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(Thread) Should we have a confirmatory referendum?

Brexiters cry: what then? a third, a fourth, a fifth until you like the result?
I've heard this argument many times, argued as if the result of the 2016 was an act of serendipity; a fluke, that may or may not happen again, like a toss of a coin that could be reversed and re-reversed randomly each time you repeat the exercise.
Of course, that's a false argument: democracy is never random; it's well-thought out and considered (or should be), and it always reflects the current wishes of the people.
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Today we joined other groups from Berkshire & the rest of Britain (as well as some from further afield) for the #FinalSayForAll march.
It was brilliant - the weather was good, the atmosphere was amazing, the speeches at the end were memorable.
#StopBrexitMarch #PeoplesVoteMarch
Assembling at the start of the march.
A lot of time must have gone into making this pub sign placard.
#borisjohnson #PeoplesVoteMarch #lyingcock #stopbrexit
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Sometimes, when I'm in a bit of a sado-masochistic mood I like to re-read this by the one and only Dan Hannan…
Love this bit

"The years that followed the 2016 referendum didn’t just reinvigorate our economy, our democracy and our liberty. They improved relations with our neighbours."

That aged well, right? You know if we ignore tanking the pound and calling the EU nazis and communists
This is another "nope"

"The United Kingdom is now the region’s foremost knowledge-based economy. We lead the world in biotech, law, education, the audio-visual sector, financial services and software."
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Full text of my speech from today's Reject Brexit, Restore Democracy rally:

Together we have rallied, marched, demonstrated, and protested against Brexit for 3 years while parliament hit deadlock again and again. 1/

@WEP_UK @SholaMos1 @Hugodixon @PeterTatchell @mikegalsworthy @sianberry @JennSelby @BestForBritain @women4PV @OFOCBrexit Like Jacob Rees Mogg, the govt continues to sink lower & lower.

Boris & his bully boys have shown us their true colours. Just today we have seen reports of a potential Tory & Brexit Party alliance. That’s how desperate the PM is to shore up his own power. 2/

@WEP_UK @SholaMos1 @Hugodixon @PeterTatchell @mikegalsworthy @sianberry @JennSelby @BestForBritain @women4PV @OFOCBrexit Every move this govt makes further exposes their sinister motives.

We the people have had enough.

In the last few weeks we have seen record numbers of people (particularly young people) registering to vote. 3/

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It's now painfully clear and beyond any doubt: 1. That the sunny, cost-free, easy-access uplands, posited by the Brexit cult, are mendacious fantasy. 2. That the ever-growing costs, downsides and consequences of Brexit are very real and intellectually indisputable.
We may tire of confronting the undisputed opportunity costs* of #Brexit #CatastrophUK (c.£130bn so far, rising at c.£1.2bn weekly) but our *GDP *Currency *Property Values *Stock Market *Govt Borrowing *Ongoing #Brexodus (ref: @uk_domain_names) combine to drag the UK backwards.
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Seems to me something quite significant happened yesterday which is being somewhat overlooked by Remain Twitter.

Lots of Labour Party shadow cabinet members, including a good number of frontbenchers, took part in a public meeting where they all spoke passionately for Remain. 1/
Now I know there’s massive disaffection with Labour, and I personally think that Corbyn’s brand is so tarnished that he is an albatross around the party’s shoulders, but this is still a big deal. 2/
Look at the names: Keir Starmer (well, you’d expect him), but also Emily Thornberry, Dawn Butler, a supporting letter from John McDonnell and there in the flesh Diane Abbott, all front benchers now making explicitly pro PV and Remain statements. 3/
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Quick thread about the local elections, @UKLabour, #Brexit and that awful letter signed by my Labour MP and 24 others. To cut a long story short, the Labour canvassers are so furious at @MikeKaneMP that one of them did this: ripped his picture off the calling card.
Apparently these poor activists have had enormous difficulty on the doorstep because of the parliamentary party's support for #ToryBrexit and @MikeKaneMP's betrayal of Labour ideals by signing this letter. 2/n
These two local @UKLabour activists were just as furious as me about Labour's outrageous position of attempting to push through the right-wing coup that is #Brexit, despite Labour's previous promises to protect jobs and prosperity (remember the 6 tests?)
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Dear leave voters,

You can’t honestly say you voted for a no deal Brexit in 2016. No one did. It simply wasn’t on the table three years ago.

We were promised a deal in 2016, and that is what leave voters voted for.
Not one leave campaigner spoke in favour of no deal during the referendum campaign. No one. Not UKIP, Farage, Johnson, Rees-Mogg, Gove etc. Even Vote Leave was clear that we’d leave with a deal.
Be honest. All talk of a no deal Brexit emerged after Maybot’s terrible deal was published, over two years after we voted. At least something unites us: we agree her deal is awful. It’s far inferior to our current terms, not least because we’d take rules without making them.
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1/This is not the right time to form a new party. It would confuse voters who are not willing to trust an untried party. It took the Soc Dem/Libdems over 20 years to gain credibility and traction. If ppl need a political voice that is sincere and not rhetoric driven
2/ give the LibDems or the Greens serious consideration. Vince is a clever and honourable man. He argues cogently, he gives meaning to facts, he is a founder member of @peoplesvote. @LibDems policies are people-centred and fair. @ LibDems were stupid in 2010 and have paid the
3/ price, but we are fighting back from what should have been political annihilation. Yesterday's speech gave all members an equal voice and most importantly recognised the fact that politics does not have to be the preserve of career politicians. The party has pledged to support
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