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My Borg tweets yesterday about the #StarTrekPicard finale got a lot of questions about the Borg story in season 2 featuring Jurati and what impact that had on the Borg and the queen in season 3. So let’s clarify and sort out what we saw and what it all means. ImageImage
In 2375, Voyager returned home thanks to the help of Admiral Janeway who infected the Borg Queen with a neurolythic pathogen. The Borg’s transwarp hub was destroyed, and the Collective seemed to go quiet. Image
Over the next 20 years, there were limited encounters between Starfleet ships and the Borg. The USS Protostar encountered a dormant Borg Cube in the mid-2380s, and at some point a Cube (maybe the same one) is incapacitated after assimilating a Zhat Vash ship. ImageImage
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Sorry to the STO fans who are losing their minds about #StarTrekPicard not lining up with the video game story but…a TV show with millions of viewers was never going to slavishly hew to a video game with a few thousand players. Sorry that was just never going to happen. Image
I’m very happy for STO players that parts of the game were canonized. But you knew this was coming because there was already precedent for this with the books. The shows took a few things from the books and dumped the rest. It’s how it was always going to be.
And you’re wrong if you think somehow the story of the video game was more important than the story of the books. They both have small and passionate audiences.

Enjoy your win! The Enterprise F is canon, just like book fans enjoy their win that the Luna class Titan is canon.
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Twitter still suppressing that certain site, I see.

look, go over to @NonStopPop's feed for a great #StarTrekPicard interview with @TerryMatalas
@NonStopPop @TerryMatalas favorite quote:
that also feels like a lazy criticism from a certain kind of bitter critic. If you go into somebody's house and they've lived there 56 years, it's pretty hard to point [what's inside] and yell, "Member Berry!" You're kind of just a jerk.
@NonStopPop @TerryMatalas There's absolutely an entire generation of viewers who lack media literacy and can only communicate in regurgitated South Park and TV Tropes callouts.

It's like real life ChatGPT. They see something that resembles a criticism they've heard and they repeat it without insight.
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One. More. Time. #StarTrekPicard Episode 10. Brilliantly written & directed by the architect of this season, @TerryMatalas. But you knew that already. So I'll tell you a story you didn't know. I'm gonna bare my ass, so bear with me... Image
I was up for staffing Dec 2019. I juuuust missed writing on a huge series a month prior. Heartbreak doesn't even begin to describe it. So my hopes were sky high for Trek, one of my dream shows. Until my rep called: Picard was full. Barely missed. Again. Heartbreak deja vu. But...
My rep told me Terry and his incredible assistant @nicolefalsetti (now a writer too!) said to hold tight. "This isn't over." You hear that a lot in this town. A LOT. It's a nice thing to say, but people rarely follow up. No one ever calls back. Except... he did...
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#StarTrekPicard // honestly it's appalling that seven of nine, an xB, a character STATED as being a trans/queer allegory this season, has the one immutable thing that people are prejudiced against her for be turned into a *literal infectious disease that’s taking over the youth*
i'm not happy about this episode for many reasons but this in particular makes me suspect that xBs weren't accounted for at all in this season DESPITE a character of that genesis/categorization being used as "cis baby's first 'bigotry is bad' moral"
all i gotta say it really sucks now having to consider a reality in which, if i follow this seasons' canon implications, there's a very real possibility that the setting i've worked so hard to infuse queer joy into might have to deal with some sort of lavender scare bullshit
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Minor #startrekpicard #PicardSpoilers from episode 7
I love love love that the show unfurled a little bit of commentary over the last 2 episodes about how history of military conflict is whitewashed by the victor.
If you missed DS9 you may be unfamiliar with the morphogenic virus true history.

S3E6 Worf states that while Section 31 did create this virus which was devastating & lethal to the changelings, the Federation eventually distributed a cure. It seems to be believed as truth by all.
S3E7 Vadic disputes that and notes that the Federation withheld the cure - which was genocide - and only thwarted because one of their own brought the cure to the great link.

Vadic is correct. Worf is not.
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Welcome to the Starfleet Museum. Take a tour of some of the most legendary ships in the history of Starfleet. Tour the station and explore the LEGACY of those that came before. #StarTrekPicard *THREAD*
A top view look at the ships of the Museum. Scale chart reference from #StarTrekPicard S3:E6 for folks following along at home.
Clockwise from the top we have the USS Excelsior, The Akira Class USS Sentinel, The Constitution Class USS New Jersey, and the USS Stargazer the former command of Jean Luc Picard. #StarTrekPicard
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🧵Ready for some wild #StarTrekPicard theories? As the lovely @wilw would say, "Red Alert!" Don't go any further if you want to avoid #PicardSpoilers...
First, end of #StarTrekPicard 3x04. The scene with Jack & the mirror was almost frame-by-frame aligned with Picard's 'daydream' at the start of First Contact, along with a familiar voice. Making me think there is some connection with the Borg and Jack ..>
>... There have been Borg references all through #StarTrekPicard S3. Yes, Locutus is part of Picard's identity that he can't escape. It follows him everywhere, but the references aren't subtle at all. ...>
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not me crying at a display label in the middle of a heist, I’m too fragile for this show #StarTrekPicard #PicardSpoilers #Picard
Beverly hugging [redacted] and [redacted] has broken me as a person I LOVE SPACE FRIENDSHIP
this is also an amazing way to bring back a past villain I assumed due to logistics we would never see again and to lay all the amazing little breadcrumbs to the Big Cry we all knew was gonna come somehow as soon as we found out where they were going #PicardSpoilers #Picard
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The registry on the 2260s Constitution is way too high, and the funny part about trying to use the 1701-A is that they've boosted the size 50%.
So wait, if their TMP Enterprise is 50% bigger to match the Discoprise, does that make the Titan's front end (which matches the Constitution saucer appearance) the exact same size?

