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Listed few React/Redux interview question 🚀

Soon will be adding answers for all the questions.

#100DaysOfCode #code #CodeNewbie #Dev #womenintech #programming #React #Redux #javascript
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A thread on how I managed to encrypt and store a video using #Flutter

Scroll for links, code snippets, and my general thought process...
Recording and saving videos locally isn't too difficult.

- camera
- path_provider

#flutter #android #s21 #video #coding

Below is the code for getting a file reference:

Created with @carbon_app   /// One call to get a file reference, set temp = false to
Encryption on the other hand is a foreign language to me. From my research, I learned that each user needs an #AsymmetricKeyPair that can be used to #encrypt and #decrypt data.

To generate these, I used the rsa_encrypt package.…
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MEGATHREAD 📢💨 on today's epic #ProjectCatalyst Town Hall. Ready?

👉 Fund 3 voter registration ended today 🥲
👉 Voting begins: March 5 @ 7PM UTC 💪
👉 Voting ends: March 24 @ 7PM UTC
👉 Winning projects funding: ± April 4 🚀

🧵 More via thread below 👇 #Cardano $ada 1/18
Welcome to the experiment..! 🧪

A few reminders. Things may:
👉 break
👉 lack documentation
👉 differ greatly between iterations
👉 disorient, overload and inspire

🎯 Our goal: a safe, lively environment for you to explore the highest potential of human collaboration 💪 2/n
#ProjectCatalyst – now 🌍's largest #decentralized innovation fund...

👉2.5B value $ada registered
👉10,159 unique wallets registered
👉12,000 platform members
👉 Dash voters ± 1,000 wallets
👉 100 DAOs on #eth combined ± 1,100 wallets
👉 Gitcoin Round 8: ±2,946 wallets 3/n
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🤓 There was a fantastic #cardano metadata workshop hosted by @JeremyFirsterCF, @benohanlon, Alan & Mel.

💡#Metadata is key part of the ongoing #Goguen release & is already running on the main net. 💪

Below is the recap of their conversations 👇 $ada #crypto #fintech #dev

What exactly is transaction metadata? 🤔

1⃣ Details on "The Transaction Story"
2⃣ User-specified information that is added & stored on the Cardano blockchain.
3⃣ Secure record of immutable and authentic on-chain data.

How is metadata generally used? 🤔

1⃣ Certification & validation of particular information
2⃣ "Tell the Story of a Transaction" - $ada transfers
3⃣ "Create a Story" that has a permanent record - standalone transaction for adding data
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==== Caching ====

caching is the process of storing data temporarily. a cache generally lives for a relatively small amount of time. examples: browser cache, DNS caching etc.

reasons to utilize caching: 👇

#cache #web #dev #CodeNewbie #100DaysOfCode
* save bandwidth (and reuse resources)
when using cache mechanism in client-side applications, it ensures that cached files won't be downloaded again from the server.

* save processing power
when writing algorithms, it could be optimized using a caching mechanism...

...caching would help add memorization to that algorithm, enabling it NOT to repeat the same calculations again and again.

* save time
we all visit websites mostly by domain names(and rarely using the IP address). having cached DNS records would let the resolver use...

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Journalist Ali Peter John Shares an Unheard Incident about #SuperStar @rajinikanth
We had an Award function in Chennai where we were going to present awards to the best in the four languages from the South
The owner of Indian Express, Vivek Goenka wanted "Dev Sahab" to be the chief guest
We reached Chennai and there were people in high places from my company waiting to welcome him We were put up at the Taj Coromandel The news about landing in Chennai and living at the Taj had spread all over
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👆 Wadekar was an excellent captain but he never won a World Cup.

Dhoni won a World Cup but he does not have hat-tricks. Image
Kuldeep has hat-tricks but he is not an outstanding fielder.

Jadeja is an incredible fielder but he doesn't have even two thousand Test runs.

Tendulkar has a lot of Test runs but not even fifty Test wickets.

Bumrah has over fifty Test wickets but does not stay fit.
Pujara does not get injured a lot but has played only 5 ODIs.

