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1/ $EGLD // @ElrondNetwork - Looking for a bottom. ⚡ #EGLD - What a crypto winter! I hear too often "I wish I bought lower" or "I wish I sold higher". 🙄 Take notes → plan → execute. Move onwards! Expand time horizon and preserve position. Strategy = positioned for success. 🧠
2/ @ElrondNetwork claims to be positioned to "onboard next billion users", the key word is POSITION. In YOUR investing, the aim is preservation and therefore solidifying your POSITION not just literally but mentally!💡🧠 Your objective should be decreasing # of trades. 💪
3/ Think of this nearly as a war strategy -- the market is the offender and seeks to take U down & bleed your position, capital, liquidity. Offensive positions are risky moves! Find a defensive stance! Get comfortable & seek sustainability. Build defense & reject emotional moves.
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Here's a thread on how to build a DAILY ROUTINE to create your daily FocusList. 📝

Having the discipline to, each night, prepare for the next day is what separates the pros traders from the rest.

Thread 🧵
First thing is to have a setup playbook.

You have to know that these technical setups have an edge in the market and that over time they will have a positive expectancy.

Mine for reference:…
There is many technical setups that have an edge in the market.

The important is that you have to find what is working for YOU and you build this playbook that you’ll use and focus on.
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It's important to understand that the #STEPN #GST token on @solana is in fact a completely different token than its #GST equivalent on #BSC. Without a bridge & arbitrage opportunities, they each work in an isolated environment with their own supply, price and market cap.
Imo, everything what's happening on the #BSC side of things is an effect of #FOMO. People see the higher earnings and want to partake. The only way to do so is by buying a sneaker #NFT and #GST on #BSC but note that the setup cost is much higher.
It's a game of supply and demand.
I don't think the current #GST price on #BSC will have too much impact on the Solana side of things. Different market forces are in play on both chains. The panic sellers might rush back to #STEPN once the dust has settled and extra clarity was provided.
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Why one needs to protect downside - a thread:


If NIFTY goes down from 18,000 to 9,000 it is 50% drop.

Now it needs to go up 100% from thereon to break even and come back to 18,000 and then get into positive territory
Current situation:

Markets have dropped by almost 12% from the peak reached on 18th Oct 2021.

#nifty50 will have to go up by 13.63% and scale back to 18500 from hereon to break even and then get into positive territory.

That is almost 2200 points rise from hereon
Those who invested at market peaks will have to wait much longer to a) break even and b) then go into positive territory

Investing at right Valuations and not at any valuation should matter to the Investors.

For that you need to avoid #FOMO, have #patience & #discipline
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1/ Bear markets are notorious for brutal fakeouts, which is why it's critical to identify targets and invalidations.

Here are key levels to watch in both directions.📉📈

#BTC analysis 🧵

More from Material Indicators here...
2/In bear markets everyone is looking for a relief rally to exit or add short. Those are good strategies if you can tell the difference between a fakeout and a breakout. #FOMO + failure to identify invalidation levels are why so many people get rekt. #BullTrap #ShortSqueeze
3/ Identifying targets is easy. Determining breakout or fakeout is more challenging, and while there are no sure things, there are some things we can look at to help mitigate risk of getting trapped. To get some perspective, let's start with an ultra wide macro view of #BTC
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1/🧵 My $Luna Journey & Why I am Upset/Disappointed
Many are mad at/disappointed in #DoKwon #Terra_Luna #LFG , #influencers etc. I am NOT. I am upset w/Myself bc I know better. This isn't my first rodeo.
2/ Some may feel a couple of my comments to be a little harsh but I hope you see the balance in my assessment should you read the entire thing. I will address 5 Red Flags I ignored & Humbly give some suggestions for the future based on what I've learned from others & myself
1) How this could've even realistically worked w/the US Gov
2)Echo-chamber in the community
3) Over-leveraging strategies/Number go up
4) Do's actions/comments
5) The community's reactions to Do's behavior/comments & the unwavering idol worship
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#AMCs are manufacturers and will offer a basket to select from. Would anyone have invested if they came with NFO in March 2020?

It is duty of #Advisors/#Investors to invest or ignore. Just because AMCs offer is no criteria to invest.

Need to introspect before blaming others
Same is the case with IPOs, their timings and their valuations. Companies also come with #IPOs when markets were on a roll.

