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🚀 Exciting news for developers!
PhalaNetwork is offering
up to $50,000 USD 🤑
in PHA tokens, technical assistance, marketing support, and more through their Builders Program.

Here's how to apply⬇️

#developers #Etherium #smartcontract #PhalaNetwork
1️⃣ Fill out and submit an application form.…
2️⃣ Successful applicants will schedule an introductory call with the team.
3️⃣ Present the technical side of your project to the Phat Contract development team.

#phatcontract #web3 #phamily #crypto
4️⃣ Successful applicants will receive a funding amount, milestone structure, and overall expectations.
5️⃣ Start working towards milestones with support from the Phala dev team.

#devs #funding
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1/10 We're thrilled to announce that @StatescuRazvan will be joining us as a speaker at our upcoming Conference.

He is a highly skilled #MultiversX builder who brings a wealth of experience from his work on the @GiantsVillage, @CoinDripHQ and @egldhub.

Check the entire 🧵👇
⚙️ With a deep passion for open-source initiatives, Razvan is committed to leveraging his technical expertise to help build cutting-edge, innovative solutions that push the boundaries of what's possible.

#opensource #DEVCommunity #developers
🔗 He is particularly adept at working with blockchain technology, having developed a deep understanding of the underlying mechanics that power these decentralized systems.

#blockchain #MultiversX #blockchaintechnology
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Hi there!
In this thread, we'll be discussing database management systems (DBMS), what they are, and why they are important.

Check out this thread 🧵

#developers #DEVCommunity #dbms
A database management system (DBMS) is a software application that is used to interact with other software and users to store, retrieve, and manage data in a database.
A DBMS allows users to create, read, update, and delete data in a database by providing a structured and organized way to store and retrieve data. This helps users to easily access, manipulate, and analyze data.
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What I’ve learned from trying to build quality in rather then inspecting for it

A thread 👉🧵

#testing #testability #collaboration #automation #DEVCommunity #PsychologicalSafety
1\ when I started out in testing it was all about find the bugs and find them fast. Testers where typically another department to engineering. It was pretty much they build it we destroy it.
2\ This is what inspecting for quality is. You look for the issues at the end of the development process. It worked pretty well when you had an army of testers and no way to push out bug fixes other then sending people disks with patches in the post
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☕️ O quê é OOP?

Sei que vocês estão cansados de ver artigos e threads do tipo, mas vamos nesta 🧵 de 15 passos tentar dissecar algumas características primordiais de OOP através de uma simulação de OOP em, isso mesmo, Bash script.

OOP em Bash, a thread 👇
Se você não tem hábito em Bash script, não há problema.

Os conceitos aqui explicados não exigem conhecimento avançado de Bash, a ideia é apenas tentar entender e simular OOP.
Para implementar OOP, precisamos obedecer algumas regras elementares:

* ter uma forma de representar o estado do objeto
* permitir execução dinâmica de ações no objeto

Claro que há mais coisas envolvidas, mas estas 2 são primordiais para se ter um mínimo de OOP.
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5 things about Lists in HTML that you may not know 🧵

#webdev #DEVCommunity #100DaysOfCode Image
1️⃣ Custom starting number

We can start an ordered list from any custom starting number using "start" attribute. Image
2️⃣ Reverse list

We can reverse the order of an ordered list by just passing "reversed" attribute to the list. Image
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Este último tiempo veo MUCHISIMOS CV mal hechos, incompletos o con errores super básicos que no pasan un primer filtro. Vamos con un hilo para aclarar cosas 🧵👇
Primero que nada si aplican a un trabajo en inglés por favor pongan el cv en inglés! Eso es mucho muy importante!!!
Formato PDF en lo posible, es lo ideal.
Algo que parece obvio y ustedes dirán, es una pavada lo que decís pero PONGAN SUS DATOS DE CONTACTO! No se dan idea de la cantidad de veces que pido un mail de contacto. Y no pongan datos sensibles, nadie necesita saber tu domicilio o tu dni.
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⭐️ 10 Repositorios en GitHub para mejorar como #JavaScript Developer 💻

