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Earlier today something happened that I had always assumed nobody would sink to. But they did. Guido Fawkes, Leave .EU and other pro-Brexit groups decided now is the time to go after @The3Million. I am furious beyond measure. And that is saying something. So what happened? 1/
Guido Fawkes published this piece. It's an attack on @MayorofLondon, focusing on the provision of funding for the EU Londoners Hub. 2/
The Hub's *sole* purpose is to provide information about settled status for EU citizens - the application all have to make if they want to stay post-Brexit. It is for providing that information that @The3Million have received funding from @LDN_gov.… 3/
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1/ EU is arguably less corrupt (pro rata) than UK, USA, China, Russia, which is not to say that it's more efficient?
I'd put it at least 'marginally ahead' of UK/USA & well ahead of China/Russia. UK media has constantly bashed EU, for selfish reasons & infected many minds.
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2/ Apart from OUR home mkt of EU27! UK has a growing Global Platform of EU trade deals (in which we have a say!) with 70+states eg S Korea, Canada, Japan. Our exporters ALREADY use that to good effect. Others eg NZ will do a deal with EU ahead of UK, coz of EU's scale.
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3/ UK ALREADY sells £70billion to USA & £50billion to China EACH YEAR - without ANY FTA (free trade agreement). £120 billion of annual sales say it can be done NOW if we have the right product/price et al. There is NO barrier than leaving the EU removes!
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As #The5Million of us go into our 3rd Christmas of uncertainty, I would like to take a moment to look back not at all the awful things 2018 brought, but at what has kept me going — or rather: who. And with this thread about amazing people I wish you all a 🎄Merry Christmas🎄 1/
First up is @Scotkraut! We’ve done so much together this year — in Edinburgh, London, Newcastle and Berlin ... from marches, to birthdays, to Brexit retreats. We even tried out the Brexit unicorns 🦄 Unsurprisingly, they didn’t work. But our friendship sure does xx 2/
Then I think of my friend Alexander. A fellow German with a great mind and an equally great sense of humour who makes me laugh — sadly now from back in Germany rather than in London as he and his family joined the #Brexodus in the summer.… 3/
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Don't believe that Blukip Mayhem & Co realise just HOW far adrift they have become from public opinion NOW! Of course, they could put ANY deal? Big IF? to a #peoplesvote, and test the will of the people to which they love SO much to defer? Democracy? Do they really believe in it?
Hard to escape the view that 'so called' UK Democracy has been completely hijacked by Blukip Mayhem & Co. There's NO mandate to trash our economy in the way now daily unfolding. It's totally risible to suggest that we'll go global from the self-inflicted wreckage of what we had.
Triple hit from #Brexodus; deferred, reduced or cancelled #BusinessInvestment and collapsing consumer #Confidence look likely to impact UK #GDP when #Q2 stats are known. Will Blukip Mayhem & Co take any notice? Or just keep racking up yet more debt, as UK #TaxTake recedes!
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Well good folks of #FBPE and fellow Europhiles, it's not looking good in old Blighty, is it? At the time of this tweet things are falling apart. The economy is heading south already and the UK hasn't even left the building. Is it time for a #BrExodus? Or a #Brescape?

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Reports of a "doomsday scenario" do not sound appealing. The government are behaving in both a delusional and a xenophobic manner, and huge numbers of British people are about to have their European rights striped from them. This Brexit thing clearly has no upside.
But it's worse. May is not only trying to leave the EU, she's trying to leave the ECJ and ECHR. What this mad woman has planned that would contravene the ECHR one can only guess. But it can't be good.

I won't be there to see it, I've already gone. Perhaps you should also?
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Among reasons for opposing Brexit is UK's unpreparedness for such a huge change! Unless we stop this now, the purported benefits may be less than pre-sold? and the warned downsides may well be worse? If either or both? our public finances could implode under self-imposed strain.
Consider UK's low productivity relative to our G20 peers - well publicised but poorly understood? Improving 'this' over a sustained period would surely have been preferable pre-requisite prior to anything as profound as Brexit!
Look at UK's ballooning national debt, which has 'more than quadrupled' since John Major left office in 1997. Ask any ordinary Jo if they'd fancy racking up such a huge mortgage? (ours is £2 trillion) before resigning a job to venture into business on their own!
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Since May's fateful appointment & her 'Brexit means Brexit' this has always been OUT v IN. Talk of deals is fantasy. We should vote IN asap!
.@KenClarkeMP apart, Tory MPs voted #A50 trigger (Mar17) to appease #Brexiteers untroubled by unseen cost/impact assessments or exit plans.
7 months down their rocky road to nowheresville, that #A50 trigger is looking like the most ill-judged & stupid parliamentary decision ever!
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