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Dass Fernsehen, Serien, das Erzählen von Geschichten, das Aufgreifen von Legenden mehr ist als "laut, hell, albern, Popcorn, Blitzbummcrash" hat man selten so eindrücklich gesehen wie im Kontrast zwischen dem Abrams/ Kurtzman-Rotz und dem @TerryMatalas Meisterwerk.
Matalas hat es verstanden, die Stimmung, die zuletzt arg angekratzte Utopie und vor allem die Basis des TNG Star Trek aufzugreifen und in die heutige Zeit zu übersetzen. Seine Arbeit, sein Können und sein Feingefühl können hier nicht hoch genug eingeschätzt werden.
Das Finale von #Picard ist - ohne zu viel zu verraten - meisterhaft. Und zwar auf vielen Ebenen. Ein viel würdigerer Abschluss als Nemesis es je hätte sein können. Und auch die Rückkehr von @BrentSpiner als Data spricht Bände darüber.
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at some point after this season of "Picard" is over - provided it sticks the landing, as I fully expect it to do - I will have lengthy thoughts on what a perfect example it is of why the oft-denigrated concept of "fan service" is actually a beautiful gift and exchange of emotion
at some point along the way - and I definitely blame "Game of Thrones" for, if not INVENTING, certainly AMPLIFYING this - it became trendy to act like forcing your audience to suffer because it was Good For Them inherently creates better art than allowing them to feel hope & joy
but I just think there's something truly magical about the way season 3 of #Picard fills every episode with perfect tiny emotional grace notes that take us all back to the Treks of our childhood, the starships and captains that formed us, with such deep reverence for their legacy
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not me crying at a display label in the middle of a heist, I’m too fragile for this show #StarTrekPicard #PicardSpoilers #Picard
Beverly hugging [redacted] and [redacted] has broken me as a person I LOVE SPACE FRIENDSHIP
this is also an amazing way to bring back a past villain I assumed due to logistics we would never see again and to lay all the amazing little breadcrumbs to the Big Cry we all knew was gonna come somehow as soon as we found out where they were going #PicardSpoilers #Picard
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Ein paar Dinge an #Picard Season2 nerven mich: Man will zu viel auf einmal. Q, die Borg Königin, ein Kirk-Spock Gedächtnis Zeitsprung, Der Wächter und Cameos bis zum Abwinken. Leute man muss nicht 50 Jahre Star Trek in eine Serie pressen....
Season1 fand ich gut, weil das Androiden Thema eine natürliche Fortsetzung darstellt. Die Föderation wollte mehr Datas. Aber keine Ahnung wo Season 2 hin will.
Lustigerweise versucht #Lowerdecks genau das und bekommt es hin, weil die Mainchars eben null Nummern sind.
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10 de diciembre de 1934. Seis jóvenes se reúnen en el Café Capoulade (París). Sobre la mesa, un objetivo: revitalizar las matemáticas.

Así "nació" #Bourbaki, uno de los matemáticos más influyentes y polémicos del siglo XX.

Dentro HILO ⬇️⬇️

Lo que allí se habló fue el germen de una revolución en las matemáticas.

Tanto es así que, en la década de los 70, las pizarras de nuestras aulas se rindieron a los conjuntos, anillos, aplicaciones… ¿Alguien lo recuerda?

El juicio sobre su idoneidad se deja como ejercicio.
A fin de entender por qué ese giro hacia los cimientos abstractos de las matemáticas que, a juicio de muchos/as, complicaron en demasía la enseñanza de las matemáticas, tenemos que entender quiénes eran, qué pretendían hacer, y quién o qué fue Bourbaki.

¡Allá vamos!
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➡️ Tout au long de la campagne des #Municipales2020 des observateurs, dont #OnVousVoit, ont alerté sur des candidats complaisants avec l’islamisme ou communautaristes pouvant gagner ou faire des scores élevés.
➡️ Quel bilan tirer des résultats obtenus par ces candidats?#Thread ⤵️
1️⃣ D’excellentes performances de certaines listes « citoyennes ».
À #GargeLesGonesse, S. #Debah, ancien président du #CCIF, qui aurait pu être le premier maire de France impliqué dans la mouvance #islamiste, a été battu de peu avec 127 voix d’écart par B. #Jimenez, #UDI. Il a annoncé qu’il contesterait l’élection.
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WHAT IN THE FLYING A!? Over the years, many assumptions have been made about the various #Starfleet insignia worn on the original #StarTrek and beyond thru to #StarTrekSNW . Follow Us as we take a deep dive into the show’s most distinctive emblems and the intentions behind them. Image
It begins with Gene #Roddenberry wanting #StarTrek to have a “distinctive emblem,” something immediately identifiable & also with merchandising potential. Here’s a memo he sent to art director Pato Guzman about the emblem on August 10, 1964 (during pre-production on pilot #1). Image
This thinking resulted in a couple of distinct #StarTrek emblems. One is the boomerang shape seen painted on the Enterprise and Galileo hulls. The boomerang also appears frequently as a piece of set decoration—most commonly behind flag officers whenever Kirk gets them on Zoom. ImageImageImageImage
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Welcome to part three of #TMPRead. Today will see a few more familiar faces join the crew and the Enterprise's launch.
The live broadcast of the Epsilon 9 station was frightening enough to make 31 crew members request reassignment. So Star Fleet lets you bow out of a critical mission a few hours from launch? #TMPRead
Kirk appreciates his new seatbelt, or " emergency motion restraints" the moment he first sits down in the center chair. They are sensor controlled. #TMPRead
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Welcome back to part two of the Star Trek: The Motion Picture novelization read through, #TMPRead. Today we'll be learning more about future Earth, Kirk's years as an admiral, and his relationship with Admiral Heihachiro Nogura all straight from Roddenberry's pen.
Chapter 4 finds Kirk on approach to Star Fleet headquarters which is nestled in the redwood forest that is what was San Francisco. Its a lone building on a planet where most stuff in now underground. #TMPRead
Kirk takes a "tube" from Gibraltar to Los Angeles and then the air tram to SF from there. World spanning subshuttles and underground living are two concepts from Roddenberry's 1970's pilot "Genesis II" (…)
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Okay. I'm sorry, but I need to express my "admonishment" of @startrekcbs and the absolute travesty of a show that is #Picard.