Te los comparto en el siguiente "Worker Thread"
🧵 👇
➡️ JavaScript Styleguide…

➡️ Node.js Best Practices…

➡️ JavaScript Algorithms…

➡️ JavaScript Questions…

➡️ 33 JS Concepts…
➡️ Clean Code JavaScript…

➡️ You Don't Know JS…

➡️ Awesome JavaScript…

➡️ 30 Seconds of Code…

➡️ Project Guidelines…
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🚀10 CSS Code you will always need👇

#100DaysOfCode #DEVCommunity #webdeveloper
🖌️1. CSS Reset

When we create a fresh project browser assign some default style to the elements
And before moving further it is our duty to Reset or Clear all the CSS before beginning the work

🖌️2. Html Style

The very first tag to start loading with properties is HTML tag
We add multiple default properties throughout the page like scroll-behavior,background-color,color, etc.

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How much CSS is Enough before Moving to Javascript?⚡️
With an approach plan👇

#100DaysOfCode #DEVCommunity #webdeveloper
♦️1. Basic CSS Intoduction

When you Just started CSS after HTML
it is necessary for you to know the basics of CSS

Topic like,
→ Basic Syntax
→ Selectors(ID and Class)
→ Colors
→ Fonts
→ Margin
→ Padding
→ Box model
→ Display
→ Images & Icons

♦️2. Middle Level CSS

After finishing Basic CSS and getting introduced to THE CSS you move to a slight time demanding topics

Topics like,
→ List & Tables
→ Position
→ Overflow & Z-Index
→ Forms
→ CSS Units
→ !important
→ Psedudo Class and Elements

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Let's see🤔

How can you control life cycle of injected elements in ASP..NET Core DI Container?

We have three live cycles:
➡️ Singleton
➡️ Scoped
➡️ Transient

How do they work? Here is the thread 🧵👇 with the demo and code

#dotnet #csharp #devcommunity
Do to the demo, we need to create an interface per life cycle option.

An implementation of that interface will return a unique ID.
New ID means that element was recreated
We need a class that will represent a service layer that will be created in Controller.

We need to do this to see how "Scoped" and "Transient" life cycles are working
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Getting Better At CSS 🌻

I see lot of people who are starting with web development struggle with #CSS, even some experienced ones.

Here are some suggestions + #resources to help get better at CSS : A thread ✨➡️

First, Let me talk about my relationship with CSS.

I remember my first encounter with CSS in June 2021 on Tanay's YT channel. You can think of it as my first date with CSS.

I was nervous and kind of afraid of it because of the CSS memes lol, but I managed and after spending a few hours with CSS I kinda started liking it.

This is what I created on my first date by following the session :
My first ever portfolio

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Front-end developement Roadmap step by step for beginners 🔥

Thread 🧵

#100DaysOfCode #Coding #DEVCommunity
1️⃣ Internet -->
How does the internet work?
What is HTTP?
Browsers and how they work?
DNS and how it works?
What is Domain Name?
What is hosting?
2️⃣ HTML -->
Learn the basics
Writing Semantic HTML
Forms and Validations
Conventions and Best Practices
Syntax and Basic Constructs
SEO Basics
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EF Core 6.0 new features. 48 code samples.

The biggest thread of mine so far. With sub-threads. The last this year.

It took me almost two months to go through many new features in EF Core 6.

Retweets are appreciated 😊

#dotnet6 #efcore6 #coding #devcommunity
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LINQ query enhancements in EF Core 6.0 thread.

12 features with code samples.

Retweets are appreciated 😊

#dotnet6 #efcore6 #coding #devcommunity
String.Concat translation with 3 and 4 arguments
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What is GitHub Actions?

A Thread 🧵👇
#webdeveloper #webdevelopment #DEVCommunity #Programming
@github Actions is a platform that allows you to automate your build, test, and deployment pipeline.

