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Couple things around #SUPERFLUID staking so people understand👍🏻🧪
And if this makes sense😌

You can only bond half of the $osmo in your $osmo half of the pool atm.
While only using 1 validator for it.

It shows 19% apr added onto the 75% pool apr here’s why🤝

The apr % you see is for the full value of your pool..

So to get to these numbers
If you have 100% superfluid staking on the osmo half of the pool but the %apr shows for the full value of the pool the apr would be around 38% half of the 76%staking apr.

So when calculating etc you can use the 38% for the full value you have in the pool.

So to get to 19% again its a matter of halving the 38% to 19% (because only half the $osmo is fluidstaking) then to calculate what you get you add 19% to the overall value of the pool

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Compiling some of the news in the #Cosmos ecosystem that I came across this past week, including new launches, airdrops, snapshots and integrations.

A thread 🧵below:

2/12) is an #nft marketplace on #JUNO that launches on 28th Feb.

I have mentioned about this before. @passage3d is doing exciting stuff, follow them.
3/12) @StargazeZone genesis mint on March 4, will be able to claim rest of the airdrop then.

@StargazeZone integration with @gravity_bridge completed.

ERC20 $STARS contract on Ethereum:…

Vote in Discord for 5 projects to be part of genesis

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#SUPERFLUID details for @osmosiszone
- Suppose the spot price in the pool is 1 $ATOM = 2 $OSMO.

- Suppose you have provided 100 OSMO and 50 $ATOM worth of liquidity to Pool #1.

- Suppose you have designated validator "Dogemosis" as your superfluid validator.

-Superfluid discount factor is set to 10%


- Your delegation to "Dogemosis" will increase by 100 OSMO * (1-DISCOUNT_FACTOR) = 90 OSMO.

- You would then get staking rewards for an equivalent amount of 90 OSMO delegated to Dogemosis. However, you also then take
on slashing risk from Dogemosis.

- If Dogemosis gets a 5% slash due to double signing,
then 5% of your LP shares '(5 OSMO, 2.5 ATOM)' get
sent to the community pool. Note that slashing amount
does not take into account the risk factor parameter, and slashes the
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@osmosiszone #Superfluid goes live at the end of the month. It will start with only Pool #1 $OSMO/ $ATOM

(Treat this launch as BETA) as this is literally the biggest change to POS EVER!

Stipulations: You will only be able to delegate your LP shares to ONLY 1 DELEGATOR
(2/3) so choice wisely!

Also, once you begin superfluid staking in said pool

(You will have to Unbond your position to change Validator)

*If you are already 14 Bonded in Pool #1 you will be able to convert those automatically to superfluid stake*


In addition, if you want to use your staked OSMO you would have to unbond your staked assets to enter.

(Total Disclaimer) I am not unbonding ANY of my staked $OSMO (NFA)

For those that don't understand how unique and huge this truly is...BUCKLE UP!🚀
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This is a follow up to a post I made back in 2021, there've been a lot of folks that’ve been asking about quality fundamentals posts and how some of these block chain technologies stack up in the real world, it certainly feels like the right time to talk about $ATOM.
I've been listening to all of the @cosmos_voice podcasts since the beginning and taking notes, I went back and read all of the old @Cosmos blogs, posts and articles, accumulating information on the Telegram groups, Discord channels, Reddit, Githubs, Mediums.
Piecing together pieces from Conversations with @Jack_Zampolin and @chjango's Interchain.FM, every gem that’s ever been dropped from @Cryptocito, @L1am_Crypto, @Wickex2, @ConeyDaddy, @ZoltanAtom, @Adriana_Kalpa, @johnniecosmos. It became quite fun.
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