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I may have a hundred vices, but #FOMO isn't one of them! Thanks for all the invites to Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces, but I feel that I should stop creating free content for big companies now 😁 If I had a dime for each tweet, I'd be a millionaire by now. 😏
Big tech companies do not create about our privacy, safety or even free speech. We are essentially creating free content for companies that'll extend the same/more space to dangerous ideologies and f*ck us over at the very first instance. These aren't egalitarian spaces.
And we, as users, often find ourselves standing up against IT Rules, etc. - essentially standing up for the rights of corporations - when they don't give two hoots about any egalitarian politics. They look at us only as ad revenue dollars, and data.
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1/10-Going through the 2nd week of the biggest corrections of this cycle (~ 50%), the ultimate questions in market are,
-Whether the cycle is over?
-How are the Exchange Flow conditions?
-What is the picture that on-chain metrics are giving about market in long-term?
2/10- All-Exchanges Reserve has been declining since the beginning of this bull market. This trend was then upward on April 24th after prices dropped 64K > 50K [1A] = on-chain bearish sign.
3/10-Overall increasing level of bitcoin reserve on exchanges was due to Derivative-Exchanges (@Binance, @Bitrex )[1B]. The interesting point to notice here was the uninterrupted downtrend of bitcoin reserve on Spot-Exchanges (@Coinbase, @Kraken)[1C].
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💲9⃣0⃣ DEC
ATER call went out 5:46 AM · May 20, 2021
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Today $SRHI completed its move to the TSX.V and I thought I’d share some exploration and production thoughts I’ve had as I’ve gone through the technical reports and discussed the asset with my mining contacts and why I think it’s the cheapest #copper producer and explorer around
From the technical report there is in excess of 100 occurances appear similar on their land holdings #copper #exploration #10bagger
Vale was responsible for nearly all the historical drilling and it as totally concentrated on the two deposits that were quickly discovered in the very early days of Vale’s exploration of Tres Valles. #copper #buymore
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در لحظات حساسی از بازار هستیم که #تحلیل_تکنیکال در تشخیص روند بازار نیاز به چشم دوم دارد. اما از دریچه بررسی رفتار شبکه #onchain، به دنبال پاسخی برای سوال #کجای_چرخه_هستیم، بر مبنای #نظر_شخصی خواهیم گشت.
۱- ابتدا نمودار #CoinYearsDestroyed را مرور کنیم. این نمودار تخمینی است از حجم فروش کوین‌های پیرتر (در مالکیت 🐳و⛏) در ۳۶۵ روز اخیر است. به صورت واضح، روند نزولی 🟢 نشان از #Accumulation یا کاهش فروش بزرگان بازار و روند صعودی 🔴 نشان از سرعت‌ بالای فروش کوین‌های پیر است. Image
۴- با قیاس چرخه حال با چرخه پیشین، واضح است که با سقف فروش دوره قبل فاصله قابل توجهی داریم. این سقف همیشه در هر چرخه جدید پشت سر گذاشته شده است. دلیل آن پیرتر شدن طبیعی شبکه/کوین‌ها با گذر‌زمان است.
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Connaissez-vous le syndrome #FoMo ? Il s'agit d'une anxiété sociale, caractérisée par la #peur constante de manquer une nouvelle importante. Cette peur est intimement liée à la #connection permanente 📱
On vous en parle plus en détail dans ce #thread, bonne lecture ! 👇 👀
#FoMo vient de l'anglais "fear of missing out", ou "peur de rater quelque chose". Ce concept a été popularisé par l’expert en marketing Dan Herman. Il traduit une peur de passer à côté du sujet à la mode, ou même de la série dont tout le monde parle ! 🗣
Le chercheur @ShuhBillSkee explique que ce syndrome touche particulièrement les personnes qui possèdent "des besoins psychologiques insatisfaits tels être aimé et respecté" 🥰
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Wow. Das ist mein 10.000. Tweet. 💯x💯

Das hätte ich mir nicht träumen lassen, als ich mich damals bei der #Knowtech dazu habe überreden lassen, diese neue @Twitter-Plattform auch mal auszuprobieren - dabei fing alles so gut an!

Eine #Lernreise in mehreren Akten... (1/n)
Mein 1. Follower war nämlich Dave @snowded Snowden, der in seiner #Knowtech-Keynote einlud, ihm zu folgen. Nach so einem Start wird's schwer, das Niveau kontinuierlich zu steigern. Damals habe ich auch nicht kapiert, wieso ich Beiträge auf 140! Zeichen einschränken sollte 🤔(2/n)
Level 1: So habe ich die nächsten Jahre eher passiv / mitlesend verbracht. Ab & zu vorbei geschaut, selten mal was retweetet (wer erinnert sich noch an "RT" oder "MT"?) und noch seltener was gepostet. Also mittendrin in der 90%-Schublade der 90:9:1-Regel. (3/n)
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I still find this unacceptable. I get that app dev is tough, and you have to make cuts to get started. However it is EXPECTED to be cross platform on launch. 🤔😤😤

@joinClubhouse says its Android launch will take ‘a couple of months’ – TechCrunch…
If you can't launch with both, then don't launch yet. Bide your time, build it up, if anything kotlin makes it easier to cross program. There are plenty of other ways if going about it too

I saw the Android dev on the careers page, and it struck out to me how late they started
ugh I'm still mad about this @joinClubhouse the #FOMO sucks. I've gotten half a dozen app invites, but I can't even do anything about it. I would have joined day one.

