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One day Krishna and Arjuna were taking their usual walk, when they came across an old Brahmin begging, taking pity on his condition, Arjuna gave him a bag of gold coins. The man was overjoyed and went home. On his way he was robbed by a thief in the forest.
He cursed his fate and the next day set off to beg again. Arjuna and Krishna saw again & when Arjuna got to know of his story, once again took pity and gave him a large diamond. The man took it home & kept it in an old pot that had been unused for many years in order to keep...
it safe and went to sleep.
The next morning before he could wake up, his wife went to fetch water from the river and on her way back, she slipped and her pot broke.
She immediately remembered the pot at home which lay unused and brought it to fill it with water.
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Guruvayurappan Stories

This is a beautiful story of a girl Unnimaya & her Bhakthi. Unnimaya & her mother resided in a small hut near Guruvayur. Her father died very early, Unnimaya & her mother struggled for their living. Both were Devotees of Guruvayurappan.
Unnimaya treated Krishna as her own brother. Whatever she gets, she will give a share to Krishna.

One day her mother fell ill and Unnimaya was compelled to find a job to earn a living. But noone was willing to give job for a small girl. Walking tiredly she went near Guruvayur
temple premises and there she saw a shop owned by Kelu. Boasting himself of a great devotee of Krishna, Kelu was talking about his Tulabharam in temple with bananas that day. Unnimaya asked Kelu for a job but he scolded her. While returning, Unnimaya saw 2 bananas there.
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एक छोटीशी गोष्ट : #StoryTime

एकदा एक मुलगी त्रासलेल्या स्वरात तिच्या वडिलांना म्हणाली, "बाबा, माझं आयुष्य खूपच किचकट होत चाललंय कोणतीच गोष्ट मनाप्रमाणे होत नाही, प्रत्येक वेळी स्पर्धा आणि संघर्ष करून मी कंटाळली आहे, एक समस्या सोडवली कि दुसरी जणू वाटच बघत काय करू..
काहीच समजत नाही. असं वाटतं कि पूर्ण जग वेगळ्याच दिशेने जात आहे"

तिचे वडील एक आचारी होते, आपल्या मुलीच्या मनातील गुंता त्यांनी समजून घेतला काहीही न बोलता ते तिला किचन मध्ये घेऊन गेले त्यांनी तीन भांडी घेतली आणि त्यात पाणी ओतले आणि शेगडी पेटवून त्यावर ठेवली, पाणी थोडं ..
गरम होताच त्यांनी एका भांड्यात बटाटे, दुसऱ्यात अंडी आणि तिसऱ्यात कॉफी चे दाणे सोडले. वडील नक्की काय करतायत हे त्या मुलीला कळेना पण काहीही न बोलता ती बघत राहिली. २०-२५ मिनिटे अशीच शांततेत गेली आणि वडिलांनी गॅस बर्नर बंद केला.

त्यानंतर त्यांनी बटाटे आणि अंडी ..
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¡Samuel García nos censura por medio de Badabun! #StoryTime

No es la primera vez que el candidato y la empresa Badabun atacan a medios de comunicación, y tampoco es la primera vez que nos atacan a nosotros, esta vez, reclamando falsos derechos de autor

Abro hilo:
Recibí una notificación de Facebook advirtiéndome que Badabun ¡había bloqueado mi video por supuestos derechos de autor! estamos hablando que una compañía, ya famosa por atacar periodistas y creadores de contenido, me esta intentado censurar alegando que mi video le pertenece
Al entrar a su queja, veo que la empresa Badabun dice que mi video tiene una coincidencia de 11 segundos con UN VIDEO QUE ES DE SU PROPIEDAD y al reproducir la "parte coincidente" noto que los fragmentos que reclamo como suyos son estos dos:
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Lazy Saturday. Cup of tea. You know what that means, Twitter. #Storytime.
New folk, if you're new to this: #Storytime; in which I write a story, freestyle, on Twitter. Some pay attention; others unfollow. And it always starts with these words:
There once was a man who longed to be King. He had no qualifications, except in that he was a man of privilege, wealth and connections, and he was only one among many with their eyes on the throne, and not the most deserving. #Storytime
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𝗪𝗲𝗲𝗱 𝗕𝘂𝗱𝗱𝘆👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨🍃..
#explorepage #threads #storytime #threadstories #threadseries #threadstorytime #seriesthreads #newseries #explore #seriesofseries Image
just like it up💕..
𝐈𝐧𝐝𝐢𝐚 𝐩𝐨𝐯
10|21 10:15𝐚𝐦

“wake y’all asses up!!”

