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1/TWEETORIAL: A little primer on periprocedural MI.

This is relevant because there has been a fair amount of discussion on it post-#ISCHEMIA trial.

I thought it relevant to share some past knowledge here in case you weren’t around for it.
2/Let’s start with a poll and then go backwards in time because history lessons are more fun that way.

In ROUTINE CLINICAL PRACTICE (to distinguish from research studies), do you draw cardiac enzymes after PCI in your cath lab?
3/This poll will no doubt be skewed by those who are very smart/know what I’m getting at & will try to rig the poll to say “yes” to undermine me…


But why????
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After a few days to go over the #EXCEL 5 year results published in @NEJM and thinking hard about @DrMoritzWvB tweet on IC and cardiac surgery seeing things quite differently, here are a few thoughts. Glad to hear your thoughts
@tssmn @ctsnetorg @EACTS
2/ Congratulations to the investigators for an outstanding RCT! Important question and results, which will have an impact on guidelines. The protocol was powered for non-inferiority of the composite outcome at 3 years, and congratulations for following these patients to 5 years
3/ why were p-values for secondary outcomes reported selectively? e.g. for revascularization, but not others?
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[Thread] 1/n Tomorrow I'll be starting a new role as a Data Specialist at non profit. Core duties will be setting up a data base, analysing spreadsheet models, finding trends and insights, benchmarking projects and ....
setting up and maintaining an online portal to share the above with partner organisations and donors.

I'll be assisted by a Data Analyst and that will be our little team of two in the data team.
This is what @AngeBassa calls "The First One" i.e. the 1st person setting up some form of Data Science infrastructure in an org. I'll also be sneaking some #rstats in there because much of what I'll need to do to create really great value will not be do-able with #Excel only.
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Top 10 Sites for your career:

1. #LinkedIn
2. @indeed
3. Careerealism
4. #job-Hunt
5. #JobBait
6. #Careercloud
7. GM4JH
8. Personalbrandingblog
9. #Jibberjobber
10. Neighbors-helping-neighbors
Top Sites to learn #Excel for free

1. #Microsoft Excel Help Center
2. Excel Exposure
3. Chandoo
4. Excel Central
5. Contextures
6. Excel Hero
7. Mr. Excel
8. Improve Your Excel
9. Excel Easy
10. Excel Jet

@msexcel @Microsoft
Top Sites for Free Online Education

*Search for these on Google:*

1. @coursera
2. @edXOnline
3. @khanacademy
4. @udemy
5. iTunesU Free Courses
6. MIT OpenCourseWare
7. StanfordOnline
8. @Codecademy
9. Open Culture Online Courses

#MOOC #onlinelearning
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Bir yazılım geliştiricinin bilmesi gerekenlerle ilgili 15 maddelik flood geliyor.. Mümkün olduğunca fazla keywordü bir araya toplamaya çalıştım.
Hadi Başlıyoruz!

#Developer #Software #Java #code #kod #yazılım #development #computer #bilgisayar #tool #PC #IT #web #tech #data
1-Temel veri yapıları (linkedList, map, tree vb) ve temel algoritmalar (sıralama, arama vb)

Sıfırdan kodlama ihtiyacınız büyük ihtimalle hiç olmayacak. Ancak ihtiyaç anında doğru yerde doğrusunu seçebilmek için o veri yapısının veya algoritmanın nasıl çalıştığını bilmeniz şart
2- Network Temelleri

OSI Modelini ve 7 katmanı; temel protokolleri(#TCP-IP, TCP-UDP, #HTTP, #FTP), güvenlik protokollerini(#HTTPS, #SFTP, #SSL), monitoring protokolleri(#SNMP, ICMP) bilmekte fayda var. Ayrıca ağ ekipmanlarının görevlerini tanımak ve 7Layer yerlerini bilmek lazım
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I used to scoff about left brain dominant vs right brain dominant—even as a writer/ photographer who struggled with math and science in school. I thought it was a matter of liking English more than Algebra.

Then I sustained a severe TBI in 2013.

That was their word— severe.
A lot of things changed—some were immediately obvious once I was released from the hospital.

Some didn’t manifest until I drove from Los Angeles to NYC a few month later [alone, no less] to start a new gig at the United Nations.

Lost in NYC was a near daily occurrence.
Aphasia was constant—I just didn’t know what it was called.

[see what I did there, folks?]

Losing words made me so angry I kicked in the side panel of my truck.

The severed olfactory nerve served me well when I was lost in the subway stations—I couldn’t smell anything.
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@JamesClear 's idea in #AtomicHabits of getting at least 1% better everyday is marvelous. For today, I thought of learning some new and revising the older ones #Excel short-cuts.
Can you share what you are doing to get 1% better today?
Earmarked a separate drawer to place keys of car, bike, main gate etc. Hope it will save so much time over the long term which was being wasted just to look for the misplaced keys.
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Hi, I’m Tara. I charted, graphed and tracked 99 Taylor Swift songs for 3 years looking for answers. I didn't find what I expected. This is my journey down a rabbit hole to Wonderland 1/13
3 years ago, I drove solo from St. Pete, FL to New Orleans for a girls trip. I spent 12 hours with windows down, snacks in my lap and @taylorswift13 blaring from my speakers. 1989 had just come out. I had tickets to see her 12th row at @RJStadium on Halloween night 2/13
While scream singing, a light bulb came on. I was pumping gas in Tallahassee when I texted the @TB_Times features editor, @stephhayes. Let me create a database of #TaylorSwift lyrics for you, I said. It’ll be fun, I said. I’ll do illustrations, I said. Yes, she said. 3/13
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As requested, I'm putting the instructions for this #ProtectMueller #Resistance project into a text format. This covers 1) why bother doing this, 2) how to find the donors' addresses on the FEC website, and 3) how to send a postcard to your list of donors.
1/ We’re getting close to a constitutional crisis here, so we really need to try something new to stop this. Of course, keep calling Congress directly–but it’s become painfully obvious that the GOP–the people with the power to stop this–only respond to their base & their donors.
2/ So we’re going to speak to their masters and send a BLIZZARD of postcards to their big donors ($1,000+) to remind them what is at stake before we reach a point of no return, before Trump crosses the Rubicon (look it up).
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