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For reasons, here's the 101 on Bajoran nose wrinkles. 😅
In "Ensign Ro"↖️↗️ and very early #StarTrekDS9 episodes↙️↘️, the Bajoran make-up was still a little more complicated and featured additional brow ridges. Keeve Falor, the Bajoran girl, Tahna Los and Zayna all have them.
None of the later #StarTrekDS9 (Vedek Winn ↖️, Shakaar ↗️) and #StarTrekVOY (Gerron ↙️, Tal Celes ↘️) Bajorans have these brow ridges, however. The make-up was simplified very early on DS9, maybe to speed up the make-up application with so many Bajoran extras.
After it had been modified during early #StarTrekDS9, this simplified Bajoran make-up was also seen in two #StarTrekTNG season 6/7 episodes, worn by a Bajoran security officer (played by @VaunWilmott) in "Descent I"↖️↗️ and by uncercover Riker in "Preemptive Strike"↙️↘️.
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Alright, let's discuss. Some reviewers - all very friendly to this new season of #StarTrekPicard - have bristled at Picard using an F-bomb. Fair reaction. Everybody's entitled, certainly. But I've been genuinely curious as to why. This article makes a few points worth exploring.
Picard being too eloquent, too sophisticated for such language. First, it's important to move past the accent. It's easy to hear that elevated British tone escaping the mouth of a gentlemanly Shakespearean actor and assume some elevated intellectualism.
The mistake everybody makes (myself included) when first writing for Picard is to spin ornate monologues full of Oxford poetics & Dickensian witticisms. Part is the temptation to write toward Patrick's abilities. Part is in how we culturally remember Picard vs. the actual man.
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🧵#StarTrekPicard #TransRights etc (#PicardSpoilers)
S3 of Picard is incredible. For me it's a perfect mash of 'traditional' old-school Trek & modern Trek. But the writing, brought alive by stunning acting & directing is something else. Here's one e.g which means a lot to me...
... We're introduced to Captain Shaw, played outstandingly by @ToddStashwick. A character in a position of power and privilege who on first impressions is, albeit totally wrong in his initial exchange with Riker and Picard, is a bit of a dick about it ...
... Our first impression of Shaw actually came ahead of the 'blue steak' scene. When Picard introduces Seven to Riker, she interjects, saying she is referred as 'Commander Hansen' at the wishes of Shaw. Trekkies know the journey Seven has been through with her identity ...
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Another quick #StarTrekPicard tidbit: There is no bigger fan of Jaws than @Sean_Tretta. Sean loves Jaws the way I love virtually nothing. I'd say my love of Dr. Who, Hill House and West Wing COMBINED may equal Sean's love of Jaws.
When we were breaking the season, we knew we'd arrive at this episode and the need for Shaw to voice his traumatic experience with the Borg. We were also starting to suspect we couldn't keep calling this character "Captain Stashwick" forever.
This would require a riff on Quint's iconic Indianapolis speech and it felt karmically wrong to have anybody but Sean write that. A deeply impactful speech that speaks to the heart of the Titan's captain, channeling the great Robert Shaw - in whose honor we named the character.
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#StarTrekPicard #Spoilers

In episode 3, Jack had a Wesley Moment.

In episode 4, Bev had a Wesley Moment.
What is a Wesley Moment?

Consider for a minute, that while Wes is incredibly intelligent, his REAL gift was finding patterns no one else saw. Noticing things everyone else wouldn’t think twice about.

Things like Shaw’s blood trail.

Things like the timing of the pulses.
This is clearly a Crusher trait. It’s what makes them very good, instinctive healers, too. Bev notices right away what’s wrong with Shaw even though Dr. Ohk is a FUCKING TRILL and might have way more life experience. She did the scan, didn’t make the connection that…
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Here is some early concept art that we did of the two USS Titans during the refit process. It was a fun exploration of how things might have happened. Artwork by John Eaves with modeling by @_Pundus_ #StarTrekPicard Image
Why reuse and not just replicate? Like Dilithium, and Latinim, there are lots of materials that can't be replicated. Sadly Voyager found this out the hard way as Nacelle components are made of a composite of polysilicate verterium and monocrystal cortenum. Can't be replicated.
16 Years ago the Federation lost the Utopia Planitia Fleetyards, this was not just machinery, and infrastructure but raw materials that are used to manufacture ships. A disaster of that scale, caused a massive of upheaval in the starship construction process. #StarTrekPicard
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Did a tweet like this a few months ago, but I feel it even more acutely today. There are two ways to look at the #StarTrek franchise right now.