I began jumping on Lexi bed as her and Mark was sleeping. Mark was groaning as he woke up.

“wtf is youu doing fam? enzo come get yo girl!!” Marcus said.

“baee getcho ass down” lorenzo said.
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Jallianwala Bagh Massacre

The Rowlatt Act (Black Act) was passed on March 10, 1919, authorizing the govt to imprison or confine, without a trial, any person associated with seditious activities. This led to nationwide unrest.
Gandhi initiated Satyagraha to protest against the Rowlatt Act.

On April 7, 1919, Gandhi published an article called Satyagrahi, describing ways to oppose the Rowlatt Act.
The British authorities discussed amongst themselves the actions to be taken against Gandhi and any other leaders who were participating in the Satyagraha.

Orders were issued to prohibit Gandhi from entering Punjab and to arrest him if he disobeyed the orders.
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Once, there were 4 princely states in Bhārata called Anga, Vanga, Kalinga & Penga. To defend against contn. foreign invasions & interventions, the kings of these kingdoms came together & formed a Union. They laid down basic law structure, taxes & other things.

Together they defeated foreigners & all went smooth for a 100 yrs. They also their economy strong. It was truly the era of good times. As the saying goes 'good times yield weak men,' the citizens of 4 states started fighting amongst themselves on trivial issues soon.

In 5 yrs, the kingdom of Penga became a democratic republic with death of their last ruler, Rāja itihās.

The kingdom of Penga had their first elections. One Party was called 'Vishwamānav Localist Party of Penga' (VLPP). Their electoral stretegy was based on two aspects:

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In the late 90s, at a dank Ganpati Pooja celebration in Nagpur, people were sitting around all tensed up. The veriety entertainment night was stopped abruptly.

One person had just come running to the venue and screamed, "Chaddi Banyan Gang is coming!"
For us kids, this was terrifying. I mean sure we made fun of "Chaddi Baniyan" gang. That they rob people in their underwear, because wtf lol.

But on this night, the fear was very real. Soon, a colony-president-type uncle screamed, "TURN OFF THE LIGHTS!"

We cowered in that dark venue, only the diya in front of the Ganpati murti was visible. Some uncles and auntys crawled to the idol and started doing a silent aarti.

One of my friends had a genius idea: "Let's find this gang! I was to see if they really wear only chaddi-baniyan."
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#Guruvayur_Krishna_Bhakthi  🕉
Beautiful Story of Guruvayurappan

Poonathanam Namboothiri was a great devotee of Guruvayurappan. One day Poonthanam was going to Guruvayur Kshetram. It was night time and eventhough Namboothiri was tired he continued to walk
Suddenly some thieves came and blocked his way. Poonthanam cried for Shri Krishna to help. Thieves snatched all valuables from him, but Namboothiri holding his Bhaghavatam book called Shri Krishna to help. That time a man came in a horse back and fought with thieves and protected
Namboothiri. Poonthanam thanked Krishna for helping him from danger and said to the man that "Shri Krishna has send you here and I don't know how to thank you".  The man smiled and told that he is Mangattachan, minister of  samoodhiris. Poonthanam once again thanked him and
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Aujourd'hui, je rentre de courses, prend l'ascenseur de mon immeuble et lorsqu'il s'ouvre à mon étage, je sens une présence 😱
J'allume la lumière du couloir, en essayant de pas trop sortir de l'ascenseur, au cas où.
Et là, juste devant moi, assise, une femelle pitbull absolument trop choupinette bien que légèrement encombrante, visiblement très excitée de me voir, moi et mon sac de bouffe x)
Le couloir était dans le noir, pas de traces de ses maitres. Je ne sais pas si elle compte me bouffer ou veut m'épouser dans les 3 secondes qui viennent. Je tends ma main, tout doucement.
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Recently E Sreedharan Sir @TheMetromanS shared a piece of Nostalgia. In the year 1964, a huge cyclone rampaged Pampan Bridge. It was E Sreedharan Sir & his team, who rebuild that Bridge. A Project that explains the simple brilliance of the Padma Shri E Sreedharan.
On the night of 23rd Dec 1964, there was a huge cyclone - waves rose to the heights of 30-40 metres. One of such huge waves swept away the century-old Pampan Bridge.