👉 Create workflows that build and test every pull request to your repository
👉 Create workflows that deploy merged pull requests to production.
They are popular for integrating CI/CD but it's much more than that. It brings continuous integration (CI) directly to the GitHub flow with templates built by developers for developers.
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5 Chrome plugins I use often when testing web applications

Thread 🧵👇

#sdet #programming #DEVCommunity #SoftwareTesting
Fake filler: form filler that fills all inputs on a page with fake / dummy data

This a great plugin if you work with input fields a lot. I use this to automatically fill all the input fields with random data with just a single click.
JSONView - format JSON document

As Dev/QA, you are constantly working with JSON data which you need to view/validate. This plugin formats the data automatically in new tab when you access any API with JSON response
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A big thread of new APIs in the .NET 6. 🧵

Retweets are appreciated ☺️

#dotnet6 #coding #devcommunity #programming
Reflection API for nullability information.
Reflection API for nested nullability information.
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El tiempo vuela, pero lo prometido es deuda

Le había dicho a @asdrubalivan y a @ramloarc que iba a compartir más contenido #Backend

Por acá les dejo un hilo sobre PostgreSQL Performance Improvements

#performance #PostgreSQL #developer #DEVCommunity #rails #backend
@asdrubalivan @ramloarc Partamos con lo básico,

La vieja confiable documentación.

Aquí van a encontrar todo lo que necesiten.…
@asdrubalivan @ramloarc Si hablamos de #performance #improvement en #PostgreSQL no puede faltar el comando Explain.

Asi ustedes van a ver que ruta va a tomar tu consulta SQL al momento que se ejecute.

#backend #DEVCommunity

Explain Command…
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Two basic Python Libraries that are extensively used by Machine Learning & Data Science practitioners on a daily basis & resources to learn/practice them.
These are the base that will help you kickstart your journey & are must :


Resources to Learn :

1. Obviously the official documentation:…

2. This awesome repo by @justmarkham is a must:…

3. This repo helps you learn & practice Pandas :…
4. Kaggle is another amazing source for the same :

5. The Lord itself :…

Resources to Practice :

1. A group of exercises with topic wise solutions :…

2. Points 2,3,4,5 of the Learning Resources.
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🔥 Let's learn & become a DevOps Engineer! How? ⬇️

Thread 🧵

#devops #100daysOfDevops Image
➖The skillset required for DevOps Engineer roles is large.

➖Sometimes it can be confusing which tools/technologies to learn.

➖That is when the right guidance & community building could be helpful and be a lifesaver!


#DEVCommunity #BuildingBetterCommunities
To make it simpler!

I will be following this roadmap, learning the most popular and hot growing DevOps & Cloud tools and also sharing my learning with the community.

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Today, I'm starting to learn Python 🐍 (finally).
So I want to share with you this killer websites to learn this Powerful Language 🔥

Thread 🧵

#DEVCommunity #Python #coding #Programming #pythonprogramming #100DaysOfCode
1️⃣ Tutorialspoint.
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Attended an informative Twitter Space by @DThompsonDev
"Getting a Job in Tech: The Game Plan"

Today's space was mainly focused on these things:
1. LinkedIn Profile
2. Portfolio Website
3. GitHub Account
4. Resume

The whole 3hrs of space can be summarized into this: 🧵👇
1️⃣ LinkedIn
- LinkedIn is where all the recruiters hangout.
- It's the place where you can humblebrag.

✅ Heading:
- Put exact languages and skills, recruiters might not know much technical stuff

(Continued Below 👇)
✅ Featured Section:
- A most valuable asset of your profile.
- Add Images:
- Goal should be to increase the scrollaility of the profile.
- You can explain projects with a screenshot.

(Continued Below 👇)
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The best YouTube channel to learn React Js 🔥
Thread 🧵

#DEVCommunity #reactjs #javascript #coding #programming #webdevelopment
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