability to resupply the trapped forces in the complex, which they had attempted to do yesterday after the news broke that much of the requested western weapons had arrived Ukraine. It was also reported that Ukraine had amassed a
Huge body of western mercenaries and conscripts and were all set to launch a counteroffensive on Bakhmut. It all appears that didn’t age well after all. Like #Azov steel plant, battles are now raging in the underground facilities of the industrial complex. They have also turned
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Welcome along to Friday's thread covering the war in #Ukraine.

#Russia's illegal invasion continues as do these daily threads. Today is Day 380.
If you're able to support what I do, please buy me a coffee (see bio)💙💛

Here's the link for yesterday's 🧵

A lot of fears about the nuclear power plant in #Enerhodar.

An excellent article here (in Ukr but translates well with Google) about the problems experienced by workers at the #Zaporizhzhia plant from the first day of the invasion.…
The former General Director of aviation giant Antonov has been arrested by authorities in #Ukraine.

Serhiy Bychkov will be detained for 2 months while investigations continue into several senior Antonov employees obstructing the Armed Forces which tried to save Hostomel airfield
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A year of the nine-year war (longread)

LONG-TIME APPEASEMENT (1991-2014). Due to the immense potential to destroy humanity, vast resources, and incurable optimism of the renaissance nations, 🇷🇺has been a prism through which the West has been looking at the nations in-between.
The brutal second #Chechen war, orchestrated by @putin to grip power, was hardly noticed. 🇷🇺was let in from the cold just a year after the invasion of #Georgia.
Contrary to common sense, the Kremlin was awarded more say in global affairs and even more role in #Europe, thanks to the Partnership for modernization Angela #Merkel had championed.
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Hello and welcome to another thread on the illegal war being waged on #Ukraine.

We made it! Ukrainians made it!
The bombs started falling one year ago today, but almost the whole world has united to defend the country against the tyranny from #Russia.

Day 366 of the war
Loads of cities and famous places "lit-up" in support of #Ukraine last night, one year on from the first troops, tanks, planes and bombs from #Russia hitting the country.

I can only attach 4 pics, so here are Brussels, New York, Paris and Berlin.
#StandWithUkraine ImageImageImageImage
At an event in #London, the remarkable Dame Helen Mirren was close to tears as she recited a poem and gave her support for #Ukraine.

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It's Sunday 29 January, but also Day 340 of #Russia's war on its peaceful neighbour.

It's been a crazily busy evening. Both in #Ukraine and #Iran.

Welcome to the daily thread. Here's the link if you need a catch-up on yesterday's events:

Also, I ended up doing a separate thread on #Iran where drones, explosions, fires and earthquakes were all to the fore.

Here's where I tried to keep track of what is/was going on:

One of the big developing stories last night was the alleged attack on occupied #Ilovaisk.

In 2014 unarmed #Ukraine soldiers, given "safe passage" by #Russia were ruthlessly gunned down in Ilovaisk.

This video supposedly shows some of the 7 HIMARS strikes on the train station.
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So we bid farewell to 2022
A year etched into the history books as the start of #Russia's illegal war in #Ukraine.

This is my daily thread number 311. Updating the news concerning the war in real time 24/7 each day.

Please share, spread the word and support!
I want to say thank you to everyone who's supported me in 2022, whether it's with words of encouragement, tip-offs, donations to my fundraiser or buying me a coffee.

I have tried to answer all comments and questions (tho some don't show up from time to time) and DMs remain open.
I didn't post much on the thread yesterday evening as it was quiet and remains so for the first 4.5 hours of Saturday in #Ukraine so far.

Here's the link for the start of yesterday's thread. If you missed anything you can scroll though:

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1) Ukraine | England | Die britische Zeitung The @guardian hat ein Bild des neonazistischen Fotografen des Asowschen Bataillons Dmytro Kozatskyi zur Illustration ihres Artikels über die besten Fotos des Jahres 2022 verwendet. Image
2) Kürzlich wurden mehrere Ausstellungen von Kozatskyis Arbeiten wegen seiner rassistische n Ideen ausgesetzt, aber das scheint The @guardian nicht sonderlich zu interessieren
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It's hard to believe, but the 'Azovstal. A Symbol of Perseverance' project is coming to an end. The last bracelet, created from the final batch of Azovstal plant metal, has been sold. 100,000 pieces were made in total, being sold in 44 countries.
#Azovstal #united24
♥️ 40,338,907 UAH raised from the first batch of bracelets went to the #ArmyOfDrones.
♥️ 152,770,290 UAH from the "I BELIEVE IN THE ARMED FORCES OF UKRAINE" special edition has been transferred towards the ‘Shahed Hunter’ anti-drone complex (thanks to @igorlachenkov and monobank)
♥️ 94,000,000 UAH from the last international batch will be transferred towards the #FleetOfNavalDrones.
These bracelets are now worn by soldiers, diplomats, politicians, journalists, U24 ambassadors, celebrities, and thousands of people worldwide.
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Tuesday 6 December, also known as Day 286 of the #RussiaUkraine war: this is the daily news 🧵

#Russia's illegal invasion continues to make no ground, so they bomb civilian targets.

Y'day's barrage was well defended by #Ukraine
See what you missed here:

A warning that for the next few days the updates may be a little slower than normal, or go missing completely - dependent firstly on my travel and secondly on power/connection in #Ukraine.