Incidentally, Pampan-Dhanushkodi Passenger train No.653 was running on that bridge on that day.
With the Bridge, that Train was washed away too. Nobody on that train survived.

The Bridge was very important for the connectivity of that region. Especially Rameshwaram. A Hindu Holy Abode.

Railways summoned, E Sreedharan Sir.
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There was once a demon king by the name of Hiranyakashyap who won over the kingdom of earth. He was so egoistic that he commanded everybody in his kingdom to worship only him.

But to his great disappointment, his son, Prahlad was a ardent devotee of Lord Naarayana.
Hiranyakashyap tried several ways to kill his son Prahlad but Lord Vishnu saved him every time.

Finally, he asked his sister, Holika to enter a blazing fire with Prahlad in her lap. For, Hiranyakashyap knew that Holika had a boon, whereby, she could enter the fire unscathed.
Treacherously, Holika coaxed young Prahlad to sit in her lap and she herself took her seat in a blazing fire.

The legend has it that Holika had to pay the price of her sinister desire by her life. Holika was not aware that the boon worked only when she entered the fire alone.
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Story of Vararachi and Ramayana

Vararuchi was a great scholar in the  Raja Vikramaditya's court. One day king asked Vararuchi which is the best verse in Ramayana.

Vararuchi was worried as each sloka was important to him. King told him to find answer within 41 days.
Vararuchi traveled many places  and asked about this question to many, but couldn't find the answer. Thus 40 days passed and without an answer he cannot visit King too
That night he fell asleep under a tree Vanadevatas who were residing at that tree were talking about a child's
A girl child in a pariah (low caste) family. They also spoke that this same child will be married by the one who is sleeping under this tree,
Vararuchi was hearing this conversation, was shocked but also happy that
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The #BattleOfUmberKhind.

First the Prayer,

आई भवानी आणि वीरमाता जिजाऊ यांचा स्मरण करून,
हिंदवी स्वराज्य साठी जगलेल्या सर्व ज्ञात अज्ञात मावळ्यांना मानाचा मुजरा करतोय !
आणि उंबरखिंडीच्या अमर गाथे ला प्रारंभ करतोय !
Meaning, Remembering Lord Bhavani and Mother Jijau along with thousands of known and known Maavle (Maratha Soldiers) who Lived & Died to protect the honour of Hindavi Swarajya.

I bow in respect to all of them and begin to narrate the Epic the Tale of Umberkhind.
Picture this, There are THREE main Kingdoms in the foray. Marathas, Adilshahi and Mughals.

Year 1659 : Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj (Marathas) finishes Afzal Khan (Adlishahi)

Year 1660 : Baji Prabhu Deshpande aides a Historic victory for Marathas against the (Adilshahi)
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We need to talk about something kind of troubling that I've noticed while setting up games for high school baseball. This directly relates to @MLB and these concerns that they're "killing the game."

Join me on a Fake Ned #storytime
@MLB High School baseball has a lot of problems right now. Obviously, kids lost an entire year of sports last year and, at least from what I'm seeing, kids aren't coming back to the game.

Schools are missing their C-Team. Teams are missing their JV team. Just not enough kids.
@MLB These aren't the "rich" schools. Baseball has always been kind of a class-based game. Parents think that you can throw money at coaching for kids and that equates to college scholarships and drafting. That's another conversation, but in short, there's less interest.
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A Tale from #Ramayana.

"When Raama met Parshuraama"

Mithila had witnessed the Divine wedding ceremony of Rama and Sita. It was a blessing to watch Rama and Sita together.

King Dasharatha was returning to Ayodhya, accompanied by his retinue.
On the way, there were some bad omens, a worried Dashratha asked Vashishta about it. Vashishta pacified him by asking him not to worry.

As Dashratha and Vashishta were conversing, there broke out a great storm.
Trees were uprooted and the earth quaked, a cloud of dust went up and hid the sun enveloping everything in its darkness.

Everyone was Terror Struck, however, after a while, they found out the reason for this mayhem.
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Roughly somewhere in the 17th Century, there lived a Tribal woman named OBAVVA in the town of Chitradurga, Karnataka.