You don't even have a webapp or at least even let me reserve my username on your site. SOMETHING
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1/ Prediction: if you come back to @joinClubhouse in a year, you won't recognize what it pivoted to. Here's why:
As #content, learning and enjoyment per minute is low. After listening for hours in multiple rooms, I don't feel like I used my time well. Podcast has higher info density.
As a #social experience, Clubhouse doesn't feel social. There's no feedback for speakers and listeners. It's drop-in audio, not drop-in audio chat. @Twitch @Minecraft are more interactive hangouts.
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[Cours de trading]

Bonjour à tous ! Le premier thread a suscité de l’intérêt chez beaucoup d’entre vous. Je publie donc le deuxième volet avec : Les cycles du marché et leur psychologie.
On montera en puissance au fur et à mesure pas de panique.

C'est parti ! 🖊️
Tout objet au sens large dans ce monde suit un cycle naturel qui structure ce dernier. Un nouveau cycle de marché peut se former lorsqu'une innovation technologique ou un changement de réglementation du marché perturbe les tendances existantes et en crée de nouvelles (Schumpeter)
On distingue 4 phases dans un cycle de marché :

1⃣ Introduction
2⃣ Croissance
3⃣ Maturité
4⃣ Déclin

Ces 4 phases structurent le marché et peuvent permettre aux investisseurs de se situer.
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Lo prometido es deuda, cuñaos. Dentro #CuñaoHilo 🧵explicando mi tesis de por qué va a haber una #Altseason pronto...y de las gordas. Nada de lo que veais aquí constituye una recomendación de compra. Coged un refrigerio y espero que guste⬇️
Antes de nada, por aclarar conceptos: una #altseason es un periodo de tiempo que normalmente dura unos meses en los que las #altcoins tienen un precio muy alto. Un rally tremendo, para entendernos, en el que hay MUCHA volatilidad.
Para todos aquellos que no están metidos en el mundillo de las criptomonedas, las altcoins son todas aquellas criptos que NO son #Bitcoin, como Ethereum #ETH Cardano #ADA y tantas otras. Hay, literalmente, miles de ellas.
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H.R.1, the For The People Act, is Democrats’ pro-democracy bill (thank you @RepSarbanes)--is chock full of excellent reforms. In this🧵I’ll look at the academic research on 5⃣ provisions and call out 1⃣ item that’s conspicuously absent:
1⃣ Let’s start with a big one: Election Day registration. If you’ve ever procrastinated (and don’t tell me you haven’t!) it’s obvious why having registration deadlines before Election Day is straight up voter suppression. Google searches prove it… Image
Wisconsin rolled out Election Day registration in the 70s by municipality, and @JacobNeiheisel & @bcburden used that natural experiment to estimate (fairly precisely) a boost in turnout of ~3pp. That jump is consistent with more recent estimates as well… ImageImage
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El #bitcoin tenía que llegar a $40k para muchos mostraran interés y salieran a comprar en el top o cerca del mismo, pues tuvieron 3 años para comprar en el valle y no lo hicieron ¿Por qué ocurre esto? El principio de Pareto del 80/20 y la psicología de las masas lo explica. 👉 🧵
Pareto describió un fenómeno estadístico de que una minoría en una determinada población contribuye a la mayor parte del efecto que se quiere conseguir. observó como el 80% de la riqueza se concentraba en el 20% de la población, y el 20% de la población tenía el 20% restante. Image
El principio de Pareto también se cumple en otras áreas, ejemplos:

- El 20% de los clientes de tu empresa te dan el 80% de tus beneficios.
- El 80% de los resultados de tu trabajo lo obtienes con el 20% de tu tiempo.
- El 20% de los alimentos te proporcionan el 80% de tu salud.
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I've encouraged "shot selfies" here for vaccine promotion & education for a decade. BUT there was a glut of vaccine; all were able to vax.