Today is my first return since February.
Thanks to those who already sent good wishes
It's a special day in #Ukraine too - The Day of the Armed Forces.
There is literally a day for anything and everything (a Soviet relic), but today is very important, especially in current times

To all the heroes, helping the Armed Forces in any way - we salute you.
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Unbreakable people with the symbol of perseverance.
Anna Zaitseva and Dmytro Kozatsky (call sign 'Orest') are wearing bracelets made from the last pre-war batch of #Azovstal metal.
They saw each other for the first time after the blockade of the metallurgical plant and Mariupol.
Now they are in Washington, D.C. for the premiere of the "Freedom on Fire: Ukraine's Fight for Freedom" documentary, accompanied by the film's director, Evgeny Afineevsky, and the member of a film crew, Ukrainian journalist Natalka Nagorna, who are wearing the bracelets, too.
🇺🇦 @RepMarcyKaptur, co-chair of a group supporting Ukraine in the US Congress, now also has such a bracelet. She attended the "UKRAINE IN WASHINGTON & BEYOND 2022" event during which a film was presented.
Thank you for supporting Ukraine's fight!
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Here is the daily thread for Day 281, with #Russia now 9 months behind schedule in its plan to conquer #Ukraine & kill the democratically elected President.

Thursday's already started violently. News on the latest attack on Ukraine and all the developments in one handy thread⬇️
If you missed anything from yesterday, including evening explosions in occupied #Donetsk, here's the start of Wednesday's thread - scroll through at your leisure!

A big explosion rocked #Kherson in the early hours this morning.

A multi storey apartment block's been hit. A witness reported 6 explosions. Emergency services are still searching for possible victims.

#RussiaIsATerroristState #StandWithUkraine
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9 months ago today #Russia decided to break international law and condemn hundreds of thousands to death, disability and destruction

It's Day 274 of the invasion of #Ukraine, and here's Thursday's daily thread with all the news

Yesterday's news is here:
When the elite becomes diluted...

#Russia's crack airborne units couldn't defend the right bank of #Kherson - will they fare better in #Donbas where #Ukraine cannot target supply lines as easily.

Here's the UK Intel report for Thursday:
Early, unconfirmed, reports of a strike by #Russia in #Kherson

A rocket landed in the courtyard of one of the high-rise buildings in the city, but no reports of injuries.

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Day 273 of #Putin's illegal war and here's the daily news thread.

Today, Wednesday, marks the completion of 9 months since #Russia's full invasion of #Ukraine

This thread's updated live throughout the day. To check what you missed yesterday, click here:

#Ukraine tonight has accused #Russia of kidnapping mayors of various mayors in #Kherson oblast.

The Interior Ministry says invaders abducted the leaders of several communities in the region and took them to the left bank of the Dnipro when they retreated.

They remain missing
It's potentially a huge day for the #EU.
The Union is today scheduled to set its price limit for #Russia's fuel.

Two questions - can they set it at a level which can hold and damage the Kremlin, and can they get all members to agree to it.

#StandWithUkraine #StopRussia
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The last batch of bracelets from pre-war #Azovstal is finally released!
These final 'Azovstal. A Symbol of Perseverance' bracelets were made from the "BELIEVE IN THE ARMED FORCES OF UKRAINE" letters, which stood at the foot of the largest flag of Ukraine for a month.
Each bracelet costs 1,500 UAH, and is available in Ukraine, as well as the European countries, USA, and Canada. All proceeds from the sale of this last batch will go to the #FleetOfNavalDrones:
We thank our partners — Metinvest Group, SOVA, Nova Poshta, and ROZETKA — who made this project possible.
Special thanks to the Bickerstaff.764 agency for this heartwarming video❤️
This is #Azovstal. A Symbol of Perseverance:
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Lista delle cose che mi fanno più SCHIFO degli ITALIOTI #Filoputin (spesso con la #Z nel profilo):

1) Non sono pacifisti, ma complici morali dell'aggressione russa all'#Ucraina
2) Sono ignoranti, e parlano di #Russofoni del #Donbass confondendoli con #Russofili
3) Non sono
3) Non sono mai stati in un paese dell'est, al massimo a Praga o Budapest, e parlano di Est Europa come se fosse il loro terreno naturale.
4) Non hanno mai parlato con un ucraino o un russo, al massimo con una badante una volta, distrattamente, ma si fanno interpreti delle loro
Vite, paure, idee. Senza capire che qualsiasi cosa dicono può essere viziata dalla paura del futuro rientro a casa sotto un regime totalitario e violento.
5) mi fa schifo che abbiano riconosciuto come valido un referendum farsa, cui dedicherò un altro thread ad hoc
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Medvedev: “Kyiv's threats to resume its nuclear program were one of the reasons for the special military operation in Ukraine.”
Following the logic nuke programs “were concentrated” in hundred of hospitals, schools & residential buildings in #Bucha, #Kharkiv, #Mariupol & #Bahmut
In addition, nukes programs “have been detected” inside thousands of mobiles, TV, washing mashings across the Kyiv and Kharkiv regions.
Than, #Azovstal. The hugest nuke program was found there. So RU bastards decided to wipe out it along with the whole Mariupol citizens as they for sure were involved to they nuke experiments.
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Hello again. The daily #Russia thread is here with all the details from the Terrorist State's unprovoked war on #Ukraine

Thursday is Day 253

Here's yesterday's thread to peruse at your leisure including stories on Russia sabotaging private fishing boats

The @IAEA has a busy day. The nuclear watchdog's report into #Russia's allegations of #Ukraine making a dirty bomb may be out today

But problems at the huge #Zaporizhzhia plant where the last power line's been cut by shelling today. Just 15 days' fuel left for backup generators
#Russia is so well resources and prepared for the winter phase of its war of choice, that it continues to beg, borrow & steal.

Occupied parts of #Ukraine plundered,
Iran providing food/drink and they & North Korea sending missiles, while #Belarus is giving vehicles says UK Intel
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