This is the story of her life and valour.
During those times, Hyder Ali was the most aggressive conqueror of that geography. One town after the other, he marched ahead.

However, Chitradurga was a difficult town to Capture. Like Sahyadri, it is hilly and does not have too many entrances.
It is said, the Leader of Chitradurga switched sides and that irked Hyder-Ali. He decided to attack Chitradurga at any cost.

Despite a lot of planning, he just could not get access to the City. After much toil, he found a Little Tunnel.
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There was a time, Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj was in Pratapgarh and Afzal Khan had bought 2 lakh of his men to capture him. The men had encircled the Fort.

Aai Jijau saw the crowd of men, but she wasn't worried. She was confident in her son's abilities.
Afzal Khan, to be doubly sure appointed two of his men as SPIES and asked them to snoop on Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and get back with information on Total Maratha Men, their Weapons, their Strategic Location etc.
Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, survived, ruled & created History in his 40 odd years on the throne, only because he had the strongest of SPY NETWORKS.

Maharaj quickly got the news, two spies are breathing quite close by, keeping an eye on our movements.
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Beautiful Story of Shri Krishna

Once there lived a Priest who recite glories of Shri Krishna. One day he was reciting Srimad Bhagavatam in a house
A thief entered and hid himself waiting for the perfect time to steal and he heard Srimad Bhaghavatam
He was explaining ornaments worn by little Krishna. He described the various ornaments Yasodha mata decorated on Krishna. Thief, excited thought that should meet little Krishna and steal all ornaments. He followed the priest and asked him about the boy, he explained in the story.
Priest replied, In the town of Vrindavan, on the banks of Yamuna river, you will see him. Thief believed him and set out for Vrindavana. He climbed up a tree and waited for the boy to arrive

He heard a melody of the flute and saw a boy coming. The moment he saw beautiful Krishna
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Battle of Pawankhind. A war that changed the course of history.

Possibly my longest thread. Please read through till the END.
Request the Reader to picture himself/herself in Ghodkind (which became Pawankhind later).

To the West of Ghodkind is VISHALGAD. It could be 7 km from the valley and 14 kms by Road.

4 kms to the East of it is Ghodmaal. Ghodmaal is a place where "Horse Market" was there.
Horses bought at Ghodmaal were taken by the Valley route to VISHALGAD. Hence, the Valley-route was called Ghodkind. VISHALGAD was the place where these horses were registered officially and inducted into the Maratha Army.
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A Little tale from #Mahabharata.

Arjuna elopes with Subadhra in elder-brother Krishnas Ratha. Pitamaha Bheeshma is very angry with Arjuna as this was against the Tradition. Subhadra’s other brother Balrama had already promised Subhadra’s marriage to Duryodhana.
Krishna tried to convince Bhishma about how Arjuna was the right man for Subhadra and his action was right too, but Bhishma was adamant. The conversation that then happened between Krishna and Bhishma is as follows:
Bhishma: "I am not happy with this marriage because this is against the tradition. A person can trust another person only when traditions are followed and respected.

Without following traditions, trust cannot be established".
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Reproducing a Story (Verbatim), I read from the link mentioned above.

Title : Story of Nachiketa & Yama – The Soul & Brahman
Nachiketa was the son of the sage Vājashravas. He was performing a sacrifice named Viswajet Yajna. In this Yajna, the performer had to give away all his wealth. In ancient times, Cows were designated as valuable.
Cows were also special possessions & hence Vajashrava, desiring a gift from the gods, decided to donate all his cows to Brahmins. Nachiketa was in his teens, and he was observing the sacrificial ritual with innocent interest.
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While this is not a STORY. This is my attempt at stitching together a thread on #BhagwadGita for everyone to read.

Today, lets learn about the Premise.
The Gita is a dialogue between the warrior-prince ARJUNA and the Bhagwaan KRISHNA who is serving as his charioteer at the Battle of Kurukshetra fought between Arjuna's family & allies (the Pandavas) and those of the prince DURYODHANA & his family (the Kauravas) and their allies.
This dialogue is recited by the Kauravan counselor Sanjaya to his blind king Dhritarashtra (both far from the battleground) as Krishna has given Sanjaya mystical sight so he will be able to see and report the battle to the king.
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