Again, investors had a choice to invest or ignore.

They invested with GREED and FOMO and now blaming others for these IPOs bombing
Why can't #Investors respect market signals? When going was good, they ignored advice of following #AssetAllocation.

When markets are bleeding, looking at scapegoats for their own actions.

This is #SelfAttribution bias. All good - their skill, all bad - blame it on others
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I have been the most vocal $ARKK bear on twitter since $130 last summer. In recent months I have described the broader market as offering return free risk. I have refrained from predicting a crash - until yesterday in my twitter space. Markets only really crash from
oversold conditions. Equity markets are confronted with the unholy trinity of rising interest rates, a rising oil price and a rising dollar. Selling by retail has been minimal. Last Thursday saw record one day inflows. $ARKK has seen inflows in 10 of the last 13 weeks despite
a 50% YTD decline in share price (h/t @daChartLife ). These are things one does not see at a bottom. The complacency is staggering. Denial is not the name of a river in Egypt. The charts here from the prescient Rob Ginsberg are rather foreboding
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Ever feel like you want to throw your phone across the room? No? Just us? 😳

If you’re like us (constantly fighting distraction), this might explain why. 🧵
People receive an average of 60-80 daily notifications on their phones.

While notifications have become a standard part of our lives, a constant barrage of information is also linked to ⬆️ anxiety, depression, and attention disorders.
Too many notifications make us feel tired, alter our perception of time, and harm our decision-making abilities! Why?

Notifications increase our #CognitiveOverload (the amount of information processed by the working memory).
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Today's 'burbanite traffic pain index seems to be rather manageable. 8/10?!

Are my daily tweets finally showing some effect, appropriately depressing demand?
Never mind, (mostly) Jersey-bound square-foot maximizers still as bad at internalizing negative externalities as they are at calculating internalities. 😷🤷🏾‍♀️

(Video from 6:20pm today.)
Friday 3 p.m., bumper-to-bumper 'burbanites already out in full force.

Must be some kind of early evening 'burbanite convention I didn't get invited to. #FOMO
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🧵NEW PROJECT ON @RealCryptoGraph!!🧵
1/@xxvrmeta racing P2E where you buy your own car to earn coins. Seems straightforward but not very engaging with potato quality(Potato emoji x3)? Is it worth trying?👇
Estimated using data on #gitbook.
BIGGEST FEATURE is self-sustainable in-game economy, even without players joining in 1-2 weeks.
Don’t think it's gonna fall down the hole of @StarSharks so I’ll try out by getting 1 out of the 3000 NFT.
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2⃣'s a party3⃣'s a charm🔸#COVID19 Vaccines Newsroom #3🔸😷#immunocompromised & hosp 🏥, teens, MIS-C,🤰🔸w/ @aetiology @DrOnyemaOgbuagu @SVermund🔸🏆#CME from @NJHealthMedEd @BonumCe 🔗🔸Supported by an edu grant @JanssenUS…
2/Last #webinar in #COVID19💉series🔚
Get ur🆓#CME while u can⌛️

⚠️Please answer⚠️
🟢 PRE-polls before 📽️👇
🔴 POST-polls after👇
🟠or🔗 for #CME

😷#MedTwitter #IDTwitter #ObGynTwitter HCPs
🟢What are your credentials❓
3/ 🏆#CME credit provided by @NJHealthMedEd
🤝In partnership w/ @BonumCe
👇Newsroom #3 CME info 👇 Image
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Les Bro, comme promis, voici les erreurs que nous avons faites en tant que débutant. On veut vous les éviter 🙂

Rappelez-vous un petit ❤️ ça fait du bien et 🔁 pour aider les autres 👍🏻
1) Jamais de #Futures, #Margin
2) Analysez le #Fondamental
3) Top 100 #crypto uniquement
4) Pas de #Swapping
5) Jamais de #FOMO
6) Ne jouez pas vos économies
7) Evitez les influenceurs "#ToTheMoon"
8) Ne perdez jamais la valeur de l’argent
9) Prenez vos profits
10) Pas d’affect
1) Les marchés dits "à effet de #levier" sont interdits quand on débute ⛔️

L'appât du gain est facile car vous pensez exploser vos gains grace à l'effet multiplicateur. Or vous allez surtout multiplier vos pertes et potentiellement tout perdre 🤕