Agarkar has played a lot of ODIs but never led India.

Ganguly has led India many, many times but never coached India.

(Anshuman) Gaekwad coached India but never won a Ranji Trophy as captain.
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So of you may know I often point out the limitations of #Blockchain.

But I was curious if a current #Cryptocurrency or other type of hApp was built on #Holochain, could some of that data be populated onto a blockchain?

The only reason I could think of doing so would
be if a current #blockchain project wanted to remove the inherent blockchain issues, Scalability, Consensus, Congestion & Cost but still be able to retain their brand or "chain".

#Holochain mitigates all of these issues with unlimited scaling, the options of zero TX/RX fees it
would make sense for some of them to migrate to a cutting edge architecture that puts them in the new generation of #cryptocurrency while still being able to maintain their roots.

So I spoke with #Holochain lead #Dev @helioscomm & Paul advised that yes this is indeed possible.
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Bon les amis, je compte me remettre un peu sur le développement de
Si vous deviez ne choisir qu'une nouvelle fonctionnalité... Attention plusieurs tweets. 😉
N'hésitez pas ajouter vos remarques/proposition...
#roadmap #backlog #dev
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#Galsen #Dev #diangueDev

LinkedIn Learning met à disposition gratuitement 13 parcours d'apprentissage.
Fin de l’offre: Mars 2021

Devenir un administrateur système Windows Server 2019 :

Devenir un administrateur réseau :
Devenir un représentant commercial :

Devenir un spécialiste du service client :

Devenir un développeur web front-end :

Devenir un graphiste :
Devenir un responsable marketing numérique :

Devenir un chef de projet :

Devenir un analyste de données :

Rechercher et postuler à des offres d'emploi :
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Тред о том, как мы оптимизируем размер бандла 🗜️ #dev
1. Писали стили по привычке в kebab-case, в результате чего имели дубликаты в css-маппере

"size-2x": "b2s45",
size2X: "b2s45",

вроде ничего страшного, но вот эти лишние 30-50Кб зачем они?
Перешли на kamelCase: автозаменой где смогли, вручную рефакторим с

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Told you I’d drive #dev talent to @thorchain_org — let this be an example of using channels effectively to solve goals cc @KaiAnsaari Image
Learn to do what I do and help the initiative move forward. There’s plenty of goals to solve:
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Have you ever heard about Code Smells?

Learn more about how to avoid them to develop better solutions! 🧵THREAD 🧵

#100DaysOfCode #Dev #CodeNewbie Image
"If it stinks, change it"
A code smell is a piece of code that goes against good practices or fundamental design principles and therefore negatively impacts the quality of our solution.

Here is a list of code smells and how to solve them:
1) Long Method Implementation
Methods that make you scroll just to get an idea of what is happening?
You are most probably missing some abstractions and decomposition. Delegate responsibilities to corresponding objects/classes and create smaller methods that make sense together.
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#WWDC kicking off! The Timothy C opening the conference at Apple Park
First, Tim Cook addresses racism and talks about the events happening in Black and brown communities and how Apple is "inspired and moved by passionate people around the world" #WWDC
Tim talks about Apple's two initiatives: $100M Racial Equity and Justice Initiative as well as the new developer entrepreneur camp for Black developers, a first for #WWDC
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Highrise is a 30-person fully remote team. I'm sharing our Slack best practices to stay connected without distractions. Thread: 1/12
We thread absolutely everything. We work in 7 different timezones, and nobody wants to wake up to a channel with 100+ messages. Threads reduce message clutter by 10x. 2/12
We use an #update-daily channel to share what we did yesterday and what we'll do today. We also share when we hop offline or online, which makes our virtual office feel "alive". 3/12
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🔥🔥🔥 The #1 Recursion (Syntax) Twitter Thread

This thread will demonstrate an easy way to write recursive functions

The recursion will so be compared to a for loop for familiarity

Tail Calls and Performance discussed later, Syntax Only!

gist/theme at end 👇

Step 1: Create your iteration variable(s)

In recursion, it can be easier to set a default value. Pass `i` again when calling `loop` on the `return` line

#javascript #code #dev #es6
Step 2: Add a break condition

Like a for loop, add the break before you write your code. This will prevent infinite looping.

