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$MRNA: IT's a classic pump and dump story.

(The purpose of this thread is to link all the information and save it for the future record/reference)

Let's look at insider selling/buying closely...

Shares of $MRNA is up 222% in 1 year

Most of the rise in the stock price came after mid-February on the hope for a vaccine for #COVIDー19
In this 1 year period,

Insider bought ~$1m worth of shares in the open market. Great!

But how much they sold in the open market? Well, about $130m!…

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If you are bullish on Gold, don't go all in. There might be another pullback for Gold / Gold miners on the horizon. Too many retail investors are buying the dip (even more, they are levering up).

With no sports to bet on, and casinos closed, it’s not far-fetched to think gamblers will scratch their itch with day trading too.

#coronavirus #lockdown2020 #GamblingTwitter
"If you don't know what call options are, you should definitely consider buying Call options for Tesla in Robinhood. You can make a lot of money if you time the market right and are lucky! Much more money than buying $TSLA Stock. - Jeremy from YouTube"

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Join @KafrissenKai & @schaser11 in 10 minutes for a #virtualevent on resilient and connected #leadership during crisis. "Leading with Heart: Reliance & Connection through Crisis" 💜. Join (for free) here: #TeVirtualEvents #TeVE
We're live with @schaser11 & @KafrissenKai! Discussing how communities with strong cultures are able to adjust and adapt better during hard times. Ongoing conversation builds trust capital. It's important to meet people where they are at. Here is an image that Kai elaborated on:
How do we reach out to families to help guide us in our reaction? It can be scary to hit “SEND” on the email to launch your #Thoughtexchange. The rate of response will help reassure you. (Might even surprise you). @schaser11
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Reflecting on the human condition tonight. A thread. <soapbox> We Homo sapiens are curious creatures. We are incredibly designed to avoid infection (disgust mechanism). What do you think of when you think of rats, mice, pigeons, cockroaches, fleas, ticks, mosquitos? Maybe nothing
2/x but I bet you avoid them! Why, because we innately avoid them due to disease. You can be a creationist, evolution or intelligent design propenent (I personally believe God did it). Mosquitos malaria, rats and fleas bubonic plague we avoid them. Those who do survive.
3/x one could also argue that we have this mechanism to avoid disease that hasn’t been used this generation. After the greatest generation (at least in developed world/West) have had no great threat to humanity. No world war, no famine, no Spanish flu, no Great Depression. We
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While the expression #FOMO or "Fear of Missing Out" is widely used, the "Desire of Missing Out" a.k.a. DOMO is not. Perhaps it is taboo but DOMO is likely more common than most people think. [THREAD 1/]
#Millennial lexicon, i.e., FOMO, has normalized the need to belong (Baumeister & Leary, 1995) or what is known as affiliation motivation (McClelland, Koestner, & Weinberger, 1989) in academic psychology.
Clinical as well as social and personality #psychologists have long recognized the need to belong as a key dimension of human motivation and central to conceptions of personality functioning. 3/
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(Thread) Another week and another @MedTwitThisWeek #medthread. As a reminder, this is not all inclusive. It's a jumping off point. A continuation of the discussions from the week that I found interesting including conferences, #Tweetiorials and tributes. #medttw #FOAMed
2/ Conference Bonanza! Since last week, several amazing conferences took place (or just started). Each conference has their own hashtags and flavors of #SoMe. Here are some highlights...
3/ @jenreadlynn was at #midwesthospmed and did a great job of distilling @MelBreggs' talk on inpatient management of alcohol withdrawal.
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It is #InternationalPodcastDay and it has been awhile since I shared a list of my favourite podcasts. I Marie Kondo my list quite regularly. But at any given time, I have over 50 podcasts on my list. So here are my Top 10 these days (in no particular order).Enjoy!
1. My go-to podcast on a historical narrative on current politics is The East is a Podcast @east_podcast by the irreverent @UrOrientalist - sharp commentary, never bites his tongue and weaves loads of archival material. I never miss an episode.
2. As I currently live in Europe, I love keeping up with news on the continent. @EuropeansPod is a weekly take on European politics by a journalist based in Paris chatting with her opera singer friend based in Amsterdam. Smart and light-hearted with a liberal take on Europe.
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2019 YTD vs SEASONALITY 1/n 2018 became one of the worst performance years since a while, previously mega hawkish FED turned 180 and Powell-Put started the rebound.

#FOMO comes in mind as one glances through YTD performance.

here some samples:

2/n YTD vs Seasonality $CAC
3/n YTD vs Seasonality Italy MIB
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Labour is exciting me.…
There is a joke which I'm clearly far too mature to even think of, which would describe what labour is doing to remainers now 😇
Hey @Conservatives, you up? Let's make this a party party 😉
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Media sosial itu banyak manfaatnya, terutama untuk ekspresi diri. Di sisi lain, #sekadarmengingatkan, media sosial juga bisa berdampak negatif, terutama mengganggu waktu tidur yang bisa merusak produktivitas kita, takut ketinggalan info (#FOMO) dan perundungan (#bullying).
kita dapat memenen positif medsos sekaligus menekan efek negatif dgn:
1/ Tanpa ponsel dan media sosial di tempat tidur. Jika masih ada pekerjaan terkait medsos , selesaikan sebelum tidur.
2/ efektif bermediasosial agar tak ketinggalan informasi dengan memanfaatkan menu #trending
3/ tegur teman yang melakukan perundungan (via DM saja). Laporkan ke platform jika mereka masih bandel. Kita perlu aktif Memerangi perundungan.
4/ follow akun-akun kaya ilmu
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1/ Happy Monday Twitter. ⚠️ #tweetstorm 🌪️ #alert ⚠️

My #LegalGeek #FOMO peaked when I missed @nwaisb talk on #AI #hype which is still ALL OVER MY TWITTER FEED. Plus now I have #ACCAM18 #FOMO so here's a bunch of 🤔re #AI, #MachineLearning, #EmergingTech #hype, and #marketing.
2/ As @ZachAbramowitz thinks there's no fun in agreeing: no, I don't think @nwaisb / @KiraSystems & others have benefited (on net) from the AI hype. I'd say hype hurts us all, bc it trades short term gainz to a few players for long-term pain shared by all.
3/ New entrants can feel the need to build #buzz for brand awareness + brand lift. I wouldn't exactly disagree this may help new offerings generate leads + fill their pipeline. Piggybacking on an existing trend with #hype is a shortcut to buzz, BUT with many pitfalls ⚠️
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1/ Alright kids, let's talk real for a second about crypto companies and $$$ and 2017's ICO-madness. 😡
2/ For the last year+, y'all have been throwing—literally THROWING—money at projects, fancy white papers, or fancy ideas, with very little code or no code.
3/ To be clear: I cannot think of one ICO that had a functioning product with users when they asked for your money. 😑

Yet they got your money. Some of you invested because you believed in the project or team, but most invested hoping to make a quick buck flipping the token.
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#THREAD: I am at the #COMMA2017 content summit conference. I'll be discussing #ASEAN integration, the digital media landscape and the #millennial agenda.

What is the future of news and media in ASEAN?

Stay tuned!
#CeritalahASEAN started with Ceritalah 25 years ago in the early 90s - during the height of print media. In those days, The Economist, The Straits Times, The New York Times, were really flourishing. Much of the 80s and 90s, I met with and talked to editors across the world.
Those publications were really dynamic and powerful.

But we've seen those publications come down. WSJ stopped printing in Asia. Jakarta Globe stopped printing in 2015. KiniBiz, Volume in Thailand also stopped printing....

What has come up to replace those institutions?
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