Débutez par le marché #Spot 👍🏻
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Had a excellent update today in the #VLRM TG group (really helps being in it) with some extremely positive discussions taking place with the CEO, Richard Poulden, who is very very excited about what’s happening over in #GIB. They are working tirelessly and around the clock with
with the GIB lawyers on CLOSING ALL the transactions. It’s not an easy task dealing with Regulators and the Govt, as you can imagine but it will a fruitful one. One of the good things about this 25Mil MCAP play is that it has the fabulous support from ALL in the country.
Because it’s an exchange and part of GIB’s financial sector, things must be done right. Richards days are also spent meeting of late with GLOBAL players in the #crypto & #blockchain space. It won’t be long now folks in my view for when we can all see what unfolds for Valereum.
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Les Bro, vous avez été super nombreux à nous demander l'histoire derrière #4Kings. Alors là voilà ! C'est long mais vrai 🙂

Si notre histoire vous parle, un ❤️ et 🔁 ça nous fera beaucoup de bien 🙏🏻
1) Les Flambeurs au Casino
2) Le Chute
3) La Prise de Conscience
4) Hermes et la Stratégie des 4 Rois
5) 4 Kings
1) Les Flambeurs au Casino

On arrive sur le marché crypto en Avril 2021, en plein #Bullrun. Le marché est en folie. Ca explose. Et ça parle bcp d'un petit token $SOL 😉

On met 5k€ sur #Solana à 26$ sans rien comprendre ou connaitre. La suite, on la connait, ça explose 🚀
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What is Swix DAO? an introduction to crypto natives.
A 🧵

1/21 The #crypto markets are a great place for people and teams to innovate, to push the boundaries of previously accepted limits.
2/21 That is why I love this space and have committed my time and effort to learn more & more each day, both to find #money making opportunities, and to just see the satisfying growth of this community full of over achievers, idealists, geniuses, & curious people.
3/ That's why today I want to share with all of you the interesting project that we are building at Swix DAO, because I think that if you are anything like me, you would #love to find about this project.
Swix DAO is, as stated in its name, a Decentralized autonomous organization,
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1/ Préparez prochainement à une rotation de grande ampleur vers la #value. Car en effet elle est inévitable. La question n'est pas de savoir quand ça se produira mais quand. M. le Marché n'aime pas le changement. Les investisseurs #FOMO l'apprendront à leurs dépens. #inflation
2/ Ce que j'en suis sûr, c'est que cette rotation vers la #value se fera dans un contexte dévastateur pour les investisseurs qui bercent naïvement dans le #FED Put. Malheureusement, ce dernier laissera place à un FED Collar.
3/ $TSLA $AAPL $FB $AMZN $MSFT & Co ont tellement profité des politiques monétaires très accommodantes des banques centrales. Et peu importe si leurs fondamentaux intrinsèques sont bons ou pas. Je m'attends à des gros dégagements, et donc un transfert de richesse vers la #value.
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🧵 Setting yourself up for success in #crypto. CT would have you believe everyone is a millionaire all in on up only low caps. This is far from the truth - most are #ngmi due to poor portfolio management. Here's some tips.

#DeFi #Ethereum #Avalanche #Cronos #Metis #Cosmos 1/13
🖊️ Plan your strategy, and stick to it. This will depend on your starting bankroll, e.g. smaller size may need to take more risk, larger size can be more conservative. Learn risk management and your risk appetite. Broadly stick to your plan and stay in the game. 2/13
📓 Record and track everything (examples below). When executing your plan record data and notes. Of course you can flex the plan when you see certain things are working and other aren't. You do need to be adaptable in #cryptomarkets but don't mindlessly jump around. 3/13
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1/ As I can see a lot of requests in twitter/telegram for $METIS charting and where we're headed short/mid/long-term and "Wy DuMp Ser"
I'm sharing this thread with you mortals.

No Moon stuff, No FUD, NO BS.
I'll be as real as it gets.
2/... 👇
2/ The Ascending Triangle has been broken so it looks like we won't break through the $160-170 rn.
So where to now?

Looks like short-term we'll range between $120-165.
Is this good or bad?
For ppl that don't want to wait and/or trade it's not so good.
3/ 👇
3/ For every1 else this is a HUGE opportunity to stack more $METIS or USDC.
If you simply buy at 120-130 and sell at 155-165 you are getting a quick 20-30% ROI (not to mention you can Short on the way down).