It's a terrible program, and it's NOT STAR TREK. How? Let me count the ways...

1. The Federation has ALWAYS been the uncompromising leader for unity, tolerance, and peace. It is the cornerstone of Trek. Sometimes a few pigheaded admirals go off the rails (Measure of a Man, Paradise Lost), but we always return to the ideals of Trek.

#Picard shows no such respect. Starfleet now resides under the auspices of the Tal Shiar, fear and racial prejudice run amok, and synthetic lifeforms are banned. Banned. For allegedly destroying Mars. Since when does the Federation behave in this manner?

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#StarTrekPicard - A Rant.

After watching the most recent episode of #StarTrek #Picard I just feel I have to rage about this show in an overly-long Twitter thread where I put more thought into the series than the actual writers/producers of it did.

Be warned...
I was initially optimistic about #Picard. I think Michael Chabon is a great writer, I love Patrick Stewart, & I felt like the "course correction" we saw from Secret Hideout in S2 of #StarTrekDiscovery meant the show could be good.

But boy, was I wrong!
#Picard has been a MESS from the first episode. Bad plotting, horrendous dialogue, terrible characters, convoluted plot points, awful editing, & a complete disregard for both established #StarTrek lore & legacy characters has made this the WORST Trek series ever, IMHO.
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Absolutely loving #Picard thus far, but I’m totally not digging:

A. The killing of Icheb (A1. and it not being @ManuIntiraymi for one)


B. Not having Maddox be Brian Brophy (the original Maddox)

I get that not everyone will be available or wanting to reprise the roles, but Maddox is rather central to the plot of the show.

That being said. Seeing @SirPatStew @JeriLRyan & everyone back in the roles brings me so much joy I can’t describe. #StarTrekPicard
Just got to the end of it.... Woah. #StarTrekPicard
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For 2020 I'm going to try the one photo a day challenge. I'll reply tip this each day with a photo.
Marble Kaleidoscope.

Sony a7iii
FE 2.8/90 Macro G OSS
ISO 400
1/30 Image
Carew Sconce

Samsung Note 10+
6 mm
1/17 Image
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Vamos con el hilo de los 20 capítulos y películas de Star Trek: The Next Generation que tenés que ver si o si para entender a Jean-Luc #Picard, el protagonista de la nueva #StarTrek.
En el puesto 20, el episodio piloto de Star Trek: The Next Generation (TNG), "Encounter at Farpoint". Ahí lo conocemos, es un personaje muy distinto a lo que terminaría siendo. Además, aparece Q, un ser omnipotente muy importante para la serie.
19) "The Battle", temporada 1. Recuerda su anterior puesto y una batalla que tuvo con los Ferengi, una raza muy capitalista que nació como burla a la humanidad del siglo 20 (la serie arrancó en 1987).
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#StarTrek #SDCC panel starting soon. Follow this thread for all the action
Actor David Ajala has a place card. Likely part of Disco S3
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Tweeps, have you been to the landmark @LouvreAbuDhabi #Louvre #AbuDhabi? No worries. Got @twitter. Had the chance to visit while in the #UAE for the @MilkenInstitute #MIGlobal #MENASummit. Follow this thread for a #TwitterTour of highlights.… #art #museum
Hello #LouvreAbuDhabi! @LouvreAbuDhabi ~ in all directions, the #magic of art & creativity on display. Crossing borders. Crossing cultures. #artmatters #museumlove
#Stunning. This two-headed figure is one of the oldest monumental statues in the history of humanity. It is some 8500 years old. On display at the @LouvreAbuDhabi. 👥

@VisitAbuDhabi #AbuDhabi #LouvreAbuDhabi
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