Notice how the for loop is a "continue" and the recursion uses a "break". That means the condition must be flipped for recursion

#javascript #nodejs
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1/ The Phoenix Project #ebook is *free* today (Dec 19) on @amazon & other bookseller sites.

If there’s someone you think should read it, now’s your chance. Retweet + tag your friends, colleagues, bosses.


(A Thread) @RealGeneKim @kevinbehr @gspaff
2/ PS: The Phoenix Project ebook should be free for 24 hours across all ebook platforms (Amazon Kindle, Apple iBooks, B&N Nook, etc…)

Keep reading for book & #DevOps history.
3/ Since 2013, The Phoenix Project has sold over 500,000 copies, and is constantly given by consultants as gifts to clients, by managers as training to employees, and by co-workers to peers as an example of a new way of working.

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The secret source for delivering value in form of software at (enterprise) scale? Option 1: the Thanos Method (get rid of most people) - Not recommended but effective for sure.
Option 2: create and maintain an immune system made of strong engineering culture (includes #ethics!!) AND platform thinking (for synergy effects & North Star). This is the option I do consulting at: Strategic Software Delivery. #devrel #dev #experience #SoftwareEngineering
The immune system is a passive force to allow customer centric thinking, allow experiments on all levels. It frees up busy minds and let’s you focus on delivering value to customers. Because it is a passive system, it is easy to overlook, but it makes all the difference.
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So I had my first #Police vs #Dev Encounter today.

Stepped out of School to run an errand and on my way back I was stopped.

We had the regular back and forth on whether I was doing "work" as they called it.

Questioned me about my phones and laptop also

Showed them my school ID which had Computer Sciences boldly written on it and I told them I needed a laptop for my school activities.

They searched me, searched inside my trousers, hoodie, shirt and bag.

They then began questioning me about homosexuality and cultism 😭😂

Next thing, they wanted to search my phones and PC. I opened them all for them to search.

Well I use Linux so they couldn't operate my PC, they also couldn't operate my Pixel because the pixel doesn't have the regular back and minimize buttons like the regular Android.

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Question for #dev community: I have a Github account with many cloned Cambridge Analytica / AggregateIQ / SCL / etc relevant repositories (none of which include the AIQ Git*L*ab repo data). The intent is to preserve GH repos which are/were published publicly by the originators.
That international-investigation-relevant account has been flagged by Github and been made "hidden" from public view. Their reason is that I have a 2nd Github account (tied to my employment [which I believe should remain separate]) and Github only allows one account per person.
Here's the question: Given the situation, am I stuck with Github's decision to hide the preservation account from public view? Does anyone have experience appealing this designation? Github is, most likely unknowingly, censoring a resource that could help many investigations.
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When you have two systems that need to communicate, the default for 90+% of companies is to use a shared database. (thread) #dev #programming #architecture #softwarearchitecture
Most never move off of this model, but it has disadvantages that go along with the ease of sharing data. Applications lack encapsulation and cannot adapt their data designs to suit their unique requirements.
Usually the next approach is to treat applications just like components, with exposed public APIs. However, this can result in increased down time since direct API communication between applications means if any is down, the whole thing is down.
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A J-14 du #hackinghealth, quels défi de #santé allez-vous relever ? Passage en revue de notre sparkboard 2017 :
Familien - comment mieux accompagner les familles lors d'une #hospitalisation ?…
Un outil numérique serait-il pertinent pour maintenir le lien entre enfant et patient même si les visites sont impossibles ou rares ?
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En un thread on va vous convaincre de choisir ce #workshop à Rhône 1 au #BlendWebMix demain 11h :
D'abord, vous le savez : la #santé est un domaine porteur. Et on ne parle pas seulement des #feelgood books
1% des milliards de requêtes quotidiennes sur Google comportent un symptôme médical…
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