Some of the COVID vax selfies by medical peeps feel entitled/smug to me. Worry it may have opposite effect in a time of vaccine scarcity. 1/
In fact IMO medical tweets/images may cast division between the public and health care workers. Perhaps even increase distrust. In many current doc/RN selfies, I don't see sameness. I can see exclusivity. Like others I am BEYOND pleased frontline workers are getting immunized 2/
But with vaccine scarcity & a lengthy allocation roll-out, I'm not sure the posting of your early vax builds trust in vax science for those who don't have the opportunity to immunize now. Esp with the hiccups in roll-out already occurring (i.e. resident docs not on the list). 3/
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Explosive growth in number of Russian investors - participants on the Moscow stock exchange:
2013 - 1 million
2018 - 2 million
Last year - 3.5 million
Now - 6 million
Now (Jan 2021) - 9.5 million
Growing by 0.5M a month.
Russian economy beginning to enter intensive financialization period.
Get in there. Yandex, Ozon, mail ru (VK) still hugely undervalued, less risky/exotic than cryptos.
Russian GDP (nominal) is 10% of USA, likely to expand relative to it & Internet penetration is now near universal.
Yandex: $24B, Google: $1,400B (70x smaller)
60% of RU search market, doubles as RU Uber (Yandex Taxi), expanding into cloud, video, e-commerce, self-driving cars.
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16.01/ There are some really promising signs. It's a good feeling that increasing the number of voters - without even knowing how they voted - is good for the Democrats. It's good for democracy and the "Democrat" party. Funny that
16.02/ A reminder that huge crowds - and 40% of the vote - is also what Hoover inspired in 1932.
16.03/ Florida is a true toss-up because it's Florida and it's designed to be a god-awful mess. But I have a good feeling about Texas (and Georgia). A gooooooooooooood feeling about Texas
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The new FOMO for many adults for their kids -CODING. Do what you need to do for your kids, because you truly understand it and want it and see value in it. Don’t do it because you are a puppet in society.
As the world is trying to reduce screen time, a new FOMO is going to create endless screen time for kids. There is a time and place for everything. Respect the pace of nature!
Never forget the biggest tech giants in the world, have not given their kids access to gadgets till after the age of 14. Let your kids grow like they are meant to! It doesn’t mean your kids are going to be left behind. Its not a rat race! It’s about living life!
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Another 🧵 on #productivitytip and #LifeHacks

As usual one each day.

Disclaimer: Opinions are my own. I don't have the truth revealed.

I learn a lot with your replies so please contribute and discuss !
#productivitytip 1: Remove notifications

1 - Check your phone after a couple of hours.
2 - Keep an eye on the app with the most notifications
3 - Block them
4 - Don't fear #FOMO. Deal with it
5 - Repeat once a day.

Watch #TheSocialDilemma
#productivitytip 2: Slice your time

1 - Use blocks of time without interruptions (timeboxing).
2 - My favorite is @PomodoroTech.
3 - if you come across new tasks just write them down.
4 - Don't multitask.
5 - You cannot switch until time is up.
6 - 25 minutes it's a good slice.
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Fun fact: overriding regulatory data with #alternativedata is also what Dennis, Gerardi & Schenone do to support the EFA-best-paper-award-winning claim that #airlinepaper’s results aren't robust to reasonable alternative empirical choices.
(The difference to Rock & Rubinfeld is that they don’t call it “reformat” when they come up with #alternativedata. They call it “alternative mapping”, among other things.)
Wanna hear more about how they continued furthering a narrative of a false AST paper, even after they realized their EFA-best-paper-winning claims had no basis in fact?

Come join me for a fun ride through the land of #alternativedata!
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Bitcoin is for boomers.

When you DeFi you make fat stacks in secs if you grab a flash loan using anonymoused code bits and then trade them to these other deflationary-on-trade bits so your precoded automated loanbot can gulp, buy a weiBit and another until there's no more to buy
which are simultaneously and instantaneously determined to have value far greater than they were thought to have in the line of code just above bc there is no time in flash loan land and scarcity=value and value=scarcity and what you really want is
the bits that rep the governance of the protocol that permissionlessly allows for the creation of the pools of arbitrary anythings that you just loanbotted to 1/10^18 above zero bc they get rewards distributed via chat app and meatballs using the mighty trusted gecko oracle and
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Can't believe this is real #DM2 Image
It's the KSP map view! Image
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$MRNA: IT's a classic pump and dump story.

(The purpose of this thread is to link all the information and save it for the future record/reference)

Let's look at insider selling/buying closely...

Shares of $MRNA is up 222% in 1 year

Most of the rise in the stock price came after mid-February on the hope for a vaccine for #COVIDー19
In this 1 year period,

Insider bought ~$1m worth of shares in the open market. Great!

But how much they sold in the open market? Well, about $130m!…

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What to know before bringing a subscription product in the market.


*These insights are from a meetup with @TheTannedDon hosted by us.
He shared with us lessons from building successful subscription products at @Zomato and also included examples of other products.

A full blog on this is coming 🔜
Here's the summary for you👇🏻
1. A subscription model is not a #rewards scheme.

In a rewards scheme, customers get benefits after a certain number of purchases. While in a subscription model, customers get benefits only when they pay a membership fee.
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