- #StarTrekPicard is killing it, absolute top of its game, with exciting possibilities
- #StarTrekStrangeNewWorlds is a huge hit…
…with tons of excitement about season 2, and season 3 seeming very likely.
- Animated #StarTrek has never been better, as current Trek appeals to all audiences.


- #StarTrekDiscovery was canceled, and it’s obvious it wasn’t what was planned.
- #StarTrek showrunners are pushing hard in tweets and the press for more for their shows. Trying to sway the studio?
- Merchandising and events, which really felt like they were on the upswing last year, have crashed HARD in 6 months.

I don’t know which story is the “real one”?
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Heading into tonight’s premiere of #startrekpicard there are a lot of people to thank. Our cast, our crew. Editors and composers. I’m deeply grateful. But I’d like to take a moment to thank the writers — my friends and colleagues who worked tirelessly to make S3 so terrific.
They elevated everything. Brought their A-game into battle. Gave their hearts to every scene. They sacrificed their time, their sanity. All to make something lasting and worthwhile.
Firstly, to @TerryMatalas, my 15-year cohort, for charting the vision and leading the way. Thank you for your continued confidence, faith and brotherhood. To this and many more stories told together…
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Modern #StarTrek and its campy moustache-twirling comic book villains . . . it's sad. The best villains aren't villains at all.

That said, there is also the "inertia of parity".
The inertia of parity is the pull toward writing foes with like systems. If you make your hero vehicle X, foes will have X . . . and if you make your hero vehicle Super-X, big foes must also have Super-X.

It gets absurd. Think of Knight Rider, Airwolf, even Wild, Wild West.
Knight Rider: baddies in cars plays well enough because it's normal. Big bads had to have supervehicles, though, to compare favorably… a bit out there, but okay.
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Something I've been working on for a little while – a ‘missing page’ from the classic Franz Joseph technical manual detailing the new TOS-era Stargazer made for #StarTrekPicard by @BuckAdmiral Looking like a page from the 1975 Franz Joseph Star Fleet TeAnother Stargazer blueprint, in white lines on blue paper, sA printout of my Stargazer page photographed alongside Josep
One deficiency of my page is that the font I used wasn't a great match to the original Joseph drawings. Thanks to @DewlineO for pointing out this font based on the exact stencil used! It has some kerning issues but is still a huge improvement.…
Thanks to @MikeJF for pointing out the really nice Routed Gothic typeface! See, this is why I don't bother to do any research myself 😅…
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So you want to get some spaceships into your TV show….
For this show, there are 3 general ways to do it. You can build from scratch, convert from your library, or be fortunate that the people from Star Trek Online build great ships
#StarTrekPicard 1/18
“Scratch” means a design from the Art Department, where legends like John Eaves and Doug Drexler under the supervision of @DaveBlass create 2D concepts, and then 3D concept models of the starships.
#StarTrekPicard 2/18
They also create orthographic views of the ships, with all the important features, like tractor beam emitters and warp core ejection points are called out for location and specific details.
#StarTrekPicard 3/18
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Whooo wants a little lore thread about the @trekonlinegame ships that appeared in #StarTrekPicard?
The Reliant-class starship is the result of a Starfleet program to modernize its light cruiser inventory after the venerable Miranda class suffered catastrophic attrition in the Dominion War. The Reliant is purpose-built for logistical and fleet support roles.
The Reliant was one of the first Starship classes to fully embrace the “sixth generation” of Starfleet starship technology, featuring more automation, more versatile particle emitters and sensors, and a fast bit limited quantum slipstream burst projector.
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Sagan Class Starship
#StarTrekPicard Image
The Dedication Plaque of the U.S.S. Stargazer #StsrTrekPicardBTS Design by Geoffrey Mandel Image
Sagan Class Starship
Designed by: Eaves * Drexler * Blass
Concept art by John Eaves
#StarTrekPicard Image
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With 100+ Premium Licences under their belt @ecomi_ 's #VeVe app will make HUGE waves in the #NFT space for years to come!

For now they've announced just a handful & each one is worth a closer look!
What type of #NFTs could they be planning for these mega brands?

$OMI Image
1/ #Tokidoki

Ecomi's 1st brand partner!
Bright colourful characters from Simone Legno.

Digital collectibles of
>#Donutella & her sweet friends
>#Unicorno (On Platform Now)

More Info Image
2/ @CBS - #StarTrekDiscovery #StarTrekPicard #StarTrekTNG

3 Star Trek Series!

We've already had a glimpse at the USS Enterprise in a showroom preview. Will it fly in AR? Or go 1:1 scale 🤣

Will there be animated characters that 'beam up' in AR? Image
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