So short-term the range 120-165 is Good for some and Bad for others.
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Hello 🐫 day!

I've moved on, but the 🐫 hasn't

With IVOL/RVOL in $SPX of -33, what could possibly go wrong?

Let's dig into the 🧮!
Ex-Japan, with its own unique set of problems, Asia closed broadly ↗️

$NIKK 28027 -0.8%
$SSEC 3267 +1.95%
$TWII 17741 +1.1%
$HSI 22213 +1.3%
$KOSPI 2747 +0.2%
$IDX 7053 +1.0%

Australia ↗️
$ASX 7514 +0.65%

India ↗️
$BSE 58583 +1.1%
The "hope of ☮️" rally in Europe gives way to some selling ↘️

$DAX 14625 -1.35%
$FTSE 7527 -0.15%
$CAC 6721 -1.05%
$AEX 732 -0.45%
$UBEX 8545 -0.8%
$MIB 25117 -0.75%
$SMI 12262 -0.5%
$MOEX 2474 +2.7% ⬅️🪆

$VSTOXX 26.58 🔻
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1/ List of Upcoming #RugPullMafia Scams
World War 3 Apes : @WW3Apes - Active

Coming soon I guess ...
Imaginary Apes : @Imaginary_Apes
Imaginary Dog: @Imaginary_Dogs
Dinoape:Genesis: @Dino_Ape
Walking ape: @walking_ape
Imaginary Mutant: @ImaginaryMutant
2/ Walking Mutant: @Walking_Mutant
Bored Cats Yacht Club: @BoredCatsYC
The Other World: @NFTotherWorld
Doodle Ape Walkers: @DoodleApeWalker
Stay Safe out there. The space is full or Wolves.
Well @BoreCatsYC is now @CoolCatsYC, different name same scammers
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Yesterday @SpyWolfNetwork had an #AMA with @PoorQuack. It turned out to be a session full of valuable information, which deserves to be spread further around.

So here we go! Slightly edited here and there to save some space. Enjoy the ride!

$POOR #PoorQuack #CryptoNews
Intro by Gyro Gearloose, [9-3-2022 19:08]:
@PoorQuack is all in one #Ecosystem where we are attempting to make it easier for #investors to #research crypto projects and avoid #scams whilst allowing holders to earn via #DeFi.

$POOR #PoorQuack #cryptocurrency #Web3 #Metaverse
We also have entered the #NFT space with our own #NFTcollection and all of these will have #utility within our own #Ecosystem.

The #NFTmarketplace V2 will be released soon and this will allow third party #NFTs like the #OpenSeaMarket.

$POOR #PoorQuack
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Sur les marchés traditionnels de la #finance 💵la saisonnalité est bien connue des #investisseurs. Les actions évoluent en fonction du calendrier 📆des résultats et du bénéfice mais comment évolue le marché de la #crypto 🪙et du #bitcoin ?
1/Avec près de 10 ans de recul sur les prix du #bitcoin, on se rend compte que la saisonnalité s'applique aussi sur le marché des #cryptos. Commençons par la saisonnalité dont vous avez le plus entendu parlé : La #altseason.
2/La altseason
La #altseason est une période du marché crypto où les #altcoins (crypto monnaie alternative au Bitcoin) ont tendance à surperformer 😱 par rapport au #bitcoin (ici fin 2021). Cette période est généralement marquée par la chute 📉du ratio de dominance du bitcoin.
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#SUPERFLUID details for @osmosiszone
- Suppose the spot price in the pool is 1 $ATOM = 2 $OSMO.

- Suppose you have provided 100 OSMO and 50 $ATOM worth of liquidity to Pool #1.

- Suppose you have designated validator "Dogemosis" as your superfluid validator.

-Superfluid discount factor is set to 10%


- Your delegation to "Dogemosis" will increase by 100 OSMO * (1-DISCOUNT_FACTOR) = 90 OSMO.

- You would then get staking rewards for an equivalent amount of 90 OSMO delegated to Dogemosis. However, you also then take
on slashing risk from Dogemosis.

- If Dogemosis gets a 5% slash due to double signing,
then 5% of your LP shares '(5 OSMO, 2.5 ATOM)' get
sent to the community pool. Note that slashing amount
does not take into account the risk factor parameter, and slashes the
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